Science Daily

Thursday th 30th of April 2009

Safely Transporting A Preterm Or Low Birth Weight Infant - 09:21

Arm-Hand Swelling Linked To Number Of Lymph Nodes Removed During Breast Cancer Surgery - 09:21

U.S. Shorts Critical Farm Animal Research, Scientists Say - 09:21

Ancient Egypt Brought To Life With Virtual Model Of Historic Temple Complex - 09:21

Neural Networks Used To Improve Wind Speed Forecasting - 08:14

Folic Acid May Help Treat Allergies, Asthma - 07:22

Computer Hackers R.I.P.: Making Quantum Cryptography Practical - 07:22

NASA's Electronic Nose May Provide Neurosurgeons With A New Weapon Against Brain Cancer - 07:22

Gray Matter Under Attack In Multiple Sclerosis: Protein Could Provoke Immune Attack On Several Cell Types - 07:22

Method To Integrate Plasmon-based Nanophotonic Circuitry With State-of-the-art ICs Developed - 07:22

New Robot With Artificial Skin To Improve Human Communication - 07:22

Understanding Stellar Explosions Is Less Straightforward Than Previously Thought - 07:22

Hippocampus Plays Fundamental Role In Computing Of Uncertainty - 06:35

Wednesday th 29th of April 2009

WHO Elevates Swine Influenza Pandemic Alert Level To Phase 5 - 22:21

Majority Of Ordering Physicians Lack Knowledge Of Radiation Exposure Risks From CT - 22:21

Poor Treatment For Common Vertebral Compression Fractures, Research Suggests - 22:21

Why Anti-HIV Antibodies Are Ineffective At Blocking Infection - 22:21

Drug Therapy Reduces Neuroblastoma Tumor Growth In Pre-clinical Investigation - 22:21

No Data Supporting Antipsychotic Drug For Low-IQ Kids With ADHD - 22:21

Rich Musical Pickings With Easier Access To Archives - 22:21

Diabetes, Obesity And Hypertension Increase Mortality In Hepatitis C Patients - 22:21

New Understanding Of Dengue Virus Points Way To Possible Therapies For Dengue Fever - 22:21

Repeatedly Working When Ill Boosts Risk Of Long Term Sick Leave - 22:21

High Marks For New Technology For Fingerprint Identification - 22:21

Cardiac CT Offers A Better, Cost-effective Approach To Diagnose Low-risk Chest Pain Patients - 22:21

Fingerprinting Slow Earthquakes And How They Relate To The Big One - 22:21

New Pill To Treat Multiple Sclerosis - 22:21

Swine Flu Outbreak Illuminated By Avian Flu Research - 22:21

Dramatic Growth In Cancer Rates Among US Elderly, Minorities Predicted - 22:21

From Swine Flu To Dengue Fever: Infectious Disease Risks On The Rise - 22:21

Lake Tahoe Region In U.S. May Be Due For Major Earthquake - 22:21

Half A Glass Of Wine A Day May Boost Life Expectancy By Five Years - 22:21

Swine Flu: To Panic Or Not -- That Is The Question - 22:21

Environmentally Friendly Boat Wash Developed By Swedish Researchers - 22:21

Indus Script Encodes Language, Reveals New Study Of Ancient Symbols - 22:21

Evolution In A Test Tube: Scientists Make Molecules That Evolve And Compete, Mimicking Behavior Of Darwin's Finches - 22:21

Swine Flu: Statistical Model Predicts 1,000 Cases In U.S. Within Three Weeks - 17:28

Hundreds Of Rogue Black Holes May Roam The Milky Way, Swallowing Anything That Gets Too Close - 12:28

Native Americans Descended From A Single Ancestral Group, DNA Study Confirms - 12:28

Evidence Of The 'Lost World': Did Dinosaurs Survive The End Cretaceous Extinctions? - 12:28

Smoking And High Blood Pressure Each Account For One In Five Deaths In US Adults - 11:21

Upside-down World: DNA Protecting Protein Helps Cancer Drug To Kill Cells - 11:21

Statins Alter Prostate Cancer Patients' PSA Levels - 11:21

German Researchers Make Significant Strides In Identifying Cause Of Bacterial Infections - 10:35

Continent-sized Radio Telescope Takes Close-ups Of Fermi Active Galaxies - 10:35

Topical Cream Studied As Way To Treat Skin Cancer Without The Knife - 10:35

Can Living And Non-living Follow Same Rules? Unifying The Animate And Inanimate Designs Of Nature - 10:35

Google Earth Aids Discovery Of Early African Mammal Fossils - 10:35

How Cells Function: Missing Target For Calcium Signaling Identified - 10:35

Remembrance Of Things Past Influences How Female Field Crickets Select Mates - 10:35