Science Daily

Wednesday th 25th of February 2009

Biomarker Predicts Disease Recurrence In Colorectal Cancer - 22:35

The Science Behind The 'Anthrax Letter' Attack Investigation - 22:35

Researchers Explore New Driver Of Transplant Rejection: Platelets - 22:35

When Texting, Eligible Women Express Themselves Better - 21:28

New Software Dramatically Speeds Enzyme Design - 21:28

James Webb Space Telescope's Actual 'Spine' Now Being Built - 21:28

Mediterranean Diet Helps Women Preserve Their Bone Mass, Study Suggests - 21:28

Medical Prescription Of Heroin Does Not Pose Neighborhood Risk, Study Suggests - 21:28

Will Large Amounts Of Soil Carbon Be Released If Grasslands Are Converted To Energy Crops? - 21:28

What Comes First, Misfolded Proteins Or Alzheimer's? Structural Polymorphism Of 441-residue Tau At Single Residue Resolution - 21:28

Vaccine Research Targets HIV In The Slower, Early Stage Of Infection - 21:28

World's Smallest Periscopes Peers At Cells From Several Sides At Once - 21:28

Cosmologist Explores Notion Of 'Alien' Life On Earth - 21:28

Year Without Summer: Effects Of Tambora Volcanic Eruption On Iberian Peninsula Studied For First Time - 21:28

Cholesterol-reducing Drugs May Lessen Brain Function, Says Researcher - 21:28

Clovis-era Tool Cache 13,000 Years Old Shows Evidence Of Camel, Horse Butchering - 21:28

Building A Better Protein: Researchers Use Computers To Find Keys To Stabilizing Proteins - 21:28

New Theory On How Animals Smell: Brain Encodes Complex Plumes Of Odors With A Simple Code - 21:28

Environmental Footprint Of Information Technology Much Higher Than Expected, Researcher Finds - 21:28

Excessive Dietary Fat Caused 300 Percent Increase in Metastasizing Tumor Cells In Animal Models - 21:28

Fossilized Pregnant Fish One Of First Animals To Have Sex - 21:28

Persons Who Survive Cancer More Likely To Be Unemployed - 10:21

Boosting Its Infectivity Turns Benign Virus Into Good Gene Therapy Carrier For Cystic Fibrosis - 10:21

Vaccine Protects Against 1918 Influenza Strain - 10:21

Anthropologist's Studies Of Childbirth Bring New Focus On Women In Evolution - 10:21

How New Artificial Intelligence Can Help Us Understand How We See - 10:21

Researchers Report Breakthrough In Human Papillomavirus Research - 10:21

Great Lake's Sinkholes Host Exotic Ecosystems Akin To Iced-over Antarctic Lakes - 10:21

Peer Victimization In Middle And High School Predicts Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents - 10:21

Dividing Cells May Contribute To Alzheimer's Disease - 10:21

Mathematical 'Snowfakes' Mimic Nature, Advance Science - 10:21

How Hyenas 'inherit' Their Social Status - 09:14

Medicines From The Sea - 09:14

Autonomous Robot Dancer Identifies Dance And Music In Intelligent Manner - 09:14

Climate Change Is Not Taken Seriously Because Media Is Not Highlighting Its Significance, Expert Says - 08:22

Polar Research Reveals New Evidence Of Global Environmental Change - 08:22

Into The Eye Of The Helix - 08:22

Tuesday th 24th of February 2009

Health Insurance Essential For Health And Well-being, Report Says - 23:28

Mathematician Contends Earlier Study Overstated Validity Of Findings On Risks Of Bisphenol A - 23:28

Anger Management: The Key To Staying Heart Healthy? - 23:28

Laser Treatment Of Brain Cells Does Not Significantly Reduce Stroke Disability, Study Shows - 23:28

Metastasis-promoting Protein In Urine Identified; Could Provide A Prognostic Test Or Target For Breast Cancer - 23:28

Don't Flatter Yourself: Why Survey Research Can Be Flawed - 23:28

Babies Born In Pollen And Mold Seasons Have Greater Odds Of Developing Asthma Symptoms - 23:28

Sexual Lyrics In Popular Songs Linked To Early Sexual Experiences - 23:28

40-year Mystery Revisited: Newtonian System Mimics 'Baldness' Of Rotating Black Holes - 23:28

Are Women More Generous? New Study Sheds Light On Donation Behavior - 23:28

Hormone Disorder Drug Could Help Drinkers Stay Sober - 23:28

Mechanisms That Prevent Alzheimer's Disease: Enzymatic Activity Plays Key Role - 22:21

What Biology And Evolution Can Teach Us About Our Safety: Tribute To Darwin - 22:21