Scientific American

Tuesday the 27th of September 2016

Archaeologists Restore Flooring That Adorned the Second Temple of Jerusalem - 17:21

Kratom Drug Ban May Cripple Promising Painkiller Research - 06:21

Monday the 26th of September 2016

Astronomers Spy Shadowy Plumes Around Europa - 18:01

Spinal Tap Test Gauges Sports Concussion Severity - 12:32

Grading the Presidential Candidates on Science - 06:31

Saturday the 24th of September 2016

New Take on an Ancient Method Improves Way to Find Prime Numbers - 06:31

Thursday the 22nd of September 2016

Satellite Radar May Help Predict Human-Caused Earthquakes - 14:57

Who Cares about 5G Wireless?--You Will - 08:31

MacArthur "Genius" Grant Winner Battles Drug-Resistant Infections - 06:31

Wednesday the 21st of September 2016

U.N. Leaders Plead for Immediate Action Against Superbugs - 14:01

Obama Guidelines Aim to Get More Self-Driving Cars on the Road - 10:31

Stem Cell Advocates and Critics Push Back on FDA Guidelines - 08:31

Tuesday the 20th of September 2016

Stress Training for Cops' Brains Could Reduce Suspect Shootings - 08:06

Monday the 19th of September 2016

Chemicals Could Be a Key in Investigating the New York and New Jersey Bombings - 18:41

Babies Have a Microbial Window of Opportunity [Excerpt] - 07:01

Saturday the 17th of September 2016

Archeologists Restore Flooring that Adorned the Second Temple of Jerusalem - 06:21

Friday the 16th of September 2016

Human Brain Map Gets a Bold New Update - 13:11

Where Creativity Comes From - 11:11

Thursday the 15th of September 2016

"R" Is For Red: Common Words Share Similar Sounds in Many Languages - 14:21

Can You Hear Me Now? Detecting Hidden Hearing Loss in Young People - 07:01

Activists Open an Online Window onto the Global Fishing Fleet - 06:31

Wednesday the 14th of September 2016

Harnessing the Power of Gene Drives to Save Wildlife - 08:41

Chemicals Linked to Health Hazards Are Common in Household Dust - 06:41

Tuesday the 13th of September 2016

What Do the Presidential Candidates Know About Science? - 06:01

Inventor of Hepatitis C Cure Wins a Major Prize--and Turns to the Next Battle    - 06:01

Monday the 12th of September 2016

Upcoming Galaxy Map Could Radically Transform How We See the Milky Way - 06:31

Saturday the 10th of September 2016

The Book That Predicted Proxima b [Excerpt] - 06:31

Friday the 9th of September 2016

How Close is North Korea to Targeting the U.S. with Nuclear Missiles? - 15:51

What Happens in the Brain When We Misremember - 08:41

The Science Sticklers Who Kept Star Trek in Line - 06:11

Thursday the 8th of September 2016

How to Use Your Smartphone to Pick the Best Apples - 14:01

Promising Links Found among Different Causes of Parkinson's - 12:31

Promising Links Found Between Different Causes of Parkinson's - 12:01

As Wilderness Disappears, So Do Animals [Graphic] - 11:31

Kirk and Shock: Star Trek Oral History Beams Fans Backstage - 07:31

Wednesday the 7th of September 2016

Superbug Explosion Triggers U.N. General Assembly Meeting - 08:01

Friday the 2nd of September 2016

U.S. Bans Common Chemicals in Antibacterial Soaps - 12:01

Wednesday the 31st of August 2016

Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise in Small Trial - 14:01

Physics Confronts Its Heart of Darkness - 06:31

Tuesday the 30th of August 2016

Dogs May Understand Even More Than We Thought - 15:15

Dogs May Understand More Than We Thought - 11:51

HIV Prevention Runs into Trouble in South Africa - 06:31

Monday the 29th of August 2016

Fossil Sleuthing Hints at What Killed "Lucy," Our Iconic Ancestor - 14:31

Saturday the 27th of August 2016

Archaeologists Identify More Than 150 Rock Art Paintings in Chile - 06:31

Friday the 26th of August 2016

Resetting the Body's Thermostat with a Molecular On/Off Switch - 11:11

Computers Can Sense Sarcasm? Yeah, Right - 06:31

Thursday the 25th of August 2016

Something to Grapple with: How Wily Lyme Disease Prowls the Body - 11:31

Uber's "Self-Driving" Test Cars to Be Overseen by Driver and Engineer - 06:31

Wednesday the 24th of August 2016

The Earth Next Door - 12:31

Mind Aglow: Scientists Watch Thoughts Form in the Brain - 06:51