Science Daily

Tuesday th 17th of February 2009

Photosynthesis Genes Linked To Marine Virus Fitness - 11:35

Colorectal Cancer: Immunological Tests For More Accurate Detection Of Cancer Precursors - 11:35

Engineering Graduate Student Narrows Gap Between High-resolution Video And Virtual Reality - 11:35

New Way That Bacteria Evolve Into Something That Can Make You Sick - 11:35

Genetic Adaptations Key To Extreme Microbe's Survival In Challenging Environment - 11:35

Multilingualism Brings Communities Closer Together - 11:35

Voluntary Vaccination Programs Shown Effective For Some Diseases - 11:35

Link Between Control Of Chromosome Duplication And Segregation Discovered - 11:35

Novel Genetic Markers Linked To Increased Risk Of Heart Attack Identified - 11:35

Climate 'Flickering' Ended Last Ice Age In North Atlantic Region - 11:35

Nano-hydrogels Capable Of Detecting Cancer Cells - 10:28

'Switch Off, Light On': Molecular Biologist Discovers New Control Mechanism In Cell Signaling - 10:28

Cracking The Species Code For Plants - 10:28

Threats To Biodiversity Rise In World’s Mediterranean-Climate Regions - 10:28

U.S. Patient Bill Of Rights: College-level Documents For 8th Grade Readers - 10:28

High Level Of Medical Mistrust Among Minority Women Impacts Quality Of Health Care - 02:36

Using Personal Digital Assistants To Track TB Data - 02:36

Fluid Buildup In Lungs Is Part Of The Damage Done By The Flu - 02:36

New Test May Help To Ensure That Dengue Vaccines Do No Harm - 02:36

Stem Cells: Deathly Awakening By Interferon - 02:36

Hydrogen Fuel From Woodchips And Other Non-food Sources - 02:36

Multiracial Identity Associated With Better Social And Personal Well-being - 02:36

Virtual Library Of Medieval Manuscripts Created - 02:36

Inflammation May Be Common Thread Behind Nervous And Heart Rhythm Problems In Cirrhosis - 02:36

Threat To Cod Fisheries: Pathogenic Bacterium Identified In Cod - 02:36

Protective Shield Used By Hundreds Of Viruses Deciphered - 02:35

How Cells Handle Broken Chromosomes - 02:35

Climate Change May Alter Malaria Patterns - 02:35

An Inexhaustible Source Of Neural Cells - 02:35

Plugging In Molecular Wires To Capture Light Energy - 02:35

New Method For Screening Thousands of Proteins: Major Step For Drug Discovery And Diagnostics - 02:35

Cosmologists Aim To Observe First Moments Of Universe - 02:35

Monday th 16th of February 2009

No Joy In Discoveries Of New Mammal Species, Only A Warning For Humanity, Paul Ehrlich Says - 18:42

Does Gene Show Link Between Migraine And Stroke Or Heart Attacks? - 18:42

Many Children With Hearing Loss Also Have Eye Disorders - 17:35

Video Imaging Provides Dynamic View Of Airway Obstruction In Those With Sleep Breathing Disorder - 17:35

Survival After Surgical Complications Appears Better At Teaching Hospitals For Whites But Not Blacks - 17:35

Food Counterfeiting, Contamination Outpace International Regulatory Systems - 14:35

Greenland And Antarctic Ice Sheet Melting, Rate Unknown - 14:35

College Science Requirements Keep US Ahead Of World, Researcher Argues - 14:35

Vitamin C Production: Molecular Gatekeeper In Enzyme Discovered - 14:35

Experimental Antiarrhythmic Drug Reduces Death Rate In Patients With Atrial Fibrillation, Study Suggests - 14:35

Controversy Over World’s Oldest Traces Of Life - 14:35

Parasite Wasps Have Practiced Gene Therapy For A Hundred Million Years - 11:35

Ocean Less Effective At Absorbing Carbon Dioxide Emitted By Human Activity - 10:22

Gut Parasites That Can Infect Man May Be Widespread In Domestic And Wild Animals - 10:22

Nanoparticles Double Their Chances Of Getting Into Sticky Situations, And Boost Potential Uses - 10:22

New Research Identifies Faster Detection Of Viruses - 10:21

Research On Viral Origins Suggests New Definition Of Virus May Be Needed - 10:21

Climate Change And Fisheries: US Atlantic Cod Population To Drop By Half By 2050 - 10:21