Science Daily

Wednesday th 4th of March 2009

Tiny Pests Foul Seacage Netting On Fish Farms In Norway - 19:28

Lemurs: Secret Social Drama Among Humanity's Distant Cousins - 19:28

Alcohol On TV Makes People Drink More - 19:28

Nutrient Pollution Chokes Marine And Freshwater Ecosystems - 19:28

Is The Dead Sea Dying? - 19:28

People Are Consistently Overly Optimistic When Asked To Predict Their Own Future Behavior - 19:28

Radiation Exposure Of U.S. Population: American Association of Physicists in Medicine Comments On Controversial Report - 19:28

Medical Radiation Exposure Of The U.S. Population Greatly Increased Since The Early 1980s - 19:28

Two Or More Drinks A Day May Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk - 19:28

Tropical Lizards Can't Take The Heat Of Climate Warming - 19:28

Brain Differences Found Between Believers In God And Non-believers - 19:28

Mars Life? Computer Analysis Hints At Water – And Life – Under Olympus Mons - 19:28

'Spooky Action At A Distance' Of Quantum Mechanics Directly Observed - 11:35

Power And The Illusion Of Control - 10:35

Futuristic Seafood: Raising Delicious Cobia And Pompano Fish -- Inland - 10:35

Why Do Women Store Fat Differently From Men? - 10:35

New Type Of Vaccination Provides Instant Immunity To Two Types Of Cancer In Animal Model - 10:35

Two Food Additives Have Previously Unrecognized Estrogen-like Effects - 10:35

The Truth Behind 'Where's Waldo?' - 10:35

New Clues About Mitochondrial 'Growth Spurts' - 10:35

Cell Microenvironments Hold Key To Future Stem Cell Therapies - 10:35

'Undesirable' Evolution Can Be Reversed In Fish, By Letting The Big Ones Go - 10:35

Green, Black Tea Can Reduce Stroke Risk, Research Suggests - 10:35

PSA Levels Accurately Predict Prostate Cancer Risk In African-American Men, Study Finds - 10:35

Spikes In Nitrite Can Have Lasting Protective Impact On The Heart - 10:35

First Virtual Reality Technology To Let You See, Hear, Smell, Taste And Touch - 10:35

What The Romans Learned From Greek Mathematics - 10:35

Second Motor Neuron Disease Gene Mutation In One Year Signifies Rapid Research Progress - 10:35

Select Roses Survive With Minimal Care - 10:35

Genetic Evidence Points To Potential Therapeutic Bypass For Autoimmune Process - 10:35

Tuesday th 3rd of March 2009

Program Effective In Educating Parents About Prevention Of Shaken Baby Syndrome - 21:35

Prenatal Molecular Diagnosis For Tuberous Sclerosis Complex - 21:35

New And Unexpected Mechanism Identified How The Brain Responds To Stress - 21:35

Statins Lower Stroke Severity, Improve Recovery - 21:35

Gallbladder Removal Through Vagina Offers Minimally Invasive Alternative - 21:35

Broccoli May Help Protect Against Respiratory Conditions Like Asthma - 21:35

Gene Involved In Pancreatic Cancer Identified - 21:35

Gene That Modifies Severity Of Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease Found - 21:35

Earth's Highest Known Microbial Systems Fueled By Volcanic Gases - 21:35

Common Marine Sponges May Provide Super-antibiotics Of The Future - 21:35

Newfound Moon May Be Source Of Outer Saturn Ring - 21:35

New Monkey Model For HIV Developed With Altered Human Virus - 11:21

Having Parents With Bipolar Disorder Associated With Increased Risk Of Psychiatric Disorders - 10:39

Billions Of Years Ago, Microbes Were Key In Developing Modern Nitrogen Cycle - 10:39

Novel Approach To Treating Rett Syndrome Under Development - 10:39

Seabird Deaths Linked To Soap-like Foam Produced By Red-tide Algae - 10:39

How Cellular Protein Detects Viruses And Sparks Immune Response - 10:37

First Fossil Brain: Shark Relative That Lived 300 Million Years Ago Yields Very Rare Specimen - 10:35

Impulsivity In Kindergarten May Predict Gambling Behavior In Sixth Grade - 10:34

Cost Of Installed Solar Photovoltaic Systems Drops Significantly Over The Last Decade - 10:32