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Monday th 17th of July 2017

New feathered dinosaur species named after famed Alberta paleontologist - 16:12

Ashley Madison owner to pay up to $11.2M to settle U.S. class action lawsuits - 13:52

Regina researcher part of new study that shows it's 'virtually impossible' to dispute climate change - 10:32

The electric vehicle revolution is coming, but is the infrastructure in place to maintain it? - 10:02

'Unethical' high-tech hunters using drones to find prey - 09:02

Sunday th 16th of July 2017

Maryam Mirzakhani, 1st woman to win 'Nobel Prize of mathematics,' dead at 40 - 18:52

Why we keeping falling for online phishing scams and downloading viruses - 04:32

Murderous praying mantises can kill and eat small birds: study - 04:32

Saturday th 15th of July 2017

'A big fish in this small beautiful pond': Campobello remembers fallen whale rescuer - 15:52

Fighting forest fires with technology: How drones and infrared cameras could be game-changers - 10:42

Global warming threatens some of the world's favourite wines — for surprising reasons - 04:02

Friday th 14th of July 2017

Vibrant northern lights forecast across Canada on weekend - 17:02

Earthquakes rumble central Oklahoma, a new seismic hot spot - 15:02

Smarter than the average 4-year-old? Raven intelligence at heart of new study - 13:12

Scientists expect 'significant' algae bloom on Lake Erie - 08:22

Forget cockroaches — these little guys will live until the sun begins to die - 04:22

Thursday th 13th of July 2017

'Unquestionably qualified': Ex-astronaut Julie Payette formally introduced as Canada's next GG - 14:02

Not 'man-eating beasts': Study suggests attacking polar bears young, hungry - 08:52

Researchers create low-cost glove that can interpret ASL into text - 04:32

Why the Antarctic ice shelf broke apart and what it means - 04:32

Wednesday th 12th of July 2017

Former astronaut Julie Payette to be Canada's next governor general - 17:02

Edmonton palaeontologist solves pterosaur pelvis puzzle - 15:32

1st close-up images of Jupiter's Great Red Spot released - 15:32

Unlikely predators: Owls, raccoons feast on endangered baby hawks - 12:12

Online sites across U.S. take part in protest to support net neutrality - 12:12

Don't drain the swamp: report says wetlands help avert flood damage - 08:52

'Seemingly unbelievable' temperatures becoming more common in Arctic winters - 08:52

Giant iceberg the size of P.E.I. breaks off Antarctica - 07:22

Giant iceberg the size of P.E.I. breaks off Antarctica - 06:52

Tuesday th 11th of July 2017

Astronomers discover smallest star known in our galaxy - 18:32

Deadly bird infection continues to spread in Atlantic Canada - 09:02

Canadian tech companies say they value diversity — but what are they doing about it? - 07:32

Monday th 10th of July 2017

New Twitter feature allows users to mute notifications from unknown accounts - 16:22

Disrupting the disrupters — Tesla faces the challenge of the mini-fluorescent: Don Pittis - 14:32

Plenty of sleep tech on the market, but you still may not get a good night's rest - 14:32

Critical European infrastructure networks constantly targeted by foreign hackers, sources say - 11:02

Insecticide found in same B.C. hummingbirds that are in decline - 09:32

Jupiter's Great Red Spot ready for close-up as Juno spacecraft goes 'screaming' past - 04:12

Sunday th 9th of July 2017

Tesla provides first look at cheaper Model 3 sedan - 14:32

Saturday th 8th of July 2017

'Paradox' for Churchill in advantages, challenges of climate change - 12:32

Waste not, want not: Would you wear shoes made of fish? - 10:12

In Edmonton, companies find a humble hub for artificial intelligence - 07:32

Friday th 7th of July 2017

Dormant ancient fungi could help trees adapt to climate change, study says - 16:22

More summer sun accelerating Greenland ice melt, study says - 14:02

Alberta scientist remembered as soft-spoken saviour of Canada's peregrine falcon - 13:02

Energy on the rocks: Scientist makes biofuel from whisky waste - 12:02

Tesla to build giant battery in Australia amid energy crisis - 11:03

Cellphone dead? This phone makes battery-free calls - 11:03

Misusing your phone charger could spark a fire, warn officials - 09:32

Want to spend less time on your phone? Consider an old-fashioned analog watch - 04:32