Science Daily

Tuesday th 2nd of December 2008

Place Of Birth Contributes To Asthma Disparity - 01:36

Speed Matters For Ice-shelf Breaking - 01:35

New RNA Processing Mechanism And New Class Of Small RNAs - 01:35

Discovery Of Virus In Lemur Could Shed Light On AIDS - 01:35

Flu Vaccine Linked To Reduced Illness, Impairment Of Academic Performance Among College Students - 01:35

Viral DNA In Bacterial Genome Could Hold Key To Novel Cystic Fibrosis Treatments - 01:35

Can You Hear Me Now? How The Inner Ear's Sensors Are Made - 01:35

Symptoms Of Depression Associated With Increase In Abdominal Fat - 01:35

Lack Of Vitamin D Could Spell Heart Trouble - 01:35

Possible Mechanism For Creating 'Handedness' In Biological Molecules - 01:35

Exposure To Second-Hand Smoke Reduced: New Estimate Of Annual Clinical Burden And Cost Of Coronary Heart Disease Treatment Attributable To Passive Smoking - 00:28

Monday th 1st of December 2008

New Approaches Make Retinal Detachment Highly Treatable - 15:49

Real-time Beethoven - 15:49

Cells Reorganize Shape To Fit The Situation, Scientists Discover - 15:49

Biofuel Plantations On Tropical Forestlands Are Bad For The Climate And Biodiversity, Study Finds - 12:49

Using Challenging Concepts To Learn Promotes Understanding Of New Material - 12:49

Experimental Drug May Address Working Memory Impairments That Occur In Schizophrenia - 12:49

Imidazolium Salts Show Powerful Antioxidant Properties To Fight Diseases And Are Efficient Catalysts For Converting Biofuels - 12:49

New Model Predicts Hot Spots For Mercury In Fish - 12:49

Polymer Solar Cells With Higher Efficiency Levels Created - 12:49

'Deranged Calcium Signaling' Contributes To Neurological Disorder - 12:49

Ocean Currents Off South Africa Influence Gulf Stream - 12:49

Insights Into Adaptive Ability Of Cells May Help Explain How Cancer Eludes Body's Natural Defense - 12:49

New Vaccines Protect Against Asian H5N1 Influenza A Viruses In Domestic Ducks - 12:49

It Takes Guts To Build Bone, Scientists Discover - 12:49

Beetles May Be Source Of Food-Borne Pathogens In Broiler Flocks - 12:49

Biocontrol Scores Knockout Punch On Birch Tree Pest - 12:49

Kidney Function Discovery Sheds Light On Genetic Complexity Of Disease - 12:49

Vitamin K Linked To Insulin Resistance In Older Men - 12:49

Prostate Cancer Spurs New Nerves - 11:42

MRI Machines May Damage Cochlear Implants - 11:42

Exercise Helps Prevent Age-related Brain Changes In Older Adults - 11:42

Iceman Oetzi's Last Supper - 11:42

Some 'Good Cholesterol' Is Actually Bad, Study Shows - 11:42

Brain's Magnetic Fields Reveal Language Delays In Autism - 10:30

Lower Childhood IQ Associated With Higher Risk Of Adult Mental Disorders - 10:30

Antibiotics: Single Largest Class Of Drugs Causing Liver Injury - 10:30

Bariatric Surgery May Resolve Liver Disease - 10:30

Cleanliness Makes People Less Severe In Moral Judgments - 10:30

How Ovarian Tumors Evade Immune System - 10:30

How Shift Workers Can Improve Job Performance And Implement Realistic Sleep Schedule - 10:30

Test-tube Babies Profitable Business For The State, Swedish Study Shows - 10:30

Young Gymnasts Suffering New Types of Injuries, MRI Shows - 10:30

Persistent Pollutant May Promote Obesity - 10:29

Drivers Distracted More By Cell Phones Than By Passengers - 09:36

Acupuncture Just As Effective Without Needle Puncture, Study Shows - 09:36

Antarctica Has More Species Than Galapagos, First Comprehensive Inventory Of Life In Antarctica Shows - 09:36

Children With Sickle Cell Disease Receiving Inadequate Care, Study Finds - 02:28

Diabetes Medications In Same Class Carry Different Risks Of Heart Failure, Death - 02:28

Genomic Causes Of Certain Type Of Leukemia Relapse Identified - 02:28