Science Daily

Friday th 29th of May 2009

Obese Women Should Not Gain Weight During Pregnancy, Study Suggests - 12:35

Regular Light Bulbs Made Super-efficient With Ultra-fast Laser - 12:35

Counting Sheep In Climate Change Predictions - 11:28

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology: Promising New Tool For Maintaining Optimal Glucose Control - 11:28

Chemotherapy Combination Outcomes Differ For Aged, Younger Colon Cancer Patients - 11:28

One In Ten Advanced Colon Cancer Patients Worry About Prescription Drug Costs - 11:28

Light-treatment Device To Improve Sleep Quality In The Elderly - 11:28

Pressure To Look Attractive Linked To Fear Of Rejection In Men And Women - 11:28

Theorists Reveal Path To True Muonium -- Never-seen Atom - 11:28

New Rotors Could Help Develop Nanoscale Generators - 09:35

Breastfeeding Duration And Weaning Diet May Shape Child's Body Composition - 09:35

Lessons From The Past: Research Examines How Past Communities Coped With Climate Change - 09:35

New Malaria Agent Found In Chimpanzees Close To That Commonly Observed In Humans - 09:35

Virtual Reconstruction Of A Neanderthal Woman’s Birth Canal Reveals Insights Into Evolution Of Human Child Birth - 09:35

Brain's Object Recognition System Activated By Touch Alone - 09:35

Honey Bee Colony Losses In U.S. Almost 30 Percent From All Causes From September 2008 To April 2009 - 09:35

Use Of Acid-suppressive Medications Associated With Increased Risk Of Hospital-acquired Pneumonia - 09:35

Discoveries Upend Traditional Thinking About How Plants Make Certain Compounds - 09:35

Gene Therapy Advance: Dog With Severe Human-like Genetic Disorder Survives - 09:35

Ghost Remains After Black Hole Eruption - 09:35

Molecules Which Flip Into Their Own Mirror Image - 08:28

Marijuana Rivals Mainstream Drugs For Alleviating HIV/AIDS Symptoms - 08:28

Environmental Pollution Increases Risk Of Liver Disease, Study Finds - 08:28

Height Of Large Waves Changes According To Month - 08:28

Thursday th 28th of May 2009

Unsafe Neighborhoods Disable The Elderly - 20:28

Europe To Coordinate Unique Biobanks - 20:28

In Rare Disease, A Familiar Protein Disrupts Gene Function - 20:28

Why Some Prostate Cancer Returns - 20:28

Flipping The Brain's Addiction Switch Without Drugs - 20:28

Americans Choose Media Messages That Agree With Their Views - 20:28

Really Virtual Reality - 20:28

Common Antibiotics May Be Best First Treatment For Children With MRSA-related Infections - 20:28

Waxy Plant Substance Key For Absorption Of Water, Nutrients - 20:28

Study May Aid Efforts To Prevent Uncontrolled Cell Division In Cancer - 20:28

Why Coral Reefs Around The World Are Collapsing - 20:28

Non-toxic Hull Coating Resists Barnacles, May Save Ship Owners Millions - 20:28

New Blood Test Greatly Reduces False-positives In Prostate Cancer Screening - 20:28

Stem Cells Transplanted From Marrow Into Heart May Improve Heart's Performance - 20:28

Treating Gum Disease Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers - 20:28

Unexpected Bacterial Diversity On Human Skin; New Approaches For Treating, Preventing Skin Diseases - 20:28

Daily Alcohol Intake Can Lead To Binge Drinking - 20:28

Immunologists Identify Biochemical Signals That Help Immune Cells Remember How To Fight Infection - 20:28

The Vulnerable Cancer Cell: New Studies Reveal Broad, Hidden Network That Lets Tumors Thrive - 20:28

Planet-Hunting Method Succeeds: Jupiter-like Planet Found Orbiting One Of Smallest Stars - 20:28

How Many Scientists Fabricate And Falsify Research? - 20:28

Impossible Crystal: Crystallization At The Molecular Level - 20:28

Cottonseed-based Drug Shows Promise In Treating Severe Brain Cancer - 20:28

Superconducting Chips To Become Reality - 20:28

Completely Different Way Of Looking For A New Antibiotic - 20:28

Magnetic Tremors Pinpoint The Impact Epicenter Of Earthbound Space Storms - 20:28