Science Daily

Monday th 6th of April 2009

Pig Of The Future Might Be Free Of Diseases That Can Infect People - 09:21

Family Therapy May Help The Depressed Patient - 09:21

Possibility Of Brain Scan-assisted Diagnosis For PTSD A Step Closer - 09:21

Protein Protects Neurons In Brain From Damage Due To Inflammation - 09:21

Saturn's Moon Titan May Have Subsurface Ocean Of Hydrocarbons - 09:21

Some Alternative Therapies Can Be Safe, Effective For Children, According To Pediatrics Professor - 08:36

Nimbus And Cloud Computing Meet STAR Production Demands - 08:36

Diet Of Whipping Cream, Butter, Oil Can Help Control Epileptic Seizures In Children - 08:36

People Will Make Healthier Choices If Restaurants Provide Nutritional Data, Study Finds - 08:36

Flexible, Transparent Supercapacitors Could Pave Way To E-Paper - 08:36

Sports Drink Consumption Can Cause Tooth Erosion, Study Finds - 08:35

Stem Cell Innovation At Risk In UK, Studies Find - 07:28

Broccoli Sprouts May Prevent Stomach Cancer By Defeating Helicobacter Pylori - 07:28

Dwarf In The Elfin Forests: Tiniest Frog In South America’s Andes Mountains - 07:28

Sunday th 5th of April 2009

Two Galaxies For A Unique Event - 20:35

Concern Over Inappropriate Diagnosis And Treatment Of Thyroid Problems - 20:35

Waking Up During Surgery: Low-cost Prevention? - 20:35

Drug-eluting Stents Found Safe, Superior To Bare Metal Stents, Study Suggests - 20:35

Chemists Create Bipedal, Autonomous DNA Walker - 20:35

Researchers Identify Personality Traits Of Centenarian Offsprings Which May Influence Longetivity - 20:35

Lifeless Cells Ensure Sharp Vision - 20:35

Visual Attention: How The Brain Makes The Most Of The Visible World - 20:35

Cellular Target May Prove Useful In Treating Deadly Brain Tumors - 20:35

Sexy Or Repulsive? Butterfly Wings Can Be Both To Mates And Predators - 20:35

Does Stress Of Being A Parent Lead To Decay In Children's Teeth? - 20:35

Missing Enzyme Conveys Major Heart Protection In Pre-clinical Work - 20:35

Yeast Infections Worsening: Rapidly Mutating Yeast Causing More Infections - 20:35

Simulations And Ancient Magnetism Suggest Mantle Plumes May Bend Deep Beneath Earth's Crust - 20:35

How Men And Women Cope Differently With Stress Traced To Genetic Differences - 18:21

Babies Born To Women With Anxiety Or Depression Are More Likely To Sleep Poorly - 18:21

New MRI Signaling Method Could Picture Disease Metabolism In Action - 18:21

Discovery Of Protein That Reactivates Herpes Simplex Virus Helps Solve Medical Mystery - 18:21

Molecular Switch Linking Infectious Disease And Depression Identified - 18:21

Bird Feathers Produce Color Through Structure Similar To Beer Foam - 18:21

Milkshakes Are Medicine For Anorexic Teens In Family-based Outpatient Therapy - 00:31

New Test For Deadly Fungal Infection In Patients With Damaged Immune Systems - 00:31

Nutritious New Low-sugar Juice Targeted For Diabetics, Individuals With High Blood Sugar - 00:31

Cancer Stem Cells Generated By Cancer Outgrowth - 00:31

Young Pulsar Shows Its Hand - 00:31

Humans May Be Losers If Technological Nature Replaces The Real Thing, Psychologists Warn - 00:31

Astronauts May Need More Intense Workouts To Maintain Muscle Fitness In Space - 00:31

New Strategy Improves Stem Cell Recruitment, Heart Function And Survival After Heart Injury - 00:31

Straw Bale House Survives Violent Shaking At Earthquake Lab - 00:31

Childhood Abuse Associated With Onset Of Psychosis In Women - 00:31

Health Benefits, Consequences Of Folic Acid Dependent On Circumstances - 00:30

Decoding Mysterious Green Glow Of The Sea - 00:28

Saturday th 4th of April 2009

Obesity Associated With Periodontal Disease - 16:35

Resolvins Have Potential To Resolve Periodontal Inflammation And Restore Tissue Health - 16:35

Human Embryonic Stem Cells May Revolutionize Treatment of Oral Disease - 16:35

Your Oral Health Is Connected To Your Overall Health - 16:35