Science Daily

Saturday th 3rd of May 2008

Engineering And Invention On The Half-shell: Learning From Marine Animals - 21:21

Researchers Synthesize Compound To Flush HIV Out Of Hiding And Into Crosshairs - 21:21

Fixing Up 'This Old House' May Increase Exposure To Lead In Young - 07:28

One In Ten Children Using Cough, Cold Medications - 07:28

Free Radical Link Suggested Between Pollution And Asthma - 07:28

US Unemployment Having Impact On Kids' Health-care Coverage, And That Puts Their Health At Risk - 06:21

Uninsured Kids In Middle Class Have Same Unmet Needs As Poor - 06:21

New 'OPAL Therapy' Presents Simple, Cost-effective Method Of Treating HIV Infection - 06:21

Friday th 2nd of May 2008

Japanese Mushroom Leads To Breakthrough In Protein Research - 19:28

Compound That Could Lead To New Blood Pressure Drugs Discovered - 19:28

Supercomputer To Simulate Extreme Stellar Physics - 19:28

High Blood Pressure Still Sneaking Past Doctors, Stanford Study Shows - 18:21

What Can Be Done About Pollution In Ganges River? - 18:21

Genetic Breakthrough Explains Dangerously High Blood Glucose Levels - 18:21

Young Songbirds Babble Before They Learn To Sing - 18:21

Exercise Plus Psychological Counseling May Benefit Depressed Heart Failure Patients - 17:14

New Tests Make Antibiotic Monitoring Easier - 17:14

A New Polymer Product From Soy Oil, Not Petroleum - 16:28

Evidence That Stun Guns May Stimulate The Heart - 15:21

New Idea For How Anti-aging Products Delay Ripening Of Fruit And Wilting Of Flowers - 15:21

E. Coli In Charles River Found To Be High After Long Periods Without Rain: New Model Developed - 13:28

Mothers And Offspring Can Share Cells Throughout Life - 13:28

Gene Variations May Predict Risk Of Breast Cancer In Women - 11:35

Cholera Study Provides Exciting New Way Of Looking At Infectious Disease - 11:35

'Fishery Failure' Declared For West Coast Salmon Fishery - 11:35

Will Global Warming Take A Short Break? Improved Climate Predictions Suggest A Reduced Warming Trend During The Next 10 Years - 11:35

Bacteria Levels In Aircraft Shows Low Risk To Travelers, Study Shows - 11:35

Family History Places Women At Risk Of Pelvic Organ Prolapse - 11:35

Did Dust Storms Make 1930s Dust Bowl Drought Worse? - 11:35

Big Black Holes Cook Flambeed Stellar Pancakes - 11:35

Alzheimer's Disease Risks Gender Specific: Women With Depression, Men With Stroke - 11:35

Atomic Force Microscopy Reveals Liquids Adjust Viscosity When Confined, Shaken - 11:35

Analysis Of Alcoholics' Brains Suggests Treatment Target - 10:28

Heart Failure Patients May Suffer Similarly To Advanced Cancer Patients - 10:28

Education, Simple Measures Keys To Improving Vets' Hypertension Care - 10:28

Solar Images Show Green And Blue Flashes - 10:28

Advertising Linked To Increased Tobacco Use Among India's Youth - 10:28

Cloning Of A Key Group Of Human Genes, The Protein Kinases, Reported - 10:28

Children Affected By Parents' Behavior Following Trauma - 10:28

Advertisements Saying Dairy Products Help You Lose Weight Are Misleading, Study Shows - 10:28

Bringing Down The Language Barrier... Automatically - 10:28

Zebrafish May Help Solve Ringing In War Vets' Ears - 10:28

How Some Bacteria Survive Antibiotics - 10:28

Graphene-based Gadgets May Be Just Years Away - 10:28

World First: Completely Automated Anesthesia System Developed - 10:28

Global Warming Linked To Caribou-calf Mortality - 10:28

Roaring Bats: New Scientific Results Show Bats Emitting More Decibels Than A Rock Concert - 10:28

Bees Disease: One Step Closer To A Cure - 09:21

Environmental Fate Of Nanoparticles Depends On Properties Of Water Carrying Them - 09:21

Plan To Send A Probe To The Sun - 09:21