Science Daily

Thursday th 3rd of September 2009

Magnetic Monopoles Detected In A Real Magnet For The First Time - 23:14

Promise Of Nanodiamonds For Safer Gene Therapy - 12:21

Prodrug Could Help Curb Skin Toxicity Related To EGFR-inhibiting Cancer Drugs - 12:21

GERD Negatively Impacts Sleep Quality, Results In Considerable Economic Burden - 12:21

Trash Or Treasure? Discarded US Computers Often Get A Second Life - 10:28

Over Time, An Invasive Plant Loses Its Toxic Edge - 10:28

Last Chance To Save Rare Asian Animal From Extinction? - 09:21

Ibuprofen From Oil? Researchers Apply An Ecological Process - 09:21

World-first Swine-flu Vaccine Trial Reveals One Dose Provides 'Strong Immune Response' - 09:21

YouTube Videos Yield Clues To Brain Injury Symptom: 'Fencing Response' In Knockout Hits - 09:21

Laser Pulses Control Single Electrons In Complex Molecules - 09:21

Researchers Induce HIV-neutralizing Antibodies That Recognize HIV-1 Envelope Protein, Lipids - 09:21

Chemists Reach From The Molecular To The Real World With Creation Of 3-D DNA Crystals - 09:21

Will Kepler Find Habitable Moons? - 09:21

Deaths From Unintentional Injuries Increase For Many Groups - 09:21

Early 20th Century Evolutionist May Have Discovered Epigenetics - 09:21

Buyer Beware: Estrogen Supplements Not As Effective As Claimed, Researchers Find - 09:21

Bighorn Sheep: Is 'Personality Type' Linked To Longevity, Offspring? - 09:21

New Information About How Fat Increases Blood Pressure Could Help Identify Those At Risk - 09:21

Better Test To Detect DNA For Diagnosing Disease, Investigating Crimes - 09:21

New Computer Models Aim To Classify, Help Reduce Injury Accidents - 09:21

Image-guided Radiation Therapy May Improve Outcomes For Obese Prostate Cancer Patients - 09:21

Inflammatory Diseases Linked To Increased Cardiovascular Risk - 09:21

Those Blinded By Brain Injury May Still 'See', New Study Shows - 09:21

Random Targets And Excessive Profits: Climate Change Policies Not Working - 06:21

'Lucky Luke' Of The Seas: How Ambush-feeding Zooplankton Capture Prey - 06:21

Wednesday th 2nd of September 2009

Research At Academic Medical Centers Is Active, Diverse, Study Finds - 22:07

Shifting Baselines Confound River Restoration - 22:07

Improved Blood Circulation In Coronary Heart Disease - 22:07

'S' Stands For Surprise: Anticoagulant Plays Unexpected Role In Maintaining Circulatory Integrity - 22:07

A New Molecule To Combat Diabetes And Obesity - 22:07

Believing Is Seeing: Thoughts Color Perception -- Implications From Everyday Misunderstandings To Eyewitness Memory - 22:07

Rise In Weight-loss Drugs Prescribed To Combat Childhood Obesity - 22:07

Nano Data Storage: Researchers Study Ordering Mechanism In Metallofullerenes - 22:07

New Mouse Model Of Severe Kidney Disease Leads To Potential New Therapy - 22:07

Moths Cloaked In Color: Reexamining Parallel Evolution In Diurnal Neotropical Moths - 22:07

Discovery Holds Promise For New Effective Cancer Therapies - 22:07

First Genetic Link Between Reptile And Human Heart Evolution Found - 22:07

Evidence That Priming Affiliation Increases Helping Behavior In Infants As Young As 18 Months - 22:07

Study Evaluates Use Of Corticosteroids And Antiviral Agents For Treatment Of Bell Palsy - 22:07

Fungal Map Of Mutations Key To Increasing Enzyme Production For Bioenergy Use - 22:07

Avastin Dramatically Improves Response, Survival In Deadly Recurrrent Glioblastomas, Study Finds - 22:07

Injectable Biomaterial Regenerates Brain Tissue In Traumatic Injuries - 22:07

Functional MRI Forecasts Which Soldiers Might Be Vulnerable To Suicide - 22:07

Methane Gas Likely Spewing Into The Oceans Through Vents In Sea Floor - 22:07

Protein Modifier SUMO Helps Set Apart Females And Males - 22:07

High School Football, Wrestling Athletes Suffer Highest Rate Of Severe Injuries - 22:07

Novel Anti-cancer Drug Yields Positive Response In People With Advanced Skin And Brain Cancer - 22:07

Chimpanzees Develop 'Specialized Tool Kits' To Catch Army Ants - 22:07

Preparing For The H1N1 Pandemic: A Formidable Foe - 13:28