Science Daily

Wednesday th 18th of February 2009

Science Suggests Access To Nature Is Essential To Human Health - 21:21

Permafrost Is Thawing In Northern Sweden - 21:21

Commonly Available Drug Found To Treat Opioid Addiction - 21:21

Newly Discovered Gene Could Be A Prime Target In The Most Lethal Brain Cancer - 21:21

Sophisticated Nano-structures Assembled With Magnets - 21:21

Smoking Kills, Irrespective Of Social Class And Gender - 12:42

Super Solar Cells? Certain Nanocrystals Shown To Generate More Than One Electron - 12:42

Body's Defenses May Worsen Chronic Lung Diseases In Smokers - 12:42

Mutation That Causes Inflammatory Bowel Disease Identified - 12:42

Top Soccer Players Dissatisfied With Physique - 12:42

Clinicians Override Most Electronic Medication Safety Alerts - 12:42

Oncostatin M May Be Promising Drug For Treating Viral Hepatitis And Liver Cancer - 12:42

Dry Beans Inhibit Development Of Mammary Cancer - 12:42

Obesity During Pregnancy Associated With Increased Risk Of Birth Defects - 12:42

Vast Cache Of Ice-age Fossils Uncovered At La Brea Tar Pits In Los Angeles - 10:49

Gene Mutation Increases Drug Toxicity, Rejection Risk In Pediatric Kidney Transplants - 10:49

Cancer-causing Toxins Linked To Unexploded Munitions In Oceans - 10:49

Blood Pressure Compound May Benefit Brain Tumor Patients - 10:49

Easter Island’s Controversial Collapse: More To The Story Than Deforestation? - 10:49

Diamond-like Films Help In Study Of Solar Winds - 10:49

U.S. States Expand Newborn Screening For Life-threatening Disorders - 09:43

Cancer Death Rates Dropping Among African Americans But Survival Rates Still Low - 09:43

Secure Right Of Usage More Important Than Ownership To China's Forest Farmers - 09:43

More Compulsory Schooling - Fewer Teenage Mothers - 09:43

New Aircraft Assembly And Maintenance System Will Enhance Reliability - 09:43

Research Increases Possibilities Of Personalizing Treatment Of Infant Osteosarcoma - 09:43

TB Treatment Delays In Taiwan - 09:43

Diet Could Reduce Onset Of Eye Disease By 20%, Expert Says - 09:43

Are There Positive Aspects To Binge-drinking? Researchers Ask The British - 09:43

Anti-social Behavior In Girls Predicts Adolescent Depression Seven Years Later - 09:43

Engineer Develops Method To Combat Congenital Heart Disease In Children - 09:43

Stroke Therapy Window Might Be Extended Past Nine Hours For Some - 09:43

'Middle Class' Coral Reef Fish Feel The Economic Squeeze - 09:43

Can Exercising Your Brain Prevent Memory Loss? - 09:42

Forget The Antioxidants? Researchers Cast Doubt On Role Of Free Radicals In Aging - 09:42

Tuesday th 17th of February 2009

High Blood Pressure Control Continues To Improve In England - 22:35

Semantic Web Promises A Smarter Electricity Grid - 22:35

Growing Peppers: Does Hotter Mean Healthier? - 22:35

Fibromyalgia Pain Linked To Central Nervous System Dysfunction - 22:35

If You're Aggressive, Your Dog Will Be Too, Says Veterinary Study - 22:35

Chronic Low-back Pain On The Rise: Study Finds 'Alarming Increase' In Prevalence - 22:35

Accidental Wireless: Wireless-based Sensor System Could SAVE Lives - 22:35

Compact Biosensor For Wide-ranging Applications Under Development - 22:35

Gene Linked To Aggressive Progression Of Liver Cancer Identified - 22:35

Robot Playmates Monitor Emotional State Of Children With Autism - 22:35

New Diagnoses May Provide Window Of Opportunity For Health Behavior Change - 22:35

Measuring Molecules To Improve Drug Design - 22:35

Black Women With Uterine Cancers More Likely To Die Than White Patients - 22:35

Working Toward Artificial Corneas - 22:35

Engineers Create Intelligent Molecules That Seek And Destroy Diseased Cells - 22:35