Science Daily

Saturday th 23rd of August 2008

Fish Cancer Gene Linked To Pigment Pattern That Attracts Mates - 00:28

Genome Of Simplest Animal Reveals Ancient Lineage, Confounding Array Of Complex Capabilities - 00:28

Insomnia: Changing Your Bedtime Habits Could Help - 00:28

Pangea Conundrum - 00:28

Stroke Incidence Declines Among Swedish Diabetics - 00:28

Drier, Warmer Springs In US Southwest Stem From Human-caused Changes In Winds - 00:28

Friday th 22nd of August 2008

Operations Research Promises Continued Gains For HIV Treatment In Resource-limited Countries - 21:28

Snacks In Small Packages May Lead To Overeating - 21:28

Characteristics, Treatment Options For XXYY Syndrome - 21:28

Undergrads' Amazon Trip Yields A Treasure Trove Of Diversity - 21:28

Tiny Cellular Antennae Trigger Neural Stem Cells - 21:28

Rigorous Earthquake Simulations Aim To Make Buildings Safer - 14:21

Even Seaweeds Get Sunburned - 11:21

The Older The Fatter: Longitudinal Study About Overweight Children - 11:21

Biological Chips For Disease Detection, Drug Discovery, Now Easy To Make With New Method - 11:21

Pre-school Age Exercises Can Prevent Dyslexia, New Research Shows - 11:21

New And Improved Test For West Nile Virus In Horses - 11:21

Elderly Patients Less Likely To Be Transported To Trauma Centers Than Younger Patients - 11:21

New Algorithm Significantly Boosts Routing Efficiency Of Networks - 11:21

For Coronary Artery Disease Patients, B Vitamins May Not Reduce Cardiovascular Events - 11:21

Why A Common Treatment For Prostate Cancer Ultimately Fails - 11:21

Turning Up The Heat On Tomatoes Boosts Absorption Of Lycopene - 10:14

To Protect Against Liver Disease, Body Puts Cells 'Under Arrest' - 10:14

Compounds Have Potential For Diagnosis, Treatment Of Alzheimer's Disease - 10:14

Key Allergy Gene Discovered - 09:28

GOCE Earth Explorer Satellite To Look At The Earth's Surface And Core - 09:28

Stellar Stillbirths: Brown Dwarfs Revealed As Third Class Of Celestial Bodies After Stars And Planets - 09:28

Elephant Legs Are Much Bendier Than Shakespeare Thought - 08:21

Coatings To Help Medical Implants Connect With Neurons - 00:28

Dietary Supplements For Horses, Dogs And Cats Need Better Regulation, New Report Says - 00:28

Pinpointing Alzheimer's Structures - 00:28

Tracing Origins Of Critical Step In Animal Evolution -- The Development Of Nerves - 00:28

Killer Carbs -- Scientist Finds Key To Overeating As We Age - 00:28

Manes, Trains And Antlers Explained: How Showy Male Traits Evolved - 00:28

Thursday th 21st of August 2008

China Sees Spike In Rabies Cases - 23:21

Optical Computing Closer To Reality - 23:21

New Clues To Air Circulation In The Atmosphere - 23:21

Space Age Engineers To Verify Control Software For Future Robotic Inter-planetary Missions - 23:21

Shipwrecks On Coral Reefs Harbor Unwanted Species - 23:21

Obesity In Elderly A Ticking Time Bomb For Health Services - 23:21

Measuring Calcium In Serpentine Soils - 23:21

Trees Kill Odors And Other Emissions From Poultry Farms - 23:21

MRI Technology Developed That Non-invasively Locates, Quantifies Specific Cells In The Body - 23:21

Face Recognition: Nurture Not Nature - 23:21

Chemists Synthesize Promising Anti-cancer Product - 22:14

Helping The Medicine Go Down - 22:14

Genes That Cause Hereditary Disease PCH Discovered - 22:14

Genetics Reveals Big Fish That Almost Got Away - 22:14

Malaria Researchers Identify New Mosquito Virus - 21:28

Relearning Process Not Always A 'Free Lunch' - 21:28