Science Daily

Thursday th 18th of September 2008

New Oral Drug Shrinks Lung Cancers Before Surgery, Researchers Report - 16:34

Significant Increase In Alien Plants In Europe Observed - 16:33

Move Over Mean Girls -- Boys Can Be Socially Aggressive, Too - 16:33

The Greening Of Sub-Saharan Africa - 16:33

Blood Pressure Drug Combination Reduces Heart Attack Deaths - 16:33

Coating Improves Electrical Stimulation Therapy Used For Parkinson's, Depression, Chronic Pain - 16:32

How Often To Screen For Colon Cancer? Study Finds 5-year Risk Extremely Low - 16:32

Improving Our Ability To Peek Inside Molecules - 16:32

Children Who Are Concerned About Parents Arguing Are Prone To School Problems - 16:31

Developing Pea Varieties Tolerant Of Drought And Effects Of Climate Change - 16:31

Steroids Not As Effective In Obese Asthma Patients - 16:31

Capturing Replication Strategies Used By SARS Viruses In Their Bid To Spread - 16:31

Viral 'Magic Bullet' Targets Cancer Cells With Help Of New Compound - 16:30

Researchers Suppress 'Hunger Hormone' In Pigs: New Minimally Invasive Method Yields Result As Good As Bariatric Surgery - 16:30

Genetic Research Using Human Samples Requires New Types Of Informed Consent - 16:29

Scavenger Birds Chew The Fat - 16:29

Almost 7 Million Pregnant In Sub-Saharan Africa Infected With Hookworms - 16:29

Blanket Ban On Bushmeat Could Be Disastrous For Forest Dwellers In Central Africa, Says New Report - 16:29

New Leukemia Signal Could Point Way To Better Treatment - 16:29

Scientists Turn Human Skin Cells Into Insulin-producing Cells - 16:29

Signals From Blood Of Mother Enhance Maturation Of Brain - 16:29

From Xbox To T-cells: Borrowing Video Game Technology To Model Human Biology - 16:28

Small Numbers Of Patients With Drug-resistant TB May Account For High Proportion Of New Infections - 16:28

Criminals Who Eat Processed Foods More Likely To Be Discovered, Through Fingerprint Sweat Corroding Metal - 16:28

Top-selling Cholesterol Drug Does Little For Women, Study Suggests - 16:28

It’s All In The Hips: Early Whales Used Well Developed Back Legs For Swimming, Fossils Show - 16:28

Better Understanding Of Blood Vessel Constrictor Needed To Harness Its Power For Patients - 11:56

Site Used By Sodium To Control Sensitivity Of Certain Potassium Ion Channels - 11:56

Plants In Forest Emit Aspirin Chemical To Deal With Stress; Discovery May Help Agriculture - 11:56

Nitrate Concentrations Of Ground Water Increasing In Many Areas Of The United States - 11:56

RNA Interference Plays Bigger Role Than Previously Thought - 11:56

Treatment With New Drug Might Make Tumor Cells More Sensitive To Therapy - 11:56

Thin Men More Vulnerable To Osteoporosis And Bone Fractures Than Other Older Men - 10:28

New Mechanism For Cardiac Arrhythmia Discovered - 10:28

Protein Identified That Plays Role In Blood Flow - 10:28

Doppler On Wheels Deployed At Hurricane Ike - 09:21

Security: Checking People At Airports – With Terahertz Radiation - 09:21

Optical Sensors Make MRI Scans Safer - 09:21

New Method For Building Multilingual Ontologies That Can Be Applied To The Semantic Web - 09:21

Genes Linked To Blindness Produced By Corneal Oedema Identified - 09:21

Does Probiotic Intervention Induce The Serum Global Lipid Profile Change? - 08:35

Novel Anti-cancer Mechanism Found In Long-lived Rodents - 08:35

Child Witnesses: How To Improve Their Performance - 08:35

Report Offers Advice To McCain, Obama On Science And Technology Appointments - 08:35

Researchers Invigorate 'Exhausted' Immune Cells - 08:35

New Synthetic Form Of Protein Holds Promise To Stop Cancer Spread - 08:35

More Than Skin Deep: There's No Such Thing As A 'Safe' Suntan, Researchers Warn - 08:35

Blissfully Ignorant: Skip Those Pesky Details - 07:50

New Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Could Jump-start Hybrid Electric Car Efficiency - 07:50

MRI Reveals Inner Ear Anomalies In Children With Hearing Loss - 07:50