CBC: Technology & Science

Tuesday th 12th of March 2019

Boeing to update software in model of plane involved in Ethiopian crash - 07:10

Ontario to ban cellphones in classrooms next school year - 06:40

'This is big money': New cities promise a smarter, greener future but will reality match the pitch? - 03:30

Here's everything you need to know about today's wireless spectrum auction — and why you should care - 03:30

Court documents reveal Monsanto's efforts to fight glyphosate's 'severe stigma' - 03:30

Monday th 11th of March 2019

Former Google exec accused of sexual assault got $35M exit package: court documents - 18:30

Increase wolf cull, pen pregnant cows to save endangered caribou: study - 15:40

Russian internet users fear new restrictions are aimed at silencing criticism - 11:20

Consultants say 40% of Parks Canada real estate in poor condition - 07:10

N.W.T. government handed out unencrypted laptops, then 1 with public's health data was stolen - 05:30

The sun is quieter than normal, but don't panic - 03:20

Sunday th 10th of March 2019

Island women help design new life jacket with GPS tracking technology - 15:00

How a spy pen and a shocking court case show technology will always outpace the law - 12:00

Ontario government ponders ban on single-use plastics - 07:50

How to cut the cost of your mobile phone bill and still call your friends overseas - 03:20

Friday th 8th of March 2019

Scientists view old-growth forests through lichens to understand their value - 20:20

Chimpanzees' cultural diversity is threatened by humans - 14:50

Half of Canadians can't name a woman scientist or engineer, poll finds - 12:30

Anthropologists locate unmarked graves of residential school children in Saskatchewan - 10:30

New wolf deaths raise call for trapping 'buffer zone' outside Banff National Park - 09:00

Video of B.C. fisherman throwing explosive into crowd of sea lions sparks controversy - 09:00

SpaceX crew capsule heads back to Earth from space station - 08:30

How Starbucks and A&W are addressing the plastic problem - 04:10

Thursday th 7th of March 2019

Scientists may have discovered a new killer whale - 17:50

Inside Huawei: International pressure prompts Chinese tech giant to open up - 14:02

'Community' fridges let people give food away to fight waste - 13:40

Kingston council asked to declare climate emergency - 09:00

B.C. strengthens protections of heritage, archeological sites with updated law - 09:00

Meet the man who discovered the cyberattack on Saint John and other cities - 09:00

Calgary Zoo hopes to impregnate panda in next few weeks - 08:30

New marine refuges create no-fishing zones near fragile glass sponge reefs in Howe Sound - 08:30

Oil slick off Newfoundland last November was 21 km long and 8 km wide, documents show - 08:30

Ontario urged to update law forbidding cremation of bodies with radioactive implants - 08:30

Huawei launches court challenge to U.S. security law - 07:40

A cyber war has started and Canada isn't ready to fight it, says report - 04:20

Wednesday th 6th of March 2019

Huawei launches court challenge to U.S. security law - 23:00

Alcatraz prison is built over Civil War-era military fortification, archaeologists find - 18:20

Facebook CEO says he'll double down on privacy - 16:00

Canada to unveil its new space strategy - 16:00

How to get money back for carbon pricing on your 2018 taxes - 14:40

Despite its name, the winter-loving snow flea is nothing to fear - 14:40

Neanderthals' paleo diet included a surprising kind of meat - 14:10

Sidewalk Labs project means Toronto to have 'constitution-free zone,' CCLA warns - 13:42

Winnipeg wildlife rescue says mascara wands work like magic on little animals - 09:25

Alberta Energy Regulator suspends fracking well linked to Monday earthquake - 09:25

Ice wall on Cape Breton attracts people from across island - 09:25

An exoskeleton for jobs that require the brains of a human and the body of a robot - 08:40

X-ray reveals hidden painting under Baroque masterpiece - 08:10

Kids and privacy: Should you dig online for details? - 08:10

Gould wants Google to change its mind about refusing election ads - 08:10