Science Daily

Monday th 16th of June 2008

Drink And Drugs Fuel Scottish Suicide And Homicide Rates, Report Suggests - 07:21

Sunday th 15th of June 2008

Electrical Conductivity Stopped Cold By A Hint Of Disorder - 22:42

Essential Dental Treatment Safe For Pregnant Women, Says New Study - 22:42

Durable, Inexpensive, Bamboo Houses Can Be Assembled Quickly For Earthquake Victims - 22:42

New Insights Into How Genes Are Governed And Why They Sometimes Go Wrong - 22:42

High Impulsivity Predicts The Switch To Compulsive Cocaine-taking - 22:42

Prevalence Of Pre-cancerous Masses In The Colon Same In Patients In Their 40s And 50s - 22:42

Some Patients May Not Need Insulin For Long-term Control Of Type 2 Diabetes, Study Suggests - 22:42

Sea's Ebb And Flow Drive World's Big Extinction Events, Study Suggests - 22:42

Radical Reform Is Needed To Stop The 'Inhumane' Practice Of Transplant Tourism, Experts Urge - 22:42

Anti-estrogen Drug Therapy Reduces Risk Of Invasive Breast Cancer In Older Women - 22:42

Using Brainwaves To Chat And Stroll Through Second Life: World's First - 22:42

Drug Commonly Used For Alcoholism Curbs Urges Of Pathological Gamblers - 22:42

Scenes Of Nature Trump Technology In Reducing Low-level Stress - 22:42

Radiation Testing: Northwestern Transistors On Space Station - 22:42

Low Melatonin Associated with Increased Risk of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women - 22:42

Uncovering The Truth Behind The Largest Marsupial To Walk The Earth - 22:42

Wisdom Comes With Age, At Least When It Comes To Emotions - 22:42

Leicestershire Burial Mounds Reveal Ancestral Insights - 22:42

Allergies: Specific Immunotherapy Works For Many People, Research Suggests - 22:42

Video Game Technology May Help Surgeons Operate On Beating Hearts - 22:42

Estrogen Therapy Helps Or Hurts The Brain Depending On Reproductive Status, Animal Study Suggests - 22:42

Hunger Hormone Increases During Stress, May Have Antidepressant Effect - 22:42

Saturday th 14th of June 2008

How Montezuma Gets His Revenge - 17:07

Novel Mouse Model Of Osteosarcoma Developed - 17:07

NASA Tests Lunar Robots And Spacesuits On Earthen Moonscape - 17:07

Fat Mass And Obesity-associated Genes Increase Risk Of Disease In Mexican-Americans - 17:07

Breakthrough In Understanding Tumor Immune Therapy: Induction Of Tumor Dormancy Instead Of Killing - 17:07

Salmonella: Trickier Than We Imagined - 17:07

Plastics Containing ‘Smart Elements’ Can Reliably Detect Mercury In Drinking Water, Study Suggests - 17:07

People Who Can't Carry A Tune Either Don't Know Or Don't Care, Study Shows - 17:07

Untangled Quantum Quirk Is Significant Step Toward Quantum Computing - 17:07

Mutation Related To ADHD Drug Metabolism Discovered - 17:07

Taking A Cue From Breath Fresheners, Researcher Develops New Method For Taste Testing - 17:07

Engineer Develops Detergent To Promote Peripheral Nerve Healing - 17:07

Australian Dinosaur Found To Have South American Heritage - 17:07

Next-generation Spacesuit: NASA Awards Contract For Constellation Spacesuit For The Moon - 10:21

Risk-of-death Charts By Age And Gender Updated - 09:14

'Addicted' Cells Provide Early Cancer Diagnosis - 09:14

What Makes An Old Geyser Faithful? - 08:28

Students Make Hybrid Racing Car, Free-kicking Robot - 08:28

Phoenix Mars Lander Inspects Delivered Soil Samples - 01:21

Virginity Pledges May Help Postpone Intercourse Among Youth - 00:35

Global Limits Of Biomass Energy - 00:35

Combining Radiation And Surgery Significantly Improves Survival For Head And Neck Cancer Patients - 00:35

U.S. Farmers Who Plant -- Or Replant -- After June 20 May See Yields Drop By Half - 00:35

Ancient Antibody Molecule Offers Clues To How Humans Evolved Allergies - 00:35

How The Brain Separates Audio Signals From Noise - 00:35

'Green Chemistry' Used To Produce Amines, Chemical Compounds Used Widely In Industry - 00:35

Monumental Debt-for-Nature Swap Provides $20 Million To Protect Biodiversity In Madagascar - 00:35