Science Daily

Tuesday th 17th of June 2008

Soccer Parents: Why They Rage - 21:14

Phoenix Lander Bakes Sample, Arm Digs Deeper - 20:07

Focus Attention Upon Distributors Of Human Growth Hormone, Scientists Urge - 20:07

Serum Sodium Predicts Mortality 10 Times Higher In PAH Patients - 20:07

Medical Research On Ice: Antarctic Study Will Measure How Humans Physically Adapt To Extreme Environment - 20:07

Ability To Track Stem Cells In Tumors Could Advance Cancer Treatments - 20:07

'Hazardous Drinking' May Be A New 'Check Stop' On The Way To Alcohol Dependence - 20:07

Anti-inflammatory Effects Of Pomegranate In Rabbits: A Potential Treatment In Humans? - 20:07

Phoenix Makes First Trench In Science Preserve - 20:07

New Study Shows Potential To Treat Or Prevent Viral Cancers - 20:07

Shallow Water Corals Evolved From Deep Sea Ancestors - 20:07

Athletic Benefit Of Growth Hormone Doping: Is It All In The Athlete's Mind? - 18:14

Promising Step Towards More Effective Hydrogen Storage - 18:14

Key Developmental Pathway Activates Lung Stem Cells - 18:14

Engineering Students Launch Record-breaking Balloon - 18:14

Grape Seed Extract May Reduce Cognitive Decline Associated With Alzheimer's Disease - 18:14

Symmetry Of Homosexual Brain Resembles That Of Opposite Sex, Swedish Study Finds - 18:14

Type And Severity Of Combat Wounds In Iraq War Have Changed Over Time - 18:14

Perfecting A Solar Cell By Adding Imperfections - 18:14

Aerobic Exercise Increases A Blood Protein That May Suppress Appetite - 18:14

Get A Little Sun This Summer -- It Could Help Save Your Life, Researcher Suggests - 18:14

Abortion Drug's Off-label Use May Have Led To Deaths - 18:14

New Research On Octopuses Sheds Light On Memory - 18:14

Popular Stimulant's Role In Brain Function Deterioration Is Cause For Concern, According To Researchers - 10:21

Hot Flashes Under-reported, And Linked To Forgetfulness - 10:21

Nanotechnology, Biomolecules And Light Unite To 'Cook' Cancer Cells - 10:21

Being Overweight Does Not Result In Decreased Sperm Production, Study Shows - 10:21

Centromeres Cross Over, A Lot - 10:21

Nerves Behind Pain Relief Provided By Stressful Situations - 10:21

Significant Efficacy Of Travelers' Diarrhea Vaccine Shown - 10:21

Researchers Use A Patient's Own Bone To Accelerate Orthodontics - 10:21

Bee Species Outnumber Mammals And Birds Combined - 10:21

New Therapy For Early Severe Acute Pancreatitis - 09:14

New Weapon For Attacking Tumor Invasion And Metastasis - 09:14

Promising Chinese Herbal Targets Identified For Acute Pancreatitis - 09:14

Hormone Disorder May Contribute To Lack Of Menstruation In Teenage Athletes - 09:14

Diamonds Reveal Deep Source Of Platinum Deposits - 09:14

From Canada To The Caribbean: Tree Leaves Control Their Own Temperature, Study Reveals - 09:14

Heightened Sense Of Taste Can Promote Weight Loss - 09:14

Lizards Pull A Wheelie - 09:14

Learning From The Dead: What Facial Muscles Can Tell Us About Emotion - 09:14

Ultra Low-cost Plastic Memory Developed - 09:14

Hearing Loss Is Twice As Common In People With Diabetes Compared To Those WIthout The Disease - 09:14

Possible Link Between Different Forms Of Epilepsy Discovered - 09:14

First Successful Reverse Vasectomy On Endangered Species Performed At The National Zoo - 09:14

Children Learn Smart Behaviors Without Knowing What They Know - 00:35

Red Wine's Resveratrol May Help Battle Obesity - 00:35

Medicines Derived From Cannabis Show Some Non-serious Adverse Events - 00:35

Samoa Found To Be In Path Of Geological Hotspots, Adding Fuel To Debate Over Origins Of Volcanic Chains - 00:35

Protein Linked To Alzheimer's Disease Also Has Role In HIV Progression - 00:35