Science Daily

Sunday th 21st of September 2008

What You Smell As You Sleep Influences Your Dreams - 16:21

Quality Assurance Programs Improve Clinical Trials - 16:21

Breast MRI Scan Could Determine Need For Radiation Therapy - 16:21

Gene Linked To Common Ailment In Labrador Retrievers Identified - 16:21

Climate Change, Human Activity And Wildfires - 16:21

'Friendly' Bacteria Protect Against Type 1 Diabetes, Researchers Find - 16:21

Nematode Genome Provides Insight Into Evolution Of Parasitism - 16:21

Mom's Beliefs May Impact Their Kids' Alcohol Use, Study Finds - 00:22

Adults With Aortic Valve Disorder Do Not Experience Reduction In Survival Rate - 00:22

Nanoscale Structures: A Snapshot Of Transformations - 00:22

Astrophysicists 'Weigh' Galaxy's Most Massive Star - 00:22

Positive Thinking Trial In UK Aims To Prevent Childhood Depression - 00:22

Estrogen 'Flooding Our Rivers,' Montreal Study Finds - 00:22

Cardiologists Find Physical Exams Just As Good For Assessing Heart Failure - 00:22

Sophisticated Monitoring Array To Address Mystery Of Uranium Plume - 00:22

Internationally Adopted Children Hit Puberty Earlier, Study Finds - 00:22

Marine Debris Will Likely Worsen In The 21st Century - 00:22

Face Blindness Research Shows Emotions Are Key In The Study Of Face Recognition - 00:22

New Model Predicts Long-term Survival Of Critically Ill Patients - 00:22

Global Warming's Ecosystem Double Whammy - 00:22

Receptor Activation Protects Retina From Diabetes Destruction - 00:21

Friday th 19th of September 2008

Homosexuals' Negative Feelings About Sexuality Predict Poor Mental And Sexual Health - 22:21

Mobile Video Communication From A Mountain Top - 22:21

Incontinence Affects A Substantial Proportion Of Women; Prevalence Increases With Age - 22:21

Harnessing New Technology To Keep Older People Behind The Wheel For Longer - 22:21

Sole Use Of Impaired Limb Improves Recovery In Spinal Cord Injury - 22:21

Prosthetic Vein Valve Designed To Direct Blood Flow Shows Promising Pre-clinical Results - 22:21

Programmed Cell Death Contributes Force To Movement Of Cells - 22:21

Overbearing Parents Foster Obsessive Children, New Study Finds - 22:21

Putting Pictures Into Words - 22:21

Stem Cells May Solve Mystery Of Early Pregnancy Breast Cancer Protection - 22:21

Easier-to-hit 'Targets' Could Help Older People Make The Most Of Computers - 22:21

Longevity, Cancer And Diet Connected: New Research In Worms Could Apply To Humans - 22:21

Scientists Trace Extensive Networks Regulating Alternative RNA Splicing - 21:14

Are Fires More Important Than Rain For The Savannah Ecosystem? - 20:07

NASA's Swift Catches Farthest Ever Gamma-Ray Burst - 18:35

Using Novel Tool, Researchers Dig Through Cell 'Trash' And Find Treasure - 14:28

Pulsating Stars Enable New Precise Determination Of Rotation Of The Milky Way - 14:28

What Was I Doing? Interruptions Can Change Purchase Decisions - 13:21

Engineers Discover Nanoparticles Can Break On Through - 13:21

Determining The Structure Of Nuclear Receptor Has Implications For A Host Of Diseases - 13:21

COPD? Eat Your Veggies - 13:21

Common Bronchodilator Drug Linked To Increased Deaths - 13:21

World Faces Global Pandemic Of Antibiotic Resistance, Experts Warn - 13:21

Carrots And Sticks To Promote A Healthy Lifestyle? - 13:21

New Method For Building Multilingual Ontologies That Can Be Applied To The Semantic Web - 13:21

Genes Linked To Blindness Produced By Corneal Oedema Identified - 13:21

Ship-induced Waves Affect Snails, Crabs And Insect Larvae In Sandy Lakes And Rivers - 13:21

A Healthy Lifestyle Halves The Risk Of Premature Death In Women - 13:21

Astronomers Discover Most Dark Matter-dominated Galaxy In Universe - 13:21