Science Daily

Monday th 9th of March 2009

Young Adults With Post-traumatic Stress Disorder May Be More Likely To Attempt Suicide - 12:35

Shredding Corn Silage Could Produce More Ethanol At Less Cost - 12:35

Discovery Provides Hope For Sufferers Of Disfiguring Bone Disease - 12:35

It's In His Smell: Female Moths Can Discern Male's Ancestry, Age And Possibly Reproductive Fitness From His Smell - 12:35

Untreated Psychiatric Disorders Common In Single Mothers On Welfare - 12:35

Busy B's: Lymphocyte Uses Multiple Mechanisms To Shape Immune Response - 12:35

British Butterfly Reveals Role Of Habitat For Species Responding To Climate Change - 12:35

Quantum Doughnuts Slow And Freeze Light At Will: 'Fast Computing And Slow Glass' - 11:50

Novel Electric Signals In Plants Induced By Wounding Plant - 11:50

New Nanoporous Material Has Highest Surface Area Yet - 11:50

Discovering The Secret Code Behind Photosynthesis - 11:50

Drug Improves Mobility For Some Multiple Sclerosis Patients - 11:50

Best Human Embryos Selected For IVF Using Mathematical Model - 11:50

Stem Cells Replace Stroke-damaged Tissue In Rats - 11:50

The 'Clean Plate Club' May Turn Children Into Overeaters - 11:50

Nanotechnology: Bristly Spheres As Capsules for Drugs - 11:50

Young Athletes Most At Risk Of Knee Injuries Reap Big Benefit From Warm-Up Exercises - 11:50

Not So Sweet: Over-consumption Of Sugar Linked To Aging - 11:50

Sunday th 8th of March 2009

TV Ratings For Kids' Shows Don't Reflect Aggressive Content, Psychologists' Study Finds - 22:21

Promising Biofuel Made From Commercial Yeasts Upgraded With A New Enzyme - 22:21

Patients With Severe Asthma Benefit From Antibody Injection, Researchers Find - 22:21

Scientists Reconstruct An Ancient Greek Musical Instrument, The Epigonion - 22:21

TB Breakthrough Could Lead To Stronger Vaccine - 22:21

Amazon Rainforest Carbon Sink Threatened By Drought - 22:21

How Multiple Childhood Maltreatments Lead To Greater Adolescent Binge Drinking - 22:21

Wheat Gene With Resistance To Stripe Rust Discovered - 22:21

'Pre-diabetics' Face Heightened Risk Of Heart Disease - 22:21

Using Hair To Manage HIV/AIDS And Predict Treatment Success - 22:21

Sea Level Rises Offer New Explanation For Puzzling Biological Divide Along Malay Peninsula - 22:21

Fast-food Density And Neighborhood Walkability Linked To Residents' Weight And Waist Size - 22:21

Insecticidal Toxin Useless Without 'Friendly' Bacteria Accomplices - 22:21

Certain Combined Medications Following Heart Attack May Increase Risk Of Death - 22:21

Transparent Zebrafish A Must-see Model For Atherosclerosis - 22:21

Blood Test Predicts Chance Of Dementia - 22:21

Why Dreams Are So Difficult To Remember: Precise Communication Discovered Across Brain Areas During Sleep - 22:21

Older Adults Control Emotions More Easily Than Young Adults - 22:21

Chicken Manure Biodegrades Crude Oil In Contaminated Soil - 22:21

Moderate Alcohol Intake Associated With Bone Protection - 22:21

Missing Link Between Fructose, Insulin Resistance Found - 22:21

Scientists Identify Neural Circuitry Of First Impressions - 14:49

Gene Mutations That Cause Childhood Brain Cancer Identified - 14:49

It's Raining Pentagons? Novel Ice Structure May Help Seed Clouds And Cause Rain - 14:49

Cleft Lip And Palate: Scientists Discover Gene Locus Associated With Deformity - 14:49

Molecular '2-step' Leading To Protein Clumps Of Huntington's Disease - 14:49

Protein Helps Immune Cells To Divide And Conquer - 14:49

NASA's Mars Rover Spirit Faces Circuitous Route - 11:28

Danger of Cell Phone Use: While Walking Or Driving, Cell Phones Increase Traffic, Pedestrian Fatalities - 11:28

Cross-dressing Rubidium May Reveal Clues For Exotic Computing - 11:28

Grape Extracts May Be Effective Against Harmful Gut Bacteria - 11:28

NASA's Kepler Mission Rockets To Space In Search Of Other Earths - 11:28