Science Daily

Sunday th 22nd of June 2008

Heritage Of A Deadly Disease Pinpointed With Help From Iceland's Genealogical Database - 23:28

Testosterone Replacement Benefits Older Men With Low Testosterone, Studies Suggest - 23:28

Urologists Identify Seven Biomarkers That May Help Pinpoint Prostate Cancer Recurrence - 23:28

New Weight Loss Diet Recommends High-carb And Protein Big Breakfast - 23:28

Tissue Regeneration: New Source Of Heart Stem Cells Discovered - 23:28

Sexually Transmitted Disease, Urinary Tract Infections May Be Bad Combination For Birth Defect - 23:28

The Time Is Ripe For An Apple That Tastes Like Berries And One That Doesn't Brown - 23:28

Gene Mutation Improves Leukemia Drug's Effect, Study Shows - 23:28

DNA Knot Keeps Viral Genes Tightly Corked Inside Shell, Scientists Discover - 23:28

Drug Reverses Mental Retardation Caused By Genetic Disorder; Hope For Correcting How Autism Disrupts Brain - 23:28

Intimate Examinations Should Not Be Performed Without Consent, Editorial Argues - 23:28

New Discoveries Get To The Heart Of Cardiovascular Disease - 23:28

Stroke Study Reveals Key Target For Improving Treatment And Suggests That Gleevec May Help - 22:21

DNA Study Unlocks Mystery To Diverse Traits In Dogs - 22:21

NASA Launches Ocean Satellite To Keep A Weather, Climate Eye Open - 00:29

Efficiency Experts Seek To Save Precious Minutes In Deploying Ambulances - 00:29

Researchers See Alternative To Common Colorectal Cancer Drug - 00:29

Phoenix Mars Lander Confirms Frozen Water On Red Planet - 00:29

Newly Born Twin Stars Are Far From Identical - 00:29

Poor Children More Likely To Develop Diabetes As Adults - 00:29

Harnessing The Tibetan Sun - 00:29

New Technology May Prevent Vitamin B12 Deficient Seniors And Vegetarians From Needing Injections - 00:29

Phoenix Mars Lander Delivers Soil Sample To Microscope - 00:28

Mom's High Fat Diet During Pregnancy May Be Key To Child's Weight Issues - 00:28

Addicted To Grief? Chronic Grief Activates Pleasure Areas Of The Brain - 00:28

Striving To Break The Link Between Obesity And Diabetes - 00:28

New Discovery Proves 'Selfish Gene' Exists - 00:28

Friday th 20th of June 2008

Educational Benefits Of Social Networking Sites Uncovered - 22:35

Aquatic Insect 'Family Trees' Provide Clues About Sensitivity To Pollution - 22:35

New Inhibitors Of Estrogen-dependent Breast Cancer Cells - 22:35

Project Succeeding To Relocate Caspian Terns - 22:35

Novel Compound May Treat Acute Diarrhea - 22:35

Elderly's Restless Nights Helped By Ancient Martial Art - 22:35

Wavelets Crunch Through Doctors' Day Long Struggle To Diagnose Brain Tumors - 22:35

Digital Water Pavilion Makes A Splash In Spain - 22:35

Huntington's Disease: Discovery Will Assist Treatment And Research Into Fatal Brain Disorder - 22:35

Getting Wrapped Up In Solar Textiles - 22:35

Low Testosterone Appears To Increase Long-term Risk Of Death - 22:35

Battle Of The Bulge: Low Leptin Levels Undermine Successful Weight Loss - 21:28

Smoking Out The Mediators Of Airway Damage Caused By Pollutants - 21:28

New Ways To Regulate Genes, Reduce Heart Damage Identified - 21:28

Stem Cells Correct Defect In Child’s Fatal Skin Disease - 21:28

How Measles Virus Spreads (in Its Host) - 19:35

Novel X-ray Source Could Be Brightest In The World - 12:28

Birds Migrate Earlier, But Some May Be Left Behind As The Climate Warms Rapidly - 12:28

Opioids And Cannabinoids Influence Mobility Of Spermatozoids - 12:28

Identification Of 5 Genes Involved In The Metastasis Of Breast Tumors To The Lung - 12:28

Could New Discovery About A Shape-shifting Protein Lead To A Mighty 'Morpheein' Bacteria Fighter? - 12:28

Thursday th 19th of June 2008

Bright Chunks At Phoenix Lander's Mars Site Must Have Been Ice - 22:35

Global War Deaths Have Been Substantially Underestimated, Study Shows - 21:28