Science Daily

Thursday th 2nd of April 2009

New Marker For Prostate Cancer Progression - 11:21

Young Vegetarians May Have Healthier Diets But Could Be At Risk For Disordered Eating Behaviors - 11:21

New Fat-fighting Pathway Discovered - 11:21

Mollusks Taste Memories To Build Shells - 11:21

Hot Solution To Bean Sprout Safety - 11:21

Faster, Better Diagnosis For Patients With Heart Rhythm Disorders - 11:21

New Way To Battle MRSA And Superbugs - 11:21

The More Oral Bacteria, The Higher The Risk Of Heart Attack, Study Shows - 11:21

Spintronics Advance Reveals New Conservation Law In Fundamental Physics - 11:21

Bacterial Toxin Leads To Systemic Infection - 11:21

Flatland Physics Probes Mysteries Of Superfluidity - 11:21

Taste, Odor Intervention Improves Cancer Therapy, According To Study - 11:21

Huge Population Of Rare Dolphins Discovered - 11:21

Dealing With Dwarfism - 11:21

Researchers Decipher Blood Stem Cell Attachment, Communication - 11:21

The Protein SRF Keeps The Skin Healthy - 11:21

DNA Analysis Uncovers The Prehistory Of Norwegian Red Deer - 11:21

Blood Test For Brain Injuries Gains Momentum - 11:21

Death Of A Child In The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Long-term Consequences For Siblings - 10:14

Supervised Exercise Therapy Can Lead To Improvements In COPD Symptoms - 10:14

Researchers Enhance Spam Call Filtering - 10:14

Effects Of Disease Severity On Autobiographical Memory In Semantic Dementia Revealed In New Study - 10:14

Diabetes Drug Class Linked To Vision-Threatening Complication - 10:14

Sharp Increase In HPV-positive Tonsil Cancer Found - 10:14

Hormone Prolactin Reduces Fat Metabolism - 10:14

Parents' Sexuality Influences Adoption Choices - 10:14

High-resolution Image Of The Brightest Orion Trapezium Star - 10:14

Virus Induced Myocarditis Prevented In Mice - 10:14

Beverage Consumption A Bigger Factor In Weight - 10:14

Naturally Fluorescent Molecules May Serve As Cancer Biomarker - 10:14

Surprisingly High Rate Of Patients Readmitted To Hospital Within A Month - 02:15

Overexpression Of Fatty Acid Synthase Promotes Prostate Cancer In Mouse Models - 02:14

Brain Surgery On Monday, Home On Tuesday - 02:14

Carbon Capture Has A Sparkling Future, New Findings Show - 02:14

Making The List: Disparities In Kidney Transplant Waiting Lists - 02:14

Magnetism Governs Properties Of Iron-based Superconductors - 02:14

Making Gene Therapy Safer Using Self-inactivating LTRs - 02:14

Source Of Major Health Benefits In Olive Oil Revealed - 02:14

Health Undervalued In Reproductive Rights Debate - 02:14

Climate Change Fears For Deadly Virus Outbreaks In Livestock - 02:14

Reductions In Cancer And Overall Mortality Persist 10 Years After Vitamin And Mineral Supplementation - 02:14

Network Turns Soldiers' Helmets Into Sniper Location System - 02:14

New Way To Fight Cocaine Addiction Discovered - 02:14

New Theory Of Autism Suggests Symptoms Or Disorder May Be Reversible - 02:14

From Stress To Financial Mess: Acute Stress Affects Financial Decision Making - 02:14

Evolutionary Origin Of Bacterial Chromosomes Revealed - 02:14

Diet Affects Diversity Of Microbes In Human Gut, And In Turn, Colon Cancer Risk - 02:14

Experimental Parkinson's Therapy May Have Robust Weight-loss Effect - 02:14

Cholesterol Crystals Linked To Cardiovascular Attacks - 02:14

Hidden Exoplanet Found In Archival Data - 02:14