Science Daily

Tuesday th 15th of September 2009

Skeleton Found At Roman Site In Britain Mystifies Archaeologists - 14:42

Uncertain Future Predicted For Forests - 14:42

Researcher Trips Amputees In Effort To Develop Improved Prosthetic Legs - 14:42

Hemp And Marijuana: Genes Producing THC, Active Ingredient In Cannabis Plant, Identified - 13:35

Researchers Get Personal With Genetics - 13:35

Friction Force Differences Could Offer A New Means For Sorting And Assembling Nanotubes - 13:35

Weighing Costs, Benefits Of HIV Treatments - 13:35

Monitoring Illegal Wildlife Trade: DNA 'Barcodes' For 25 Hunted Wildlife Species Sequenced - 11:21

Spanking Found To Have Negative Effects On Low-income Toddlers - 11:21

Researchers Using Parallel Processing Computing Could Save Thousands By Using An Xbox - 11:21

Blood Vessels Contribute To Their Own Growth And Oxygen Delivery To Tissues And Tumors - 11:21

Jupiter Captured Comet For 12 Years In Mid-20th Century - 11:21

Ocean Acidification: Impact On Key Organisms Of Oceanic Fauna May Be Worse Than Predicted - 10:35

African Origin Of Anthropoid Primates Called Into Question With New Fossil Discovery - 10:35

Monday th 14th of September 2009

Climate Change Adaptation Expected To Cost 2–3 Times More Than Previously Estimated - 23:21

Immediate Intervention For Patients With Acute Coronary Syndromes Not Always More Beneficial - 23:21

RNA Interference Found In Budding Yeasts - 23:21

Engineered Pea Seeds Protect Against Parasites - 23:21

AMPA Receptors On Cell Membrane Make Us Smarter - 23:21

Dual Simulation Improves Crash Performance - 23:21

Depression Increases Cancer Patients' Risk Of Dying - 22:29

Figurines Of Aphrodite From Roman Empire Era Discovered In Hippos - 22:29

New 'Adjuvant' Could Hold Future Of Vaccine Development - 22:29

Neurons Found To Be Similar To U.S. Electoral College - 22:29

Understanding Implications Of Prenatal Testing For Down Syndrome - 22:29

Laser Treatment For BRVO Is Safer Than Corticosteroid Injections And Equally Effective, Study Finds - 22:29

Interactive, 360-degree Panoramic View Of Entire Night Sky - 22:29

Tuberculosis Patients Can Reduce Transmissability By Inhaling Interferon Through A Nebulizer - 22:29

Widespread Occurrence Of Intersex Bass Found In U.S. Rivers - 22:29

Trust Your Gut? Study Explores Religion, Morality And Trust In Authority - 22:29

Barcoding Endangered Sea Turtles - 22:28

Antioxidant Ingredient Proven To Relieve Stress - 22:28

Double Nucleus Galaxies: Ravenous Black Holes And Ripples In Space-Time Continuum - 22:28

Figures Of Speech: Understanding Idioms Requires Both Sides Of The Brain - 22:28

Study Identifies Which Children Do Not Need CT Scans After Head Trauma - 22:28

Scientists Identify Gene For Short-circuiting Excess Mucus In Lung Disease, Common Colds - 22:28

For Carnivorous Plants, Slow But Steady Wins The Race - 22:28

Iraq Troops' PTSD Rate As High As 35 Percent, Analysis Finds - 22:28

El Niño, Global Warming Link Questioned; Possible Link Between 1918 El Niño And Flu Pandemic? - 22:28

Steroid Injections May Help Restore Vision In Some Patients With Blocked Eye Veins - 22:28

Daily Bathroom Showers May Deliver Face Full Of Pathogens, Says Study - 22:28

Common Pain Cream Could Protect Heart During Attack, Study Shows - 22:28

Evidence Points To Conscious 'Metacognition' In Some Nonhuman Animals - 22:28

Children With Emotional Difficulties At Higher Risk For Adult Obesity - 12:21

Gold Solution For Enhancing Nanocrystal Electrical Conductance - 12:21

Endocannabinoids, Closely Related To Active Ingredients In Cannabis Plant, Can Promote Pain - 12:21

Astrophysics: High Energy Galactic Particle Accelerator Located - 12:21

Strategies To Counteract Side Effects Of New MS Therapies - 12:21

Fungus-treated Violin Outdoes Stradivarius - 12:21

New Method Aims To Stabilize Antibodies - 12:21