Science Daily

Thursday th 21st of May 2009

How The Body Differentiates Between A Burn And A Cut - 20:35

Glutamine Supplements Show Promise In Treating Stomach Ulcers - 20:35

Anti-inflammatory Effect Of 'Rotten Eggs' Gas - 20:35

Mars: Windy, Wet And Wild: Victoria Crater Unveils More Of Mars' Geologic Past - 20:35

Risk Of Facial Fractures In Motor Vehicle Crashes Decreasing - 20:35

DNA Deletion Makes Swedish Chlamydia 'Invisible' - 20:35

Preventative Treatment Against Malaria May be Less Effective in Malnourished Children - 20:35

Police Radar For Measuring Speeding Cars Improved - 20:35

Fish Really Is 'Brain Food': Vitamin D May Lessen Age-related Cognitive Decline - 20:35

BPA, Chemical Used To Make Plastics, Found To Leach From Polycarbonate Drinking Bottles Into Humans - 20:35

Sick Of The Same Old Thing? Researcher Finds Satiation Solution - 09:21

Historical Anecdote Of Jordan's Red Soils May Offer New Antibiotic - 09:21

Early Exposure To Tobacco Smoke May Lead To Early Emphysema Later - 09:21

From A Queen Song To A Better Music Search Engine - 09:21

Aerosolized Nanoparticles Show Promise For Delivering Antibiotic Treatment - 09:21

Why Do People With Down Syndrome Have Less Cancer? Research In Mice And Human Stem Cells Suggests New Therapeutic Targets - 09:21

Children Whose Mothers Smoked During Pregnancy And Early Childhood More Likely To Smoke As Adults - 09:21

Fast, Affordable Tool For Finding Gene 'On-off' Switches - 09:21

Genital Stimulation Opens Door For Cryptic Female Choice In Tsetse Flies - 09:21

Reassuring Evidence On The Outcome Of Children Born After Embryo Freezing - 09:21

Marine Mammals' Brains Exposed To Hazardous Cocktail Of Pesticides Including DDT, PCBs, Brominated Flame Retardants - 09:21

Tying Education To Future Goals May Boost Grades More Than Helping With Homework - 09:21

Obese Moms, Asthmatic Kids - 09:21

How An Enzyme Tells Stem Cells Which Way To Divide - 09:21

Bird Songs Change With The Landscape - 09:21

Wings That Waggle Could Cut Aircraft Emissions By 20% - 08:35

Wednesday th 20th of May 2009

Snail Venoms Reflect Reduced Competition - 21:21

Influenza Virus Evades Body's Immune Response Through Newly Discovered Mechanism - 21:21

Fathers Respond To Teens' Risky Sexual Behavior With Increased Supervision - 20:35

Low-cost Materials For Capturing Solar Energy - 20:35

Vitamin D Insufficiency Linked To Bacterial Vaginosis In Pregnant Women - 20:35

Arsenic In Irrigation Water Is Transferred To Crops - 20:35

AIDS Patients With Serious Complications Benefit From Early Retroviral Use, Study Shows - 20:35

Use Science To Convince Teens A Sober Prom Is Better - 20:35

Important Clue Found To Help Identify Common Cause Of Kidney Failure In Children - 20:35

Non-wovens As Scaffolds For Artificial Tissue - 20:35

Low Oxygen Levels In Prostate Tumors Can Predict Recurrence - 20:35

Swine Flu: Influenza A (H1N1) Susceptibility Linked To Common Levels Of Arsenic Exposure - 20:35

Long-awaited Atomic Structure Of Well-known Enzyme Solved: Discovery Heralds New Approaches To Protein-engineered Biofuels - 20:35

Survival Predictors May Help Customize Treatment Options For Men With Metastatic Prostate Cancer - 20:35

Midge Bones In Lake Sediments Reveal Fish History - 20:35

Vitamin D May Halt Lung Function Decline In Asthma And COPD - 20:35

'Five Dimensional' Discs With A Storage Capacity 2,000 Times That Of Current DVDs - 20:35

Cancer Stem Cells May Be Related To Prognosis In Primary Breast Cancer - 20:35

Agricultural Aromatherapy: Lavender Oil As Natural Herbicide - 20:35

Protein From Algae Shows Promise For Stopping SARS - 20:35

'Junk' DNA Has Important Role, Researchers Find - 20:35

Area Of Brain That Makes A 'People Person' Discovered - 20:35

Immunotherapy Effective Against Neuroblastoma In Children - 20:35

Robotic Therapy Holds Promise For Cerebral Palsy - 20:35