Science Daily

Friday th 9th of May 2008

Speedier Precise Cancer Radiotherapy Now Available - 13:21

Silicon's Effect On Sunflowers Studied - 13:21

Virus Mimics Human Protein To Hijack Cell Division Machinery - 13:21

Taking The Sex Out Of Sexual Health Screening - 13:21

Newest GREET Model Updates Environmental Impacts Of Specific Fuels And Automobiles - 13:21

Swedish Space Gym Being Tested By Astronauts - 13:21

Arthritis Is A Potential Barrier To Physical Activity For Adults With Diabetes - 13:21

Federal Polar Bear Research Critically Flawed, Forecasting Expert Asserts - 13:21

Justice In The Brain: Equity And Efficiency Are Encoded Differently - 13:21

Previously Unseen Switch Regulates Breast Cancer Response To Estrogen - 13:21

Biological Weapons To Control Cane Toad Invasion In Australia - 13:21

Diet High In Saturated Fat Contributes To Prostate Cancer Treatment Failure, Study Suggests - 13:21

Surprising Discovery: Multicellular Response Is 'All For One' - 13:21

The 'Wall Paper Peeling Mystery' Explained By Physicists - 11:28

Suspected Cause Of Type 1 Diabetes Caught 'Red-handed' For The First Time - 11:28

Beekeepers Report Continued Heavy Losses From Colony Collapse Disorder - 11:28

Protecting Oysters From Burrowing Shrimp - 11:28

Sizing Up Teen Snacking - 11:28

Scientists Endure Arctic For Last Campaign Prior To CryoSat-2 Launch - 10:21

Risks For Painkiller Abuse Do Not Outweigh Benefits Of Chronic Pain Control - 10:21

American Pain Society's Low Back Guideline Expanded To Cover Interventional Procedures - 10:21

NASA Successfully Completes First Series Of Ares Engine Tests - 10:21

Teen 'Self Medication' For Depression Leads To More Serious Mental Illness, New Report Reveals - 10:21

Carbon Dioxide Capture And Storage: Grasping At Straws In The Climate Debate? - 10:21

Modern Ceramics Help Advance Technology - 10:21

Cane Use May Reduce Risk Of Knee Osteoarthritis Progression - 10:21

New Link To Schizophrenia Discovered - 10:21

Merging Antennae Galaxies Move Closer - 10:21

Young People Are Intentionally Drinking And Taking Drugs For Better Sex, European Survey Finds - 10:21

Made-to-order Isotopes Hold Promise On Science's Frontier - 10:21

Computed Radiography System Helps Uncover Secrets From The Past - 10:21

A Real-life 'I Am Legend?' Researcher Champions Development Of 'Reovirus' As Potential Treatment For Cancer - 10:21

When Bears Steal Human Food, Mom's Not To Blame - 10:21

Photosynthetic Dimmer Switch For Plants Identified - 10:21

Thursday th 8th of May 2008

Biologists Names New Spider After Neil Young - 19:21

Patients With Chronic Illness Benefit From Telehealth Intervention - 19:21

76-teraflop Supercomputer Installed For Critical Research On Climate Change, Severe Weather - 19:21

6-month Follow-up Diagnostic Mammograms Recommended For Women With Probably Benign Lesions, Study Suggests - 19:21

GIOVE-B Transmitting Its First Signals - 19:21

Too Much Or Too Little Weight Gain Poses Risks To Pregnant Mothers, Babies - 19:21

Computer Game's High Score Could Earn The Nobel Prize In Medicine - 19:21

Racial Discrimination Has Different Mental Health Effects On Asians, Study Shows - 19:21

RFID Testbed Measures Multiple Tags At Once And Rapidly Assesses New Antenna Designs - 19:21

Seed Dispersal In Mauritius -- Dead As A Dodo? - 19:21

Prions Show Their Good Side - 19:21

Superbug Genome Sequenced: Steno Has Remarkable Capacity For Drug Resistance - 19:21

Do Antidepressants Enhance Immune Function? - 19:21

Skin Flaps Deliver Cancer-fighting Therapy, Study Reveals - 19:21

Nitrates In Vegetables Protect Against Gastric Ulcers, Study Shows - 19:21

New Evidence From Earliest Known Human Settlement In The Americas - 19:21