Science Daily

Friday th 1st of May 2009

Disrupting A Brain Protein Produces Antidepressant-like Effect In Mice - 11:21

Pandemic Study Of 1918-1919 Outbreak Provides Background And Death Rates For 14 European Countries - 10:35

XBox Forensics - 10:35

'Self-healing' Polymer May Facilitate Recycling Of Hard-to-dispose Plastic - 10:35

Popular Diabetes Treatment Could Trigger Pancreatitis, Pancreatic Cancer, Study Suggests - 10:35

Fish May Actually Feel Pain And React To It Much Like Humans Do - 10:35

People Of Higher Socioeconomic Status Choose Better Diets, But Pay More Per Calorie - 09:28

Chronic Ankle Pain May Be More Than Just A Sprain - 09:28

Rotator Cuff Tears: Are They All In The Family? - 09:28

Injured Marines At Risk For Abnormal Bone Growth - 09:28

Chemical Found In Medical Devices Impairs Heart Function - 09:28

Carbon Balance Of Terrestrial Ecosystems In China - 09:28

Scientists Race To Deliver DNA Swine Flu Test - 09:28

Thursday th 30th of April 2009

New Doctors, Teaching Physicians Disagree About Essential Medical Procedures To Learn - 22:35

Synthesis With A Template - 22:35

MR Enterography Eliminates Unnecessary Radiation Exposure In Patients With Small Bowel Disease - 22:35

TB Vaccine Enters New Clinical Trials - 22:35

Key Gene Allows Plants To Survive Drought - 22:35

More Orthodontic Treatment Needed Among Children Born Prematurely - 22:35

Forensic Facial Composite Software Effective In Police Investigations - 22:35

Beyond Associations: Colorectal Cancer Culprit Found - 22:35

'Sleep Talking' PCs Save Energy And Money - 22:35

Southern Glaciers Grow Out Of Step With North - 22:35

Recycler Protein Helps Prevent Disease - 22:35

Two-pronged Attack Works Best For Psoriasis Treatment - 22:35

Dogs Are Aggressive If They Are Trained Badly - 22:35

Galactic X-ray Ridge: Resolving A Galactic Mystery - 22:35

Mild Alzheimer's: Photos More Useful Than Words - 22:35

Bypassing Stem Cells: Adult Skin Cells Turned Into Muscle Cells And Vice Versa - 22:35

Some Vocal-mimicking Animals, Particularly Parrots, Can Move To A Musical Beat - 22:35

1918 Flu Resulted In Current Lineage Of H1N1 Swine Influenza Viruses - 22:35

Why Fertilization Results In Loss Of Plant Biodiversity - 22:35

Swine Flu Or Bird Flu: Scientist Warns Of Six-month Time Lag To Manufacture Pandemic Flu Vaccine - 22:35

New Biosensor For Most Serious Form Of Listeria Food Poisoning Bacteria - 22:35

Bones Made From Human Skin Connective Tissue - 22:35

Origin And Evolution Of Planet Mercury Revealed With Multispectral Images - 22:35

Schizophrenia And Manic-depressive Disorder: Genetic Variant Impairs Communication Within Brain - 22:35

Simple Lasers Used To Detect Melamine In Baby Formula - 22:35

Cousin Of The 'Ice That Burns' Emerges As Greener New Way To Fight Fires - 22:35

Social Separation Stops Flu Spread, But Must Be Started Soon - 22:35

Mechanisms Of Self-control Pinpointed In Brain - 22:35

Some Short-term Memories Die Suddenly, No Fading - 09:22

Analysis Finds Strong Match Between Molecular, Fossil Data In Evolutionary Studies - 09:22

Older Men More Likely Than Women To Die After Pneumonia - 09:22

Restless Legs Syndrome: New Treatment Improves Sleep - 09:22

Scientists Discover 'Dancing' Algae - 09:22

Dynamite Used To Reveal New Layer Of Dinosaur Fossils - 09:22

Tiny Differences In Our Genes Help Shed Light On The Big Picture Of Human History - 09:22

First Large-scale Computer Simulation Of Gene Therapy - 09:22

New Study Argues For CT Colonography As Primary Colon Cancer Screening Test - 09:22