Science Daily

Wednesday th 11th of June 2008

GLAST Lifts Off On Gamma Ray Mission - 18:21

Decline In Cigarette Smoking Offset By Increase In Cigars, Snuff And Other Tobacco Products - 18:21

European System For Cutting Carbon Dioxide Emissions Is Working Well - 18:21

Diabetes Medication Associated With Slower Progression Of Retina Disease - 18:21

Measuring The Footprint Of Cells For Health And Competitive Sports - 18:21

Fossils Found In Tibet Revise History Of Elevation, Climate - 18:21

Chemical Engineering Researchers Identify Biofilms That Cause Infections - 18:21

Pivotal Breakthrough Made In Alcohol Addiction Treatment - 18:21

Vitamin D: New Way To Treat Heart Failure? - 18:21

Remedial Instruction Can Make Strong Readers Out Of Poor Readers, Brain Imaging Study Reveals - 18:21

Designing Microchips That Contain Multiple Selves - 18:21

Researchers Block Transmission Of Malaria In Animal Tests - 18:21

Woolly Mammoth Gene Study Changes Extinction Theory - 18:21

What's Mine Is Mine: Brain Scans Reveal What's Behind The Aversion To Loss Of Possessions - 18:21

Global Warming Could Release Trillions Of Pounds Of Carbon Annually From East Siberia's Vast Frozen Soils - 18:21

Pigs Raised Without Antibiotics More Likely To Carry Bacteria, Parasites - 18:21

New Properties Discovered In Entire Class Of Non-magnetic Materials - 18:21

NASA's Phoenix Lander Has An Oven Full Of Martian Soil - 14:07

Tune-deaf People May Hear A Sour Note Unconsciously - 09:35

Carbon Monoxide May Reduce Skeletal Muscle Injuries, Mouse Study Suggests - 09:35

Technology Enrolled In Hunt For Life On Mars - 09:35

Hi-dose Immunosuppressant Drug Reverses Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms In Selected Patients - 09:35

The Symbolic Monkey? Animals Can Comprehend And Use Symbols, Study Of Tufted Capuchins Suggests - 09:35

Eating Fish And Foods With Omega-3 Fatty Acids Linked To Lower Risk Of Age-related Eye Disease - 09:35

Gene Linked To Adult-onset Obesity Discovered - 09:35

'Plutoid' Chosen As Name For Solar System Objects Like Pluto - 09:35

Mercury Contamination Found In Stranded Victorian Dolphins - 09:35

Cancer-killing Viruses Influence Tumor Blood-vessel Growth - 09:35

Global Network Of Telescopes Simulates 6,000-mile Wide Telescope - 09:35

Space Weather: Interfering With The Global Positioning System - 08:28

Children In Non-English-speaking Households Face Many Health Disparities, Researcher Concludes - 07:21

Memory Loss Linked To Common Sleep Disorder - 07:21

Sleep Restriction Results In Increased Consumption Of Energy From Snacks - 07:21

Normal Sleep Linked To Successful Aging - 07:21

Primary Snoring In Children Impacts Cardiovascular Functioning - 07:21

Moderate Exercise Can Improve The Sleep Quality Of Insomnia Patients - 07:21

Disturbed Rest/activity Rhythms Strongly Associated With Mortality Rates In Older Men - 07:21

Self-help Program Delivered Online Can Improve Insomnia In Adults - 07:21

Novel Targeted Therapy Reduces Chemoresistance In Mouse Model Of Melanoma - 07:21

Tuesday th 10th of June 2008

Quick Responses To Influenza Outbreaks Reduces Illness And Death - 18:11

Serotonin Link To Impulsivity, Decision-making, Confirmed - 18:11

Use Of Bright Lighting May Improve Dementia Symptoms For Elderly Persons - 18:11

Stem Cell Discovery Sheds Light On Placenta Development - 18:10

Otters Reveal Their Identity - 18:10

Permafrost Threatened By Rapid Retreat Of Arctic Sea Ice, Study Finds - 18:10

New Wireless Sensor Network Keeps Tabs On The Environment - 18:10

Traits Of Aggressive Form Of Prostate Cancer Identified - 18:10

Understanding Delayed Puberty: Scientists Study Migration Of Neurons That Enable Sexual Maturity in Zebrafish - 18:10

Good Dental Hygiene May Help Prevent Heart Infection - 18:10

Common Bowel Problem Linked To Chili Pepper Pain Receptor - 18:10