Science Daily

Thursday th 23rd of April 2009

Animals That Seem Identical May Be Completely Different Species - 10:29

First Noninvasive Technique To Accurately Predict Mutations In Human Brain Tumors - 10:29

Agent Orange Exposure Increases Veterans' Risk Of Aggressive Recurrence Of Prostate Cancer - 10:29

Pain Relievers Appear Ineffective In Preventing Alzheimer's In The Very Elderly - 10:29

'Pillars Of Creation' -- Giant Star-forming Structure -- Formed In The Shadows - 10:29

A Warm TV Can Drive Away Feelings Of Loneliness And Rejection - 10:29

Double-action Power Stations: Energy And Hydrogen - 10:29

Genetic Variants Predict Recurrence Of Bladder Cancer, Patient Survival - 10:29

Origins Of Maya Blue In Mexico - 10:29

Inherited Impulsivity Predicts Alcoholism, Study Reports - 10:29

Did 'Dark Gulping' Generate Black Holes In Early Universe? - 10:29

Why You May Lose That Loving Feeling After Tying The Knot - 10:29

Method For Verifying Safety Of Computer-controlled Devices Developed - 10:28

New Insight Into Rett Syndrome Severity - 10:28

Afghanistan Declares Its First National Park - 10:28

Humanin Peptide May Be New Drug Target For Diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease - 10:28

Plants Absorb More Carbon Dioxide Under Polluted Hazy Skies - 10:28

Regulation Of Cell Proliferation By The OGF-OGFr Axis Is Dependent On Nuclear Localization Signals - 09:42

Photographs Of UV Exposure Can Impact Sunburns In Preteens - 09:42

New Oncogene Gives Valuable Insight Into Hepatocellular Tumors In Humans - 09:42

Vitamin D Levels Linked To Asthma Severity - 09:42

Liver Disease Responsible For Most Alcohol-related Illness And Deaths - 09:42

First Evidence For DNA-based Vaccination Against Chronic Hepatitis C - 09:42

Gene That Switches On During Development Of Epilepsy Discovered - 09:42

SPEEDY Babies; A New Behavioral Syndrome - 09:42

Treating Addiction By Eliminating Drug-associated Memories - 09:42

Throwing The Micro Switch: MicroRNA May Link Smoking Risk Gene To Neurobiology Of Addiction - 09:42

Closing In On Old Ironstone Pollution Problem - 09:42

Are Older Patients Denied Access To Psychological Services Due To Ageism In The UK? - 09:42

More Than One Nanostring To Their Bow: Scientists Moving Closer To “artificial Noses” - 08:35

Muscle Deterioration In Patients With Lung Disease Seen Connected To Heightened Carbon Dioxide Levels In The Blood - 08:35

Wednesday th 22nd of April 2009

Media Ignores Health Consequences Of Drinking And Driving Among Young Celebrities, Report Finds - 20:35

Saving Time And Money With Semantic Design - 20:35

Discovering Genes That Protect Against Aging - 20:35

First 'Garden Hose’ Jet Trail Nebula Discovered - 20:35

Majority Of Doctors Skeptical Of Organ Transplantation Practices In China - 20:35

Gene Variants Associated With The Most Common Adult Leukemia Confirmed - 20:35

Adolescent Binge Drinking May Compromise The Brain's White Matter, Necessary For Information Relay - 20:35

Study Challenges Notions Of How Genes Are Controlled In Mammals - 20:35

Think Memory Worsens With Age? Then Yours Probably Will - 20:35

Golf Course Irrigation: Save Up To 25% Of Water Using Wireless Sensors - 20:35

Treatment Combination Lethal To Pancreatic Cancer Cells Formulated - 20:35

Benefit Of Grapes May Be More Than Skin Deep: Lower Blood Pressure, Reduced Heart Damage - 20:35

Time For A New Theory Of Gravitation? Satellite Galaxies Challenge Newtonian Model - 20:35

Do Good Looks Get High School Students Good Grades? - 20:35

First Compound For Receptors In Schizophrenia And Alzheimer's Holds Promise - 20:35

How Quiet Sounds Are Magnified By 'Flexoelectric Motors' In The Ear - 20:35

New Ebolavirus Vaccine Protects Against Lethal Infection in Animal Models - 20:35

Fossil Evidence Of Missing Link In The Origin Of Seals, Sea Lions, Walruses Found In Canadian Arctic - 20:35

Our Penchant For Rarity Could Threaten Conservation Efforts - 20:35