Scientific American

Friday the 26th of August 2016

Resetting the Body's Thermostat with a Molecular On/Off Switch - 11:11

Computers Can Sense Sarcasm? Yeah, Right - 06:31

Thursday the 25th of August 2016

Something to Grapple with: How Wily Lyme Disease Prowls the Body - 11:31

Uber's "Self-Driving" Test Cars to Be Overseen by Driver and Engineer - 06:31

Wednesday the 24th of August 2016

The Earth Next Door - 12:31

Mind Aglow: Scientists Watch Thoughts Form in the Brain - 06:51

Tuesday the 23rd of August 2016

Regulators Put Limits on Fish No One Wants to Eat - 08:31

Monday the 22nd of August 2016

Like Humans, Chimps Reward Cooperation and Punish Freeloaders - 14:31

Maker Movement Turns Scientists into Tinkerers - 08:01

Sunday the 21st of August 2016

The Myth of the Sustainable City - 09:31

Friday the 19th of August 2016

New Players in the Obesity Puzzle: The Brain's Glial Cells - 13:11

Vagrant Birds May Portend Species Distribution in Climate-Changed World - 12:51

Thursday the 18th of August 2016

Only Some of @realDonaldTrump's Tweets Are Actually Donald Trump - 14:11

Feel the Burn--New World Chilies Traced Back Nearly 17 Million Years - 07:31

Tuesday the 16th of August 2016

External Combustion--Majority of U.S. Motorists Admit to Venting Road Rage - 15:31

Mind-Controlled Robo-Skeleton Enables Paraplegics to Regain Some Motion - 09:02

Olympic Gold May Depend on the Brain's Reward Chemical - 06:31

Monday the 15th of August 2016

Could Yellow Fever Become the Next Pandemic? - 09:02

Coaching Can Make or Break an Olympic Athlete - 06:31

Friday the 12th of August 2016

Blade Runners: Do High-Tech Prostheses Give Runners an Unfair Advantage? - 06:21

Thursday the 11th of August 2016

Dear FIFA: There Is No Scientific Test to Prevent Age Fraud - 11:51

Seafloor Miners Poised to Cut into an Invisible Frontier - 06:51

Wednesday the 10th of August 2016

Have We Reached the Athletic Limits of the Human Body? - 06:31

Hellish Venus Might Have Been Habitable for Billions of Years - 06:31

Tuesday the 9th of August 2016

Running Circles around Us: East African Olympians' Advantage May Be More Than Physical - 07:41

No One Wins Gold for Practicing the Most - 06:51

Monday the 8th of August 2016

Hope for a New Particle Fizzles at the LHC - 10:32

What's in the Water in Rio--and What Can It Do to Olympians? - 06:31

The Scientific American Guide to Cheating in the Olympics - 06:31

"Neural Dust" Could Enable a Fitbit for the Nervous System - 06:31

Sunday the 7th of August 2016

Are We Reaching the End of World Records? - 06:31

Saturday the 6th of August 2016

Compound Archery Shoots for Olympic Inclusion - 06:31

Friday the 5th of August 2016

Hope for New Particle Fizzles at the LHC - 13:31

Magic Blood and Carbon-Fiber Legs at the Brave New Olympics - 06:31

Thursday the 4th of August 2016

Robot Hackers Could Be the Future of Cybersecurity - 12:11

Laid-Back Sloths Are the Masters of Slow - 06:31

Police Body Camera Use--Not a Pretty Picture - 06:31

Wednesday the 3rd of August 2016

Did the Universe Boot Up with a "Big Bounce?" - 06:31

Monday the 1st of August 2016

U.S. Warns Pregnant Women to Avoid Zika Area in Florida - 15:11

CDC Warns Pregnant Women to Avoid Zika Area in Florida - 14:41

Stop and Smell the Flowers--but Be Ready to Gag [Video] - 11:11

Tall Order--Heights in Other Countries Elevate But U.S. Stature Tops Off - 08:31

Sunday the 31st of July 2016

Hurricane Drought Hits a New Record - 07:11

Saturday the 30th of July 2016

The Chemistry of Bumper Crops [Excerpt] - 06:31

Friday the 29th of July 2016

Stop and Smell the Flowers--But Be Ready to Gag - 15:01

A Foul-Smelling Corpse Flower is in Bloom at the New York Botanical Gardens - 14:01

Wednesday the 27th of July 2016

Investigators Warn More Hacker Attacks Could Hit U.S. Candidates - 08:01

Data Thieves Find Easy Pickings in the Health Care System - 08:01

Tuesday the 26th of July 2016

Spry Dolly Siblings Could Make Clone Skeptics Sheepish - 12:31

Could Trashing Junk Proteins Quash Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS and Huntington's? - 12:01