Science Daily

Friday th 5th of December 2008

Link Between Tobacco Smoke And Behavioral Problems In Boys With Asthma Strengthened With New Study - 11:22

Engineers Work To Make Historic Buildings Safer During Strong Earthquakes - 11:22

Dormant Stem Cells For Emergencies - 11:22

New Screening Tool To Identify Patients With Prediabetes - 11:21

Mobile Phones Affect Memory In Laboratory Animals, Swedish Study Finds - 11:21

Thursday th 4th of December 2008

Adult Survivors Of Childhood Leukemia Have Lower Bone Mineral Density, Study Finds - 17:43

Fruit Fly Research May Lead To Better Understanding Of Human Heart Disease - 17:43

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Still Increasing - 17:43

Wireless Crib Monitor Keeps Tabs On Baby's Breathing - 17:43

Study Offers Insights About Development Of Human Immune System - 17:43

New Insight On Wonder Of Cell Division - 17:43

Genetic Breakdown In Fanconi Anemia May Have Link To HPV-associated Cancer - 17:43

New Genetic Target For Sickle Cell Disease Therapy Found - 17:42

Quantum Trick Makes Metals Become Insulators - 17:42

Why The 'Perfect' Body Isn't Always Perfect: How Hormones Interact With Waist-to-hip Ratios In Women - 17:42

Opening Up The Last Part Of Electromagnetic Spectrum - 17:42

Cutting The Cord To Determine Babies' Health Risk From Toxic Exposure - 17:42

A Little Wine Boosts Omega-3 In The Body: Novel Mechanism For A Healthier Heart Found - 17:42

Ancient Climate Cycles Recorded In Mars Rocks - 17:42

Potential New Drug Target For Chronic Leukemia - 10:43

'Stress Tests' Probe Nanoscale Strains In Materials - 10:43

How Tiny Cell Proteins Generate Force To 'Walk' - 10:43

Protein That Determines Cell Polarity Prevents Breast Cancer, Study Suggests - 10:42

Towards Domestication Of Largest Fish In Amazon - 10:42

New Hope For Treatment Of Brain-damaging Disorder In Children - 10:42

Uncovering The Real Dirt On Granular Flow - 10:42

Preoperative Radiation May Improve Survival Rates In Advanced Rectal Cancer Patients - 10:42

Major Breakthrough For Dialysis Patients, According To Preliminary Results - 10:42

Fertility Patients Concerned About Embryo Disposition, But Resist Giving Embryos To Anyone Else - 09:31

Flesh-eating Bacteria: Blood Tests Can Help Detect Presence Of Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections - 09:31

Angled Gantry Technique Reduced Breast Radiation Exposure By 50 Percent - 09:31

Coerced Medication Used In Psychiatric Care Despite Lack Of Clinical Evidence - 09:31

Crystallography Reveals The 3D Structure Of Mammalian Sperm Receptor - 09:31

Traffic Violations Detected In A Flash - 09:30

Myth About 'dirty Old Men' Supported By Science - 09:30

Young People Choose Cars Above Greener Transport Options - 09:30

Learning By Blogging - 09:30

Safer, Better, Faster: Addressing Cryptography’s Big Challenges - 09:29

New Bone Implant Technology Using Techniques Used To Make Catalytic Converters - 09:29

New Population Of Extremely Rare Snub-Nosed Monkey Discovered - 09:29

Drug Marketing Techniques May Be Risking Patient Safety - 09:29

What’s Good For The Mouse Is Good For The Monkey: Skin Cells Reprogrammed Into Stem Cells - 09:28

Infants Participate In Complex Interactions With Their Parents - 09:28

Rolling 'Sea Grape' Rocks The Fossil Record - 09:28

Novel Human Stem Cell-based Model Of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Opens Doors For Rapid Drug Screening - 09:28

Brown Dwarfs Do Form Like Stars - 09:28

Dry Winter Weather Results In Highest Particulate Pollution Levels From Traffic - 08:42

Unique Extrasolar Planet Discovered By Students - 08:42

Robot That Jumps Like A Grasshopper And Rolls Like A Ball Created For Space Exploration - 08:42

Finding Baby Critically Endangered Goliath Grouper Fish Hiding In Mangroves With Help Of High-tech Sonogram - 00:42