Science Daily

Saturday th 1st of August 2009

New Hope For Migraine Sufferers: Forehead Lifts Can Erase Years And Headaches - 23:28

Radio Telemetry Used To Track Movement And Habitat Of Roadrunners - 23:28

Genes Key To Staph Disease Severity, Drug Resistance Found Hitchhiking Together - 23:28

Today’s Parents ‘not To Blame’ For Teenage Problem Behavior - 19:21

New Yeasts Could Help Fast-Track Biofuel Production - 19:21

Trap Would Help Keep Stink Bugs Outdoors - 19:21

'Ebola Cousin' Marburg Virus Isolated From African Fruit Bats - 18:35

Lung Cancer Patients Respond To Erlotinib Following Cetuximab Therapy, Study Suggests - 17:28

All-biologic Regimen Efficacious And Well-tolerated In Elderly Lung Cancer Patients, Study Suggests - 17:28

Differences In Treatments And Outcomes Of Patients With Second Primary Lung Cancers Versus Those With One Primary Lung Cancer Identified - 17:28

Advanced Targeted Therapies Effective As First-line Treatment For Lung Cancer - 13:21

Integral Disproves Dark Matter Origin For Mystery Radiation - 12:14

Community-driven, Open Source Solution For B2B Transactions - 10:21

Middle Miocene Oxygen Minimum Zone Expansion Offshore West Africa: Evidence For Global Cooling Precursor Events - 10:21

Subjective Symptoms Of Sleep Quality And Daytime Sleepiness Associated With Declining Quality Of Life - 09:14

GERD Patient Satisfaction Hinges On Medication Type And Physician Bedside Manner - 09:14

Race/ethnicity, Family Income And Education Associated With Sugar Consumption - 09:14

Increased 'Sibling Risk' Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea In Children - 09:14

Benefits From Upper Airway Surgery For Sleep Apnea Found To Equal CPAP - 09:14

Altered Micriobiome Prevalent In Diseased Esophagus - 09:14

Poor Sleep In Children May Have Prenatal Origins - 09:14

Common Diabetic Therapy Reduces Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer - 09:14

Dementia Induced And Blocked In Parkinson's Fly Model - 09:14

Friday th 31st of July 2009

Scientists Announce Mass Participation Experiment To Cheer-up The UK - 22:21

Actions Taken Over Next Decade To Demonstrate And Deploy Key Technologies Will Determine US Energy Future - 22:21

Breast Cancer Hormone Receptor Status And Risk Of A Second Primary Tumor - 22:21

Energetic Bottleneck Factors In Catastrophic Winter Seabird Losses - 22:21

New Location Found For Regulation Of RNA Fate - 22:21

Eating High Levels Of Fructose Impairs Memory In Rats - 22:21

Americans Spent $33.9 Billion Out-of-pocket On Complementary And Alternative Medicine In One Year - 22:21

Bacteria Pack Their Own Demise - 22:21

Food Additive May One Day Help Control Blood Lipids And Reduce Disease Risk - 22:21

Virus Linked To Some Cases Of Common Skin Cancer - 22:21

Extraterrestrial Platinum Was 'Stirred' Into Earth - 22:21

Invisible Ink? What Rorschach Tests Really Tell Us - 22:21

Opening A New Window On Daylight, While Reducing Electricity Consumption - 22:21

Mutation Responsible For Cystic Fibrosis Also Involved In Muscle Atrophy - 22:21

New Theory On Why Male, Female Lemurs Same Size: 'Passive' Mate Guarding Influenced Evolution Of Lemur Size - 22:21

Sun Exposure May Trigger Certain Autoimmune Diseases In Women - 22:21

Guiding Light Around Corners With New Metamaterial Device - 22:21

Genetic Tests Advertised Directly To The Consumer - 02:22

Two Studies On Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Shed Light On Its Causes And Its Effect On Brothers Of Women With The Condition - 02:22

Key To Malaria Susceptibility In Children Discovered - 02:22

Mercury Released By Dental Amalgam Fillings Are Not High Enough To Cause Harm, FDA Finds - 02:22

Stories We Tell About National Trauma Reflect Our Psychological Well-being - 02:22

Pregnancy: Summer Heat Increases Risk Of Amniotic Fluid Level Deficiency, Study Reveals - 02:22

New Hope For Fisheries: Overfishing Reduced In Several Regions Around The World - 02:22

A Silly Pat On The Head Helps Seniors Remember Daily Medication - 02:22

Discovery About Behavior Of Building Block Of Nature Could Lead To Computer Revolution - 02:22

New Approach To Screening For Serious Kidney Disease - 02:22