Science Daily

Sunday th 19th of April 2009

Addition Of Dasatinib To Standard Chemo Cocktail May Enhance Effect In Certain Ovarian Cancers - 13:21

Clouds: Lighter Than Air But Laden With Lead - 13:21

Learning Disabilities In Males: Nine New X Chromosome Genes Linked To Learning Disabilities - 13:21

Fish Oil Protects Against Diseases Like Parkinson's - 13:21

New Imaging Analysis Predicts Brain Tumor Survival - 13:21

Herbal Extract Inhibits Development Of Pancreatic Cancer - 13:21

Using PET/CT Imaging, Researchers Can Now Tell After Single Treatment If Chemotherapy Is Working - 13:21

New Ultrasound-guided Biopsy Method Allows Improved Diagnosis Of Endometrial Disease - 13:21

Hedgerow Trees 'Key To UK Biodiversity' - 13:21

At Risk For Kidney Disease? Check Your Genes - 13:21

Saturday th 18th of April 2009

How We Feel Linked To Both Our Culture And How We Behave - 21:28

Next Generation Nanofilms Created - 21:28

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Do Not Appear To Damage Vision Over Six Months - 21:28

Neurons That Control Sociability In Worms Defined - 21:28

We Seek New Targets During Visual Search, Not During Other Visual Behaviors - 21:28

Nanoparticles Harnessed To Track Cancer-cell Changes - 21:28

New Therapies Expected To Help Reduce Future Visual Burden Of Age-related Eye Disease - 21:28

Neurodegeneration Study Reveals Targets Of Destruction - 21:28

From Fish To Landlubber: Fossils Suggest Earlier Land-water Transition Of Tetrapod - 21:28

Animal Survival In Inherited Habitats - 21:28

Parasite Breaks Its Own DNA To Avoid Detection - 21:28

Fatty Liver Disease: The Next Big Thing - 21:28

Lack Of Key Molecule Leads To Deafness - 21:28

Newly Discovered Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Active In Human Pancreatic Cancers - 16:35

Cracking The Root Of Tooth Strength - 08:35

Researchers Fire The Starting Gun For The Great Turtle Race - 08:35

Binge Eating: When Perfection Unravels - 08:35

Kyoto Treaty Is ‘Failing The World’s Poor’, Say Scientists - 08:35

The Life That Escaped Darwin’s Notice - 08:35

Unmanned Sailing Boat Can Reach Any Given Destination Completely Autonomously - 08:35

Medical Micro-robots Made As Small As Bacteria - 08:35

Flying Mouse-traps Clean Up Fields - 08:35

March 2009 Tenth Warmest On Record For Global Temperatures - 08:35

Oral Rehydration Solution For Diarrhea: More Research Needed On New Formulations - 08:35

New Insights Into Progressive Hearing Loss - 08:35

Genetic Switch Potential Key To New Class Of Antibiotics - 08:35

Scorpion Biodiversity Seen In 'Evolution Canyon' - 08:35

Worst Environmental Problem? Overpopulation, Experts Say - 07:28

New Way To Distinguish Cancerous From Normal Cells - 07:28

Friday th 17th of April 2009

Important Breakthrough Towards Silicon-based All-optical Integrated Circuits - 20:35

Discovery Of Variations In Resistance To Sulfadoxine Across Africa - 20:35

Tectonic Events Behind Earthquake That Killed 595 In Peru - 20:35

Creating Ideal Neural Cells For Clinical Use - 20:35

Greenhouse Gases Pose Threat To Public Health, EPA Finds - 20:35

Biocompatible Materials For Rapid Prototyping - 20:35

Marijuana Smoking Increases Risk Of COPD For Tobacco Smokers - 20:35

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Benefit Cancer Patients Undergoing Major Operations - 20:35

Autopsy Study Links Prostate Cancer To Single Rogue Cell - 20:35

Alligators Hint At What Life May Have Been Like For Dinosaurs - 20:35

Stroke Recovery: Research Reclaims The Power Of Speech - 20:35