Science Daily

Tuesday th 30th of September 2008

Novel Process Promises To Kick-start Quantum Technology Sector - 14:35

Run Out Of Pain Killers Again? New System To Provide Detailed Tracking For Pharmaceuticals - 14:35

Like An Arrow: Jumping Insects Use Archery Techniques - 14:35

Pain Is Not A Symptom Of Arthritis, Pain Causes Arthritis, Study Shows - 14:35

Campus Green Spaces Enhance Quality Of Life - 14:35

Endoscopy May Not Be Necessary In Asymptomatic Children After Caustic Ingestion - 14:35

The 'Magnificent Seven' Of European Astroparticle Physics Unveiled To The World - 14:35

Potentially Toxic Substance Found In Chicago Air - 14:35

During Exercise, The Human Brain Shifts Into High Gear On 'Alternative Energy' - 14:08

From Mothballs To Mobilization: Taking The Salt Out Of Sea Water - 14:08

Direct Recording Shows Brain Signal Persists Even In Dreamless Sleep - 14:08

Immigrant Children From Poor Countries Academically Outperform Those From Developed Countries - 10:21

Discovering How Human-caused Sounds Affect Marine Mammals - 10:21

Captain Birdseye's Robotic Nose - 10:21

Young Children Can Develop Full-blown Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - 10:21

When Particles Are So Small That They Seep Right Through Skin - 10:21

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Doesn't Work In Prenatal Care - 10:21

Mass Extinctions And The Evolution Of Dinosaurs - 10:21

Successful Re-entry Marks Bright Future For Europe's Space Station Automated Transfer Vehicle - 10:21

Physician's 'Dashboard' Takes A Measure Of Communication Skills - 09:14

Novel Approaches To Heart Disease And Inflammation - 08:28

An Accurate Picture Of Ice Loss In Greenland - 08:28

The Green Sahara, A Desert In Bloom - 08:28

Nanotechnology And Synthetic Biology: Americans Don't Know What's Coming - 07:21

Monday th 29th of September 2008

Solar Cell Sets World Efficiency Record At 40.8 Percent - 22:21

Meat-eating Dinosaur From Argentina Had Bird-like Breathing System - 22:21

Drinking Alcohol Before 15 Years Of Age Is Risky For Later Alcohol Problems - 21:35

Carbonate-hosted Avalon-type Fossils In Arctic Siberia - 21:35

Age Alone Should Not Be Used To Determine Whether To Treat Prostate Cancer With Hormones, Research Suggests - 21:35

A Robot In Every Home? - 21:35

Microbes 'Run The World': Metagenomics Increasingly Used To Characterize Them - 21:35

Community-based Behavior Change Management Cuts Neonatal Mortality In Half - 21:35

Zeroing In On Wi-Fi 'Dead Zones' To Inexpensively Fill Gaps In Wireless Networks - 21:35

Robotic Surgery Lowers Risk Of A Rare But Serious Complication Of Gastric Bypass, Study Suggests - 21:35

Wetlands Restoration Not A Panacea For Louisiana Coast - 21:35

Parental Warning: Second-hand Smoke May Trigger Nicotine Dependence Symptoms In Kids - 21:35

Financial Risk-taking Behavior Is Associated With Higher Testosterone Levels - 21:35

Evidence For Rain On Mars? - 21:35

Sounds Travel Farther Underwater As World's Oceans Become More Acidic - 21:35

Virtual World Offers New Locale For Problem Solving - 21:35

Smart And Gentle Alarm Clock For Mobile Phones - 21:35

Radiation Device May Customize Therapy, Enable Some To Avoid More Lengthy Treatment - 21:35

TB Bacterium Uses Its Sugar Coat To Sweeten Its Chances Of Living In Lungs - 21:35

Mars Lander Sees Falling Snow On Red Planet, Soil Data Suggest Liquid Past - 21:35

Natural Viagra? 'Horny Goat Weed' Shows Promise - 21:35

Air Quality Regulations Miss Key Pollutants - 21:35

Stalagmites May Predict Next Big One Along The New Madrid Seismic Zone - 21:35

MS Patients Have Higher Spinal Fluid Levels Of Suspicious Immune Molecule - 21:35

Global Warming Fix? Carbon Dioxide Captured Directly From Air With Simple Machine - 21:35

Out Of Iraq Emerges Hope For Those With Severest Of Head Injuries - 10:21