Science Daily

Thursday th 20th of August 2009

'Rich Interaction' May Make Computers A Partner, Not A Product - 22:14

Novel Polymer Could Improve Protein-based Drugs - 22:14

Moms-to-be Warned Over Use Of Fetal Heart Rate Monitors - 22:14

Why Some Antibiotic Drugs Pack Such A Punch - 22:14

Romantic, Candle-lit Dinners: An Unrecognized Source Of Indoor Air Pollution - 22:14

Holes Poked In Hubbard Model, Could Help Solve Enigma Of High-Temperature Superconductors - 22:14

Warning Over Codeine Use After Tonsillectomy - 22:14

Research Supports Calls To Study Health Benefits Of Nitrate, Nitrite - 22:14

Hello Wearable Kidney, Goodbye Dialysis Machine - 22:14

Family Quarrels Can Promote Headaches In Children, Study Finds - 22:14

Progesterone Leads To Inflammation, Scientists Find - 22:14

Blood Test Can Detect Brain Damage In Amateur Boxers - 22:14

Genetically Engineered Bacteria Are Sweet Success Against Inflammatory Bowel Disease - 22:14

With Nothing To Guide Their Way, People Really Do Walk In Circles - 21:28

Genetic Link Between Physical Pain And Social Rejection Found - 21:28

Painless 'Microneedle' Patch May Take Sting Out Of Shots - 21:28

Earliest Complex Organisms Fed By Absorbing Ocean Buffet, Geobiologists Propose - 21:28

Scientists Discover Bioluminescent 'Green Bombers' From The Deep Sea - 21:28

Mind Control Can Make You A Better Surgeon - 10:28

Seeing The Cosmos Through 'Warm' Infrared Eyes - 10:28

New Targets For Treatment Of Invasive Breast Cancer Discovered - 10:28

Student's 'Green' Use For Online Social Networking - 10:28

Life And Death In The Living Brain: Recruitment Of New Neurons Slows When Old Brain Cells Kept From Dying - 10:28

Detecting Bias In The Reporting Of Clinical Trials - 10:28

Researchers Boost Production Of Biofuel That Could Replace Gasoline - 10:28

Dermatologist Skin Examinations Detect More, Thinner Skin Cancers Than Patients Identify Themselves - 09:21

Breakthrough Uses Light To Manipulate Cell Movement - 09:21

Highest Ever Winter Water Temperatures Recorded Off Tasmania - 09:21

Fatigue Related To Radiotherapy May Be Caused By Inflammation - 09:21

Genetic Variations Linked To Brain Size - 09:21

A Look Into The Hellish Cradles Of Suns And Solar Systems - 09:21

Labor Induction Need Not Increase Cesarean Risk - 09:21

Dark Energy From The Ground Up: Make Way For BigBOSS - 09:21

Study Supports DNA Repair-blocker Research In Cancer Therapy - 09:21

Plastics In Oceans Decompose, Release Hazardous Chemicals, Surprising New Study Says - 09:21

Climate Change Could Deepen Poverty In Developing Countries, Study Finds - 08:35

Toward Limitless Energy: National Ignition Facility Focus Of Symposium - 08:35

Long-term Health And Social Outcomes For Neuroblastoma Survivors - 00:21

Disease Risks When Moving Wildlife To New Areas: Endangered Laysan Duck Cautionary Tale - 00:21

Pitcher Plants' Red Colors Don't Attract Prey - 00:21

Computer Scientists Scale 'Layer 2' Data Center Networks To 100,000 Ports And Beyond - 00:21

PET Can Help Guide Treatment Decisions For A Common Pediatric Cancer - 00:21

Scientists Help Explain Effects Of Ancient Chinese Herbal Formulas On Heart Health - 00:21

No Comfort In Comfort Foods During Tough Economic Times, Study Finds - 00:21

Specialists Are Better At Avoiding Predators - 00:21

Ultimate Long Distance Communication: Talking To Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - 00:21

Severe Sleep Apnea Tied To Increased Risk Of Death - 00:21

Nonprofit Nursing Homes Provide Better Care, Major Study Finds - 00:21

New Zealand's Subduction Zones: To Shake The Earth Just Add Water - 00:21

Pinhead-size Worms + Robot = New Antibiotics - 00:21