Science Daily

Thursday th 28th of May 2009

Music Played To Premature Babies May Lessen Pain And Improve Feeding Habits - 10:15

Dramatic Increase In Metastatic Colon Cancer Survival - 10:15

Poor Attention In Kindergarten Predicts Lower High School Test Scores - 10:15

People With Parents Who Fight Are More Likely To Have Mental Health Problems In Later Life - 10:15

How Viral Infection Can Protect From Type 1 Diabetes - 10:15

Greening Arctic Not Likely To Offset Permafrost Carbon Release - 10:15

New Cellular Targets For HIV Drug Development - 10:15

Antibiotic Multi-resistance: Why Bacteria Are So Effective - 10:15

Connected World Gives Viruses The Edge - 10:15

Zebrafish Provide Model For Cancerous Melanoma In Humans - 10:15

Carbohydrate Restriction May Slow Prostate Tumor Growth - 10:15

Did Mozart Really Have ADHD? History Of Hyperactivity Off-base, Says Researcher - 10:15

Sleep Apnea Widely Undiagnosed Among Obese Type 2 Diabetics, Study Suggests - 10:14

For Different Species, Different Functions For Embryonic MicroRNAs - 10:14

New Therapy Enlists Immune System To Boost Cure Rate In Childhood Cancer - 10:14

Postwar Food Vecht Is An Important Source Of Antioxidant Activity - 09:22

New Mission Will Provide Global Maps Of Soil Moisture And Ocean Salinity - 09:22

Warning On Athletes' Use Of Prescription Drugs - 09:21

Portable Device Can Detect Viruses In Minutes - 09:21

'Glowing' Transgenic Monkeys Carrying Green Fluorescent Protein Gene Pave Way For New Disease Models - 09:21

Wednesday th 27th of May 2009

Supermarket Discounts Promote Unhealthy Choices, New Zealand Study Finds - 21:21

Investigating The Development Of Mechanosensitivity - 21:21

Relatives Of A Young Person Who Dies Suddenly Should Have Cardiological And Genetic Examination - 21:21

Genetic Cause For Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Identified - 21:21

Following A Healthy Lifestyle Is On Decline In U.S. - 21:21

Pediatrician Creates Easier Way To Identify Kids' High Blood Pressure - 21:21

Europe's Gravity Mission GOCE Achieves Drag-free Perfection - 21:21

Technique Eradicates Problems In Most Patients With Barrett's Esophagus - 21:21

What Goes Down, Must Come Up: Earth's Leaky Mantle - 21:21

Refusing Immunizations Puts Children At Increased Risk Of Pertussis Infection, Study Finds - 21:21

Capturing The Birth Of A Synapse: Mechanism Locking Two Neurons Found - 21:21

DNA Compounds Could Help Treat Lupus - 21:21

Assisted Reproduction Increasing: Almost 250,000 Babies Born In One Year - 21:21

Well Water Can Pose Health Risks To Young Children - 21:21

Statins May Have A Negative Impact In Multiple Sclerosis Patients - 21:21

Sulfur In Just One Hair Could Blow A Terrorist’s Alibi - 21:21

Dementia Drugs May Put Some Patients At Risk - 21:21

XMM-Newton Takes Astronomers To A Black Hole's Edge - 21:21

Vehicles That Drive Themselves - 13:21

Flexible Monitors For Future Battlefields - 13:21

New Mouse Model Provides Insight Into Genetic Neurological Disorders - 13:21

Premature Ejaculation May Be A Genetic Disorder - 13:21

World's Highest-resolution Commercial Satellite - 13:21

Discovery Of Faulty Genes Could Reveal Risk Of Bone Disease - 13:21

Less-toxic Drug Prolongs Survival In Metastatic Breast Cancer - 13:21

Brain Activation Can Predict Strategies People Use To Make Risky Decisions - 12:15

Understanding Plants' Overactive Immune System Will Help Researchers Build Better Crops - 12:15

Male Or Female? Coloring Provides Gender Cues - 12:14

Minor League Hockey Players Unable To Identify Concussion Symptoms, Study Says - 12:14

Canaries That Hear Poor Songs As Juveniles Nevertheless Sing Rather Normal Songs As Adults - 12:14