Science Daily

Wednesday th 27th of August 2008

High Levels Of Uric Acid May Be Associated With High Blood Pressure - 15:07

Potential New Targets For Antidepressant Medications - 10:35

Chronic Stress Alters Our Genetic Immune Response - 10:35

Genetic Predisposition May Play A Role In Anxiety Disorders - 10:35

Fingerprint Breakthrough Hope In US Double Murder Probe - 10:35

Pregnancy Situations Have Impact On Brain Development In Pre-term Infants - 10:35

New Evidence On Addiction To Medicines: Diazepam Has Effect On Nerve Cells In The Brain Reward System - 10:35

Clash Of Clusters Provides New Dark Matter Clue - 10:35

Tuesday th 26th of August 2008

Men Defy Stereotypes In Defining Masculinity - 21:28

Bone Parts Don't Add Up To Conclusion Of Hobbit-like Palauan Dwarfs - 21:28

Health Journalists Face Translation Challenge, Researchers Find - 17:21

How Does Bluetongue Virus Survive Through The Winter? - 17:21

New Findings Explain Genetic Disorder's Unique Shift; Father's Role As Resource Provider Influential In Prader-Willi Syndrome - 17:21

Exploring The Function Of Sleep - 17:21

Action Research Helps People Make Positive Changes - 17:21

Newer Cardiac Imaging Machines Effective In Detecting Coronary Artery Stenosis - 17:21

Scientists Tie Chickpea Disease To Fungal Culprit - 17:21

DNA Barcoding In Danger Of 'Ringing Up' Wrong Species - 17:21

How Diet, Antioxidants Prevent Blindness In Aging Population - 17:21

Fearsome-Smelling Gas Could Have Beneficial Uses In Medicine - 17:21

Hot And Cold: Circulation Of Atmosphere Affected Mediterranean Climate During Last Ice Age - 17:21

Trauma, PTSD Followed By Reduction In Region Of The Brain Involved With Memory - 17:21

Earthquake Zone Off Oregon Coast Surprisingly Active - 17:21

Fishing Technology Letting Turtles Off The Hook - 17:21

New Oral Vaccine May Protect Against Bubonic Plague - 17:21

Is Extinction Or Diversity On The Rise? Study Of Islands Reveals Surprising Results - 17:21

New Space Telescope Reveals Entire Gamma-ray Sky - 16:14

How Much Risk Can You Handle? Making Better Investment Decisions - 16:14

Oral Administration Of Lactobacillus From Breast Milk May Treat Common Infection In Lactating Mothers - 16:14

More Strawberries, More Antioxidant Absorption - 16:14

Brain Cells 'Supercharged' To Attack Plaques That Cause Alzheimer’s Disease - 16:14

NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity Climbing Out Of Victoria Crater - 15:28

Java Gives Caffeine-naive A Boost, Too - 14:21

Early Trigger For Type-1 Diabetes Found In Mice - 14:21

Trouble Quitting?: A New Smoking Study May Reveal Why - 14:21

Secret Of Newborn's First Words Revealed - 14:21

Ecological Society Of America Criticizes Administration's Overhaul Of The Endangered Species Act - 14:21

Researching Impact Of Global Warming On Corals - 13:14

Cancer Breath? New Tool Aims To Detect Cancer Early In Exhaled Air - 13:14

Uninsured Patients Receive Unpredictable, Rationed Access To Health Care - 13:14

Stick With Simple Antibiotics For Pneumonia To Avoid Super Bugs, Says Researcher - 13:14

Why Do Eyelids Sag With Age? Mystery Is Solved - 13:14

Large Hadron Collider: Final Synchronization Test A Success - 12:28

Heart Attack Prevention: Potential New Use For Viagra? - 12:28

Racing Cane Toads Reveals They Get Cold Feet On Southern Australia Invasion - 11:21

Catalyst For Water Oxidation Adopted From Plants: A Means For Energy-efficient Production Of Hydrogen? - 10:35

Bones Get Mended With High Tech Glass-of-milk - 10:35

Cell Removal Technique Could Lead To Cheaper Drugs - 09:28

PDE5 Inhibitor More Effective When Used On-demand In Erectile Dysfunction, Study Shows - 08:21

Satisfaction And Regret After Radical Prostatectomy Procedures Studied - 08:21