Science Daily

Wednesday th 20th of May 2009

Stem Cell Transplant In Mouse Embryo Yields Heart Protection In Adulthood - 11:14

Neurons That 'Mirror' The Attention Of Others Discovered - 11:14

Technology To 'Watch Over' Vulnerable Road Users - 11:14

New Target To Combat Cancer? Defects In Pathway Underlying Fanconi Anaemia Can Cause Cancer In Non-FA Patients - 11:14

Sprained Ankle Rehab Complicated By Delayed Muscle Response, Study Finds - 11:14

Old Diabetes Drug Teaches Experts New Tricks - 11:14

Monkeys Found To Wonder What Might Have Been - 11:14

Spread Of Malaria Parasites Curbed With Combination Of Methylene Blue And New Malaria Drugs - 10:22

Genetic Pathway Responsible For Much Of Plant Growth Identified - 10:22

Protein That Suppresses Androgen Receptors Could Improve Prostate Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment - 10:22

Exposure To Two Languages Carries Far-reaching Benefits - 10:22

High Self-reported Asthma Rates Near New York's Ground Zero After Sept. 11, 2001 Attacks - 10:22

Better Cardiorespiratory Fitness Related To Lower Risk Of Death, Cardiovascular Disease - 10:21

Tone Language Is Key To Perfect Pitch - 10:21

Proteins Underlying Devastating Brain Diseases Uncovered - 10:21

Lifestyle Program For Patients With COPD Is Health And Cost Effective - 09:35

New Evolutionary Computing Developments Optimize Complex Problem Solving - 09:35

Couples To Rely On Male Contraceptive For New Trial - 09:35

New Strategies For Cell Therapy To Regenerate Damaged Heart - 06:14

Action Of Ghrelin Hormone Increases Appetite And Favors Accumulation Of Abdominal Fat - 06:14

World's Observatories Watching 'Cool' Star - 06:14

Walk Test Can Predict Course Of Heart Failure For Black Patients - 06:14

MRSA: Potentially Deadly Infection, Once Seen Primarily In Hospitalized Patients, Now Linked To Common Foot Conditions - 06:14

Teens Who Think They’re Overweight More Likely To Try Suicide - 06:14

Making Bio Fuels, Textiles and Paper With Eco-friendly Wood Dissolution Process - 05:28

Particleboard Manufacture: Seeing Invisible Resin - 05:28

Tuesday th 19th of May 2009

How Glucocorticoid Drugs Protect The Heart - 22:42

Special Protein Helps Maintain An Efficient Brain - 22:42

Feeding Behaviors In Monkeys And Humans Have Ancient, Shared Roots, Bolivian Rainforest Study Suggests - 22:42

Even In Hostile Working Environments, Employees Reluctant To Leave Jobs - 22:42

Discovery In Colon Cancer Prevention - 22:42

Mars And Earth Activities Aim To Get Spirit Rover Rolling Again - 22:42

Some People Really 'Never Forget A Face:' Understanding Extraordinary Face Recognition Ability - 22:42

Cocaine: Perceived As A Reward By The Brain? - 22:42

Pandemic Passenger Screening For Airports - 22:42

Trace Elements Unbalanced In Dialysis Patients - 22:42

River Delta Areas Can Provide Clue To Environmental Changes - 22:42

Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests - 22:42

New Way Of Treating The Flu - 22:42

Of Body And Mind, And Deep Meditation - 22:42

Why Eczema Often Leads To Asthma - 22:42

How Crabs That Live In Hydrothermal Vents Reproduce - 22:42

Drug Deliver With Nanotechnology: Capsules Encapsulated - 22:42

Climate Change Odds Much Worse Than Thought - 22:42

'Singing Brain' Offers Epilepsy And Schizophrenia Clues - 11:17

First Evidence Of Pre-industrial Mercury Pollution In The Andes - 11:17

Swine Flu And Other New Infectious Diseases -- What's The Risk? - 10:23

Genetic Factors May Predict Depression In Heart Disease Patients - 10:23

Common Ancestor Of Humans, Modern Primates? 'Extraordinary' Fossil Is 47 Million Years Old - 10:23

Biological Link Established Between Tumors And Depression - 10:22