Science Daily

Friday th 27th of March 2009

New Protein Important In Breast Cancer Gene's Role In DNA Repair Identified - 19:16

Smokers May Have Increased Risk Of Pancreatitis - 19:16

Visual Learners Convert Words To Pictures In The Brain And Vice Versa, Says Psychology Study - 19:15

Underground Subatomic-particle Measurements Yield Meteorological Clues - 19:14

Drinking Very Hot Tea Can Increase The Risk Of Throat Cancer - 19:14

Sexual Reproduction: Birds Do It, Bees Do It; Termites Don't, Necessarily - 19:14

Proteins By Design: Biochemists Create New Protein From Scratch - 08:33

Public Transit Users Three Times More Likely To Meet Fitness Guidelines - 08:33

Hormone-mimics In Plastic Water Bottles Act As Functional Estrogens - 08:33

Road Map For Elimination Of Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infections - 08:32

Molecular Fingerprints Point The Way To Earlier Cancer Diagnosis And More Targeted Treatment - 08:32

Nanoparticles In Cosmetics, Personal Care Products May Have Adverse Environmental Effects - 08:32

Retired National Football League Linemen Have High Incidence Of Sleep Apnea - 08:32

New Technique Used To Profile Anthrax Genome - 08:31

3-D Snapshots Of Eyes Reveal Details Of Age-related Blindness - 08:31

Carbonated Oceans - 08:30

Alarming New Data Shows TB-HIV Co-infection A Bigger Threat - 08:30

Face Recognition: The Eyes Have It - 08:29

Good Dog/Bad Dog: Geriatrician Notes Dangers Of Pet-Related Falls - 08:29

What's Driving Specific Patterns Of Gene Expression Among Cell Types? - 08:28

Biopsy Of Recurrent Breast Cancer Can Alter Treatment - 08:28

Recipe For Dog Bite Injuries: Kids, Dogs And Warm Weather - 08:28

Quails Get Super Fit By Simply Eating Omega-3 Diet - 07:21

Crabs Not Only Suffer Pain, But Retain Memory Of It - 07:21

Difference In Fat Storage May Explain Lower Rate Of Liver Disease In African-Americans - 07:21

Awareness Of Darwin Not Evolving - 07:21

Thursday th 26th of March 2009

Inadequate Vitamin D Levels Linked To High Use Of Narcotic Medication By Patients In Chronic Pain - 21:35

Drug Used To Treat Skin Conditions Is A Marine Pollutant - 21:35

South Asians With Diabetes More Likely To Lose Their Eyesight Earlier Than White Europeans - 21:35

North West Tidal Barrages Could Provide 5% Of UK's Electricity - 21:35

Surgery Safe For Babies And Toddlers Suffering From Seizures, Study Suggests - 21:35

Hair Structures Of Blind Cavefish Inspire New Generation Of Sensors - 21:35

Inconsistent Performance Speed Among Children With ADHD May Underlie How Well They Use Memory - 21:35

Zinc Oxide Gives Green Shine To New Photoconductors - 21:35

Ovarian Cancers Detected Early May Be Less Aggressive, Questioning Effectiveness Of Screening - 21:35

New Wheat Disease Could Spread Faster Than Expected - 21:35

New Measurement Standard For Vitamin D May Lead To Better Bone Health - 21:35

A Venomous Tale: How Lizards Can Shed Their Tail When Predators Attack - 21:35

Neuronal Cause Of 'Money Illusion': Inflation Felt To Be Not So Bad As A Wage Cut - 21:35

High-speed Signal Mixer Demonstrates Capabilities Of Transistor Laser - 21:35

Eating Soy Early In Life May Reduce Breast Cancer Among Asian Women - 21:35

Gorilla Gets MRI At Bronx Zoo - 21:35

Imaging Technique May Trace Development Of Parkinson's Disease - 21:35

Why Animals Migrate: New Understandings - 21:35

Financial Advice Causes 'Off-loading' In The Brain - 21:35

Dewdrop-sized Motes Serve As Invisible Security Guards - 21:35

Anti-microbial Catheter To Cut Infection Risk For Dialysis Patients - 21:35

New Listening Device Should Help Find Trapped Miners - 21:35

Bioengineered Proteins: Trial Confirms New Way To Tackle Cancer - 21:35

Why Certain Fishes Went Extinct 65 Million Years Ago - 21:35