Science Daily

Tuesday th 26th of May 2009

Evolution Of Migraine: From Episodic Headache To Chronic Disorder - 16:14

New Therapy Substitutes Missing Protein In Those With Muscular Dystrophy - 15:28

Microfossils Challenge Prevailing Views Of 'Snowball Earth' Glaciations On Life - 15:28

Classroom Computers Boost Face-to-face Learning - 15:28

Computer-based Programs Provide Help For Smokers Trying To Quit - 15:28

AM80 Blocks Early Multiple Sclerosis in Mice - 15:28

Brain-behavior Disconnect In Cocaine Addiction - 15:28

Spectacular Deep-water Coral Province Discovered Off Ireland's West Coast - 15:28

Understanding The Therapeutic Process Of Mother-infant Psychotherapy - 15:28

Droplets Manipulated On Nanostructured Silicon Surfaces - 15:28

Spanish Lynx Reproduction Cycle Determined By Analysis Of Their Feces - 15:28

Newly Discovered Mechanism Promotes Blood Clot Formation - 15:28

Virtual Smart Home Controlled By Your Thoughts - 15:28

Activated Stem Cells In Damaged Lungs Could Be First Step Toward Cancer - 14:42

Fast And Cheap Forecasting System For Mediterranean Cyclones - 12:28

Protective Footwear For Diabetics At Main-street Prices - 12:28

Arthritis Drug Might Prove Effective In Fighting The Flu, Study Suggests - 12:28

How Does The Human Brain Work? New Ways To Better Understand How Our Brain Processes Information - 11:21

Bacteria With A Built-in Thermometer: How Bacteria Measure Temperature And Thereby Control Infection - 11:21

Key Protein May Explain The Anti-aging And Anti-cancer Benefits Of Dietary Restriction - 11:21

Protein Identified As Critical To Insulating The Body's Wiring Could Also Become Treatment Target - 11:21

New Model Of Cancer Development: Low Vitamin D Levels May Have Role - 11:21

New Technique Could Find Water On Earth-like Planets Orbiting Distant Suns - 10:36

City Rats Are Loyal To Their Neighborhoods - 10:36

Evolution Of Gene Regulation: How Microbial Neighbors Settle Differences - 10:35

NASA Supercomputing Goes Green: Modeling Earth's Ocean Climate - 10:35

Monday th 25th of May 2009

Integrated Microbial Genomes Expert Review Goes Primetime - 22:35

Drug For Urination Difficulties Linked With Complications After Cataract Surgery - 22:35

Repeated Fire And Drought: A Menace For Mediterranean Forests - 22:35

Rapid Climate Change Forces Scientists To Evaluate 'Extreme' Conservation Strategies - 22:35

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Appears Beneficial For Long-term Treatment Of Insomnia - 22:35

Proteomics: Finding The Key Ingredients Of Disease - 22:35

Elderly Women With 'Dowager's Hump' May Be At Higher Risk Of Earlier Death - 22:35

Younger Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Have Shorter Survival Times - 22:35

Link Between Sociality And Brain Increase In Carnivores Questioned By Evolutionary Biologists - 22:35

Higher Risk Of Falls Due To Dizziness In Middle-aged And Older Americans - 22:35

Nervous System May Be Culprit In Deadly Muscle Disease - 22:35

Climate History Of Arctic Illuminated By Study Of 3.6-Million-Year-Old Meteorite Impact Crater In Siberia - 22:35

Cholesterol-lowering Drugs May Help Prevent Stroke Recurrence, Study Suggests - 22:35

Tool-making Birds: Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention For Clever Rooks - 22:35

Psychologists Find That Head Movement Is More Important Than Gender In Nonverbal Communication - 22:35

Why The Thumb Of The Right Hand Is On The Left Hand Side - 22:35

Menopause Transition May Cause Trouble Learning - 22:35

Historic Hubble Servicing Mission 4 Ends With Successful Landing - 15:28

Blood Tests And Better Communication Skills Could Cut Over-prescribing Of Antibiotics - 15:28

Nimbus Rises In World Of Cloud Computing - 15:28

HRT-breast Cancer Risk Stays Same, Regardless Of Family History, Study Finds - 15:28

HIV's March Around Europe Mapped - 15:28

Opposites Attract: How Genetics Influences Humans To Choose Their Mates - 15:28

Sleeping Through Dialysis: No Nightmare For Kidney Patients - 15:28