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Wednesday th 31st of October 2018

Facebook's Zuckerberg summoned to appear before session of U.K., Canadian politicians - 10:50

Russia plans first manned space mission since rocket failure - 07:50

Tuesday th 30th of October 2018

NASA's elite planet-hunting Kepler telescope declared dead after finding thousands of worlds - 18:21

Out with the beef: Canadians rethinking their meat diets, survey suggests - 10:50

2 albino moose captured on video in northern Ontario - 08:50

Bitcoin mining could cancel out climate change efforts, scientists say - 08:20

Bugging out: B.C. farm breeds flies in effort to be waste-free - 07:50

2 albino moose captured on video in northern Ontario - 07:50

Study suggests bedrock stress a factor in fracking-caused earthquakes - 07:20

Monday th 29th of October 2018

60% of world's wildlife has been wiped out since 1970 - 19:30

Ecuadorean discovery suggests chocolate is 1,500 years older than once thought - 16:10

Dogs can trigger bear attacks, warn experts after grizzly charges Bella Coola man - 07:10

Floor-cleaning robots just the start, says Vancouver company - 07:10

Meals on wheels: Hungry squirrels go nuts over this man's Honda - 07:10

Greener coffee pods? Bacteria help turn food waste into compostable plastic - 03:30

Sunday th 28th of October 2018

Dry lakes and dust storms: Dramatic changes to Yukon glaciers are warning for planet, researchers say - 03:20

Saturday th 27th of October 2018

Here's what climate change could look like in Canada - 03:20

Friday th 26th of October 2018

Bell and Rogers defend sales practices at CRTC hearing - 15:40

Bell and Rogers present their case in CRTC probe into telecom sales practices - 09:20

Bear in Whistler falls to 'unnecessary' death after being tranquilized in tree, complaint alleges - 07:50

Artwork created with artificial intelligence fetches more than $400K US at major auction - 07:20

Drone flyer's 'disregard for court orders couldn't be more blatant,' says judge - 07:20

New hope for a Canadian coral reef damaged by bottom trawl fishing gear - 07:20

It's a long shot, but these kids are suing the U.S. government over climate change - 07:20

Thursday th 25th of October 2018

48 Google employees fired for sexual harassment - 21:30

Research begins to turn bitumen into 'radically different products' - 09:30

Russia launches 1st Soyuz rocket since failed launch of astronauts - 08:30

Making water from air wins couple $1.5 million XPrize - 08:00

High steaks: Lab-grown meat necessary for future protein demands, expert says - 07:30

Super Typhoon Yutu brings 290 km/h winds to Pacific islands - 07:30

Ripley's aquarium embraces art to shine a light on plastic bottle pollution - 07:30

DFO gives Grand Manan fishermen flexibility in whale encounters - 07:30

Facebook to investigate whether anti-Indigenous slur should be added to hate speech guidelines - 07:00

Glitches are considered unlikely to curb online voting 'tide' sweeping across Ontario - 07:00

Coast guard ship breakdown ends 48-year science survey streak - 07:00

Pharmacies selling DNA tests to help patients pick best medications - 03:10

Environment minister's staff signed off on tweet praising Syria for joining Paris accord - 03:10

Cathay Pacific says 9.4 million passengers affected by data breach - 02:20

Wednesday th 24th of October 2018

David Saint-Jacques waits patiently for launch to space station after Soyuz setback - 16:10

Senate passes bill that would ban whale, dolphin captivity in Canada - 15:10

VMedia to go public in proposed reverse takeover of junior oil company Phoenix - 14:41

Blasting the earth with radio waves and one possible future for the oilsands - 09:20

Ban on throw-away plastics backed by EU - 09:20

Canadian satellites vulnerable to cyberattack, Defence note warns - 08:50

Study authored by U of Sask. researcher says stressed bats could spread diseases to humans - 07:20

CRTC hears more calls for constraints on sales tactics of cable, internet firms - 07:20

Internal Parks Canada report looks for ways to make money by selling, transferring assets - 07:20

Clean tech solutions need to scale up in the battle against climate change - 03:20

Tuesday th 23rd of October 2018

What is a carbon tax, and will it make a difference? - 17:40

Yahoo to pay $50M and give free credit monitoring to victims of 2016 hack - 16:10