Science Daily

Saturday th 25th of April 2009

Is Biofuel Policy Harming European Biodiversity? - 07:21

Bovine Genome Could Lead To Better Meat For Consumers, Experts Say - 07:21

Americans May Be Missing Direct Route To Head And Neck Cancer Care, Survey Shows - 07:21

Even Modest Exercise Can Reduce Negative Effects Of Belly Fat - 07:21

Blood Testing, Mosquito Style: Electronic Device Lets Diabetics Test Glucose Painlessly - 07:21

Friday th 24th of April 2009

Acupuncture Eases Radiation-induced Dry Mouth In Cancer Patients - 19:35

Detection Of Campylobacter In Air Samples May Offer New Monitoring System For Broiler Flocks - 19:35

Molecular 'Key' To Successful Blood Stem Cell Transplants Discovered - 19:35

Dusty Galaxies From Early Universe In Throes Of Intense Burst Of Star Formation - 19:35

Positive Body Image More Effective Than Exercise In Helping Young Women Lose Weight, Quit Smoking - 19:35

Cystic Fibrosis: Sugar On Bacteria Surface Serves As Base For Web Of Resistance - 19:35

High Levels Of PEA-15 Shrink Breast Cancer Tumors - 19:35

Charged Dust From Inside Saturn's Moon Enceladus - 19:35

'Smart Bomb' Drug Delivery May Increase Effectiveness - 19:35

The Story Of X: Evolution Of A Sex Chromosome - 19:35

How Cigarettes Calm You Down - 19:35

Solving The Chalk Mystery To Generate Billions In Additional Income For Oil Industry - 19:35

Pregnancy Hormone HCG Protects Against Breast Cancer Even In Short-term Treatments - 19:35

Beating The Back-up Blues: Research Advances 'Racetrack' Memory - 19:35

Too Much Sugar Is Bad, But Which Sugar Is Worse: Fructose Or Glucose? - 19:35

Peanut-shaped Stellar Explosion Spotted By Hubble - 19:35

What Makes A Cow A Cow? Genome Sequence Sheds Light On Ruminant Evolution - 10:36

Living Outside The Box: New Evidence Shows Going Abroad Linked To Creativity - 10:36

New Women's Imaging Technique Allows For A More Accurate Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer - 10:36

Benjamin Franklin Find: Researcher Discovers Trove Of Founding Father’s Letters - 10:36

New Method Developed By Bioengineers Gives Regenerative Medicine A Boost - 10:36

No 'Burp' Accelerating Climate Change? Wetlands Likely Source Of Methane From Ancient Warming Event - 10:36

Herbal Remedy: Teens Often Use Cannabis For Relief, Not Recreation, Study Finds - 10:36

Chemists Make New Chiral Palladium Metal - 10:36

Developmental Drug Helps Protect Against Radiation Damage - 10:36

Commonly Used Ulcer Drugs May Offer Treatment Potential In Alzheimer's Disease - 10:36

Alarming Increase In Drug-affected Newborns - 10:36

Insight Into Fish Disease To Help Protect Farmed Fish Stocks - 10:36

Human Lung Tumors Destroy Anti-cancer Hormone Vitamin D - 10:36

Drinking Wine May Increase Survival Among Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Patients - 10:36

Identified A Molecule That Increases The Risk Of Cardiac Insufficiency - 07:21

More African-Americans Die From Causes That Can Be Prevented Or Treated - 00:08

Using Combinatorial Libraries To Engineer Genetic Circuits Advances Synthetic Biology - 00:08

Targeted Agent Shows Promise In Biliary Cancer Study - 00:08

Cholesterol Appears To Promote Tamoxifen Resistance In Some Breast Cancer Cells - 00:08

Chandra Shows Shocking Impact Of Galaxy Jet From Supermassive Black Hole - 00:08

If Not For The Holocaust, There Could Have Been 32 Million Jews In The World Today, Expert Says - 00:08

Soft Hardware For A Flexible Chip - 00:08

Naturally Occurring Compounds Selectively Deplete Mutant P53 In Tumor Cells - 00:08

Mystery Of Horse Domestication Solved? - 00:08

Evidence Mounts That Short Or Poor Sleep Can Lead To Increased Eating And Risk Of Diabetes - 00:08

New 167-processor Chip Is Super-fast, Ultra Energy-efficient - 00:07

Spectacular Recovery From Coral Bleaching At Great Barrier Reef Marine Park In Australia - 00:07

Astronomers Discover Youngest And Lowest Mass Dwarfs In Solar Neighborhood - 00:07

Light Scattering Technology May Hold Promise For Quickly Determining Chemotherapy's Effectiveness - 00:07