Science Daily

Tuesday th 24th of February 2009

DNA evidence is in, psychedelic looking bouncing fish is a new species, dubbed 'psychedilica' - 17:28

Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant Is Now 'Dust Factory' Around Dead Star - 14:21

Watching Venus Glow In The Dark - 14:21

Beware The Left-digit Effect: Price Gimmicks May Affect Choice - 08:14

First Step Towards A World Reclassification Of Viruses - 08:14

Lowering Your Cholesterol May Decrease Your Risk Of Cancer - 08:14

Don't Touch That Dial! Watching Commercials Leads To Greater Enjoyment Of TV Programs - 08:14

Turbulence May Promote Birth Of Massive Stars - 08:14

Do Experiences Or Material Goods Make Us Happier? - 08:14

Patience Pays Off With Methanol For Uranium Bioremediation - 08:14

Working On A Vaccine for the Plague - 08:14

Sprightly Explanation For UFO Sightings? - 08:14

Why Hair Turns Gray Is No Longer A Gray Area: Our Hair Bleaches Itself As We Grow Older - 08:14

Superconductivity: The New High Critical Temperature Superconductors - 02:35

Re-shaping The Family: What Happens When Parents Seek Siblings Of Their Donor-conceived Children - 02:35

Muscular Dystrophy And Exercise-induced Muscle Fatigue Have More In Common Than You Might Think - 01:22

New Insight Into How The Immune System Is Finely Balanced In The Livers Of Individuals Chronically Infected With Hepatitis C Virus - 01:22

Protein Complex Linked To Parkinson Disease - 01:22

Increased Research In Flu Transmission Needed To Prepare For Pandemic Flu Outbreak, Study Suggests - 01:22

Periodontitis And Myocardial Infarction: A Shared Genetic Predisposition - 01:22

Hot Chili Peppers Help Unravel The Mechanism Of Pain - 01:22

Women Less Likely To Receive Critical Care After A Stroke, Researchers Find - 01:22

HPV Vaccine Does Not Increase Risk Of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Study Suggests - 01:22

Insight Into Ways Organ Systems Outside The Brain May Affect Alzheimer's Disease - 01:22

Shape-shifting Coral Evade Identification - 01:22

Breaking The Barrier: Discovery Of Anti-resistance Factors And Novel Ocean Drugs - 01:22

Figuring Out Green Power: Scientists Speed Up Discovery Of Plant Metabolism Genes - 01:22

Calcium Associated With Lower Risk Of Cancer In Women - 01:22

Brain Hub That Links Music, Memory And Emotion Discovered - 01:22

For Iraq Veterans, Headaches Continue After Traumatic Brain Injury - 01:21

Nanoparticle Toxicity Doesn't Get Wacky At The Smallest Sizes - 01:21

Childhood Chicken Pox Can Lead To Shingles Later In Life - 01:21

Vitamin D Deficiency May Increase Risk Of Colds, Flu - 01:21

Technique Tricks Bacteria Into Generating Their Own Vaccine - 01:21

Drug Improves Memory In Alzheimer's Disease, Animal Study Suggests - 01:21

Male Infertility Associated With Testicular Cancer - 01:21

Genetic Discovery Could Lead To Advances In Dental Treatment - 01:21

Monday th 23rd of February 2009

Asian Elephants Under Increasing Threat As Illegal Ivory Prices Soar - 11:23

New Questions About Evolution Of Hormones In Mammals - 11:23

'Quantum Data Buffering' Scheme Demonstrated; Potentially Useful For Quantum Computers - 11:23

Key To Regenerative Therapies? Process For Expansion And Division Of Heart Cells Identified - 11:23

Tree Lizard’s Quick Release Escape System Makes Jumpers Turn Somersaults - 11:23

Non-traditional Therapy Is Effective As Pain Management, Study Suggests - 11:22

Women's Cancer Outcomes Improved By Surgical Evaluation - 11:22

Take A Darwinian Approach To A Dangerous World: Ecologist Preaches 'Natural' Security For Homeland Defense - 11:22

Most Detailed Lunar Map Suggests Little Water Inside Moon - 11:22

Enhanced Skin Cancer Risk Linked To Defects In Cellular Aging Controls - 10:36

Human Stem Cells Provide A New Model For Lou Gehrig's Disease - 10:36

Patients That Seek Health News On Internet More Likely To Receive Latest Treatments - 10:36

Ocean Becoming More Acidic, Potentially Threatening Marine Life - 10:36