Science Daily

Wednesday th 22nd of April 2009

Increasing Levels Of Rare Element Found Worldwide - 20:35

Human Stem Cells Promote Healing Of Diabetic Ulcers - 20:35

Antioxidant Found In Berries, Other Foods Prevents UV Skin Damage That Leads To Wrinkles - 20:35

Too Much Or Too Little Sleep Increases Risk Of Diabetes - 20:35

Mysterious Space Blob Discovered At Cosmic Dawn - 20:35

Tyrannosaur 'Missing Link' Among New Dinosaurs From China - 10:14

Viruses Can Turn Harmless E. Coli Dangerous - 10:14

Students Find Jupiter-sized Oddball Planet - 10:14

Sexual Harassment From Males Prevents Female Bonding, Fish Study Shows - 10:14

Lip-reading Computers Can Detect Different Languages - 10:14

Natural Protein May Halt Colorectal Cancer's Spread - 10:14

As World Warms, Water Levels Dropping In Major Rivers - 10:14

Witnessing Violence Affects Kids' Health - 10:14

Unregulated Biofuel Crops Pose Invasive Pest Risk - 10:14

Agents That Speed Up Destruction Of Proteins Linked To Alzheimer's Discovered - 10:14

Online Reporting System Could Track Surgical Complications - 10:14

Fish Researcher Demonstrates First 'Non-visual Feeding' By African Cichlids - 10:14

New Era Of Research Begins As World's First Hard X-ray Laser Achieves 'First Light' - 09:28

Tuesday th 21st of April 2009

People Manage Their Privacy On Facebook Naturally - 19:21

Seabirds' Suitability As A Mate Tied To Crest Size - 19:21

Plants Could Override Climate Change Effects On Wildfires - 19:21

Middle-school Math Classes Are Key To Closing Racial Academic Achievement Gap - 19:21

Implementing Sustainable Technology To Monitor The Integrity Of U.S. Bridges - 19:21

Cobbe Portrait 'Not A Genuine Likeness' Of William Shakespeare Made From Life - 19:21

Prevalence Of 'Silent' Heart Attacks Revealed With New Imaging Technology - 19:21

Photography And Microscopes: New Technique That Scrambles Light May Lead To Sharper Images, Wider Views - 19:21

Controlling Our Brain's Perception Of Emotional Events - 19:21

Ecologists Put Price Tag On Invasive Species - 19:21

Walnuts May Prevent Breast Cancer - 19:21

Following Meth Use In Mice: Exercise Protects Against Damage Causing Leakage In Blood-brain Barrier - 19:21

Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Linked To Ozone Hole - 19:21

Viking Legacy On English: What Language Tells Us About Immigration And Integration - 19:21

Environmentally Friendly Beer Brewing: Repaired Gene Improves Commercial Lager Fermentation - 19:21

Charred Meat May Increase Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer - 19:21

Pesticide Exposure Found To Increase Risk Of Parkinson's Disease - 19:21

Secret To Night Vision Found In DNA's Unconventional 'Architecture' - 19:21

Using Tools Requires That Brain Is Able To Control Movements - 19:21

Ultrasound Imaging Now Possible With Smartphone - 19:21

New Drug To Target Tumor Cells And Blood Vessels - 19:21

Guam Rhino Beetles Got Rhythm - 19:21

Dark Hair? Don't Burn? Your Genes May Still Put You At Risk For Melanoma - 19:21

Two Highly Complex Organic Molecules Detected In Space - 19:21

Wireless Networks Can Now Be Truly Wireless - 09:14

Tulip Entered Europe Through Al-Andalus Five Centuries Earlier Than Believed - 09:14

Primitive Interstellar Dust Samples Provide Pre-solar Time Capsules - 09:14

Driven To Distraction? Taking Your Mind Off A Decision Can Help - 09:14

Technology Used To Improve Traffic Flow And Road Safety - 09:14

Pelvic Pain As Prevalent In Teens As Older Males - 09:14

Features Of Early Martian Environment And Presence Of Water Drive Search For Life Forms - 09:14

Fat Droplet Nanoparticle Delivers Tumor Suppressor Gene To Tumor And Metastatic Cells - 09:14