Science Daily

Tuesday th 31st of March 2009

'Matchmaker' Protein Maintains Neuronal Balance - 22:21

New Way To Produce Electronic Components Can Lead To Cheap And Flexible Electronics - 22:21

Numerous CT Scans Over Lifetime May Increase Cancer Risk - 22:21

Rocket Launches May Need Regulation To Prevent Ozone Depletion, Says Study - 22:21

Multiple Sclerosis Associated With Lower Cancer Risk - 11:28

Combating Weight Gain Caused By Antipsychotic Treatments - 11:28

Schizophrenia Linked To Diabetes, Study Suggests - 11:28

New Discovery Raises Doubts About Current Bladder Treatment - 11:28

Changes In Gene May Stunt Lung Development In Children - 11:28

Genetic Basis For Migration In Monarch Butterflies Uncovered - 11:28

64% Of Medical Professionals Are Subject To Insults And Threats - 10:21

Researchers Question Effectiveness Of Warning Labels On Over-the-counter Drugs - 10:21

New RFID Technology Tracks And Monitors Nuclear Materials - 10:21

Recently Identified Genetic Heart Disorder Often Deadly For Young Patients - 10:21

Discovery Of Mechanism That Processes 'THC' Type Brain Compound May Lead To New Medicines For Pain, Addiction - 10:21

'First Economical Process' For Making Biodiesel Fuel From Algae - 10:21

Superhydrophobic: Self-cleaning, Low-reflectivity Treatment Boosts Efficiency For Photovoltaic Cells - 10:21

Tornado-like Rotation Is Key To Understanding Volcanic Plumes - 10:21

Atlantic Snails Are Increasing Dramatically In Size - 10:21

Predicting Mosquito Outbreaks For Disease Control - 10:21

Palm Oil Development May Threaten Amazon - 10:21

Cracking the Crusts of Neutron Stars - 10:21

Transforming Medical Diagnosis With New Scanning Technology - 10:21

Herbal Medicines For Treatment Of Gastrointestinal Disease - 10:21

Connectivity In Marine Fish Populations: Larvae Spawned In Marine Reserves Can Travel Long Distances - 10:21

Biologists Discover A Protein Link To Wound Healing - 10:21

Monday th 30th of March 2009

Pregnant Women Who Smoke Urged To Give Up Before 15-week 'Deadline' - 22:14

Statistical Road Safety Illuminated By Mathematics Of Eighteenth Century Minister - 22:14

Mechanism That Regulates Cancer-causing Gene Discovered - 22:14

Cancer Genomics Browser Gives Cancer Researchers A Powerful New Tool - 22:14

New Test May Predict Breast Cancer Metastasis - 22:14

Hundreds Of Natural-selection Studies Could Be Wrong, Study Demonstrates - 22:14

Virtual Music School Becomes A Reality - 22:14

Simple Method Devised To Predict Rises In Ebro River Level - 22:14

Targeting Oxidized Cysteine Through Diet Could Reduce Inflammation And Lower Disease Risk - 22:14

Ice Storms Devastating To Pecan Orchards - 22:14

Mice And Humans Should Have More In Common In Clinical Trials - 22:14

Handwashing More Important Than Isolation In Controlling MRSA Superbug Infection, Study Suggests - 22:14

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Intermediary Steps Of Genetic Encoding For The First Time - 22:14

Tiny But Toxic: Mechanism Of Neurodegeneration In Alzheimer's Disease Discovered - 22:14

Licorice May Block Effectiveness Of Drug Widely Used By Transplant Patients - 22:14

Pregnancy: Bad Oral Hygiene Can Lead To Complications In Pregnancy And Problems For Babies - 22:14

Mechanism For Social Development Found To Be Absent In Autistic Children - 22:14

'Alarming' Use Of Energy In Modern Manufacturing Methods - 22:14

Common Fragrance Ingredients In Shampoos And Conditioners Are Frequent Causes Of Eczema - 22:14

'Green' Hair Bleach May Become Environmentally Friendly Consumer Product - 22:14

New Radiation-free Targeted Therapy Detects And Eliminates Breast Cancer Tumors In Mice - 22:14

Nine Lives: Cats' Central Nervous System Can Repair Itself And Restore Function - 22:14

Month Of Conception Linked To Birth Defects In United States - 13:35

Why Some People Shake Off The Flu In A Couple Of Days, While Others Suffer Longer, Or Die - 13:35