Science Daily

Thursday th 17th of July 2008

Second National Scorecard On US Health Care System Finds No Overall Improvement - 09:14

New Therapies Revealed For Diabetes-induced Microvascular Disease - 09:14

Decisions Under Pressure: It's All In The Heartbeat - 09:14

New Kind Of MRI Enables Study Of Magnets For Computer Memory - 09:14

Students Who Use 'Clickers' Score Better On Physics Tests - 09:14

Protein Transports Nutrients Believed To Protect Against Eye Disease - 09:14

Great Ape Trust To Provide Home For Entertainment Orangutans - 09:14

Comrades To Consumers: Advertisements In Chinese Media - 09:14

People Predict Budgets Better On Annual Basis - 09:14

Brand Names Subconsciously Afftect People's Shopping Goals - 09:14

Wednesday th 16th of July 2008

Gene Variations In Diverse Patient Populations Determine Who Responds Best To An Antidepressant - 20:28

Mitigating Climate Change By Improving Forest Management In The Tropics - 20:28

Formula Predicts Emergency Admissions In Adults Older Than 40 - 20:28

British Showers Most Wasteful And Inconsiderate In Western Europe, Survey Suggests - 20:28

Gene Signatures For Scleroderma Discovered - 20:28

Men And Women May Need Different Diets - 20:28

Coronary Heart Disease Patients Live Longer, But Not Always Happier, Lives - 20:28

All Terrain Vehicles: Gear Up Before Revving Up ATVs - 20:28

After Ankle Surgery: Mobilize With Care - 20:28

Detecting Coronary Disease Early: Nuclear Stress Test Can Detect More Than Blockages - 20:28

Vitamin A Pushes Breast Cancer To Form Blood Vessel Cells - 20:28

New Approach Sheds Light On Ways Circadian Disruption Affects Human Health - 20:28

Categories Help Us Make Happier Choices - 20:28

First Humans To Settle Americas Came From Europe, Not From Asia Over Bering Strait Land-ice Bridge, New Research Suggests - 20:28

Young Adults With Prehypertension Are More Likely To Have Atherosclerosis Later In Life - 20:28

Further Evidence For Genetic Contribution To Autism - 20:28

New Way To Weigh Giant Black Holes - 20:28

Can You Be Born A Couch Potato? Genetic Influence Found In Active And Sedentary Behavior Of Mice - 20:28

Could Climate Change Impact Costa Rica? New Study Says Yes - 20:28

Genetic Variation Increases HIV Risk In Africans - 20:28

Ancient Mars Had Widespread Water, Potential To Support Life - 14:28

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander To Begin Rasping Frozen Layer - 14:28

Europe's Ancestors: Cro-Magnon 28,000 Years Old Had DNA Like Modern Humans - 11:28

Psychiatric Forensic Patients With Tattoos More Likely To Have Antisocial Personality Disorder - 11:28

Children's Physical Activity Drops From Age 9 To 15, Study Indicates - 11:28

Wasps And Bumble Bees Heat Up, Fly Faster With Protein-rich Food - 11:28

Bone Marrow Transplants: Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against Graft Vs. Host Disease - 11:28

Smoking Cessation Therapies More Effective Than Placebos - 11:28

Dioxin Risk In Sewage-sludge Used On Crops, Plant Tissue Grown On Contaminated Soil - 11:28

'Healthy' Sterols May Pose Health Risk - 11:28

Can Diet Alone Control Type 2 Diabetes? No Evidence Yet - 11:28

Frogs With Disease-resistance Genes May Escape Extinction - 11:28

Cancer Metastasis: Cellular Decisions Predicted With Computer Program - 11:28

Joint Replacement May Improve Osteoarthritis Symptoms In Older Adults - 11:28

Scientists Reduce Alzheimer's-like Plaques In Fly Brain - 11:28

Birds Have A Good Sense Of Smell - 11:28

Brain Morphology Of Homo Liujiang Cranium Fossil Detailed With 3-D CT Scan - 09:14

Organ Transplantation Linked To Cancer Risk: Mechansim Exposed - 08:28

Tuesday th 15th of July 2008

New System Detects Dementia Risk Among Highly Educated Older Adults - 19:21

California Wildfires As Seen From Remotely Piloted Aircraft - 19:21