Science Daily

Thursday th 18th of September 2008

More Than Skin Deep: There's No Such Thing As A 'Safe' Suntan, Researchers Warn - 08:35

Blissfully Ignorant: Skip Those Pesky Details - 07:50

New Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Could Jump-start Hybrid Electric Car Efficiency - 07:50

MRI Reveals Inner Ear Anomalies In Children With Hearing Loss - 07:50

NASA Selects 'MAVEN' Mission To Study Mars Atmosphere - 07:50

Sun-damaged Skin Does Not Improve With Estrogen Treatments, Study Finds - 07:50

Higher Urinary Levels Of Commonly Used Plastic Compound, BPA, Linked To Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes - 07:49

Don't Throw The Candy Out: Temptation Leads To Moderation - 07:49

Water Purification Down The Nanotubes: Could Nanotechnology Solve The Water Crisis? - 07:49

More Findings On Gene Involved In Childhood Asthma - 07:49

Potential New Drug For Cocaine Addiction And Overdose - 07:49

Brain Protein Linked To Alzheimer's Disease - 07:49

Photosynthesizing Bacteria With A Day-night Cycle Contain Rare Chromosome - 07:49

Massage Therapy May Have Immediate Positive Effect On Pain And Mood For Advanced Cancer Patients - 07:49

Biological Selenium Removal: Solution To Pollution? - 07:49

Role For Gefitinib In Asian Nonsmokers With Lung Cancer Established - 07:49

Drinking Chamomile Tea May Help Fight Complications Of Diabetes - 07:49

Genetic Mutation That May Predict Organ Rejection Identified - 07:49

Immigrant Sun: Our Star Could Be Far From Where It Started In Milky Way - 07:49

Neighbors From Hell: Infanticide Rife In Guillemot Colony - 07:49

Consumers Think Differently About Close And Distant Purchases - 07:49

Bovine Colostrum And Fermented Cabbage Can Help Restrict Infections - 07:49

Acting Surgeon General Issues 'Call To Action To Prevent DVT And Pulmonary Embolism' - 07:49

Moderate Quantities Of Dirt Make More Rain - 07:49

Key Protein Molecule Linked To Diverse Human Chronic Inflammatory Diseases - 07:49

New Clues To Oxygen At The Origin Of The Solar System - 07:49

New Insights Into Teenagers And Anxiety Disorders - 07:49

New Mechanism To Produce Energy From Biomass - 07:49

Protective Pathway In Stressed Cells Not So Helpful When It Comes To Prions - 07:49

Low-emission, High-performance Engine For Future Hybrids - 07:49

Genetic Profile Reveals Susceptibility To Cleft Palate - 07:49

Watch And Learn: Time Teaches Us How To Recognize Visual Objects - 07:49

Seize The Day! New Research Helps Tightwads 'Live A Little' - 07:49

Extremely Detailed Images From Inside The Body Possible With New Technology - 07:49

Later Treatment Of Acute Stroke Suggested By New Study - 07:49

Innovative Hydrogen-powered Car Created - 07:49

Genetic Variant Increases Risk Of Developing Malignant Melanoma - 07:49

Whale Songs Are Heard For First Time Around New York City Waters - 07:49

Mice Missing 'Fear' Gene Slow To Protect Offspring - 07:49

3-D Computer Processor: 'Rochester Cube' Points Way To More Powerful Chip Designs - 07:49

Earth Structure: Lowermost Mantle Has Materials With Unexpected Properties - 07:49

Embryonic Stem Cells Might Help Reduce Transplantation Rejection - 07:49

Why Some Primates, But Not Humans, Can Live With Immunodeficiency Viruses And Not Progress To AIDS - 07:49

New Music Software Can Create Accompaniment To Any Melody, In Style Of Any Artist - 07:49

Oil Palm Plantations Are No Substitute For Tropical Rainforests, New Study Shows - 07:49

Is Re-emerging Superbug The Next MRSA? - 07:49

Fantastic Photographs Of Fluorescent Fish - 07:49

Gene Therapy For Chronic Pain Gets First Test In People - 07:49

Breakthrough In Energy Storage: New Carbon Material Shows Promise Of Storing Large Quantities Of Renewable Electrical Energy - 07:49

Wednesday th 17th of September 2008

Parents Of Dying Newborns Need Clearer Explanation Of Options - 20:35