Science Daily

Thursday th 30th of October 2008

Dams Don't Make A Difference: Similar Survival Rates For Pacific Salmon In Fraser And Columbia Rivers - 11:28

Eating Red Meat Sets Up Target For Disease-causing Bacteria, Study Finds - 11:28

Office Workers Given Blue Light To Help Alertness - 11:28

Probing Antarctic Glaciers For Clues To Past And Future Sea Level - 11:28

Open-heart Surgery Should Remain Viable Treatment Option For People In Their 80s, According To Experts - 11:28

Amateur Sports Can Lead to Unexpected Health Problems Later in Life - 11:28

Stem Cell Therapies For Heart Disease - 10:21

Professors Call For Regulation Of Electronic Health Records - 10:21

Dominance In Presidential Debates: Barack Obama's 'Rope-a-dope' Style - 10:21

Hubble Scores A Perfect 10: Arp 147 Galaxy in Full View - 10:21

Our Cheatin' Brain: The Brain's Clever Way Of Showing Us The World As A Whole - 10:21

Powered By Olive Stones? Turning Waste Stones Into Fuel - 10:21

Aggressive Phototherapy Can Improve Neurodevelopmental Outcomes In Some Preemies - 10:21

Significant Fossil Discovery In Utah Shows Land Plants Of 200 Million Years Ago - 10:21

Searching For Primordial Antimatter - 10:21

More Hidden Territory On Mercury Revealed By MESSENGER Spacecraft - 09:35

Nationalizing Banks Will Not Restore Health To The Banking Sector, Economist Warns - 08:28

Daylight Savings Time: Clock-shifts Affect Risk Of Heart Attack - 08:28

Once Improbable James Bond Villains Now Close To Real Thing, Spy Researcher Says - 08:28

Severe Gestational Hypertension May Protect Sons Against Testicular Cancer - 08:28

Cancer Drug Resistance: 'New' Estrogen Receptor Found To Be Key Player In Tamoxifen Resistance - 08:28

Prostate Cancer Prevention: No Benefit For Use Of Selenium And Vitamin E Supplements, Study Shows - 08:28

New Tumor Inhibitor For Treatment Of Hereditary Breast Cancer Shows Promising Results In Mouse Model - 07:21

Marriage Dowry As Major Cause Of Poverty In Bangladesh - 07:21

Wednesday th 29th of October 2008

Facing Fears Early May Reduce Childhood Anxiety - 23:28

Methylmercury Warning - 23:28

Predicting Boom And Bust Ecologies - 23:28

Racial And Ethnic Disparities Detected In Patient Experiences - 22:21

Computer Scientists Seek New Framework For Computation - 22:21

MRSA Screening Downplayed As Effective Infection Control Intervention - 22:21

Progress Toward New Storage Media: Reliable Nanopatterns On Chips - 22:21

New Hormone Data Can Predict Menopause Within A Year - 22:21

Strengthen Restrictions On Off-label Promotion By Pharmaceutical Companies, Researchers Urge - 22:21

New Supercomputer Can Do 50 Trillion Operations Per Second - 22:21

HIV-infected Patients Should Start HAART Sooner, Study Suggests - 22:21

Hurdles For Muscular Dystrophy Therapy Cleared - 22:21

The Real Robinson Crusoe – Evidence Of Alexander Selkirk’s Desert Island Campsite - 22:21

Abducted Children: Conventional Photos Alone Don't Aid The Search - 22:21

Pervasive Network Discovered Driving Protein Production And Placement In Cells - 22:21

Improved Rodent Trials Can Speed Cancer Drug Development, Expert Suggests - 22:21

Catching Earthquake Details With Ordinary Laptop Computers - 22:21

New Chemical Key Could Unlock Hundreds Of New Antibiotics - 22:21

Programmable Genetic Clock Made Of Blinking Florescent Proteins Inside Bacteria Cells - 22:21

Vaginal/Caesarean Combo Delivery Of Twins Safe, Study Suggests - 22:21

New Gene Responsible For Puberty Disorders Identified - 22:21

New Drug Target In Obesity: Fat Cells Make Lots Of Melanin - 22:21

Methane Gas Levels Begin To Increase Again - 22:21

Gender Affects Perceptions Of Infidelity - 22:21

Cholesterol-lowering Drugs May Also Lower PSA, But Whether They Cut Cancer Risk Is Still Not Known - 22:21

World's Smallest Hand-held Instrument For Detecting Health And Safety Threats - 22:21