Science Daily

Monday th 1st of December 2008

Some 'Good Cholesterol' Is Actually Bad, Study Shows - 11:42

Brain's Magnetic Fields Reveal Language Delays In Autism - 10:30

Lower Childhood IQ Associated With Higher Risk Of Adult Mental Disorders - 10:30

Antibiotics: Single Largest Class Of Drugs Causing Liver Injury - 10:30

Bariatric Surgery May Resolve Liver Disease - 10:30

Cleanliness Makes People Less Severe In Moral Judgments - 10:30

How Ovarian Tumors Evade Immune System - 10:30

How Shift Workers Can Improve Job Performance And Implement Realistic Sleep Schedule - 10:30

Test-tube Babies Profitable Business For The State, Swedish Study Shows - 10:30

Young Gymnasts Suffering New Types of Injuries, MRI Shows - 10:30

Persistent Pollutant May Promote Obesity - 10:29

Drivers Distracted More By Cell Phones Than By Passengers - 09:36

Acupuncture Just As Effective Without Needle Puncture, Study Shows - 09:36

Antarctica Has More Species Than Galapagos, First Comprehensive Inventory Of Life In Antarctica Shows - 09:36

Children With Sickle Cell Disease Receiving Inadequate Care, Study Finds - 02:28

Diabetes Medications In Same Class Carry Different Risks Of Heart Failure, Death - 02:28

Genomic Causes Of Certain Type Of Leukemia Relapse Identified - 02:28

Life Is A Highway: Study Confirms Cars Have Personality - 02:28

Potassium Loss From Blood Pressure Drugs May Explain Higher Risk Of Adult Diabetes - 02:28

Memory Mission Explores New Territory In Neuroscience - 02:28

New Way Epigenetic Information is Inherited: Small RNAs Inherited From Mother Determines Offspring’s Fertility Trait - 02:28

People Wasting Billions Of Dollars On 'Quack' Health Food And Weight Loss Products, Expert Says - 02:28

Scientists Invent Machine That Sorts Pomegranate Seeds - 02:28

Blocking A Neuropeptide Receptor Decreases Nicotine Addiction - 02:28

Cancer Cell 'Bodyguard' Turned Into Killer - 02:28

Genetic Variants Giving Rise To Differences In Metabolism Identified - 02:28

How Many Meteorites Have Landed In Western Canada? Prospects For The Missing Holocene Impact Record - 02:28

Better Golf Ball Dimples Result in Less Drag and Balls That Fly Farther - 02:28

Why Are So Many Infectious Diseases Jumping From Animals To Humans? - 02:28

Sunday th 30th of November 2008

Bio-inspired Wing Design To Revolutionize Aircraft Flight - 22:42

Carbon Dioxide Helped Ancient Earth Escape Deathly Deep Freeze - 21:35

Cell Movements Totally Modular, Stanford Study Shows - 21:35

Scientists Developing Safer Food Allergy Treatment - 21:35

Smallpox Vaccination Effective For Decades, Study Suggests - 21:35

Depression Treatment: Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy As Effective As Anti-depressant Medication, Study Suggests - 21:35

Volcanic Eruption Signals Simulated In Lab For First Time - 21:35

Want Sustainable Fishing? Keep Only Small Fish, And Let The Big Ones Go - 21:35

Sex Life Of Killer Fungus Finally Revealed - 17:28

Combining Targeted Therapy Drugs May Treat Previously Resistant Tumors - 17:28

Key To Keeping Killer T Cells In Prime Shape For Fighting Infection, Cancer - 16:21

New Statistical Model Could Help Reduce Breast-lesion Biopsies - 10:42

Saturday th 29th of November 2008

Humanity May Hold Key For Next Earth Evolution - 18:49

YouTube Usage Decoded - 18:49

Pesticides Are In For It Now - 18:49

A Surgeon You Can Swallow - 18:49

Tracking Down Strange Seismic Waves - 18:49

Is An Anchor Responsible For Mad Cow Disease (BSE) Infections? - 18:49

Specific DNA Variations Of The Serotonin Transporter Gene Can Influence Drinking Intensity - 18:49

Model To Measure Soil Health In Bioenergy Era - 18:49

Three Esophageal, Stomach Cancer Subtypes Linked To Smoking; One Associated With Alcohol Use - 18:49