Science Daily

Thursday th 19th of February 2009

Orbiting Carbon Observatory Aims To Boost Carbon Management Options - 21:35

Chewing Gum Helps Treat Hyperphosphatemia In Kidney Disease Patients - 21:35

Shark Attacks Decline Worldwide In Midst Of Economic Recession - 21:35

Soybean Product Fights Abnormal Protein Involved In Alzheimer’s Disease - 21:35

Fruit Flies Sick From Mating - 21:35

Will Online Shopping Look Something Like Second Life In The Future? - 21:35

Water Vapor Feedback Loop Will Cause Accelerated Global Warming, Professor Warns - 21:35

Genetics Research Sheds Light On Evolution Of The Human Diet - 21:35

Indoor Plants Can Reduce Formaldehyde Levels - 21:35

Injections Of Licorice Ingredient Show Promise As Treatment For Cocaine Addiction - 21:35

NASA's Kepler Mission To Seek Other Earths - 21:35

'Badly Fragmented' Forensic Science System Needs Overhaul - 09:29

Cheaper Materials Could Be Key To Low-cost Solar Cells - 09:29

Inhibiting Proteins May Prevent Cartilage Breakdown In Arthritis Patients - 09:29

Mars Spirit Rover Gets Energy Boost From Cleaner Solar Panels - 09:29

Estrogen Found To Increase Growth Of The Most Common Childhood Brain Tumor - 09:29

Huge Pressures Melt Diamonds On Planet Neptune - 09:29

Recreational Genomics: Will That Be A Paternity Or Cancer Test Today? - 09:29

Robotic Therapy May Reduce Stroke Physical Disability Years Later - 09:29

Human Papillomavirus Lesion Identified At The Dentist - 09:29

NASA Spacecraft Falling For Mars - 09:29

Blocking Protein Leads To Fewer, Smaller Skin Cancer Tumors - 09:28

Planet Earth: Avoiding The Hothouse And The Icehouse Of The Future - 09:28

Reading: Yours, Mine, Ours: When You And I Share Perspectives - 09:28

Download, Install And Drive – The Future Of Automotive Software - 09:28

Systolic And Diastolic Blood Pressures Together More Useful For Predicting Cardiovascular Risk - 09:28

NASA Study Predicted Outbreak Of Deadly Virus - 09:28

Weight Loss Improves Fatty Liver Disease, Researchers Find - 09:28

Rapid Burst Of Flowering Plants Set Stage For Other Species - 09:28

Wednesday th 18th of February 2009

Accelerating Urbanization Presents Daunting Engineering Challenge - 21:21

Towards A New Generation Of Materials - 21:21

Study Examines Effects Of Exercise On Quality Of Life In Postmenopausal Women - 21:21

Bus Left You Waiting In The Cold? Use Your Cell Phone To Track It Down - 21:21

Unique Details Of Double Star In Orion Nebula And Star T Leporis Captured By 'Virtual' Telescope - 21:21

'Suicide By Cop' Phenomenon Occurring In Over A Third Of North American Shootings Involving Police - 21:21

Including Native Perennials In Biofuel Crops Could Keep Watersheds Healthy - 21:21

Immunosuppressant Medication May Be Cost-effective For Dry Eye Syndrome - 21:21

Diverse 'Connectomes' Hint At Genes' Limits In Nervous System - 21:21

Autism: Fluoxetine Not Effective In Reducing Repetitive Behaviors, Study Shows - 21:21

One-fifth Of Fossil-fuel Emissions Absorbed By Threatened Forests - 21:21

I Totally Empathize With You ... Sometimes: Effects Of Empathy On Ethnic Group Interactions - 21:21

Self-regulating Molecular 'Transformers' Control Intracellular Protein Delivery - 21:21

Novel Economical Blood Test For Hepatitis C - 21:21

Potential Health Risks Associated With Stressed Foodstuffs Such As Foie Gras - 21:21

New Genomic Markers Associated With Risk Of Heart Disease And Early Heart Attack - 21:21

New Recipe For Dwarf Galaxies: Start With Leftover Gas - 21:21

The Liberating Effects Of Losing Control - 21:21

New 'Light' On Fascinating Rhythms Of Circadian Clock - 21:21

Plants Take A Hike As Temperatures Rise - 21:21

Could Genetics Improve Warfarin Dosing? New Research Says Yes -- Now For The Clinical Trial - 21:21