Science Daily

Saturday th 28th of February 2009

Case Report Of A Brain And Spinal Tumor Following Human Fetal Stem Cell Therapy - 02:24

How Inflammatory Disease Causes Fatigue - 02:24

'Wireless' Activation Of Brain Circuits - 02:22

Oral Microbiome: Spit Reveals A Lot About What Lives In Your Mouth - 02:21

Friday th 27th of February 2009

Healthy Food Availability Could Depend On Where You Live, As Does The Quality Of Your Diet - 21:28

Solar Energy Performance With Plastic Solar Cells Improved With New Method - 21:28

Alzheimer's-associated Plaques May Have Impact Throughout The Brain - 21:28

Babies Learn Music While Sleeping - 21:28

Light Or Fight? How Plants Make Tough Survival Choices - 17:21

HIV Is Evolving To Evade Human Immune Responses - 16:14

Cochlear Implant Surgery Is Safe For The Elderly, Study Suggests - 15:28

Ethanol Plants No Panacea For Local Economies, Study Finds - 15:28

Traces Of Blood Are Eliminated Completely By New Products Containing Active Oxygen - 15:28

Supplement Of Probiotics Provides A New Therapy For Ulcerative Colitis - 15:28

Compounds Protect Against Cerebral Palsy - 15:28

As Obesity Epidemic Spreads, More Patients Feel It In Their Bones And Joints - 14:21

Artificial Disc Replacement As Good Or Better Than Spinal Fusion Surgery, Study Suggests - 14:21

Nano-sonar Uses Electrons To Measure Under The Surface - 14:21

Video Game Everquest 2 Provides New Way To Study Human Behavior - 14:21

Many Faces Of Diabetes In American Youth - 14:21

Concussions Linked To Weakened Brain Functioning Years Later - 13:29

Relief for Early Shoulder Arthritis - 13:29

Frog's Immune System Is Key In Fight Against Killer Virus - 13:29

Knee Problems Of The Super-obese - 13:29

'Squeaky' Hip Implants - 13:29

New Safer Way Developed To Reprogrammed Stem Cells - 12:14

Health Campaigns That Promote Exercise May Cause People To Eat More - 12:14

Weakened Monsoon Season Predicted For South Asia, Due To Rising Temperatures - 12:14

Nano-origami Used To Build Tiny Electronic Devices - 12:14

New Devices Aid The Deaf By Translating Sound Waves To Vibrations - 12:14

Surface Water Contaminated With Salmonella, More Common Than Thought - 12:14

Burnout Among Police Officers: Differences In How Male, Female Police Officers Manage Stress May Accentuate Stress On The Job - 11:24

Type 1 Diabetes: Compounds That Trigger Beta Cell Replication Identified - 11:24

Commercial Ships Spew Half As Much Particulate Pollution As World's Cars - 11:24

Antibiotic Combination Defeats Extensively Drug-resistant TB - 11:24

Scientists Discover Why Teeth Form In A Single Row - 11:23

Crafty Australian Crayfish Cheat - 10:14

Self-digestion As A Means Of Survival - 10:14

Heat Could Be Stifling Turtles’ Swimming Abilities In Australia - 10:14

Genome Sequencing Of Fungus May Lead To Improved Bioethanol Production From Wood - 09:23

Newly Discovered Gene Plays Vital Role In Cancer - 09:23

Geothermal Energy: Intelligent Use Of The Earth’s Heat - 09:23

Secrets Of C. Difficile's Protective Shell Revealed, Paving The Way For New Superbug Drugs And Vaccines - 09:23

New Insights From Cellular Signals Pinpoint A Therapeutic Target To Tackle Cardiovascular Disease - 09:23

Why Didn’t Darwin Discover Mendel’s Laws? - 09:22

New Building Design Withstands Earthquake Simulation - 09:22

Long-Term Use Of Nutrient Supplements May Increase Cancer Risk - 09:22

Experimental Vaccine Protects Animals From Deadly Ebola Virus; May Prove Effective In Developing The First Human Vaccine - 09:22

Tigers Get A Stimulus Plan - 09:22

Critically Endangered Cheetahs In Algeria Snapped With Camera Trap - 09:22