Science Daily

Friday th 20th of February 2009

Life Forms May Have Evolved In Ancient Hot Springs On Mars - 23:28

Educational Video Games Effective In Classroom If Certain Criteria Are Met - 17:49

Model Of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Against HIV Forecasts Benefits, Potential Cost-effectiveness - 17:49

Most Road Salt Is Making It Into Lakes And Rivers - 17:49

'Cyber Soccer Players' Cloned - 14:28

Adaptive Lights Can Monitor What Room Occupants Are Doing And Set Lighting Accordingly - 14:28

High-flux Hemodialysis Prolongs Survival In Many Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease - 13:42

Paradigm Shift In MRI Detection Results In Broad Images, Crystal Clear - 13:42

Algal Toxin From Mussels Synthesized - 13:42

Most Wars Occur In Earth's Richest Biological Regions - 12:35

Life-saving Trend Discovered Among Seagulls - 12:35

How Fat or Fit Were Dinosaurs? Scientists Use Laser Imaging - 12:35

If Something Is Difficult, Most People Believe It Must Be Important To Achieving Goals - 11:28

How We Think Before We Speak: Making Sense Of Sentences - 11:28

Computerized Mobile Health Support Systems - 11:28

Forget The Freezer: Novel Way To Control Water Behavior Using Nanometer-sized spaces - 11:28

Female Genital Mutilation Among Israel's Negev Bedouins Has Virtually Disappeared, Study Suggests - 10:42

Food Costs Soar But Healthy Eating Still Affordable, Australian Study Shows - 09:29

Scientists Study Genes To Improve Warfarin Treatment - 09:29

Mating That Causes Injuries - 09:29

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Should Remain “Standard Of Care” For Patients With Complex Coronary Artery Disease, Concludes SYNTAX Study - 09:29

IPoint 3D: Using Your Fingers As A Remote Control - 09:29

Violent Media Numb Viewers To The Pain Of Others - 09:29

How Complex Movements Of Enzymes Make Fat - 09:29

Can Breastfeeding Reduce Multiple Sclerosis Relapses? - 09:29

Stroke: Innovative Team Approach Brings Man Back From The Dead Twice - 09:29

Revolutionary New Model For Alzheimer's Disease - 09:29

Number Of Fast-food Restaurants In Neighborhood Associated With Stroke Risk - 09:29

Unusual Electronic Properties In Bismuth-based Crystalline Material May Lead To Better Computer Chips And Solar Cells - 09:29

Gaza Strip Families Give First Clue To Condition Causing Blindness And Tooth Decay - 09:29

Bacteria In Urinary Tract Infections Caught Making Burglar's Tools - 09:29

Clot-buster Boosts Survival, Decreases Disability For Deadly Subset Of Stroke - 09:29

Japanese Corals Change Sexes On Sea Floor - 09:28

Atomic Nucleus With Halo: Scientists Measure Size Of One-Neutron Halo With Lasers For First Time - 08:21

Comet Lulin: Scientists Probe Green Comet - 08:21

Thursday th 19th of February 2009

Young Adult Stroke Patients May Be Misdiagnosed In ER - 21:35

Detecting Disease In Greenhouse Plants - 21:35

Protein Domain Linked To Tumor Progression Isolated - 21:35

New Imaging Technique Reveals Atomic Structure Of Nanocrystals - 21:35

Having A Parent With Dementia May Affect Memory In Midlife - 21:35

Hidden Phosphorus Food Additives Dangerous To Kidney Disease Patients - 21:35

Key Cellular Factor That Regulates Length Of Actin Filaments Identified - 21:35

Roles Of DNA Packaging Protein Revealed - 21:35

Meningitis Bacteria Dress Up As Human Cells To Evade Our Immune System - 21:35

Oil In Ocean Shows Up On NASA Images: Half Of The Oil In The Ocean Bubbles Up Naturally From Seafloor - 21:35

Collective Religious Rituals, Not Religious Devotion, Spur Support For Suicide Attacks - 21:35

Two-step Chemical Process Turns Raw Biomass Into Biofuel - 21:35

Dendritic Cells As New Player In Arteries And Heart Valves - 21:35

High-fat Diets Inflame Fat Tissue Around Blood Vessels, Contribute To Heart Disease - 21:35

Coastal Wetlands In Eastern U.S. Disappearing - 21:35