Science Daily

Tuesday th 17th of February 2009

In Flurry Of Studies, Researcher Details Role Of Apples In Inhibiting Breast Cancer - 22:35

Heart Attacks: Patients Treated By Experienced Doctors In Experienced Hospitals Most Likely To Survive, Study Finds - 22:35

Environmental Impact Of Building Construction Can Now Be Predicted - 22:35

New Light On Longstanding Medical Mystery That May Link Cardiovascular Disease, Osteoporosis And Perhaps Even Alzheimer's Disease - 22:35

Bin Laden's Hide-out? Geographers Urge US To Search Three Structures In Pakistan For Bin Laden - 22:35

Surfing The Net Helps Seniors Cope With Pain - 22:35

Nanotube's 'Tapestry' Controls Its Growth - 22:35

Pathologically Elevated Blood Fat Levels In Obesity: Molecular Causes Discovered - 22:35

Nanotechnology: Lithium-Ion Batteries Have Better Performance With New Electrode Material - 22:35

Tiny 'Lab-on-a-chip' Detects Pollutants, Disease And Biological Weapons - 22:35

Air-filled Bones Extended Lung Capacity And Helped Prehistoric Reptiles Take First Flight - 22:35

High Level Of Medical Mistrust Among Minority Women Impacts Quality Of Health Care - 16:57

Using Personal Digital Assistants To Track TB Data - 16:57

Fluid Buildup In Lungs Is Part Of The Damage Done By The Flu - 16:57

New Test May Help To Ensure That Dengue Vaccines Do No Harm - 16:57

Stem Cells: Deathly Awakening By Interferon - 16:57

Hydrogen Fuel From Woodchips And Other Non-food Sources - 16:57

Multiracial Identity Associated With Better Social And Personal Well-being - 16:57

Virtual Library Of Medieval Manuscripts Created - 16:57

Inflammation May Be Common Thread Behind Nervous And Heart Rhythm Problems In Cirrhosis - 16:57

Threat To Cod Fisheries: Pathogenic Bacterium Identified In Cod - 16:57

New Approaches To Prevent Transplant Rejection - 16:57

Protective Shield Used By Hundreds Of Viruses Deciphered - 16:57

Our Aging Ears And Brains: Why Listening In Background Noise Gets Tougher As We Age - 16:57

How Cells Handle Broken Chromosomes - 16:57

Climate Change May Alter Malaria Patterns - 16:57

Mixed Population Provides Insights Into Human Genetic Makeup - 16:57

An Inexhaustible Source Of Neural Cells - 16:56

Plugging In Molecular Wires To Capture Light Energy - 16:56

Automated 'Intelligent' Houses Help Elderly Stay In Homes Longer - 16:56

Antibacterial Plaster Could Put A Clean Sheen On Walls - 16:56

Maintaining Balance And Listening At Same Time May Become More Difficult For Older Adults - 16:56

New Method For Screening Thousands of Proteins: Major Step For Drug Discovery And Diagnostics - 16:56

Built-in Volume Control Helps Protect Auditory Nerve Against Loud Sounds - 16:56

Cosmologists Aim To Observe First Moments Of Universe - 16:56

Loneliness Affects How The Brain Operates - 16:56

Statistical Analysis Could Yield New Drug Target For Multiple Sclerosis - 16:56

Fat Synthesizing Enzyme Is Key To Healthy Skin And Hair - 16:56

Satellite Collisions: What Can Be Done To Prevent Them In The Future? - 16:56

New Botanical Drug May Silence Peanut Allergies, Animal Study Suggests - 16:56

'Frozen Smoke:' Ultimate Sponge For Cleaning Up Oil Spills - 16:56

Food Counterfeiting, Contamination Outpace International Regulatory Systems - 16:56

Utilities: Protecting Electrical Equipment Against Lightning Damage - 16:56

Mutant Rats Resist Warfarin - 16:56

New Plasma Transistor Could Create Sharper Displays - 16:56

Secrets Of Potential Bioterror Virus Uncovered - 16:56

Carina Nebula: Astronomers Capture Intricate Structures Of One Of Brightest Nebulae In Sky - 16:56

Gardening Gives Older Adults Benefits Like Hand Strength And Self Esteem - 16:56

Photosynthesis Genes Linked To Marine Virus Fitness - 16:56

Colorectal Cancer: Immunological Tests For More Accurate Detection Of Cancer Precursors - 16:56