CBC: Technology & Science

Friday th 5th of April 2019

Is it possible to stop a hurricane? - 03:20

Thursday th 4th of April 2019

Baby news? Calgary zoo hoping for giant panda pregnancy - 16:20

Israeli spacecraft on track for scheduled moon landing - 14:20

Ancient four-legged whale from Peru walked on land, swam in sea - 13:30

A voter's guide to climate change and the federal election - 11:10

Satellite images show building of first Saudi nuclear reactor - 11:10

How B.C. brought in Canada's 1st carbon tax and avoided economic disaster - 09:20

Study finds cats distinguish their own names from other sounds - 09:20

'Deadliest disease in all time' wipes out 90 species of frogs and toads - 08:20

Marine scientists warn of risky rescue of orcas and belugas from Russian 'whale jail' - 03:10

Wednesday th 3rd of April 2019

Who cleans up? No requirements to fix environmental impacts from mining, auditor says - 15:20

Manitoba will challenge federal carbon tax in court - 14:50

Residents far from home: B.C. killer whales spotted in California waters - 13:50

More delays for Boeing's new space capsule for astronauts - 12:10

India's anti-satellite test left debris that could endanger space station, NASA says - 11:20

Spearfishing Montrealer aims to equip world with eco-kits to combat plastic plague - 09:52

Boeing anti-stall software engaged repeatedly before Ethiopian Airlines crash: sources - 09:52

Expert disputes Apple on data recovery from water-damaged iPhones - 08:31

Environmentalists hope for action in wake of 'shocking and utterly unsurprising' climate-change report - 07:30

Chinese woman arrested after getting past Mar-a-Lago security with 'malicious' software - 07:30

What you need to know about the new climate change report - 07:00

Paleontologists discover Arctic's 1st-ever lambeosaur fossil in Alaska - 06:00

Tuesday th 2nd of April 2019

Facebook better at fighting election interference, but can make no guarantees: Zuckerberg - 18:00

New real-time tracking system locates planes anywhere in the world - 13:10

WhatsApp launches fake news helpline in India to fight election misinformation - 12:40

Shell urges Canada's oil lobby group to support carbon tax - 12:40

Landslides on Arctic island have increased 6,000 per cent since 1984, study finds - 10:10

Canada's failure to fight climate change 'disturbing,' environment watchdog says - 10:10

Nunavut's Mars training ground now available on Google Street View - 06:50

Customer's 5-month battle with Bell is 1 of almost 10,000 telco complaints in latest report - 06:50

Spam texts from political parties - what you need to know - 03:10

Monday th 1st of April 2019

Report on devastating Canadian climate change a far bigger issue than Jody Wilson-Raybould: Neil Macdonald - 15:50

Canada warming at twice the global rate, leaked report finds - 15:50

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls for more regulation - 09:31

Should we blame the N.W.T.'s warm March on climate change? One researcher says yes - 09:10

Discovery of ancient burial mounds traps landowners in bureaucratic 'bottomless pit of hell' - 07:10

Judge restores Obama-era drilling ban in Arctic and Atlantic - 06:50

Wolf pack takes down Ya Ha Tinda Ranch yearling - 06:20

Nova Scotia is one 'perfect storm' away from being cut off from Canada - 06:20

High Arctic lab once again threatened with closure as federal funding runs out - 06:20

When the dike breaks: How climate change threatens Maritime lowlands - 06:20

Parks Canada battles Arctic ice to explore crumbling wreck - 06:20

A $5,000 Bell bill? Parents struggle with runaway wireless charges - 06:20

What you need to know: Federal carbon tax takes effect in Ont., Manitoba, Sask. and N.B. today - 06:20

Saturday th 30th of March 2019

David Saint-Jacques checks in from outer space | The National Interview - 05:30

'We come from the stars': How Indigenous peoples are taking back astronomy - 03:30

Friday th 29th of March 2019

'Discovery of the century': Treasure trove of fossils sheds light on dinosaurs' last days - 20:10

Father threatens to sue Google after online conspiracy theorists allege his daughter's death was faked - 15:30

New study helps track 'destructive' giant goldfish threatening Hamilton Harbour - 13:30

How a new generation of Indigenous researchers are bringing traditional knowledge to academia - 10:30