Science Daily

Saturday th 4th of April 2009

Well-timed Timeout Effective In Wiping Out Fear Memory Response - 10:14

New, More Effective Nisin Antibiotics Combat Superbugs And Food Diseases - 10:14

'Green Chemistry' Could Ease Manufacture, Boost Usefulness Of Cancer Drug - 10:14

Lead In The Blood Increases Women's Mortality - 10:14

Nicotine May Have More Profound Impact Than Previously Thought - 10:14

Friday th 3rd of April 2009

Hermit Arthropods 500 Million Years Ago? - 16:35

100 Hours Of Astronomy: Worldwide Astronomy Marathon Set To Break Records - 15:28

Breast Cancer: To Screen Or Not To Screen? - 15:28

Unexpected Behavior Of Quantum Dots When Combining To Form Molecules - 15:28

Protein From Tick Saliva Studied For Potential Myasthenia Gravis Treatment - 15:28

Alternatives To Pine Bark And Peatmoss Identified For Commercial, Home Gardens - 15:28

Earlier HIV Treatment Lengthens Survival: More Compelling Evidence - 15:28

Multi-colored Uniforms Improve Perceptions Of Hospital Nurses Among Children And Parents - 15:28

External Focus Improves Postural Stability In Patients With Parkinson's Disease - 15:28

Carbon Dioxide Forms Polymeric Materials Under High Pressure - 15:28

Alzheimer's Disease Linked To Mitochondrial Damage - 15:28

Hydrogen Cars Closer To Reality With New Storage System - 15:28

Coming Face To Face With Autism - 15:28

High Dosage Brachytherapy Obtains Excellent Results In Head And Neck Tumors - 15:28

New X-ray Spectroscopic Tool For Probing The Interstellar Medium - 15:28

Artificial Pump Effectively Backs Up Failing Hearts - 15:28

Bird Can 'Read' Human Gaze - 15:28

Healing Heart Attack Victims, One Cell At A Time - 10:14

White Wine Can Make Tooth Stains Darker - 10:14

High Prevalence Of Infection With Three Recently Discovered Human Polyomaviruses - 10:14

As Good As It Gets: Octogenarian Muscles Don't Get Stronger With Exercise, Study Finds - 10:14

Tracking Acute Kidney Injury - 10:14

Use Of Light In Medical Therapy - 10:14

Sleep May Help Clear Brain For New Learning - 10:14

Robot Scientist Becomes First Machine To Discover New Scientific Knowledge - 09:07

Rising Sea Levels Will Lead To 'Relocation, Relocation, Relocation': Math Could Address Climate Change Population Concerns - 09:07

Individualized Stroke Treatment Available For Patients, Though Underutilized - 09:07

Omega-3 Kills Cancer Cells - 09:07

Brain Cells Have 'Memory', Researcher Discovers - 09:07

Graduate Student Researcher Takes Aim At Deadly Brain Tumors - 08:21

Young Women Warned Of Lung Cancer Risks - 08:21

Invasive Species: Will Europe At Last Unite To Combat Thousands Of Alien Invaders? - 08:21

New Methods And Tools For Development Of Embedded Systems - 08:21

Big Men More Susceptible To Atrial Fibrillation - 08:21

Does A New Popular Form Of Psychotherapy (Acceptance And Commitment Therapy) Work? - 08:21

Is Your Cognitive And Physical Functioning OK? New Instrument To Check It - 08:21

Is Malfunction Of Respiratory Epithelium A Cause Of Allergy? - 08:21

Bent Tectonics: How Hawaii Was Bumped Off - 08:21

One Of Brightest Gamma-Ray Bursts Ever Seen - 08:21

Collapse Of The Ice Bridge Supporting Wilkins Ice Shelf Appears Imminent - 08:21

Thursday th 2nd of April 2009

New Architects Of Service-oriented Computing - 22:14

Protective Role For Kallikrein Proteins In Kidney Disease - 22:14

Turning Back The Clock To Save The Bramley Apple - 22:14

New Strategy Developed To Diagnose Melanoma - 22:14

No Sponge In Human Family Tree: Sponges Descended From Unique Ancestor - 22:14