Science Daily

Tuesday th 10th of June 2008

New Research Refutes Myth Of Pure Scandinavian Race - 08:21

Suprafroths: How Cappuccino Froth Is Like A Superconductor - 08:21

Golf Cart Injuries On The Rise - 07:14

Large Areas Of Conservation Land Needed To Save Small Frogs, Turtles And Other Marine Species - 07:14

Decreased Total Sleep Time Associated With Increased REM Sleep During Subsequent Naps - 07:14

Insomnia Among Returning War Vets Is As Severe As Patients With Chronic Insomnia - 07:14

Prenatal Drug Exposure Linked To Sleep Problems In Children - 07:14

Sleep Problems Linked To Obesity, Lower Quality Of Life In School-aged Children - 07:14

Link Between Migranes And Sleep Disorders In Children - 07:14

Evening-type College Students On Early Daytime Class Schedules At A Disadvantage - 07:14

Major League Baseball Teams With Greater Circadian Advantage Are More Likely To Succeed - 07:14

Caloric Intake Negatively Influences Healthy Adults' Sleep Patterns - 07:14

Children Who Grind Their Teeth Are More Likely To Have Problems In School, Be Withdrawn - 07:14

Fat Intake Negatively Influences The Sleep Pattern In Healthy Adults - 07:14

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome Linked To Irregular Menstrual Cycles, Premenstrual Symptoms In Women - 07:14

Children With Bigger Neck Sizes Face An Increased Risk Of A Sleep-related Breathing Disorder - 07:14

Ethical Implications Of Modifying Lethal Injection Protocols - 07:14

Potential Biomarkers For Pancreatic Cancer Identified - 07:14

Arsenic And New Rice - 07:14

How The Brain Can Protect Against Cancer - 07:14

Is ADHD An Advantage For Nomadic Tribesmen? - 07:14

Monday th 9th of June 2008

Extra Sleep Improves Athletic Performance - 22:35

Cells That Initiate A Common Infant Tumor Identified - 22:35

Bright Light Therapy May Improve Nocturnal Sleep In Mothers - 22:35

Therapeutic Potential Of Cord Blood Stem Cells Enhanced With New Technology - 22:35

Sweet Talking: Artificial Vesicles And Bacterial Cells Communicate By Way Of Sugar Components - 22:35

Phoenix Mars Lander Testing Sprinkle Technique - 22:35

New Pathogen From Pigs' Stomach Ulcers - 22:35

Solid Tumor Cells Not Killed By Radiation And Chemotherapy Become Stronger - 22:35

Mammalian Neurogenesis Breaks Into The Most Static Brain Region - 17:21

Parasitoid Turns Its Host Into A Bodyguard - 17:21

Midlife Smokers May Have Worse Memory Than Non-smokers - 16:14

Black Patients With Diabetes Fared Worse Than White Patients - 16:14

Chinese Red Yeast Rice Is Good For Your Heart, Study Suggests - 16:14

New Molecular Link Between Diabetes And Kidney Failure - 16:14

Persistent Man-made Chemical Pollutants Found In Deep-sea Octopods And Squids - 15:28

MicroRNA Controls Expression Of Oncogenes - 14:21

New Catfish Species Named For Museum Mail Supervisor - 14:21

Promising Advances In Islet Cell Transplants For Diabetes - 14:21

Using Carbon Nanotubes For Molecular Transport - 14:21

Antibiotics Can Prevent Wound Complications Of Childbirth, Study Shows - 14:21

Biometrics: Tell Me By The Way I Walk - 14:21

TB Treatment For The Elderly Likely Requires A Boost To Immune Response - 14:21

Sun Goes Longer Than Normal Without Producing Sunspots - 12:28

Missing Protein In Fragile X Syndrome Is Key To Transporting Signals Within Neurons - 12:28

Microenvironment A Main Driver Of Aggressive Multi-lineage Leukemia Disease Type - 12:28

Mixing And Matching Genes To Keep Nerve Cells Straight - 12:28

Outing The Outliers: Strategy Matches Oncogene With Subtype Of Prostate Cancer - 12:28

Stripes Key To Nanoparticle Drug Delivery - 11:21

Climate Change Hastens Extinction In Madagascar's Reptiles And Amphibians - 11:21