Science Daily

Tuesday th 13th of May 2008

HPV Linked To Better Survival In Tonsil, Tongue Cancer, Study Finds - 15:14

Traffic Woes? New Method Allows Traffic Optimization Over Large Geographic Areas - 15:14

It Started With A Squeak: Moonlight Serenade Helps Lemurs Pick Mates Of The Right Species - 15:14

New Understanding Of Pain Sensitivity: Heat Sensing Regulator Identified - 15:14

Biochips Can Detect Cancers Before Symptoms Develop - 15:14

Establishing Faster-growing, Durable Football Fields - 15:14

Some Kids Benefit More From Asthma Drug - 15:14

Researchers Pinpoint How Smoking Causes Cancer - 15:14

Psychological Stress Linked To Overeating, Monkey Study Shows - 14:28

Most Female Child Molesters Were Victims Of Sexual Abuse, Study Suggests - 12:35

Vision Therapy Appears To Improve Visual Function In Macular Disease - 12:35

Designing Bug Perception Into Robots - 12:35

Alternative To Silicon Chip Invented By Student - 11:28

Archaeologist Uses Satellite Imagery To Explore Ancient Mexico - 11:28

Vitamin D Protects Cells From Stress That Can Lead To Cancer - 11:28

Depression And Anger Can Plague Recent University Graduates - 11:28

Spotlight On A Key Player In The Dance Of Chromosomes - 11:28

Beijing Game For Clean Air Challenge - 10:21

Henry Moore Sculpture Could Be Re-erected Thanks To 21st Century Science - 10:21

Put The Trees In The Ground: A Fix For The Global Carbon Dioxide Problem? - 10:21

Genetic Links To Impaired Social Behavior In Autism - 10:21

Expanded Food And Nutrition Program Shows $10 Benefit For Each $1 Spent - 10:21

Novel Mechanisms Controlling Insulin Release And Fat Deposition Discovered - 10:21

New Cars Are Gathering Information On You That Might Interest Insurance Companies, Advertisers, Government - 10:21

Using Music To Explore The Neural Bases Of Emotional 'Processing' In The Autistic Brain - 10:21

Air Pollution, Smoking Affect Latent Tuberculosis - 10:21

Architecture For Fundamental Processes Of Life Discovered - 10:21

Astronaut Health On Moon May Depend On Good Dusting - 10:21

Satellite Communications By Laser Looks Promising - 10:21

People Who Participate In Clinical Research Generally Wish To Know The Research Results - 08:28

Why Did The EPA Fire A Respected Toxicologist? - 08:28

Gene Therapy Clinical Trial Yields Promising Results For Batten Disease - 08:28

Chronic Disease Management: Does It Improve Health And Save Money? - 06:14

Possible Connection Between Marijuana Abuse And Stroke Or Heart Attacks - 06:14

Patients' Expectation Of Getting Better Is Crucial In Recovery From Whiplash - 05:28

Risk Of Hospitalization From Violent Assault Increases When Local Alcohol Sales Rise - 05:28

Monday th 12th of May 2008

Physical Activity More Likely To Prevent Breast Cancer In Certain Groups - 21:35

Women Who Breastfeed For More Than A Year Halve Their Risk Of Rheumatoid Arthritis - 21:35

'Shaquille O'Neal' Of Bacteria Big Enough To See With Naked Eye - 21:35

Children Better Prepared For School If Their Parents Read Aloud To Them - 19:21

Mitral Valve Leak Repaired Through Tiny Puncture Hole Using Live 3D Images - 19:21

Gene Function In Regulating Body Size Helps Inform Novel Cancer Treatments - 19:21

Beyond Fashion: Why You Gotta Wear Shades - 19:21

High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol May Be Associated With Retinal Vascular Disease - 19:21

Invasion Of The Spiny Water Fleas: Drying Anchor Lines Can Help Contain Spread - 19:21

Texting Costs In UK Are 'Out Of This World' -- More Expensive Than Downloading Data From Hubble Space Telescope - 19:21

New Technique Measures Ultrashort Laser Pulses At Focus - 19:21

New Approach To Protect The Hearts Of Patients With Muscular Dystrophy - 19:21

A Molecular Thermometer For The Distant Universe - 19:21

Asthma Linked To Higher Suicidal Thoughts With Attempts - 19:21