Science Daily

Tuesday th 24th of February 2009

Drug Improves Memory In Alzheimer's Disease, Animal Study Suggests - 01:21

Male Infertility Associated With Testicular Cancer - 01:21

Genetic Discovery Could Lead To Advances In Dental Treatment - 01:21

Monday th 23rd of February 2009

Asian Elephants Under Increasing Threat As Illegal Ivory Prices Soar - 11:23

New Questions About Evolution Of Hormones In Mammals - 11:23

'Quantum Data Buffering' Scheme Demonstrated; Potentially Useful For Quantum Computers - 11:23

Key To Regenerative Therapies? Process For Expansion And Division Of Heart Cells Identified - 11:23

Tree Lizard’s Quick Release Escape System Makes Jumpers Turn Somersaults - 11:23

Non-traditional Therapy Is Effective As Pain Management, Study Suggests - 11:22

Women's Cancer Outcomes Improved By Surgical Evaluation - 11:22

Take A Darwinian Approach To A Dangerous World: Ecologist Preaches 'Natural' Security For Homeland Defense - 11:22

Most Detailed Lunar Map Suggests Little Water Inside Moon - 11:22

Enhanced Skin Cancer Risk Linked To Defects In Cellular Aging Controls - 10:36

Human Stem Cells Provide A New Model For Lou Gehrig's Disease - 10:36

Patients That Seek Health News On Internet More Likely To Receive Latest Treatments - 10:36

Ocean Becoming More Acidic, Potentially Threatening Marine Life - 10:36

Can Different Languages Be Analyzed Using The Same Model? - 10:36

Could Online Social Networks Help Process Enormous Backlog Of U.S. Patent Applications? - 10:36

There Isn't A 'Right' Way To Cope With Tragedy, Says Researcher - 10:36

Vital Climate Change Warnings Are Being Ignored, Says Expert - 10:36

Potential Atherosclerosis Drug Exhibits No Harmful Side-effects In Liver - 10:36

Fruit Flies Soar As Lab Model, Drug Screen For The Deadliest Of Human Brain Cancers - 10:35

Suppressing Cancer With A Master Control Gene - 10:35

Materials Science Mystery Of 'Hidden Order' Solved: How A New Phase Arises And Why - 10:35

Dutch Electricity System Can Cope With Large-scale Wind Power - 09:28

Adrenal Tumors Associated With Increased Risk Of Bone Fractures - 09:28

How Do Patients Diagnosed With Schizophrenia Communicate? - 09:28

Drug Industry Controls Many Scientific Societies And Journals: How Can Intellectual Freedom In Medicine Be Preserved? - 09:28

Converting Solar Light To Electricity: Silicon-free Photoelectric Module Integrates Easily - 09:28

Brain’s Reserve Cells Can Be Activated After Stroke - 09:28

Sunday th 22nd of February 2009

Open Online Access To Scientific Papers May Not Guarantee Wide Dissemination - 20:21

How We Keep Visual Details In Short-term Memory - 20:21

If It's Hard To Say, It Must Be Risky - 20:21

New 'Bubble' Targets Only Cancer Cells - 20:21

'Good' Bacteria Can Be Effective Vehicle For Oral Vaccine Against Anthrax - 20:21

Most Extreme Gamma-ray Blast Ever, Seen By Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope - 20:21

Field Of Germs: Food Safety Is In Farm Worker's Hands - 20:21

Publication Of Flu Vaccines Studies In Prestigious Journals Are Determined By The Sponsor - 19:14

Early Switch From IV To Oral Meds Is Effective For Children With Acute Bone Infection, Study Suggests - 19:14

NASA-Funded Carbon Dioxide Map Of U.S. Released On Google Earth - 19:14

Invasive Species: Part Of The Price Of Doing Business, Environmental Economist Says - 19:14

How Mosquitoes Survive Dengue Virus Infection - 19:14

Specific Protein Is Crucial To Reproduction Of Parasites Involved In Toxoplasmosis Disease - 19:14

Australia Wildfires Extract A Heavy Toll In Lives, Land - 19:14

Unrelated And Mismatched Cord Blood Transplantation Can Still Help Children With Deadly Conditions - 19:14

Viscosity-enhancing Nanomaterials May Double Service Life Of Concrete - 19:14

Pediatric Hodgkin's Disease Survivors Face Increased Breast Cancer Risk - 19:14

New Lab Evidence Suggests Preventive Effect Of Herbal Supplement In Prostate Cancer - 19:14

Aerosols May Have High Impact On Rainfall, Climate Change - 19:14

Herpes Virus: To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate - 19:14