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Thursday th 11th of April 2019

Israeli spacecraft nears moon landing - 10:40

Canadian wireless companies spent $3.5B in spectrum auction to beef up their networks - 08:30

Atlantic mackerel stocks down 86% over past 20 years, says new DFO report - 07:00

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested, U.K. police say - 07:00

Canada's building code is getting a climate change rewrite. Is your home ready? - 03:30

Wednesday th 10th of April 2019

Bones found in Philippines may belong to previously unknown human relative - 17:00

Province warns rabbit owners as deadly virus returns on Vancouver Island - 14:44

Schools struggle with phone bans as debate rages over distraction and productivity - 14:44

If you're wearing earbuds but your phone is dead, is it still distracted driving? B.C. court says yes - 14:20

'We've now seen the unseeable': Black hole photographed for the first time - 08:40

Williams Lake Band councillor releases eagle he and his wife saved back into wild - 07:20

Calgary Zoo loans 'spy eggs' to help whooping cranes in Louisiana - 07:20

Looters likely raiding sunken treasures off Nova Scotia, experts warn - 07:20

Tories cry foul over $12M to help Loblaws buy energy-efficient coolers - 07:20

7 surprising things that could change the job market by 2030 - 03:10

Tuesday th 9th of April 2019

Black holes: What you need to know - 16:30

Tech giants grilled at U.S. congressional panel on white nationalism - 15:00

Chris Hadfield donates iconic photos from outer space to Dalhousie University - 15:00

Not having children a way to cut a person's carbon footprint, some environmental groups say - 15:00

Scientists drill for world's oldest ice - 15:00

B.C. introduces law to crack down on ticket-buying bots - 13:20

Yahoo reaches $117M settlement with 3 billion customers hacked in data breach exposed in 2016 - 09:20

Old, unproductive oil and gas wells could cost up to $70B to clean up, says new report - 07:10

Employment minister calls for investigation of Facebook job ads - 07:10

The garbage polar bears get into is getting into them - 07:10

Concerns rising over global helium shortage - 03:20

1st-ever photo of a black hole to be revealed - 03:20

Monday th 8th of April 2019

Global warming is shrinking glaciers faster than thought - 14:40

Fishing for an alternative to plastic? Fish guts could be a green solution - 12:50

Facebook bans Faith Goldy and 'dangerous' alt-right groups - 12:00

500 dead wolves vs. 500 lost jobs: Town balks at potential cost of saving caribou in northeastern B.C. - 11:30

Massive python captured at South Florida wildlife preserve - 11:30

Canada's window to defend the Arctic is closing, MP warns - 07:50

Doctor battles Bell's Virgin Mobile for six months over $2,400 bill she never racked up - 07:50

A parliamentary committee is set to shine a light on the shadowy business of military intelligence - 07:50

Future Arctic won't look like the Arctic we know now, says report - 07:50

'This is a wake-up call:' swift action needed on rising seas, experts say - 07:20

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques expected to take 1st spacewalk - 05:20

U.K. considers direct regulation of social media companies - 04:50

U.K. considers direct regulation of social media companies - 04:20

Why old-school printed books may be better than e-books for teaching kids to read - 03:30

Use of Facebook targeting on job ads could violate Canadian human rights law, experts warn - 03:30

Sunday th 7th of April 2019

Why the future of the planet, and the Trudeau government, depends on the price of gas - 03:30

The case against Facebook: A 'dataopoly' with too much market power - 03:30

Saturday th 6th of April 2019

'Apple can't help': How a molecular biologist trained stay-at-home moms to recover lost iPhone photos - 07:40

Friday th 5th of April 2019

Canadian Arctic has all the mineral ingredients for prized blue gemstones - 18:20

Australia could jail social media execs for streaming acts like New Zealand massacre - 09:50

Musk safe for now as U.S. judge urges Tesla CEO, SEC to resolve tweet dispute - 07:40

82% of Canadians urging government action to tackle plastic pollution: CBC poll - 06:50

Japan space probe drops explosive on asteroid to make crater - 03:20