Science Daily

Sunday th 23rd of August 2009

New Images Capture Cell's Ribosomes At Work - 00:28

Towards Malaria 'Vaccine': Discovery Opens The Door To Malaria-prevention Therapies - 00:28

Little Known Type Of Cholesterol -- Oxycholesterol -- May Pose The Greatest Heart Disease Risk - 00:28

How We Support Our False Beliefs - 00:28

Epigenetics: Evolutionarily Preserved Mechanism Governs Use Of Genes - 00:28

'Housekeeping' Genes Play Important Role In Developmental Pathways Of Cells - 00:28

Parasites Persuade Immune Cells To Invite Them In For Dinner - 00:28

Chronic Kidney Disease Linked To Malfunctioning Mitochondria - 00:28

Ultrathin LEDs Create New Classes Of Lighting And Display Systems - 00:28

Young Women Consistently Exercise Less Than Young Men, Study Finds - 00:28

Nano-bio Material Kills Cancer Cells, Leaves Healthy Cells In Unharmed - 00:28

Fecal DNA Methylation Detects Gastric And Colorectal Cancers - 00:28

Friendly Gut Bacteria Lend A Hand To Fight Infection, Study Suggests - 00:28

High Serum Insulin Levels And Risk Of Prostate Cancer - 00:28

Why Sleep? Snoozing May Be Strategy To Increase Efficiency, Minimize Risk - 00:28

Saturday th 22nd of August 2009

Negligible Impact On Public Safety From Shark Cage Diving Operations - 03:28

Energy-Efficient Sewage Plants - 03:28

Britain's First Swine-flu Trials Under Way - 03:28

Niche Differences In Biodiversity: Species' Differences Are Responsible For Their Coexistence - 03:28

New Metabolic Safeguards Against Tumor Cells - 03:28

Aphids Saved From Gruesome Death By Virus-infected Bacteria - 03:28

New Pheromone Helps Female Flies Tell Suitors To 'Buzz Off' - 03:28

Raising The Alarm When DNA Goes Bad: 'Rapid Response Team' Monitors And Quickly Responds To DNA Damage - 03:28

Computer System Improves Pain Therapy For Cancer Patients - 03:28

Higher Pathogen Loads In Collapsed Honeybee Colonies, Study Finds - 03:28

Open Wide And Say 'Zap': New Way To Clinically Assess Condition Of Tooth Enamel Using Lasers - 03:28

Math Model Accurately Mimics Cell Division In Carbon-cycling Bacterium - 03:28

Orchids And Fungi -- Partners For Life - 03:28

Key Feature Of Immune System Survived In Humans, Other Primates For 60 Million Years - 03:28

Friday th 21st of August 2009

Daylight Could Help Control Our Weight - 22:14

Artificial Life One Step Closer: Scientists Clone And Engineer Bacterial Genomes In Yeast And Transplant Genomes Back Into Bacterial Cells - 20:21

Impaired Transport In Neurons Triggers Prion Disease - 17:21

New Way To Reproduce A Black Hole? - 16:35

Clues To Gigantism Provided By Family In Borneo Mountains - 16:35

Gene Discovery Reveals Critical Protein's Function In Hearing - 13:14

Living Longer And Happier - 09:28

Vanquishing Infinity: Old Methods Lead To New Approach To Finding Quantum Theory Of Gravity - 09:28

Overall Antibiotic Prescription Rates For Respiratory Tract Infections Decreasing - 09:28

Homes Pollute: Linked To 50 Percent More Water Pollution Than Previously Believed - 09:28

Neural Networks Mapped In Dementia Patients - 09:28

Evolution Of The Human Appendix: A Biological 'Remnant' No More - 09:28

Thursday th 20th of August 2009

Need For Improved Toy Safety, New Research Shows - 22:14

Nanophysics: Serving Up Buckyballs On A Silver Platter - 22:14

Corticosteroid Injections May Be Helpful To Manage Vocal Fold Polyps Without Surgery - 22:14

Ocean-drilling Expedition Cites New Evidence Related To Origin And Evolution Of Seismogenic Faults - 22:14

Watching Stem Cells Repair The Human Brain - 22:14

Alcohol Advertising Reaching Too Many Teens On Cable TV, Researchers Say - 22:14

Post-treatment Pain In Head And Neck Cancer Patients Linked To Recurrence, Lower Survival Rate - 22:14

Increase In Visceral Fat During Menopause Linked With Testosterone - 22:14

'Rich Interaction' May Make Computers A Partner, Not A Product - 22:14