Science Daily

Monday th 7th of September 2009

Made-to-measure Solutions For Enhancing Prostheses Of Amputated Legs - 00:35

Patients With Renal Disease Under-treated After Myocardial Infarction - 00:35

Chemotherapy Resistance: Checkpoint Protein Provides Armor Against Cancer Drugs - 00:35

Lipid Involved With Gene Regulation Uncovered; Findings May Lead To Development Of Drugs To Fight Cancer - 00:35

'Achilles' Heel' In Y Chromosome Linked To Sex Disorders - 00:35

US Energy Use Drops In 2008 - 00:35

Racial Disparity Studied In Patients Undergoing Liver Transplantation For Hepatitis B - 00:35

Satellites And Submarines Give The Skinny On Sea Ice Thickness - 00:35

Key Protein Controlling Brain Formation Identified - 00:35

That Late-night Snack: Worse Than You Think - 00:35

Climate Change Influences The Size Of Marine Organisms: Big Advantage For The Small - 00:35

New Asthma Predictors Needed To Determine Future Risk In Certain Patients - 00:35

Promising New Target Emerges For Autoimmune Diseases - 00:35

More Genetic Risk Factors For Alzheimer's Disease Found - 00:35

Humans Causing Erosion Comparable To World’s Largest Rivers And Glaciers - 00:35

Cheat-Resistant 3D IPhone Game Relies On Score-Checking Replays - 00:32

Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer Is Associated With Disruption Of Sleep-wake Rhythm In Women - 00:32

Natural Compounds, Chemotherapeutic Drugs May Become Partners In Cancer Therapy - 00:32

Diabetes Advance: Researchers Find Gene That Causes Resistance To Insulin - 00:32

Molecular Decay Of Enamel-specific Gene In Toothless Mammals Supports Theory Of Evolution - 00:32

Organic Electronics A Two-way Street, Thanks To New Plastic Semiconductor - 00:32

Pancreatic Cancer Affects Blacks At Higher Rates - 00:32

Termites Eavesdrop On Competitors To Survive - 00:32

Hydrogen Storage Gets New Hope - 00:29

Saturday th 5th of September 2009

Greening University Classrooms: Adding Plants Increases Student Satisfaction - 22:29

Parkinson’s Disease: Iron Accumulation To The Point Of Demise - 22:29

Large-scale Study Probes How Cells Fight Pathogens - 22:29

Discovery Leads To Rapid Mouse 'Personalized Trials' In Breast Cancer - 22:29

Economists Measure GDP Growth From Outer Space - 22:29

Health Experts Offer Action Steps Local Governments Can Use To Cut Childhood Obesity Rates - 22:29

Open Source DNA: A New Solution To Guarantee Privacy And Scientific Freedom In Genetic Research - 22:29

Mitotic Release Of Chromatin-binding RNA Gives Insight Into X Chromosome Silencing - 22:29

Indoor Plants Found To Release Volatile Organic Compounds - 22:29

Researchers Identify Key Contributor To Pre-eclampsia - 22:29

Design Research Points The Way So You Won't Get Lost At The Hospital - 22:29

Flying By The Skin Of Our Teeth - 22:29

Cardiac Biomarker Levels Strongly Predict Outcome Of Bypass Surgery - 22:24

Insomnia Is Bad For The Heart; Increases Blood Pressure - 22:22

Researchers Identify Critical Gene For Brain Development, Mental Retardation - 22:22

Milky Way's Not-so-distant Cousin Likely Harbors Supermassive Black Hole - 22:21

Friday th 4th of September 2009

How Can Clinicians Help Patients Make Decisions Consistent With Their Values? - 18:27

Species Diversity Helps Researchers Refine Analyses Of Human Gene Mutations - 18:27

People With Type 2 Diabetes Not Meeting Important Nutritional Recommendations - 18:27

Researcher Uses 100,000 Degree Heat To Study Plasma, What Happens To Matter Around Black Holes - 18:27

New Treatment In Sight For Ovarian Cancer - 18:27

Early Warning Signals Of Change: 'Tipping Points' Identified Where Sudden Shifts To New Conditions Occur - 18:27

New Study Compares After-hours And Daytime Surgery Success Rates - 18:27

Weeds That Reinvented Weediness: New Research Sheds Light On Origins And Success Of Flowering Plants - 18:27

Patients' Pretreatment Quality Of Life Can Predict Overall Lung Cancer Survival - 18:27

New Graphene-based, Nano-material Has Magnetic Properties - 18:27