Science Daily

Friday th 28th of November 2008

Mouse Model Of Prion Disease Mimics Diverse Symptoms Of Human Disorder - 12:28

'The Photon Force Is With Us': Harnessing Light To Drive Nanomachines - 12:28

100-meter Sprint World Record Could Go As Low As 9.48 Seconds - 09:22

Zimbabwe’s Land Reform Leaves Farmers Insecure - 09:22

Fast Food A Potential Risk Factor For Alzheimer’s - 09:22

How Do Individuals React To Metabolic Stress? Genetic Variation In Metabolism Identified - 09:22

Recycling Manure Safely To Avoid Polluting Rivers and Streams - 09:22

Pathways To A Low Carbon Economy: What Will It Take For The UK? - 09:22

Selenium May Slow March Of AIDS - 09:22

Thursday th 27th of November 2008

Fear Of Hypoglycemia A Barrier To Exercise For Type 1 Diabetics - 20:22

Urban Trees Enhance Water Infiltration - 20:22

Tumor Environment Determines Whether The Cellular Process Autophagy Enables Cancer Cells To Live Or Die - 20:22

New Type Of Vaccines Deliver Stronger And Faster Immune Response - 20:22

Bacterial Biofilms As Fossil Makers - 20:21

Secret To Workplace Happiness? Remember What You Love About The Job, Study Urges - 20:21

Final World Trade Center 7 Investigation Report On September 11, 2001 Collapse Released - 20:21

Increased Calcium Sensitivity In The Heart Can Make For An Irregular Heartbeat - 20:21

How DNA Is Unwound So That Its Code Can Be Read - 20:21

Global Warming Is Changing Organic Matter In Soil: Atmosphere Could Change As A Result - 20:21

Childhood Constipation Just As Serious As Asthma - 20:21

Meteorite: 10-ton Rock Responsible For Fireball In Western Canada - 20:21

Helping The Embryo Implant: A New Role For One Type Of Immune Cell - 20:21

Land Iguanas Under Continuing Threat On Galapagos Archipelago - 20:21

New Leprosy Bacterium: Scientists Use Genetic Fingerprint To Nail 'Killing Organism' - 20:21

Eye Divergence In Children Triples Risk Of Mental Illness - 20:21

The Perfect Nanoballoon: How Ultrathin 'Graphene' Carbon Sheets Keep Everything Inside - 20:21

Hormones: The Reason Why Females With Cystic Fibrosis Have A Worse Outlook Than Males With The Disease - 20:21

Surgeons Perform World's First Pediatric Robotic Bladder Reconstruction - 20:21

Insight Into 'Dancing' Atoms: To Make Better MRI Images, Let The Atoms Spin Out Of Control - 20:21

Declines In U.S. Cancer Incidence And Death Rates According to Annual Report - 13:35

In Sickness And Health: Caring For Ailing Spouse May Prolong Your Life - 13:35

Computers Determine When To Stop Searches For Missing People At Sea - 13:35

NASA Prepares For New Juno Mission To Jupiter - 13:35

Sealing Off Portion Of Intestinal Lining Treats Obesity, Resolves Diabetes In Animal Model - 13:35

Adult Brain Neurons Can Remodel Connections - 13:35

Track Your Fitness, Environmental Impact With New Cell Phone Applications - 13:35

Scientists Identify 13 New Tumor-suppressor Genes In Liver Cancer - 13:35

Brain Sense Fatty Food: Molecule Shuts Down Food Intake And Turns On 'Siesta Mode' - 13:35

Social Amoeba Seek Kin Association - 13:35

Older People Should Have The Flu Jab This Winter, Experts Urge - 13:35

Scientists Teach Enzyme To Make Synthetic Heparin In More Varieties - 13:35

Kidney Injury Puts Elderly Individuals At High Risk For Developing Serious Kidney Disease - 13:35

Bacterial Decision-making Explained By 'Moving' Theory - 13:35

Jupiter's Rocky Core Bigger And Icier, According To New Simulation - 13:35

New National Park Protects World's Rarest Gorilla - 12:49

Developing A Global Antidote For Snake Bites: 100,000 People Die From Snake Bites Each Year - 12:49

Aged Care Workers In Australia To Leave Industry En Masse Due To Stress, Warn Experts - 11:42

Separating Out Urine Makes For Highly Efficient Waste Water Treatment - 11:42

Humpback Whales' Dining Habits And Energy Costs Of Feasting On Tiny Prey, Revealed - 09:22

Phase I Clinical Trial To Test Combination Of Two HIV Vaccine Candidates Starts In London - 09:22