Science Daily

Sunday th 15th of February 2009

Vitamin B12 identified As An Effective Canker Sore Therapy, Study Suggests - 17:14

Locations Of Strain, Slip Identified In Major Earthquake Fault - 16:07

Using Synchrotron X-rays To Tease The Hidden Secrets Of Dinosaurs And Old Documents - 16:07

Genetic 'Hotspot' For Breast Cancer Risk - 16:07

Saturday th 14th of February 2009

Could Nanotechnology Make An Average Donut Into Health Food? - 19:35

Molecules Self-assemble To Provide New Therapeutic Treatments - 19:35

Virtual Games Players Stick Close To Home - 19:35

Mixed Population Provides Insights Into Human Genetic Makeup - 19:35

Biofuels Boom Could Fuel Rainforest Destruction, Researcher Warns - 19:35

White-nose Kills Hundreds Of Bats Near Abandoned Mines In Pennsylvania - 19:35

Plan Offers Guidance For Evaluating Menopause-like Condition In Girls And Young Women - 19:35

‘Wake Up’ To Health Risks Of Heavy Snoring - 19:35

Micro RNA Plays A Key Role In Melanoma Metastasis - 19:35

Researchers Dig Through Millennia In The Valley Of The Kings - 19:35

Ways To Minimize Tinnitus -- Troublesome Noises In The Ears - 19:35

How Deadly Fungus Protects Itself - 19:35

Volcanic Spreading And Lateral Variations In Structure Of Olympus Mons, Mars - 19:35

Tailor-made Recombinant Proteins In Mammals - 19:35

Inuit Trails Represent Complex Social Network Spanning Canadian Arctic - 19:35

Shades Of 1918? Comparing Avian Flu With A Notorious Killer From The Past - 19:35

Better Artificial Nose Inspired By Sniffer-dogs - 19:35

Climate Change Likely To Be More Devastating Than Experts Predicted, Warns Top IPCC Scientist - 17:21

Radioimmunotherapy: Promising Treatment For HIV Infection And Viral Cancers - 17:21

Air Pollution Too High Near Some US Schools - 11:21

Cupid's Arrow May Cause More Than Just Sparks To Fly This Valentine's Day - 11:21

New Data Suggest 'Jumping Genes' Play A Significant Role In Gene Regulatory Networks - 09:23

Vitamin E May Decrease Mortality Of Elderly Male Smokers, Yet Increase Mortality Of Middle-aged Smokers - 09:21

Targeted Immune Cells Shrink Tumors In Mice - 02:29

Camouflaging Of Viral DNA Could Be Crucial Step In Progression Of Cancers - 02:29

Ongoing Statin Therapy Associated With Lower Risk Of Death - 02:29

New Genomic Test Can Personalize Breast Cancer Treatment - 02:29

Tracking The Digital Traces Of Social Networks - 02:28

New Surgical Technique Shows Promise For Improving Function Of Artificial Arms - 02:28

Vigorous Exercise May Help Prevent Vision Loss - 02:28

Talking And Treating Erectile Dysfunction - 01:42

Education And Money Attract A Mate; Chastity Sinks In Importance - 01:42

Public Funding For Specialty Crops Inadequate, Research Suggests - 01:42

New Cancer Research Tool: Tool Analyzes Function Of Crucial Set Of Proteins In Animals - 01:42

Friday th 13th of February 2009

Bar Workers Who Smoke Also Benefit From Smoking Ban, Study Finds - 18:35

Violent Computer Games Have Role In Fire Safety - 18:35

Neural Mapping Paints Haphazard Picture Of Odor Receptors - 18:35

Second-hand Smoke May Cause Dementia - 18:35

Psychoactive Compound Activates Mysterious Receptor - 18:35

Seeing The Forest And The Trees Helps Cut Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide - 18:35

Have Migraine? Bigger Waistline May Be Linked - 18:35

Alzheimer's Prevention? New Method To Stimulate Immune System May Be Effective At Reducing Amyloid Burden In Alzheimer’s - 18:35

Startling Numbers Of Active-military Personnel Engaging In Frequent Binge Drinking - 18:35

Mass Media Often Failing In Its Coverage Of Global Warming, Says Climate Researcher - 18:35

Few Women Follow Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines Before Pregnancy - 18:35

Anti-HIV Gel Shows Promise In Large-scale Study In Women - 18:35