Science Daily

Thursday th 19th of June 2008

Minimally-invasive Weight Loss Surgery Improves Health And Morbidly Obese Teens - 21:28

Technique Used In Human Ankle Injuries Modified To Treat Dogs' Knees - 19:35

Latrines And Out-houses Trounce Toilets In Global War Against Poor Sanitation - 19:35

Lou Gehrig's Protein Found Throughout Brain, Suggesting Effects Beyond Motor Neurons - 19:35

Expect More Droughts, Heavy Downpours, Excessive Heat, And Intense Hurricanes Due To Global Warming, NOAA - 19:35

Depression And Diabetes: Fellow Travelers, Researchers Say - 17:21

Ultrasonic Instruments Associated With Improved Outcomes For Some Surgical Procedures - 17:21

New Role Of Inflammatory Protein In Polycycstic Kidney Disease Identified, Could Lead To Treatment - 17:21

New Method Drastically Reduces Wait Time For New Teeth Implant - 17:21

Researchers Explain Nitrogen Paradox In Forests, Illuminating How Ecosystems Respond To Global Warming - 17:21

Pharmacology Of Crystal Meth Described - 17:21

Toward Designing Medications To Enhance Innate Immunity: A Single VSOP Can Do 'Proton' Magic - 17:21

Developing Unique Brain Maps To Assist Surgery And Research - 17:21

Low Testosterone May Cause Health Problems That Lead To Erectile Dysfunction - 17:21

Researchers Witness Assembly Of Molecules Critical To Protein Function - 17:21

Complex Changes In The Brain's Vascular System Occur After Menopause - 17:21

Immune Molecule That Plays A Powerful Role In Avoiding Organ Rejection Identified - 17:21

Infectious And Non-infectious Prions Have Clear Differences In Molecular Structures - 15:28

Some Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Have Beta Cells, Live Complication-free Even 50 Years After Diagnosis - 15:28

Gesture Computer Interface Device Developed For Surgeons - 15:28

Identifying Canadian Freshwater Fish Through DNA Barcodes - 15:28

Mechanism Contributing To Appropriate Formation Of The Spine Discovered - 15:28

Legionnaire Microbe's Tricks Discovered - 14:21

Scientists Fix Bugs In Our Understanding Of Evolution - 14:21

Microscopic 'Clutch' Puts Flagellum In Neutral - 14:21

Greenland Ice Core Analysis Shows Drastic Climate Change Near End Of Last Ice Age - 14:21

The Economics Of Nice Folks - 14:21

Gallons Per Mile Would Help Car Shoppers Make Better Decisions - 14:21

Mystery Behind Brain Imaging Unlocked - 14:21

Lavas From Hawaiian Volcano Contain Fingerprint Of Planetary Formation - 14:21

Chemical Clues Point To Dusty Origin For Earth-like Planets - 14:21

New System Helps Police Match Tattoos To Suspects - 13:14

Benzene-like Electron Delocalization Of Important Molecule Confirmed - 13:14

Marine Snail Study Leads To New Insights Into Long-term Memory - 13:14

Experimental Phone Network Uses Virtual Sticky Notes - 13:14

'Man-made' Water Has Different Chemistry - 13:14

Liter Of Fuel Would Last UK 1 Year If Cars Had Kept Pace With Computers - 13:14

Potential New Way To Block Inflammation In Autoimmune Disease Discovered - 12:28

Weight-loss Surgery Can Cut Cancer Risk, Study Shows - 12:28

Same Drug, Different Results: Researchers On The Path To Personalized Medicine - 12:28

Exciton-Based Circuits Eliminate A ‘Speed Trap’ Between Computing And Communication Signals - 11:21

Zebra's Stripes, Butterfly's Wings: How Do Biological Patterns Emerge? - 11:21

Memory Loss Linked To Poor Diet, Study Suggests - 11:21

Protecting Muscles Of Astronauts - 11:21

New Research On Mutation In Yeast Can Enhance Understanding Of Human Diseases - 11:21

Desert Plant May Hold Key To Surviving Food Shortage - 10:35

Surprisingly Rapid Changes In The Earth’s Core Discovered - 10:35

Chill Out, Your Computer Knows What’s Best For You - 10:35

New Technique To Optimize Computer Speed - 10:35

New Findings On Immune System In Amphibians - Researchers Unravel Complexity Of The Major Histocompatibility Complex In Tailed Amphibians - 10:35