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Wednesday th 19th of September 2018

Get a sneak preview of a beautifully preserved, 'mummified' dinosaur named Zuul - 07:59

Mars Opportunity rover's days are numbered — but not all agree they should be - 03:03

Tuesday th 18th of September 2018

Great white shark tagged in Atlantic Canadian waters for first time - 12:10

Halifax G7 meeting to promote ocean plastics charter, says environment minister - 08:30

British diver who helped in Thai cave rescue sues Elon Musk - 07:32

Did your Ancestry.com DNA results change dramatically? Here's why - 07:32

Fire tornado caught on video, snatching hose from B.C. crew - 07:02

Facial recognition is everywhere — here's why that's concerning - 03:23

Monday th 17th of September 2018

Small Ontario towns pay ransom after hackers' hold computer systems hostage - 14:50

Privacy watchdogs call for more oversight over political parties - 13:30

SpaceX to announce private moon flight passenger - 12:00

Technology to take over half of jobs by 2025, report predicts - 11:30

Family, friends mourn man killed in shark attack on Cape Cod - 10:00

Got coyotes? Researchers want to photograph them on residential properties - 09:30

North Carolina city of Wilmington cut off by Florence floodwaters - 07:40

New sphinx statue uncovered by Egyptian archeologists - 07:40

Typhoon Mangkhut leaves death and destruction from Philippines to Hong Kong - 07:40

Men driving solar-powered van to South America in race against winter - 07:10

Sunday th 16th of September 2018

Deadly ghost net entangles, drowns Fraser River seals - 09:20

Saturday th 15th of September 2018

Hurricane Florence likely worsened by effects of climate change, researchers say - 03:23

Friday th 14th of September 2018

Supreme Court sides with Rogers in illegal movie downloading case - 11:20

Shell Canada gives up exploration permits to make way for protected area - 11:20

SpaceX signs passenger to fly around the moon - 10:00

Trudeau defends 'price on pollution' in anti-carbon-tax heartland - 08:00

Why scientists are in Newfoundland to figure out — and bottle — fog - 08:00

'Catastrophic' flooding expected as Hurricane Florence makes landfall - 08:00

The pouch problem: Why it's so hard to make packaging greener - 03:11

Thursday th 13th of September 2018

Ailing orca J50 declared dead by scientists - 21:20

'I don't want to leave you with any false hope': Scientists concerned J50 not seen for days - 16:20

'Spectacular' mummified ice age wolf pup, caribou calf found at Yukon mine sites - 14:30

Florence may be have been downgraded, but this is why it's still a life-threatening hurricane - 13:13

B.C.'s killer whales need more than rescue of J50 to survive, researcher says - 11:00

After fatal crash, Uber to expand its self-driving car research in Toronto - 10:00

One of 3 bear cubs rescued from Banff washroom eaten by grizzly, officials believe - 07:30

Time's nearly up: Fierce Hurricane Florence aims at southeastern U.S. - 07:00

Video captures collision between whale and tour boat - 07:00

Litigation gone digital: Ottawa experiments with artificial intelligence in tax cases - 03:10

Beluga whales adopt lost narwhal in St. Lawrence River - 03:10

Wednesday th 12th of September 2018

Is capturing J50 the only way to ensure her survival? Officials are considering it - 17:20

U.S. officials consider capturing ailing orca to provide hands-on treatment - 13:50

World's oldest drawing found in African cave - 12:50

Diluted bitumen deadly to young salmon, even with short exposure: study - 09:50

B.C. group wants to kill the seals to save the whales - 09:20

Bigger, more expensive iPhone expected at Apple launch event Wednesday - 07:50

P.E.I. farmers delay first cut of hay to protect birds - 07:20

Greenpeace suing Ontario government over cancellation of cap-and-trade program - 07:20

Space gun test run a success in Cartwright - 07:20

Dust from Asian deserts warming Arctic sea surface, confusing satellites, says study - 07:20

These are the 5 things forecasters are most worried about with Hurricane Florence - 06:52

Tuesday th 11th of September 2018

Why a sudden spike in the temperature of the Great Lakes has scientists worried - 09:40