Science Daily

Wednesday th 15th of April 2009

Novel Technique To Sequence Human Genome Created - 19:28

Farmers Relying On Herbicide Roundup Lose Some Of Its Benefit - 19:28

New Species Of Lichen Named After President Barack Obama - 19:28

Archeologists Discover Temple That Sheds Light On So-called Dark Age - 19:28

One-story Masonry Building Survives Strong Jolts During Seismic Tests - 19:28

Specific Lung Cancer Susceptibility Gene Identified - 19:28

Prehistoric Turtle Goes To Hospital For CT Scan In Search For Skull, Eggs, Embryos - 19:28

Imaging Reveals Abnormalities In Pathways Connecting Brain Areas In Those With Writer's Cramp - 12:21

Mechanism Of Cell Type-specific Signaling In Tumor Development Discovered - 12:21

Energy Drinks Work -- In Mysterious Ways - 12:21

Three Neanderthal Sub-groups Confirmed - 12:21

SAT, Classroom Grades And College Readiness: Reflections On 100 Years Of Testing - 12:21

X Marks The Spot: Ions Coldly Go Through NIST Trap Junction - 12:21

Atrial Fibrillation: MRI-based Method Holds Promise For Predicting Treatment Outcomes - 12:21

Diet Secrets Of Elephant Family Named 'The Royals' - 12:21

Scientists Develop Method For Comprehensive Proteome Analysis - 12:21

Rare Window On Spinal Muscular Atrophy Genetics - 12:21

Male Circumcision Reduces HIV Risk: No Further Evidence Needed, According To Review - 12:21

Satellites Show How Earth Moved During Italy Quake - 12:21

'Two-handed' Marine Microbes Point To New Method For Isolating Harmful Forms Of Chemicals - 11:14

Climate Change May Wake Up 'Sleeper' Weeds - 11:14

New Method For Bone-marrow-derived Liver Stem Cells Isolation And Proliferation - 11:14

Tourette Syndrome And ADHD Frequently Occur Together - 11:14

Non-drug Treatment Of Alzheimer's Disease? Long-term Benefit Not Proven - 11:14

New Way To Analyze Sleep Disorders - 11:14

Long-lasting Nerve Block Could Change Pain Management - 11:14

A Touch Of Potassium Yields Better Hydrogen-storage Materials - 11:14

Liver Disease: It Is Never Too Late To Stop Drinking, According To Researchers - 11:14

HIV De-arms Protective Protein In Cells - 10:22

HIV Handicaps Itself To Escape Immune System Pressure - 10:22

Mild Dementia Detected In Humans Through Eye Tracking - 10:22

New Minimally Invasive Surgery Option For Patients With Stomach Cancer - 10:22

'Free Play' For Children, Teens Is Vital To Social Development, Reports Psychologist - 10:22

Smart Material Technology Adapted To The Repair Of Skeletal Malformations Succeeds - 08:28

Mobile Internet, Multimedia Features, And Map Applications Capture Already 40% Of Smartphone Face Time - 08:28

New Glaucoma Research Solves Anthropological And Medical Puzzle - 08:28

Changing Climate May Lead To Devastating Loss Of Phosphorus From Soil - 08:28

Birds: Feather Color Is More Than Skin Deep - 08:28

Treating Sleep Disorders In People With Traumatic Brain Injury May Not Eliminate Symptoms - 08:28

Trouble Sleeping Leads To Increased Ratings Of Pain In Cancer Patients, Study Suggests - 07:21

Melatonin Is An Effective Treatment For Sleep Problems In Children With Autism, Study Suggests - 07:21

Midwestern Ethanol Industrial Processes Use Much Less Water Than That Used In Western Plants - 07:21

Tuesday th 14th of April 2009

Family Ties Provide Protection Against Young Adult Suicidal Behavior - 18:35

Compendium Of Pancreatic Cancer Biomarkers Established As Strategic Approach To Early-detection - 18:35

Field Stations Foster Serendipitous Discoveries In Environmental, Biological Sciences - 18:35

Low Glycemic Breakfast May Increase Benefits Of Working Out - 18:35

Depression After Heart Disease Ups Risk Of Heart Failure - 18:35

Working On The Future Internet: Linking People, Devices, Telecoms And Data Networks Into One, Vast Network Of Networks - 18:35

Snacking On High GI Foods During Late Pregnancy May Lead To The Birth Of A Heavier Baby With An Increased Risk Of Childhood Obesity - 18:35

Experimental Insulin-like Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitor Reduced Pancreatic Cancer Growth - 18:35