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Thursday th 28th of May 2020

Logging and climate shifts are drastically reducing carbon storage, study says - 16:30

Donald Trump's threat to regulate Twitter likely to hit roadblocks: legal experts - 10:30

Wednesday th 27th of May 2020

Organized crime suspected of being behind COVID-19 phishing and counterfeit-equipment scams - 10:50

Trump tweets threat to shutter social media companies after Twitter warning - 10:00

NASA set to resume human spaceflight from U.S. soil with historic SpaceX launch - 07:00

Federal minister's WeChat account contained link to group looking to sue Canadian media outlet - 06:30

Ransomware attack hits international fisheries organization in Halifax - 06:30

'Zoom fatigue' is setting in: what it is and how to prevent it - 06:00

Monday th 25th of May 2020

Leaving hand sanitizer in hot vehicles a fire risk: Alberta doctors - 06:50

U of Manitoba leads global effort to study effect of decreased human activity on wildlife - 06:50

Ontario, eastern provinces seeing fewer winter days cold enough for outdoor rinks: Report - 06:20

Robo farm: AI machine 'DOT' comes to an Ontario farm for the first time - 05:50

A tale of 2 leatherback sea turtles tagged off Nova Scotia - 05:50

Pandemic drives demands for universal affordable internet and cell plans - 05:50

Sunday th 24th of May 2020

Launching into space during COVID-19: Two Americans prepare for liftoff from Cape Canaveral - 11:51

Quarantine put more fitness classes online, and many trainers say they're staying there - 03:30

Are clear skies a sign that we'll soon retire the combustion engine? - 03:30

Saturday th 23rd of May 2020

Why your reduced carbon footprint from lockdown won't slow climate change - 03:30

Friday th 22nd of May 2020

Zoos reopening as COVID-19 restrictions ease - 16:50

Canadian Hurricane Centre warns to prep for storm season early to avoid lineups amid pandemic - 15:00

Alberta regulator's move to suspend oilpatch monitoring sets dangerous precedent, critics say - 08:30

UBC researchers develop biodegradable medical masks made from wood fibre - 06:50

COVID-19 economic slowdown has cut air pollution in Canadian cities - 06:20

We spend a lot of time online - so how do we make data centres greener? - 05:50

Thursday th 21st of May 2020

How a debunked COVID-19 video kept spreading after Facebook and YouTube took it down - 12:40

How Parks Canada's online reservation system buckled — again — under the weight of would-be Banff campers - 10:30

CSIS warns of security concerns linked to foreign investment in Canada - 06:00

Spy agency flags possible security breaches at Canadian pandemic research facilities - 06:00

'A unique circumstance': Black bear sow with 5 cubs spotted near Penticton - 06:00

At least 14 dead as Cyclone Amphan dumps rain on India, Bangladesh - 06:00

Telescope sees 'baby planet' forming around distant star - 03:30

Wednesday th 20th of May 2020

Scientists show how much less snow we're getting due to climate change - 15:14

Apple, Google release their joint technology for pandemic-tracking apps - 14:00

Climate change turning Antarctica's snow green - 07:00

Squirrels star in Ontario couple's elaborate backyard photo shoots - 06:00

Scientists find clue in Canadian meteorite to how life may have arisen on Earth - 03:30

Tuesday th 19th of May 2020

Global CO2 emissions could drop by as much as 7% in 2020 due to pandemic, researchers suggest - 13:00

Facebook fined $9 million over Canadian privacy concerns - 12:30

B.C. volcanoes will one day rumble back to life, scientist warns - 08:20

Canada's new climate targets, plastics ban likely to be delayed due to pandemic - 07:50

India and Bangladesh brace for strong cyclone - 07:21

FBI blasts Apple over encryption while revealing al-Qaeda link to deadly naval base shooting - 06:30

New advocacy group joins push for green recovery from COVID-19's economic shock - 06:00

Robots and electrostatic sprayers: Air travel industry looks to technology to bring back wary passengers - 06:00

Monday th 18th of May 2020

As life on Earth is upended, astronomers keep looking up - 19:50

In potential death blow to Keystone XL pipeline, Biden says he'd cancel permit - 14:04

Sunday th 17th of May 2020

Why 'No Mow May' could be a boon for Toronto's bumble bee populations - 04:50

Persistent pollutants and the unintended side effects of the Montreal Protocol - 03:21

Saturday th 16th of May 2020

Live gene bank only hope for inner Bay of Fundy salmon - 07:20

A giant sloth graveyard shows how these enormous animals died - and lived - 03:30