Science Daily

Wednesday th 2nd of September 2009

Diesel Exhaust Is Linked To Cancer Development Via New Blood Vessel Growth - 11:14

A Breath Of Fresh Air Could Improve Drug Toxicity Screening - 10:28

Tuesday th 1st of September 2009

Time To Lift The Geoengineering Taboo, Experts Urge - 20:14

National Guideline Released For The Treatment Of Hoarseness - 20:14

Cardiac Surgeons Implant World's First New DeBakey Heart Assist Device - 20:14

Finding The ZIP-code For Gene Therapy: Scientists Imitate Viruses To Deliver Therapeutic Genes - 20:14

Precise Radio-Telescope Measurements Advance Frontier Of Gravitational Physics - 20:14

Parents Play Key Role In Whether Teen Tobacco Use Becomes A Daily Habit - 20:14

Towards Healthier Communication: Social Networking Tools To Enhance Personal And Social Wellbeing - 20:14

Fine-tuning An Anti-cancer Drug - 20:14

Protein–telomere Interactions Could Be Key In Treating Cancer - 20:14

Cradle And Birthday Of The Dog Identified: East Asia 16,000 years ago - 20:14

People Who Don't Own A Car And Live Near Fast Food At Greater Risk For Obesity - 20:14

NASA's Orion Spacecraft Passes Significant Design Milestone - 20:14

From Fat To Chronic Inflammation - 20:14

Why Don't Brain Tumors Respond To Medication? - 20:14

Discovery Of Novel Genes Could Unlock Mystery Of What Makes Us Uniquely Human - 20:14

Cheap Drinks At College Bars Can Escalate Drinking Among College Students - 20:14

Child's Play May Revolutionize Video Gaming, Police Work - 20:14

Weight Gain In Adulthood Associated With Prostate Cancer Risk; Patterns Differ By Ethnicity - 20:14

A Lost Picasso? Alloy Composition Profiles Could Help Identify, Date And Authenticate Bronzes - 20:14

Gene Contributes To Two Different, Common Neurological Movement Disorders - 20:14

Giant Galaxy Hosts Most Distant Supermassive Black Hole - 20:14

High School Put-downs Make It Hard For Students To Learn, Study Says - 20:14

New iPhone App 'Outbreaks Near Me' Locates H1N1 (Swine Flu), Infectious Diseases - 20:14

Biotransformed Blueberry Juice Fights Fat And Diabetes - 20:14

Mice Living In Sandy Hills Quickly Evolved Lighter Coloration - 20:14

Dynamic Changes In DNA Linked To Human Diabetes - 20:14

Monkeys Get A Groove On, But Only To Monkey Music - 20:14

Daylight-saving Time Leads To Less Sleep, More Injuries On The Job, Study Finds - 11:21

New Hope For Deadly Childhood Bone Cancer: Surprising Discovery Made By Studying 'Junk DNA' - 11:21

Anti-wrinkling Treatments? Gene Mutation Responsible For Premature Skin Aging Disease Identified - 11:21

Milk Drinking Started Around 7,500 Years Ago In Central Europe - 11:21

Planned Home Birth With Registered Midwife As Safe As Hospital Birth, Canadian Study Finds - 11:21

Underwater Expedition Delivers Key Findings In Search For Evidence Of Early Americans - 11:21

Study Reveals How A Common Virus Eludes The Immune System - 11:21

Children With Autism Use Alternative Keyboard To Communicate With Their Families And Their World - 11:21

How Much Omega-3 Fatty Acid Do We Need To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease? - 11:21

Stop Emitting Carbon Dioxide, Or Geoengineering Could Be Only Hope For Earth's Climate, Experts Warn - 10:35

H1N1 Pandemic Virus Does Not Mutate Into 'Superbug' In Lab Study - 09:28

Impact Of Positive Parenting Can Last For Generations - 09:28

Bioavailable Contaminants Come From Exxon Valdez Oil Catastrophe; Natural Coal Deposits Not Source Of Environmental Pollution, Study Finds - 09:28

Hopes For Tailor-made Multiple Sclerosis Treatment With Mitoxantrone - 09:28

New Hope For Heart Failure Patients: Cardiac Resynchronization - 09:28

Can Psychosocial Stress At Work Increase Risk Of Developing Rheumatoid Arthritis? - 09:28

Excessive Radiological Imaging Explained - 09:28

New Genetic Culprit In Deadly Skin Cancer Revealed - 09:28

Weight-loss Surgery Can Break A Family's Cycle Of Obesity - 09:28

Signs Of Ideal Surfing Conditions Spotted In Ocean Of Solar Wind - 09:28

Workplace Bullying Is Associated With Sleep Disturbances - 09:28