Science Daily

Monday th 24th of November 2008

Microcapsules Act As 'Roach Motel' To Kill Harmful Bacteria - 23:42

Transporting Broiler Chickens Could Spread Antibiotic-resistant Organisms - 23:42

Old Flies Can Become Young Moms - 23:42

Global Warming Predictions Are Overestimated, Suggests Study On Black Carbon - 23:42

Applying 'Supply And Demand' Business Principles To Treat Infectious Diseases Worldwide - 22:29

Genetic Information Advances The Breeding Of Dairy Cattle - 22:29

New Clinical Study Will Help Doctors Assess Abnormal Bleeding - 22:29

NASA And DOE Collaborate On Dark Energy Research - 22:29

Drops In Blood Oxygen Levels May Be Key To Sudden Death In Some Epilepsy Patients - 22:28

Value Of Satellites Recognized For Conserving Wetlands - 22:28

Breast Cancer Incidence Among Premenopausal U.S. Women - 22:28

Sea Level Rise Alters Chesapeake Bay's Salinity - 22:28

Drug Therapy For Premature Infants Destroys Brain Cells In Mice - 22:28

Study Reveals Smoking's Effect On Nurses' Health, Death Rates - 22:28

Predicting The Future For Patients With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury - 22:28

Sicilian Plant Gene Enters British Genetic Language - 22:28

Advanced Lung Cancer Patients See Improved, Progression-free Survival - 22:28

Deep Heat Solution To 500-million Year Fossil Mystery - 22:28

Gulf War Research Panel Finds 1 In 4 Veterans Suffers From Illness Caused By Toxic Exposure - 22:28

Microarray Analysis Improves Prenatal Diagnosis - 22:28

FoxJ1 Helps Cilia Beat A Path To Asymmetry - 22:28

Robots Created That Develop And Display Emotions And Become Attached To Certain People - 22:28

How Is Our Left Brain Is Different From Our Right? - 22:28

Can An Ant Be Employee Of The Month? - 22:28

Pain And Itch Responses Regulated Separately - 22:28

Forests May Play Overlooked Role In Regulating Climate - 22:28

New Diabetes Treatment? New Source Of Insulin-producing Cells Identified - 22:28

Combination Therapies May Be Almost As Effective As Insecticide-treated Bednets In Preventing Malaria In Areas Of Low Transmission - 20:35

Strangulation Of Spiral Galaxies - 20:35

Mechanisms Of Cardiovascular Disease And Cancer Give Clues To New Therapies - 13:21

First Comprehensive Map Of Genes Likely To Be Involved In Bipolar Disorder - 13:21

Tinnitus: Psychological Treatment And Neurostimulation Offer Hope - 13:21

Second Warmest October For Global Temperatures, NOAA Says - 13:21

Preventing Tumor Cells From Refueling: A New Anti-cancer Approach? - 13:21

Quantum Computing Spins Closer - 13:21

Mystery Of Missing Hydrogen: Apparent Absence From Distant Galaxies Puzzles Astronomers - 13:21

Putting A Green Cap On Garbage Dumps - 11:49

Mineral Oil Contamination In Humans: A Health Problem? - 11:49

TV - Not The Only Channel To Early Sex - 11:49

Cosmic Ray 'Hot Spots' Bombarding Earth With Cosmic Rays - 11:49

Centenarians 'Grossly' Underdiagnosed for Depression - 09:49

Smoking, Teens And Their Parents: New Research - 09:49

Two Antidepressants Taken During Pregnancy Linked To Heart Anomalies In Babies - 09:49

Polymers 'battered' With Nanoparticles Could Create Self Healing Paints And Clever Packaging - 09:49

Methods Of Ocean Drilling In Climate Research - 09:49

Health Study In Northern Uganda Calls For Improved Services For Internally Displaced Persons - 09:49

New Type Of Vaccines Deliver Stronger And Faster Immune Response - 09:49

Sunday th 23rd of November 2008

Scientists Discover 21st Century Plague - 23:07

Stomach Ulcer Bug Causes Bad Breath - 23:07

Money Motivates Doctors To Reduce Ethnic Differences In Heart Disease Treatments, UK Study Finds - 17:28