Science Daily

Tuesday th 18th of August 2009

Biolubricants Made With Sunflower Oil Just As Efficient As Traditional Ones - 23:14

Delays In Defibrillation Not Explained By Traditional Hospital Factors - 23:14

Molecules Wrestle For Supremacy In Creation Of Superstructures - 23:14

Personality Traits Associated With Stress And Worry Can Be Hazardous To Your Health - 23:14

Intelligent Harvesting Robot To Cut Costs For UK Farms - 23:14

Jade Sheds Light On Guatemala's Geologic History - 23:14

Gene Vital To Brain's Stem Cells Implicated In Deadly Brain Cancer - 23:14

Stone Tools, Rare Animal Bones: Clues To Caribbean's Earliest Inhabitants Discovered - 23:14

Neural Pathway Missing In Tone-deaf People - 23:14

Stressed Crops Emit More Methane Than Thought - 23:14

Inexpensive Hypertension Drug Could Be Multiple Sclerosis Treatment, Study Suggests - 23:14

New DNA Test Uses Nanotechnology To Find Early Signs Of Cancer - 23:14

Excessive Exercise Can Be Addicting, New Study Says - 09:22

Computer Game Taps Creativity Of Scientists To Solve Energy Problems - 09:21

Folic Acid: Mandatory Fortification May Be Unnecessary - 09:21

The Mind's Eye Scans Like A Spotlight: New Role Discovered For Brain Waves - 09:21

Personality Type Linked To Risk Of Death Among Individuals With Peripheral Artery Disease - 09:21

MS Patients Who Smoke Show More Brain Atrophy, More Lesions, Than MS Nonsmokers - 09:21

Climate Change Could Harm Lake Fish: Light Determines Growth Of Fish In Lakes - 09:21

Does Sugar Feed Cancer? - 09:21

Speciation Through Genome Duplication More Common In Plant Evolution Than Previously Thought - 09:21

US-born Asian-American Women More Likely To Think About, Attempt Suicide, Study Finds - 09:21

Freshwater Fish At The Top Of The Food Chain Evolve More Slowly - 09:21

Prion Protein Identified As Novel Early Pancreatic Cancer Biomarker - 09:21

Early Human Hunters Had Fewer Meat-sharing Rituals - 09:21

Optimum Scheduling Of Soccer Games: Planning English Football Fixtures - 09:21

Seed Implants A Suitable Prostate Cancer Treatment Option For Men Of All Ages - 09:21

Immersive Dome Replaces Flat Movie Screen: Don’t Just Watch, Join The Action! - 09:21

'Regulatory' Genetic Sequences May Predict Risk For Prostate Cancer - 09:21

Ibuprofen Is As Effective As Acetaminophen With Codeine To Treat Pain In Children With Arm Fractures, Study Finds - 08:14

Links Between Video-game Playing And Health Risks In Adults Found - 08:14

Scrubbing Sulfur: New Process Removes Sulfur Components, CO2 From Power Plant Emissions - 08:14

Officials And Public Urged To Use Latest Evidence As Guide In H1N1 Prevention And Protection Procedures - 00:15

Revised Understanding Of San Andreas Fault Geometry Near Desert Hot Springs - 00:15

Bio-Nanomachines: Proteins As Resistance Fighters - 00:15

Novel Treatment Reduces Swollen Livers - 00:14

Public Overestimates Benefits Of Cancer Screening, Survey Finds - 00:14

Semantics-based Software Boosts Company Performance - 00:14

Hepatitis C Virus Channels Efforts Into Cell Survival - 00:14

Advance Toward An 'Electronic Tongue' With A Taste For Sweets - 00:14

Future Angst? Brain Scans Show Uncertainty Fuels Anxiety - 00:14

Microchannels Could Advance Tissue Engineering Methods - 00:14

New Method To Selectively Kill Metastatic Melanoma Cells Identified - 00:14

Common Variation In Gene Linked To Structural Changes In The Brain - 00:14

Honey-bee Aggression Study Suggests Nurture Alters Nature - 00:14

New Devices Harness Carbon Nanomaterials For Drug Delivery Systems, Oxygen Sensors - 00:14

Engineered Protein-like Molecule Protects Cells Against HIV Infection - 00:14

First Discovery Of Life's Building Block In Comet - 00:14

Monday th 17th of August 2009

Public Relations Pros Are Good Ethical Thinkers, Study Finds - 10:21

New Insights Into Limb Formation - 10:21