Science Daily

Monday th 5th of May 2008

Munch-o-matic: Scientists Develop The Artificial Mouth - 21:14

No More Needles: Toward An Artificial Pancreas For Fighting Diabetes - 21:14

Secondhand Smoke Exposure Can Cause Cell Damage In 30 Minutes - 12:21

Asteroid Impact 65 Million Years Ago Triggered A Global Hail Of Carbon Beads - 12:21

Melting Defects Could Lead To Smaller, More Powerful Microchips - 08:14

Plants Text Message Farmers When Thirsty - 08:14

Mothers Less Likely To Pursue HPV Vaccination For Youngest Daughters - 08:14

New Software Allows ISPs And P2P Users To Get Along Without Getting Too Cozy - 08:14

Commonly Used Medications Associated With Impaired Physical Function In Older Adults - 08:14

Birds Can Tell If You Are Watching Them -- Because They Are Watching You - 08:14

Quantum Mechanical Con Game: Winning Every Time - 07:28

New Disaster Preparedness Strategy Announced - 07:28

Why Aren't The Day Care Children Playing Outside? Flip Flops, Mulch And No Coat - 07:28

Mental Disorders In Parents Linked To Autism In Children, Study Shows - 07:28

Iron Supplements Might Harm Infants Who Have Enough, Study Suggests - 07:28

Fungi Have A Hand In Depleted Uranium's Environmental Fate - 07:28

The Particle Whisperers: Mathematics Explains Why A Gentle Touch Works - 07:28

Brain-training To Improve Memory Boosts Fluid Intelligence - 07:28

Sunday th 4th of May 2008

Young Children Hospitalized For Flu Associated With Higher Costs And Higher Risk Illness - 20:14

DNA Jigsaw Puzzle - 20:14

Not All Cells Respond The Same Way To Insulin - 20:14

Nitric Oxide Regulates Plants As Well As People - 20:14

Lasers And Milk: The Common Denominator - 20:14

Rare Textiles From Honduras Ruins Suggests Mayans Produced Fine Fabrics - 20:14

Premature Infants Benefit From Diets Rich In Protein, Study Suggests - 20:14

New DNA Variants Found That Can Help To Pile On The Pounds - 20:14

Rocks Under The Northern Ocean Are Found To Resemble Ones Far South - 20:14

Turning Fungus Into Fuel: Organism With Taste For Olive Drab Shows Promise For Greener Energy - 20:14

Children More Vulnerable To Harmful Effects Of Lead - 20:14

Diatoms Discovered To Remove Phosphorus From Oceans - 20:14

Getting Wise To Influenza Virus' Tricks: Imaging Of Influenza Virus Protein Opens Way To Design New Anti-viral Drugs - 19:28

Scientists Discover Why Plague Is So Lethal - 19:28

Bacterial Slime Helps Cause Serious Disease - 19:28

Adolescent Rats Help Prove That Early Alcohol Exposure Alcohol Can Quickly Lead To Heavy Drinking - 19:28

Alcoholism Is Not Just A 'Man's Disease' Anymore - 19:28

Genomic 'Fingerprint' Identified For Alcohol-induced Heart Failure - 19:28

Second Breast Cancer May Be Greater Than Thought For High-risk Women Without BRCA Mutations - 19:28

Two Discoveries Add To Giant Earthworm Science In Northwest - 19:28

Nearly One-third Of US Parents Don't Know What To Expect Of Infants - 09:21

Treatment Advances For Fibroids, Menopause - 09:21

Saturday th 3rd of May 2008

Enterovirus In China: Latest Outbreak Of Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease Hits Mainly Children, Kills 20 - 22:28

Computer Programs Help Drug Abusers Stay Abstinent, Yale Researchers Find - 21:21

Elderly Heart Patients With ICD Devices Live Longer After Heart Failure, Study Shows - 21:21

New 3-D Test Method For Biomaterials 'Flat Out' Faster - 21:21

Protecting U.S. Troops With Fireproof Wool - 21:21

Coherent Description of Earth's Inaccessible Interior Clarifies Mantle Motion - 21:21

Limitations Of Charcoal As An Effective Carbon Sink - 21:21

Study In 7,000 Men And Women Ties Obesity, Inflammatory Proteins To Heart Failure Risk - 21:21

Golden Wheat 'Greens' Kenya's Drylands - 21:21

Engineer Develops Thermosuit For Rapid Cooling Of Critically Ill Patients - 21:21