Science Daily

Monday th 12th of May 2008

Timing Improves Cleft Palate Surgery - 19:21

Seeing Alzheimer's Amyloids With Electron Microscopy For First Time - 17:28

Molecule With 'Self-control' Synthesized - 17:28

When Following The Leader Can Lead Into The Jaws Of Death - 17:28

What's The Difference Between A Human And A Fruit Fly? - 17:28

Natural Section Favors Parasite Fitness Over Host Health - 17:28

Treatment For Severe Blood Loss: Less Is More - 17:28

Electrode Re-implantation Helps Some Parkinson's Disease Patients - 16:21

Anti-inflammatory Drugs Do Not Improve Cognitive Function In Older Adults, Study Suggests - 16:21

Obesity And Its Association With Heart Risk Documented - 16:21

Air Pollution May Be Associated With Blood Clots In Deep Leg Veins - 16:21

New MRI Technique Detects Subtle But Serious Brain Injury - 16:21

Multiple Sclerosis Can Affect Children's IQ, Thinking Skills - 16:21

New Theory Suggests How Hepatitis C May Cause Rare Immune Disease - 15:14

First-Ever Comprehensive Global Map Of Freshwater Systems Released - 15:14

Using Fruit To Aid The Sun's Work - 14:07

Nearly One-third Of All Inexpensive Earrings Examined Tested Positive For Nickel - 14:07

What Does The Label On Your Chicken Really Mean? - 14:07

Engineering Researchers Automate Analysis Of Protein Patterns - 14:07

College Student Sleep Patterns Could Be Detrimental - 14:07

Exercising In The City? Don't Get Exhaust-ed; Take It Inside - 14:07

Hot Climate Could Shut Down Plate Tectonics - 13:21

First Veterinary Corneal Implant Procedure In US Performed On Dog - 13:21

Memory Lane: Older Persons With More Schooling Spend Fewer Years With Cognitive Loss - 12:35

Medical Research Should Include More Women Participants And Examine The Role Of Gender In Disease, Researchers Urge - 12:35

New Clues To How Proteins Dissolve And Crystallize - 12:35

Seeing Clearly Despite The Clouds: New Approach Improves Atmospheric Aerosol Measurements On Cloudy Days - 12:35

Got Sugar? Skeletal Muscle Development Responds To Nutrient Availability - 12:35

Solar Variability: Striking A Balance With Climate Change - 12:35

Homeless Youth Need More Than Treatment For Substance Abuse, Study Says - 11:28

Phantoms In The Brain: Pain After Amputation - 11:28

Are Anxiety Disorders All In The Mind? - 11:28

Arsenic-based Therapy Shown To Help Eradicate Leukemia-initiating Cells - 11:28

How Embryonic Stem Cells Develop Into Tissue-specific Cells Demonstrated - 11:28

Ancient Protein Offers Clues To Killer Condition - 11:28

Waste Water Treatment: Oxidation Of Contaminants As If They Got Burnt In The Water Itself - 11:28

Pre-School Programs May Pay For Themselves In Reduced Treatment Later - 11:28

Human Vision Inadequate For Research On Bird Vision - 11:28

Both Boys And Girls Negatively Affected By Sexual Harassment - 11:28

Kids Think Eyeglasses Make Other Kids Look Smart - 11:28

How T Cell's Machinery Dials Down Autoimmunity - 11:28

Math Plus 'Geeky' Images Equals Deterred Students - 10:21

Sniffing Dogs Detect Feces To Help Monitor And Protect Threatened Animals In Brazil - 10:21

Coastal Waters Show Decline In Contaminants Over 20 Year Period - 09:35

New Process May Convert Toxic Computer Waste Into Safe Products - 09:35

Consumers Warm Up To 'Greener' Personal Care Products, But Labeling Controversy Broils - 09:35

Identifying Abnormal Protein Levels In Diabetic Retinopathy - 09:35

'Super Yeasts' Produce 300 Times More Protein Than Previously Possible - 09:35

Microwave Zapping Kills Invasive Species Before The Invasion - 09:35

Key Step In The 'Puncture' Mechanism Of Cell Death Revealed - 09:35