CBC: Technology & Science

Monday th 15th of June 2020

Amazon CEO Bezos willing to testify before U.S. Congress - 12:10

Twitter removes 170,000 China-linked accounts spreading disinformation - 07:00

Science strike for Black Lives Matter - 07:00

Plight of the pangolin: Once coveted, now feared because of coronavirus - 07:00

From laundry to cleaning, military willing to pay for creative solutions to pandemic problems - 06:00

Why crude oil trains keep derailing and exploding in Canada — even after the Lac-Mégantic disaster - 06:00

Sunday th 14th of June 2020

How blooms of northern anchovies are helping bring more sea life back to Burrard Inlet - 15:40

Friday th 12th of June 2020

Wandering humpback whale likely killed in ship collision, says necropsy team - 09:00

Zoom's 'ray of hope' for Hong Kong activists darkened by account suspensions - 09:00

Bell launches 5G network in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver - 06:30

Ottawa asked to intervene, reinstate Alberta's oilpatch monitoring - 06:30

Crypto exchange Quadriga was a fraud and founder was running Ponzi scheme, OSC report finds - 06:30

Arrowhead dating back at least 6,000 years found near Williams Lake, B.C. - 06:00

'Regenerative ocean farming' could be coming soon to a coast near you - 06:00

Thursday th 11th of June 2020

Return of sea otters to B.C. coast worth millions, but not everyone seeing the benefits, study says - 17:10

Microsoft joins Amazon, IBM in pausing face scans for police - 15:50

Greta Thunberg pushes Canada, Norway on climate before UN Security Council vote - 14:20

Two tornadoes touch down near London, Ont.: Environment Canada - 14:20

Wednesday th 10th of June 2020

'Almost complete loss' of early salmon runs at Fraser River slide last year: DFO - 10:30

How hungry, hungry caterpillars grow and grow and don't get sick: McMaster prof. - 10:30

Harvard professor indicted, accused of lying about ties to Wuhan university lab - 09:30

Experts say not enough proof expensive body cameras will reduce police violence - 06:50

Nisga'a knowledge helps scientists create first detailed map of Tseax volcano - 06:50

Moose fencing doesn't mean you don't need to watch for moose, biologist warns - 06:50

Wayward humpback whale, beloved to Montrealers, found dead floating down St. Lawrence - 06:21

Clearview AI facial recognition offers to delete some faces — but not in Canada - 06:00

Tuesday th 9th of June 2020

Obscure Indian cyber firm spied on politicians, investors worldwide - 10:40

IBM exits facial recognition business, calls for police reform - 09:40

New Banff fence will zap bears who try to climb it to eat roadside dandelions - 06:50

Researchers use ground-penetrating radar to map an entire ancient Roman city - 06:20

Those COVID-19 masks, gloves and wipes we're all using are polluting land and sea - 03:20

Monday th 8th of June 2020

Trudeau wants RCMP to move forward with body cameras - 15:40

Can we avoid an 'insect apocalypse' with a new appreciation for creepy-crawlies? - 08:01

Black birdwatchers push back against stereotypes, racism with #BlackBirdersWeek - 08:01

A beacon of hope on World Oceans Day - 08:01

Aggressive hawk sets up nest on Fredericton trail - 07:10

Sunday th 7th of June 2020

Łutsël K'é Dene First Nation wins international prize from United Nations - 13:30

Bike lanes installed on urgent basis across Canada during COVID-19 pandemic - 03:30

5 green infrastructure projects engineers recommend to boost COVID-19 economic recovery - 03:30

Saturday th 6th of June 2020

How AI and smartwatches can help us cope with COVID-19 - 13:40

Not all plastic food packaging is bad, says National Zero Waste Council - 11:10

Demands grow for police in Canada to wear body cameras - 03:21

Friday th 5th of June 2020

What a dinosaur's last supper reveals about life in the Cretaceous period - 14:50

Ottawa delays 5G spectrum auction because of COVID-19 - 14:20

'Climate change won't wait': COVID-19 upends ambitious Canadian ocean research projects - 13:50

B.C. vastly overestimates size of its old-growth forest, independent researchers say - 10:31

State Department says U.S. will reassess intelligence-sharing with Canada if it lets Huawei into 5G - 06:30

COVID-19 fears are propelling e-bike sales, but regulations are having a braking effect - 06:00

Canada can hit climate targets without ruining economy, economists and climate experts say - 03:30

Thursday th 4th of June 2020

Albino porcupine spotted in southern Yukon - 15:11