Science Daily

Sunday th 22nd of February 2009

New Method To Eliminate Ibuprofen From Polluted Waters Using Ultrasound - 19:14

Next Generation Digital Maps Are Laser Sharp - 19:14

Fructose-sweetened Drinks Increase Nonfasting Triglycerides In Obese Adults - 19:14

X-ray Eyes Bring Us Closer To Early Diagnosis Of Parkinson's Disease - 19:14

When Dreaming Is Believing: Dreams Affect People's Judgment, Behavior - 16:14

Cosmological Simulations Key To Understanding The Universe - 16:14

When Acute Hepatitis Develops Into Chronic Hepatitis - 16:14

What's Feeding Cancer Cells? - 16:14

Calculating Gene And Protein Connections In Parkinson's Disease Model - 15:28

Secrets Behind High Temperature Superconductors Revealed - 15:28

Healing Arthritis Caused By Traumatic Injury - 15:28

Genes Important To Sleep Discovered - 15:28

Human Role In Indonesian Forest Fires Traced - 15:28

Safer Nanoparticles Spotlight Tumors, Deliver Drugs - 15:28

Lab-made Proteins Neutralize Multiple Strains Of Seasonal And Pandemic Flu - 15:28

Easing Children's Fears Of The Dentist - 01:31

New Anti-graffiti Coating Able To Protect Cultural Heritage Ancient Materials Has Been Developed To Prevent Damage Caused By Graffiti Attack - 01:31

Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment of Ustekinumab Effective, Study Suggests - 01:31

Taking The Stress Out Of Magnetic Field Detection - 01:31

Surprising Interactions Of Diabetes Mellitus And Sepsis - 01:31

Glaciers In China And Tibet Fading Fast - 01:31

Simply Hoping That Humanity Will Save The Environment May Do More Harm Than Good, Experts Argue - 01:31

Intrepid Explorers And The Search For The Origin Of Species - 01:31

Hypertension Drug Dramatically Reduces Proteinuria In Kidney Disease Patients - 01:31

Neural Circuitry Of Near-misses May Explain The Allure Of Gambling - 01:31

Stem Cell Research Uncovers Mechanism For Type 2 Diabetes - 01:30

Single-celled Algae Took The Leap To Multicellularity 200 Million Years Ago - 01:30

Tracking Warming Trend In Northwestern North America - 01:30

Durability Of Dental Fillings Improves If The Enzyme Activity Of Teeth Is Inhibited - 01:30

Nanoscale Materials Grow With The Flow - 01:30

Cannibalism Among Rattlesnakes Helps Females To Recover After Birth - 01:28

Saturday th 21st of February 2009

New Treatment Approach Needed For Management Of Depression With Bipolar Disorder - 11:35

Eosinophils As Markers For Asthma: Largest Scale Study So Far On Asthma Genetics Sheds Light On Disease Mechanisms - 11:35

Seamounts May Serve As Refuges For Deep-sea Animals That Struggle To Survive Elsewhere - 11:35

New Therapy With Stem Cells To Treat Crohn's Disease - 11:35

Friday th 20th of February 2009

IL-2 Immunotherapy Fails To Benefit HIV-infected Individuals Already Taking Antiretrovirals - 23:28

View Into The Human Body: The Formation Of Cell Organelles - 23:28

Cell Injections Accelerate Fracture Healing - 23:28

New Silver-based Ink Has Applications In Electronics - 23:28

Sexual Health Promotion Is Low Among People With Serious Mental Illnesses, Despite Higher Risk - 23:28

'Green' Plastics Could Help Reduce Carbon Footprint - 23:28

Diseased Heart Valve Replaced Through Small Chest Incision On 91-Year-Old Patient - 23:28

Simple Method Strengthens Schools, Other Buildings Against Earthquakes - 23:28

New Platinum-based Anti-tumor Compound Developed - 23:28

Animals Successfully Relearn Smell Of Kin After Hibernation - 23:28

Smoking Prevention Campaign Saving Billions In Smoking-related Care - 23:28

On The Origin Of Subspecies - 23:28

New Obesity Staging System May Help Doctors Measure Up - 23:28

Spread Of Rice Virus Could Be Reduce With Technology - 23:28

'Normalizing' Tumor Vessels Leaves Cancer More Benign - 23:28