Science Daily

Friday th 4th of September 2009

Large Thighs Protect Against Heart Disease And Early Death - 18:27

Next-door Cosmic Encounter: Neighboring Galaxies Collided 2-3 Billion Years Ago - 18:27

Designing Cars For Expectant Mothers - 18:27

Atoms Don't Dance The 'Bose Nova': Realization Of An Excited, Strongly Correlated Many-body Phase - 18:27

Inflammatory Disease Treatments To Improve Through Use Of Lipidomics - 18:27

Two New Antibodies Found To Cripple HIV: 'Achilles' Heel On Virus For AIDS Vaccine Researchers To Exploit - 18:27

Molecular 'GPS' Helps Researchers Probe Processes Important In Aging And Disease - 18:27

Monkey Brains Signal The Desire To Explore - 17:35

Organic Or Local Fruits and Vegetables? - 17:35

Scientists Cool Gas By Laser Bombardment - 17:35

Gene Called Flower Missing Link In Vesicle Uptake In Neurons - 17:35

Do High-fat Diets Make Us Stupid And Lazy? Physical And Memory Abilities Of Rats Affected After 9 Days - 17:35

Scientists Move Closer To A Safer Anthrax Vaccine - 13:28

Was The Public Health Response To Swine Flu Alarmist? - 10:28

Web Page Ranking Algorithm Detects Critical Species In Ecosystems - 10:28

Inhibition Of Key Inflammatory Protein, Reduced Radiation Toxicity In Zebrafish - 10:28

Growing Green Roofs - 10:28

HPV Vaccine Could Prevent Some Forms Of Breast Cancer, Australian Research Suggests - 10:28

Mice Can Eat 'Junk' And Not Get Fat: Researchers Find Gene That Protects High-fat-diet Mice From Obesity - 10:28

Ultra-flat Loudspeakers With Powerful Sound Reproduction - 08:35

New Switch That Causes The Body To Produce Cancerous Cells Discovered - 08:35

Human Brain Could Be Replicated In 10 Years, Researcher Predicts - 07:28

Thursday th 3rd of September 2009

Experts Warn Over Health Check Brain Scans In UK - 23:14

Water Scarcity In Southeast Australia Started 15 Years Ago - 23:14

Trauma 411: Prolonged Surgery Should Be Avoided In Certain Cases - 23:14

Nonagenarian Researcher Petitions FDA To Ban Trans Fats - 23:14

Can Bone Marrow Be Quickly Revived After Destruction By Leukemia Treatment? Faster Recovery From Life-threatening Blood Cell Shortages - 23:14

Nowhere To Hide: Some Species Are Unable To Adapt To Climate Change Due To Their Genes - 23:14

Mothers With Postpartum Depression With Suicidal Thoughts And Their Infant Interactions - 23:14

Denitrification, Its Importance Once Diluted, May Be Back On Top - 23:14

Researchers Examine Mechanisms That Help Cancer Cells Proliferate - 23:14

Shawnee Lookout May Be Largest Continuously Occupied Hilltop Native American Site In United States - 23:14

Exercise Minimizes Weight Regain By Reducing Appetite And Burning Fat First, Carbs Later - 23:14

Celestial Rosetta Stone: White Dwarf Star, Circling Companion Star, Could Explode In A Few Million Years - 23:14

Popular Supplement Quercetin Does Not Enhance Athletic Performance, Study Finds - 23:14

Transplanted Human Stem Cells Prolong Survival In Mouse Model Of Rare Brain Disease - 23:14

Thousands Of New Images Show Mars In High Resolution - 23:14

Scientists Begin To Untangle Root Cause Of Alzheimer's Disease - 23:14

Long-term Cooling Trend In Arctic Abruptly Reverses, Signaling Potential For Sea Rise - 23:14

Poor Money Saving Linked To General Impulsiveness - 23:14

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Takes First Look At Apollo 12 Landing Site - 23:14

Breast Cancer: Risk Increases For Smokers And Overweight Women - 23:14

Vitamin C Deficiency Impairs Early Brain Development, Guinea Pig Study Finds - 23:14

Protein Believed To Protect Against Cancer Has A Mr. Hyde Side - 23:14

Europe's First Farmers Were Immigrants: Replaced Their Stone Age Hunter-gatherer Forerunners - 23:14

Carrots Are Better Than Sticks For Building Human Cooperation, Study Finds - 23:14

New Open-source Camera Could Revolutionize Photography - 23:14

It Pays To Quit Smoking Before Surgery - 23:14

New Design Keeps Buildings Standing And Habitable After Major Earthquakes - 23:14

Genetic Cause For Type Of Deafness Identified; Discovery Could Lead To New Therapies For Progressive Hearing Loss - 23:14