Science Daily

Tuesday th 3rd of March 2009

Vitamin B And Folic Acid May Reduce Risk Of Age-related Vision Loss - 10:32

Predicting Red Tide: How Thin Layers Of Tiny Organisms Form At Sea - 10:31

Skin Moles May Indicate Higher Eye Melanoma Risk - 10:31

Sex Is In The Brain, Whether It Be Lack Of Sexual Interest Or Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder - 10:31

Solid-state Metamaterial Device Tames Terahertz Frequency - 10:30

Houseplant Pest Gives Clue To Potential New Anthrax Treatment - 10:30

Gene Variant Associated With Cocaine Dependence, Cocaine-Induced Paranoia - 10:30

Engineered Viruses Combat Antibiotic Resistance - 10:29

Saving Wheat Crops Worldwide - 10:29

Women Less Likely To Have A Stroke After Mini-stroke - 10:29

How A New Theory Of Bird Evolution Came About - 10:28

Mechanisms That Prevent Alzheimer's Disease: Enzymatic Activity Plays Key Role - 10:28

Wave Of Brain Activity Linked To Anticipation Captured - 10:28

Mediterranean Sea Level Could Rise By over 2 feet (61 Cm) - 09:28

Three Galaxies Locked In Gravitational Tug-of-war: May Result In Eventual Demise Of One Of Them - 09:28

Monday th 2nd of March 2009

Addiction: Insights From Parkinson's Disease - 18:35

Gold-palladium Nanoparticles Achieve Greener, Smarter Production Of Hydrogen Peroxide - 18:35

New Prognostic Indicator For Patients With Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - 18:35

Aching Back? Cholesterol Medication Might Help - 18:35

Public Schools Outperform Private Schools in Math Instruction - 18:35

New Variants Of Diarrhea-causing Toxins Found In Seafood - 18:35

New Gene Associated With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Identified - 18:35

Physical Fitness Improves Spatial Memory, Increases Size Of Brain Structure - 18:35

Reversing Ecology Reveals Ancient Environments - 18:35

Earth Structure: Fluid Factory In Solid Earth - 18:35

Oceanic Seesaw Links Northern And Southern Hemisphere During Abrupt Climate Change During Last Ice Age - 18:35

Naturally Produced Estrogen May Protect Women From Parkinson's Disease - 18:35

Ultimate In 'Green' Energy: Plants Inspire New Generation Of Solar Cells - 18:35

How Microscopic Changes To Brain Cause Schizophrenic Behavior In Mice - 18:35

Dentistry Of Future? Gene Responsible For Formation Of Enamel Discovered - 18:35

Evidence Appears To Show How And Where Brain's Frontal Lobe Works - 18:35

Atomic-sized One-stop Shop For Nanoelectronics Created - 15:21

Thyroid Surgery Performed Without Neck Incision, Scar - 15:21

Exacerbations In COPD: One Thing Leads To Another - 15:21

New Test For Detecting Fake Organic Milk - 14:32

Increased Prevalence Of Left-handedness Found In Children With Facial Development Disorder - 14:32

Chantix Side Effects No Worse With Depression History, Study Suggests - 14:31

Optical Techniques Show Continued Promise In Detecting Pancreatic Cancer - 14:31

Cancer Drugs: Study Sheds Light On Angiogenesis Inhibitors, Points To Limitations, Solutions - 14:31

Medical Researchers Test Bedside Monitoring Of Brain Blood Flow And Metabolism In Stroke Victims - 14:30

Lower Atmosphere Of Pluto Revealed - 14:30

Airborne Fungi Linked To Asthma Epidemic In Puerto Rico - 13:21

Eat Your Vegetables: Preschoolers Love Vegetables With Catchy Names Like' X-Ray Vision Carrots' And 'Tomato Bursts' - 13:21

One Drug May Help People Both Lay Down The Drink And Put Out The Cigarette - 13:21

Virtual And Real Worlds: Two Worlds Of Kids' Morals - 13:21

Modern Life-making Women 'Ignorant And Ill-equipped' To Cope With Motherhood - 13:21

Huge Corn Plants Developed: Doubling A Gene In Corn Results In Giant Biomass - 13:21

Doctors Call For Change In How Non-active TB In Immigrant Children Treated - 13:21

Historic Sample Of Bomb-grade Plutonium Discovered - 13:21

Drug-resistant Influenza A Virus Potentially Serious To High-risk Patients - 13:21