Science Daily

Wednesday th 17th of September 2008

Minimally Invasive Surgery Alleviates Pain Caused By Hip Impingement - 15:21

Bovine Mastitis: Could A Vaccine Be On The Way? - 15:21

New 3D Visualization Tool For Early Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer - 15:21

The Greening Of Sub-Saharan Africa - 15:21

Warming World In Range Of Dangerous Consequences - 15:21

Math Model Shows McCain Ahead By As Many As 27 Electoral College Votes - 15:21

Older Problem Gamblers May Face Greater Suicide Risk Than Younger Counterparts, Study Finds - 14:14

Houses Made Of Hemp Could Help Combat Climate Change - 14:14

New Drug Substantially Extends Survival In Pancreatic Cancer - 14:14

Roman York Skeleton Could Be Early TB Victim - 14:14

An 'HIV-test' Equivalent For Early Detection Of Lung Cancer - 14:14

Fastest Flights In Nature: High-speed Spore Discharge Mechanisms Among Fungi - 14:14

Scientists Find Black Hole 'Missing Link' - 14:14

3-D MRI Technique Helps Radiologists Detect High-risk Carotid Disease - 14:14

Old And New Therapies Combine To Tackle Atherosclerosis - 14:14

Nanomedical Approach Targets Multiple Cancer Genes, Shrinks Tumors More Effectively - 14:14

Mother's Flu Shot Protects Newborns - 09:21

Colorful Spy Tactics Track Live Cells Supporting Cancerous Tumors - 07:28

Flatworm Helps Researchers Study Stem Cells And Cancer - 07:28

Fly Studies Reveal Immune Cell Responses To Tumor And Tissue Damage - 07:28

Replacing The Coach Doesn’t Solve Problems - 07:28

Wildlife Management: Salmon Fisheries, Yellowstone Wolf Introduction Show What Is Possible - 07:28

Error Message! How Mobile Phones Distort Measurements - 07:28

Self-steering Vehicle Designed To Mimic Movements Of Ants - 07:28

Road Crossing Structures Important In Reduction Of Animal Mortality On Roads - 07:28

Iberian Peninsula’s Earliest Agricultural Systems Were Unsustainable - 07:28

Tuesday th 16th of September 2008

Neighbors From Hell: Infanticide Rife In Guillemot Colony - 21:21

Breakthrough In Energy Storage: New Carbon Material Shows Promise Of Storing Large Quantities Of Renewable Electrical Energy - 15:21

Higher Urinary Levels Of Commonly Used Plastic Compound, BPA, Linked To Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes - 14:30

Consumers Think Differently About Close And Distant Purchases - 14:30

Acting Surgeon General Issues 'Call To Action To Prevent DVT And Pulmonary Embolism' - 14:29

Moderate Quantities Of Dirt Make More Rain - 14:29

Key Protein Molecule Linked To Diverse Human Chronic Inflammatory Diseases - 14:29

New Insights Into Teenagers And Anxiety Disorders - 14:29

Protective Pathway In Stressed Cells Not So Helpful When It Comes To Prions - 14:29

Low-emission, High-performance Engine For Future Hybrids - 14:29

Watch And Learn: Time Teaches Us How To Recognize Visual Objects - 14:29

Seize The Day! New Research Helps Tightwads 'Live A Little' - 14:29

Later Treatment Of Acute Stroke Suggested By New Study - 14:29

Genetic Variant Increases Risk Of Developing Malignant Melanoma - 14:29

Whale Songs Are Heard For First Time Around New York City Waters - 14:29

Mice Missing 'Fear' Gene Slow To Protect Offspring - 14:29

3-D Computer Processor: 'Rochester Cube' Points Way To More Powerful Chip Designs - 14:29

Earth Structure: Lowermost Mantle Has Materials With Unexpected Properties - 14:28

Why Some Primates, But Not Humans, Can Live With Immunodeficiency Viruses And Not Progress To AIDS - 14:28

New Music Software Can Create Accompaniment To Any Melody, In Style Of Any Artist - 14:28

Is Re-emerging Superbug The Next MRSA? - 14:28

Fantastic Photographs Of Fluorescent Fish - 14:28

Blissfully Ignorant: Skip Those Pesky Details - 10:32

New Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Could Jump-start Hybrid Electric Car Efficiency - 10:32