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Thursday th 18th of May 2017

Climate change is making Antarctica greener - 11:41

Soyuz rocket launch in French Guiana LIVE at 7:54 am ET - 07:01

Soyuz rocket launch in French Guiana LIVE - 06:31

Wednesday th 17th of May 2017

Jeremy the snail still lonely after potential suitors only have eyestalks for each other - 17:42

Google unveils latest apps, updates and services - 14:51

WannaCry sheds light on where malware might attack next - 14:21

Discovery of hot water in New Zealand fault line has energy potential - 13:51

Climate change threatening some migratory birds that breed in Canada - 12:51

Over 220,000 young Chinook to be released to help B.C.'s endangered orcas - 12:21

Tyrannosaurus rex could bite with the force of three cars - 12:21

Trudeau to promote Canadian tech, lure foreign investment at Microsoft summit - 11:01

Bell breach may have exposed over 1 million new email addresses to phishing and spam - 08:31

Tuesday th 16th of May 2017

Scientists find 38 million pieces of trash on Pacific island - 11:31

1.9 million Bell customer email addresses stolen by 'anonymous hacker' - 09:31

Telecoms should unlock FM radio on smartphones, city councillor says - 09:01

Monday th 15th of May 2017

Regulator renews TV licences, imposes roadblocks for shutting local stations - 16:32

How an anonymous 'hero' stopped Friday's cyberattack — and why we're not out of the woods yet - 16:32

Personal information is 'very well protected,' Sask. says after province hit by cyberattack - 14:41

Uber ordered not to use technology taken from Waymo - 13:41

WannaCry ransomware: What you need to know - 13:41

Sask. government hit by 'malicious' cyberattack that downs website - 13:12

Diesel pollution vastly underestimated, contributes to global deaths - 13:11

Bell launches 'Alt TV' mobile streaming app in response to cord-cutting trend - 12:12

Proposed Canso spaceport has clients lined up, says Maritime Launch Services - 09:01

Japan wakes up to global 'ransomware' cyberattack - 02:32

Sunday th 14th of May 2017

More people could be hit by global 'ransomware' cyberattack Monday, police agency warns - 07:51

Silicon Valley's secretive data mining giant Palantir keeps its profile low in Canada - 05:21

Saturday th 13th of May 2017

Tiny birds with tiny backpacks could help save Manitoba warbler species - 13:02

Why did you buy that? Scientists now studying food decision habits - 11:11

Cyberattack hits 99 countries, disrupts Britain's health system - 08:31

Friday th 12th of May 2017

Criminals used leaked NSA cyberweapon in crippling ransomware attack, experts say - 17:22

Scientists have created an exoskeleton to stop elderly people from falling - 11:32

Students compete for scholarships at Cineplex's college e-sports tournament in Toronto - 11:32

How 11 deaf volunteers helped launch the space age: Bob McDonald - 11:32

Astronauts adjust ISS spacewalk plans after cable leak - 09:11

Southern California beaches on guard after great white sharks spotted - 08:41

200th spacewalk at the ISS LIVE - 07:11

Science takes to the streets across Canada with Science Rendezvous - 04:01

Thursday th 11th of May 2017

Mother birds get a bad rap, though some deserve it - 17:31

Compressed air energy storehouse approved for old Goderich salt cave - 16:31

NASA releases spectacular image of Crab Nebula - 15:31

Environment groups seek hearings on GMO salmon on the Island - 13:32

Trump signs cyber security executive order - 13:32

Is the human sense of smell just as good as a dog's? - 12:02

Rare glass sponge reefs on B.C. Coast to star in live streamed expedition - 08:41

Museum offers face-to-face encounter with 4,000-year-old Indigenous family - 04:31

Wednesday th 10th of May 2017

Tesla website starts selling solar roofs - 16:31

Astronaut's helmet-cam gives spectacular view of Earth during spacewalk - 15:02

Alberta researchers help crack identity of dinosaur eggs found decades ago - 12:12

With stock below IPO price, Snapchat owner to reveal first public earnings Wednesday - 11:51