Science Daily

Monday th 8th of December 2008

Men With Wives, Significant Others More Likely To Be Screened For Prostate Cancer - 09:45

Selenium May Prevent High Risk-bladder Cancer - 09:39

State Policies Have Little Effect On Reducing Minors' Indoor Tanning Use - 09:39

New 'Wipes' For Better Decontamination Of Chemical Warfare Agents And Toxic Chemicals - 09:38

Spider Love: Little Guys Get Lots More - 09:38

Helping Poor Countries Cope With Climate Change With Risk-pooling Through Insurance - 09:34

Atomic Clock Could Be Miniturized - 09:34

Blame Your Genes: Some People Eight Times More Likely To Suffer From Prolonged Illness With Infection - 09:29

Advance Toward Early Diagnosis Of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - 09:29

Clothing With A Brain: 'Smart Fabrics' That Monitor Health - 09:28

Waste Peel From Pomegranate Juice Factories Makes Healthy Cattle Feed - 09:28

Men Are Red, Women Are Green, Brown Researcher Finds - 09:28

ESA Tests Laser To Measure Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide - 07:07

Advanced CT Scans Valuable To Check For Clogged Arteries - 07:07

Shared Features Of Human Gut Microbial Communities: Variations Linked To Obesity - 07:07

Body Clock Linked To Diabetes And High Blood Sugar In New Genome-wide Study - 07:07

Sunday th 7th of December 2008

Do Stereotypes About Social Groups Bias Personnel Decisions? - 21:21

Wind Screen Collects Cool Air To Help Save The Rhône Glacier In Switzerland - 21:21

How Disease Disables Tomato Plant's 'Intruder Alarm' - 21:21

Genes For Nine Health Indicators: Population Study Finds Genetics Clues - 21:21

Physicists Set New Record For Quantum Memory Storage And Retrieval - 21:21

American Values Blamed For U.S Health-care Crisis - 20:35

Managing Carbon Loss - 20:35

Long-term Antibiotics Reduce COPD Exacerbations, Raise Questions - 20:35

Transporting Young Salmon To Help Them Avoid Dams Hinders Adult Migration - 20:35

New Target Discovered To Treat Epileptic Seizures Following Brain Trauma Or Stroke - 20:35

Mutualism By Natural Selection: Imitation Is Not Just Flattery For Amazon Butterfly Species - 20:35

Privacy Issues: Avoiding Becoming A Victim Of Online Crime - 20:35

Best Treatments For Long-term Survival In Brain Tumor Patients Identified - 20:35

Bone Marrow-derived Stem Cells May Offer Novel Therapeutic Option For Skin Disorder - 20:35

California's Deep Sea Secrets: New Species Found, Human Impact Revealed - 20:35

Body Shape and Heart Disease Risk: Apple Or Pear Shape Is Not Main Culprit To Heart Woes -- It's Liver Fat - 20:35

Large-scale Gene Silencing Mystery Solved - 20:35

Discovery Of A Debilitating Genetic Syndrome - 20:35

Robotics Integrated With Human Body In Near Future? Technology Gulf Between 'Have' And 'Have Nots' Predicted By 2020 - 20:35

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Memory - 20:35

Rooted Plants Move Mysteriously Down Greenways - 20:35

Iressa Proves Just As Effective As Chemotherapy For Lung Cancer - 20:35

Interferon As Long-term Treatment For Hepatitis C Not Effective - 20:35

Vitamin E Shows Possible Promise In Easing Chronic Inflammation - 20:35

Cold Sore Virus Linked To Alzheimer's Disease: New Treatment, Or Even Vaccine Possible - 14:35

European Ancestry Increases Breast Cancer Risk Among Latinas - 00:35

PET Is Most Powerful Imaging Tool In Cancer Management, Nationwide Study Confirms - 00:35

Collaboration Of Soloists Makes The Best Science - 00:35

Reprogrammable Cell Type Depends On Single Gene To Keep Its Identity - 00:35

Juries Not As Racially Diverse As The Communities From Which They Are Drawn, Study Finds - 00:35

Saturday th 6th of December 2008

Novel Therapeutic Approaches May Improve Patient Outcomes In Several Platelet Disorders - 23:28

Novel Treatments Show Improvements In Survival And Response Rates For Leukemia And Lymphoma - 23:28

Causes Of Bone Loss In Breast Cancer Survivors Include Cancer Drugs And Vitamin D Deficiency - 23:28

Immune Cells Reveal Fancy Footwork - 23:28