Science Daily

Sunday th 9th of August 2009

No Daily Or Weekly Pattern To Earthquakes In Western U.S. - 02:35

Stroke Doubles Patients' Risk Of Hip Or Thigh Fracture - 02:35

Gene Transcribing Machine Takes Halting, Backsliding Trip Along The DNA - 02:35

Colon Cancer May Yield To Cellular Sugar Starvation - 02:35

Earth's Most Prominent Rainfall Feature Creeping Northward - 02:35

Distinctive Gene Expression In Brains Of Relapsing Heroin-addicted Rats - 02:35

Ozone Depletion Reduces Ocean Carbon Uptake - 02:35

Unraveling How Cells Respond To Low Oxygen - 02:35

Primate Archaeology Sheds Light On Human Origins - 02:35

Chemists Discover Ozone-boosting Reaction: Newfound Chemistry Should Be Added To Atmospheric Models, Experts Say - 02:35

Innovative Method To Detect Genetic Causes Of Complex Diseases Identified - 02:35

What Makes Stem Cells Tick? - 02:35

'Motion Picture' Of Past Warming Paves Way For Snapshots Of Future Climate Change - 02:35

Scientists Find Cells Responsible For Bladder Cancer's Spread - 02:35

Looking Different 'Helps Animals To Survive' - 02:35

Friday th 7th of August 2009

Overly Emotional Language May Be Counter-productive When Issuing Warnings About Pandemics And Hospital Infections - 21:21

Heat Shock Proteins Provide Protection Against Cataracts - 21:21

Immune Responses To Flu Vaccine Are Diminished In Lupus Patients - 21:21

People With Lots Of Working Memory Are Not Easily Distracted - 21:21

Menopause: Botanicals Have No Effect On Hot Flashes Or Cognition, Study Suggests - 21:21

Chemical Separations: Membrane Breaks Through Performance Barrier - 21:21

Douglas-fir, Geoducks Make Strange Bedfellows In Studying Climate Change - 21:21

Bladder Cells Feel Stretch: Molecular Mechanism Of Sensing Fullness Of Urine Found - 21:21

Surface Features On Titan Form Like Earth's, But With A Frigid Twist - 21:21

Males Of High Genetic Quality Are Not Very Successful At Fertilizing Eggs - 21:21

Marine Microbes Creating Green Waves In Industry - 21:21

Tumor Mutations Can Predict Chemo Success - 21:21

How To Manage Dental Erosion Caused By Everyday Beverages - 21:21

Crystal Ball For Brain Cancer? New Method Predicts Which Brain Tumors Will Respond To Drug - 21:21

Itch-specific Neurons Identified In Mice Offers Hope For Better Treatments - 21:21

Function Of Potential Cancer-causing Gene Product Uncovered - 20:14

Cognitive Decline Not Linked To Socioeconomic Status In Elderly, According To New Study - 16:28

Cost-effectiveness Of Cetuximab In Metastatic Colorectal Cancer - 16:28

School Bus Seat Belt Study Enters Final Research Year - 16:28

Non-invasive Brain Surgery Moves A Step Closer - 16:28

Psychological Factors Help Explain Slow Reaction To Global Warming - 15:42

Surveying Ships Sunk Off North Carolina In World War II - 15:42

Children With Positive Outlooks Are Better Learners - 14:35

Psychologists Say Longer Lives Can Still Lead To Happier Golden Years - 14:35

Two Lines Account For Most Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Scholar Finds - 14:35

Nanocrystal Growth Spurts: First Real-Time Direct Observations Of Nanocrystal Growth In Solution - 13:28

A Step Toward Preventing Lung Cancer From Spreading To The Brain And New Clinical Trial Results - 13:28

Ambitious New Strategies Proposed For AIDS Vaccine Research - 12:21

How To Make Negative Services Less Unpleasant For Consumers - 12:21

Ability To Process Information As A Baby Continues Into Adulthood - 12:21

Narcissistic Bosses Destroy Morale, Drive Down Bottom Line - 12:21

Hepatitis Healing Power Of Blueberry Leaves - 12:21

Fumbled Handoffs Can Lead To Medical Errors - 12:21

Slicing Silicon Blocks Into Paper-Thin Wafers For Solar Cells - 11:35

Manufacturing: Configure Your Own Operating Software - 11:35