Science Daily

Thursday th 2nd of April 2009

New Strategy Developed To Diagnose Melanoma - 22:14

No Sponge In Human Family Tree: Sponges Descended From Unique Ancestor - 22:14

Diversity Linked To Increased Sales Revenue And Profits, More Customers - 22:14

Fitter Frames: Nanotubes Boost Structural Integrity Of Composites - 22:14

Risk Of Aggressive Breast Cancer Subtype Three Times Higher For African-American Women - 22:14

Low Birth Weight Linked To Heart Disease And Diabetes Risk In Adulthood - 22:14

Being Isaac Newton: Computer Derives Natural Laws From Raw Data - 22:14

Sleep Problems In Adults Linked To Increased Risk Of Suicidal Behaviors - 22:14

Light-activated Antibacterial Coating Is New Weapon In Fight Against Hospital-acquired Infections - 22:14

COPD-related Problems Hard To Swallow - 22:14

Researchers Spy Galfenol's Inner Beauty Mark - 22:14

New Drug To Curb Smoking Shows Positive Results - 22:14

How Low Can It Go? Sun Plunges Into The Quietest Solar Minimum In A Century - 22:14

Optical Illusions: Variety Makes Us Perceive Smaller Quantities - 22:14

Light-activated 'Lock' Can Control Blood Clotting, Drug Delivery - 22:14

Potential Magic Bullet For MRSA Treatment - 22:14

Ice-free Arctic Ocean Possible In 30 Years, Not 90 As Previously Estimated - 22:14

Drug Suppresses The Compulsion To Steal, Study Shows - 22:14

First Accurate Test For Arsenic In Soil Developed - 22:14

Whole-brain Circuit Map Could Reveal What Goes Wrong In Autism, Schizophrenia And Other Brain Disorders - 22:14

Blood Protein May Hold Key To Stopping Tumor Growth In Cancer Patients - 22:14

Virus-built Battery Could Power Cars, Electronic Devices - 22:14

How Probiotics Can Prevent Disease - 11:21

New Marker For Prostate Cancer Progression - 11:21

Young Vegetarians May Have Healthier Diets But Could Be At Risk For Disordered Eating Behaviors - 11:21

New Fat-fighting Pathway Discovered - 11:21

Mollusks Taste Memories To Build Shells - 11:21

Hot Solution To Bean Sprout Safety - 11:21

Faster, Better Diagnosis For Patients With Heart Rhythm Disorders - 11:21

New Way To Battle MRSA And Superbugs - 11:21

The More Oral Bacteria, The Higher The Risk Of Heart Attack, Study Shows - 11:21

Spintronics Advance Reveals New Conservation Law In Fundamental Physics - 11:21

Bacterial Toxin Leads To Systemic Infection - 11:21

Flatland Physics Probes Mysteries Of Superfluidity - 11:21

Taste, Odor Intervention Improves Cancer Therapy, According To Study - 11:21

Huge Population Of Rare Dolphins Discovered - 11:21

Dealing With Dwarfism - 11:21

Researchers Decipher Blood Stem Cell Attachment, Communication - 11:21

The Protein SRF Keeps The Skin Healthy - 11:21

DNA Analysis Uncovers The Prehistory Of Norwegian Red Deer - 11:21

Blood Test For Brain Injuries Gains Momentum - 11:21

Death Of A Child In The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Long-term Consequences For Siblings - 10:14

Supervised Exercise Therapy Can Lead To Improvements In COPD Symptoms - 10:14

Researchers Enhance Spam Call Filtering - 10:14

Effects Of Disease Severity On Autobiographical Memory In Semantic Dementia Revealed In New Study - 10:14

Diabetes Drug Class Linked To Vision-Threatening Complication - 10:14

Sharp Increase In HPV-positive Tonsil Cancer Found - 10:14

Hormone Prolactin Reduces Fat Metabolism - 10:14

Parents' Sexuality Influences Adoption Choices - 10:14

High-resolution Image Of The Brightest Orion Trapezium Star - 10:14