Science Daily

Friday th 22nd of May 2009

Helpful Fish: Cooperative Cichlids Boost Their Own Reproductive Success - 21:21

Molecular Link Between Sleep And Weight Gain - 21:21

Surprising Twist To Photosynthesis: Scientists Swap Key Metal Necessary For Turning Sunlight Into Chemical Energy - 21:21

Patients With Sleep Apnea Should Avoid Driving After Poor Sleep Or Consuming Alcohol - 21:21

Preventing Ear Infections In The Future: Delivering Vaccine Through The Skin - 21:21

Surgery, Oral Devices Associated With Improvement In Sleep Breathing Disorder - 21:21

New Contraceptive Device Is Designed To Prevent Sexual Transmission Of HIV - 21:21

Alzheimer's Discovery Could Bring Early Diagnosis, Treatment Closer - 21:21

Money Worries Make Women Spend More - 21:21

Is Organic Overrated? - 21:21

Triglycerides Implicated In Diabetes Nerve Loss - 21:21

Quick Test For Prostate Cancer - 21:21

Pea-sized Seahorse, Bacteria That Life In Hairspray, Caffeine-free Coffee Among Top 10 New Species Of 2008 - 21:21

Weight Loss In Old Age May Signal Dementia - 08:29

Automated System Differentiates Between Marketing Speak And Personal Opinions On Websites - 08:29

How Embryo Movement Stimulates Joint Formation - 08:29

Face Protection Effective In Preventing The Spread Of Influenza, Study Suggests - 08:29

New Vaccine Strategy Might Offer Protection Against Pandemic Influenza Strains - 08:29

Fundamental Mechanism For Cell Organization Discovered - 08:29

Substance Abuse Factor In Higher Risk Of Violent Crime By Persons With Schizophrenia - 08:29

Fast Laser Research And Theory Building On Einsten's Work By Timing Electrons Emissions - 08:28

Cell Phone Viruses Pose Serious Threat, Scientists Warn - 08:28

Adult Stem Cells From Bone Marrow Made To Kill Metastatic Lung Cancer Cells In Mice - 08:28

Unusually Large Family Of Green Fluorescent Proteins Discovered In Marine Creature - 08:28

Popular Television Shows Inaccurately Portray Violent Crime, Researchers Find - 08:28

Genetic Defects Linked With Rare Bearded Lady Discovered - 08:28

New Understandings In Circadian Rhythms - 08:28

New Species of Yeast Discovered in Amazon Jungle - 08:28

Gene Therapy Could Expand Stem Cells' Promise - 08:28

Heat-tolerant Coral Reefs Discovered: May Survive Global Warming - 08:28

Dying At Home: A Trend That Could Make Hospitals More Efficient - 08:28

Fundamental Flaw In Transistor Noise Theory Discovered - 08:28

Determining Success Or Failure In Cholesterol-controlling Drugs - 08:28

Menopause: Agent Provides Treatment Option For Women With Hot Flashes - 08:28

Cosmology's Best Standard Candles Get Even Better - 08:28

Thursday th 21st of May 2009

Beneficial Plant 'Spillover' Effect Seen From Landscape Corridors - 20:35

Pregnant Women With Mildly Abnormal Blood Sugar Levels At Higher Risk Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes - 20:35

Earth’s Climate And Ocean Acidification History - 20:35

Bone Marrow Cell Therapy May Be Beneficial For Patients With Ischemic Heart Disease - 20:35

'Missing Link': Revealing Fast-spinning Pulsar Mysteries - 20:35

Early Identification Of Dementia Increasingly Difficult - 20:35

Biofilms As River Sentinels - 20:35

Triple Drug Combination Is Promising Option To Treat Metastatic HER2+ Breast Cancer - 20:35

Biologists Call For Network Of Protected Rivers - 20:35

Twins Born After Fertility Treatment Have Higher Risk Of Problems, Study Finds - 20:35

Giant Balloon Flying High Over Atlantic To Catch Cosmic Rays - 20:35

Higher Prevalence Of Early Onset Of Menstrual Periods Among Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse - 20:35

How The Body Differentiates Between A Burn And A Cut - 20:35

Glutamine Supplements Show Promise In Treating Stomach Ulcers - 20:35

Anti-inflammatory Effect Of 'Rotten Eggs' Gas - 20:35