Science Daily

Wednesday th 21st of January 2009

Students Will Be Working On Scientific Experiment Under Microgravity Conditions At European Space Agency - 18:14

Speech Recognition: It’s Like Software Understands, Um, Language - 18:14

Clinical Trials: Unfavourable Results Often Go Unpublished - 18:14

Pathogenic Soil Bacterium Is Influenced By Land Management Practices - 18:14

All Earth's Seasons Now Arrive Two Days Earlier, Researchers Report - 17:28

Measles Virus May Be Effective Prostate Cancer Treatment - 16:21

Smoking Linked To Most Male Cancer Deaths - 16:21

Much Of Antarctica Is Warming More Than Previously Thought - 16:21

New Understanding Of The Origin Of Galaxies Advanced - 16:21

When Less Attention Improves Memory - 15:14

Termite Insecticide Found To Be Potent Greenhouse Gas - 15:14

Baby Beetles Inspire Scientists To Build 'Mini Boat' Powered By Surface Tension - 15:14

Chemical Come-on Successfully Lures Lovesick Lampreys To Traps - 14:49

Research Exposes Risk To Infants From Chemicals Used In Liquid Medicines - 14:49

Semiconducting Nanotubes Produced In Quantity - 14:49

Light-speed Nanotechnology: Controlling The Nature Of Graphene - 14:49

Dynamical Theory And Novel 4-D Colorimetric Method Reveal Modus Operandi Of Intact Living Brain - 14:49

Cooking Up New Gelled Rocket Fuels - 14:49

Analysis Of Evolution Of The Spanish Electricity Sector - 11:42

Cosmic Rays Detected Deep Underground Reveal Secrets Of The Upper Atmosphere - 11:42

Hope For Rabies Eradication Strategy In Africa - 10:36

Global Impact Of Climate Change On Biodiversity - 10:36

Europe’s Aquatic Birds Will Seek New Nesting Sites In Face Of Global Warming - 10:36

Reptile Fossil Reignites Debate Over New Zealand Submergence - 10:36

Many Of China’s 140 Million Old People Find The Crowd To Be Lonely - 10:36

African-Americans Have Worse Prognosis At Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis - 01:39

New Analysis Estimates Numbers Of Older US Adults Who May Benefit From Statin Therapy - 01:39

Gene Associated With Reduced Mortality From Acute Lung Injury - 01:39

Rise In Antibiotic Resistant Pediatric Head And Neck Infections - 01:39

Prenatal Exposure To Chemicals With Higher BMI In Toddlers - 01:39

New Step In DNA Damage Response In Neurons Discovered - 01:39

E. Coli Persists Against Antibiotics Through HipA-induced Dormancy - 01:39

Special Nanotubes May Be Used As A Vehicle For Treating Neurodegenerative Disorders - 01:39

Potential Colon Cancer Biomarker Revealed Through Study Of Human Tissue - 01:39

Mutant Host Cell Protein Sequesters Critical HIV-1 Element - 01:39

Stop Traffic Crashes: Switch On The Lights - 01:39

Anakinra For Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Modest Benefit With Some Risk, Study Suggests - 01:38

From Golf To Gulf, Drainage Industry Greens - 01:35

Tuesday th 20th of January 2009

Blocked Protein Prevents Lupus In Mouse Model - 22:35

Engineered Virus Targets And Kills Apparent Cancer Stem Cells In Neuroblastoma - 22:35

Acupuncture Stops Headaches, But 'Faked' Treatments Work Almost As Well - 22:35

Virtual Reality: Keyhole Surgeons Training Could Help Meet European Working Time Directives - 21:28

Measurement Of Kidney Function In Children With Kidney Disease Improved - 21:28

Surviving Dance Club Music (noise) With Hearing Intact - 21:28

Magnesium Sulphate Protects Babies Against Cerebral Palsy, Review Shows - 20:21

Power Emissions Limits To Save Most Carbon At Least Cost, Study Suggests - 18:28

New Species Hotspot In Remote Cambodian Mekong - 18:28

Abnormal Heart Function Associated With Reduced Capacity For Exercise - 17:21

Medication May Provide Some Benefit For Older Adults With Anxiety Disorder - 17:21

Nutritional Supplementation Program Helps Prevent Weight Loss Among Children In African Country - 17:21