Science Daily

Saturday th 24th of January 2009

NOAA Gives Navy Marine Mammal Protection Measures For Sonar Training Off The Atlantic Coast And Gulf Of Mexico - 13:49

Air Bags/Seat Belts Important In Preventing Spine Fractures - 12:42

Friday th 23rd of January 2009

Retinoid Cream Associated With Death In Clinical Trial, But Relationship Does Not Appear Causal - 18:49

Low Levels Of Vitamin D Link To Cognitive Problems In Older People - 18:49

Native U.S. Lizards Are Evolving To Escape Attacks By Fire Ants - 18:49

Two Nonsurgical Treatments For Reflux Disease Compared - 18:49

New Test Speeds Triclosan Detection In Water - 18:49

Apple Juice Can Delay Onset Of Alzheimer's Disease, Study Suggests - 18:49

Infidelity Produces Faster Sperm, Swedish Fish Study Finds - 18:49

The Un-favorite Child: Adults Who Perceived Parents As Being Lenient With Siblings Still Happy Later In Life - 18:49

Design Of Microlasers Could Be Improved, Based On New Theoretical Analysis - 18:49

Potential New Antibody Treatment For Autoimmune Diseases - 18:49

How Natural Oils Can Be Hydrogenated Without Making Unhealthy Trans Fats - 17:42

Feeling Your Words: Hearing With Your Face - 17:42

Prince Uses Date Stones To Decrease Air And Water Pollution - 17:42

Football Has Not Changed At All In Past Three World Cups - 17:42

Children With Inflammatory Bowel Disease Have Surprisingly High Folate Levels, Study Finds - 17:42

Cancer-causing Gene Discovery Suggests New Therapies - 17:42

Breakthrough Against Poxviruses May Lead To Medication For Smallpox and Monkeypox - 12:42

Revisiting The Anthrax Attacks Of 2001 - 10:28

Scientists Test Blast-resistant Concrete - 10:28

Cell Transplantation And Diabetes: New Sites, New Devices - 10:28

Nano-tetherball Biosensor Precisely Detects Glucose - 10:28

Implants Mimic Infection To Rally Immune System Against Tumors - 10:28

Scientists Unlock Possible Aging Secret In Genetically Altered Fruit Fly - 10:28

Quantum Technologies Move A Step Closer With Demonstration Of An 'Entanglement' Filter - 10:28

Inflammation Worsens Danger Due To Atherosclerosis - 10:28

Treeline Advances In Canada’s Arctic - 10:28

Immune System: Decoding The Language Of Memory Cells - 10:28

Sleep Disordered Breathing And Obesity: Independent Effects, Causes - 09:43

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Mortality Is Unchanged Since 1994 - 09:43

Video Games Linked To Poor Relationships With Friends, Family - 09:43

Crib-side Studies Help Struggling Newborns Go Home Without Feeding Tubes - 09:43

U.S. Health Insurance: Only About One Of Ten Unemployed Workers Obtain COBRA Coverage - 09:43

C1XS Catches First Glimpse Of X-ray From The Moon - 09:43

Sources Of Climate- And Health-afflicting Soot Pollution Over South Asia Identified - 09:43

In-flight Emergencies Identified - 08:35

Researchers Explore What Contemporary Science Cannot Explain - 08:35

Thursday th 22nd of January 2009

Nicotine Activates More Than Just The Brain's Pleasure Pathways - 18:42

School-based Physical Activity Has Benefits Even If It Doesn't Help Lose Weight - 17:35

Genetic Testing Not Cost-effective In Guiding Initial Dosing Of Common Blood Thinner - 17:35

Lou Gehrig's Disease In Humans Genetically Linked To Dog Disease - 17:35

Baffling The Body Into Accepting Transplants - 17:35

Ex-Smokers Have Few Proven Weapons Against Relapse, Weight Gain - 17:35

Further Study Of Helicobacter Pylori Reducing Gastric Blood Flow - 17:35

Inflammation Contributes To Colon Cancer - 17:35

'Warrior Gene' Predicts Aggressive Behavior After Provocation - 17:35

Binge Drinking Leads To A Greater Risk Of Preterm Birth - 17:35

Novel Explanation For A Floral Genetic Mystery - 17:35

Excessive Weight Loss Can Be A Bad Thing - 17:35