Science Daily

Wednesday th 8th of July 2009

Hydrogen Technology Steams Ahead - 07:28

Improving Care Of Patients Suffering From Rheumatic Diseases - 07:28

Method To Efficiently Produce Less Toxic Drugs Using Organic Molecules - 07:28

Study May Cough Up New Treatment For A Tickly Throat - 07:28

Key Gene For Bone Development Discovered: When Mutated It Lead To Dwarfism - 07:28

Tuesday th 7th of July 2009

Why Are African-Americans Less Likely To Survive Certain Cancers? - 22:28

Molecular Machinery Related To Stem Cell Fate Uncovered - 22:28

People Think Bottled Water Is Healthy ... Sort Of - 22:28

Amazon River Is 11 Million Years Old, Drilling Study Finds - 22:28

Ozone Depletes Oil Seed Rape Productivity - 22:28

Massive Imbalances Found In Global Fertilizer Use, Resulting In Malnourishment In Some Areas And Serious Pollution Problems In Others - 22:28

Scientists Closer To Developing Salt-tolerant Crops - 22:28

Non-drug Interventions May Comfort Children Having An Anesthetic - 22:28

How Strain At Grain Boundaries Suppresses High-temperature Superconductivity - 22:28

Gene Expression Findings A Step Toward Better Classification And Treatment Of Juvenile Arthritis - 22:28

Protecting Polar Bears With New Tracking Methods - 22:28

Cholesterol-regulating Genes Identified - 22:28

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Psychological Treatments May Not Prevent PTSD - 22:28

New MRI Technique Could Mean Fewer Breast Biopsies In High-risk Women - 22:28

Fathers Spend More Time With Children Who Resemble Them, Study Suggests - 22:28

Single Gene Mutation Responsible For 'Catastrophic Epilepsy' - 22:28

US-Mexico Border Wall Could Threaten Wildlife Species - 22:28

Financial Crisis Increases Suicides And Homicides, Study Finds - 22:28

Computerized Face Recognition Software Can Rapidly See Through Disguises - 22:28

Scientists Reprogram Clearly Defined Adult Cells Into Pluripotent Stem Cells -- Directly And Without Viruses - 22:28

Mummified Dinosaur Skin Yields Up New Secrets - 22:28

Current Search For Heart Disease Treatment May Not Be Fruitful - 13:28

Exercise Helps Patients With Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Study Shows - 13:28

Sugar Substitute Appears To Prevent Early-childhood Cavities - 13:28

New Findings On Parkinson's Disease And Effect On Patient Behavior - 13:28

Embedded Electronics: Cars Get Cooperative - 13:28

Newly Appreciated Membrane Estrogen Receptor Important Therapeutic Target For Breast Cancer - 13:28

Component Of Vegetable Protein May Be Linked To Lower Blood Pressure - 13:28

US Space Program Should Align With Broader National Goals, Experts Urge - 12:21

Severe COPD May Lead To Cognitive Impairment - 12:21

Low Birth Weight Linked To Long-term Respiratory Problems - 12:21

Robo-bats With Metal Muscles May Be Next Generation Of Remote Control Flyers - 12:21

New Monkey Discovered In Brazil -- Threatened By Proposed Dams And Other Development In Region - 12:21

DIY Production In 'Second Life' Factory - 11:35

Receptor Also Active Inside The Cell - 11:35

Liquefied Natural Gas: Advantages And Drawbacks - 11:35

Are Breast Cancer Patients Being Kept In The Dark? - 11:35

When It Comes To Brain Damage, Blankets Take The Place Of Drugs - 11:35

Hormone Clue To Root Growth - 11:35

Two Dietary Oils, Two Sets Of Benefits For Older Women With Diabetes - 11:35

Oceanography: Low Summer Iron Availability Limits Biological Production In The High-latitude North Atlantic - 11:35

Regulation And Oversight Of Gun Sales Reduces Trafficking To Criminals - 11:35

Physicists Find Way To Control Individual Bits In Quantum Computers - 11:35

Mystery Of Bat With An Extraordinary Nose Solved - 11:35

Heart Pump With Air Propulsion - 10:28