Science Daily

Wednesday th 12th of August 2009

Epidemic Of Student Cheating Can Be Cured With Changes In Classroom Goals - 03:28

Discovering Soybean Plants Resistant To Aphids And A New Aphid - 03:28

Healthy Lifestyle Habits May Be Associated With Reduced Risk Of Chronic Disease - 03:28

Unlikely Genetic Suspect Implicated In Common Brain Defect - 03:28

STAT3 Gene Regulates Cancer Stem Cells In Brain Cancer - 03:28

Scientists Launch The First Standard Graphical Notation For Biology - 03:28

Mothers, But Not Fathers, Follow Their Own Moms' Parenting Practices - 03:28

Scandinavian Fuel Cell Can Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Goods Transport - 03:28

MRSA May Accompany Hospital Patients Into Home Health Settings - 03:28

Tumor Suppressor Pulls Double Shift As Reprogramming Watchdog - 03:28

Urine Samples Could Be Used To Predict Responses To Drugs, Say Researchers - 03:28

The Dance Of Water: New Insight Into Water's Strange Bulk Properties - 03:28

Tuesday th 11th of August 2009

Optimism Appears To Lower Women's Risk Of Death, Heart Disease - 05:35

Computer Scientists Take Over Electronic Voting Machine With New Programming Technique - 05:35

Radiation Therapy May Increase Diabetes Risk In Childhood Cancer Survivors - 05:35

Revelations In Saturn's Rings Continue As Equinox Approaches - 05:35

Potential Alzheimer's Disease Drug: New Class Of Compounds Discovered - 05:35

Traffic Jam In Brain Causes Schizophrenia Symptoms; First Mouse To Develop Disease As Teenager, Just Like Humans - 05:35

Middle-aged 'Macho Men' Are Less Likely To Obtain Preventative Care, Sociologists Find - 05:35

Amazonian Tribe Sheds Light On Causes Of Heart Disease In Developed Countries - 05:35

Professor Sequences His Entire Genome At Low Cost, With Small Team - 05:35

Insufficient Sleep May Be Linked To Increased Diabetes Risk - 05:35

Bipedal Humans Came Down From The Trees, Not Up From The Ground - 05:35

Temp Work Strains Employee Mental Health, Study Finds - 05:35

Tweeting Shooting Stars: World's First Mass Participation Meteor Star Party - 05:35

Avian Influenza Strain Primes Brain For Parkinson's Disease - 05:35

Chinese Acupuncture Affects Brain's Ability To Regulate Pain, UM Study Shows - 05:35

What Makes An Accent In A Foreign Language Lighter? More Empathy And Political Identification With Native Speakers - 05:35

Software Development: Speeding From Sketchpad To Smooth Code - 05:35

Engineers Provide Insights To Decades-old DNA Squabble - 05:35

Taking The Needle's Sting Out Of Diabetes: First Tablet-based Treatment? - 05:35

First Black Holes Born Starving - 05:35

Growth In Number Of Americans Citing No Religion May Be Slower Than Previously Reported - 05:35

New Study Sheds Light On The Growing U.S. Wind Power Market - 05:35

Gene Therapy Trial Succeeds In Boosting Protective Protein In Patients With Hereditary Lung Disease - 05:35

Archaeologists Find Cache Of Tablets In 2,700-year Old Turkish Temple - 05:35

Physicians Bust Myths About Insulin - 02:14

Parents Fear Errors During Children's Hospitalization - 02:14

Understanding How Weeds Are Resistant To Herbicides - 02:14

Smoking, Binge Drinking: Double-threat To Teen Health - 02:14

Navigating In The Ocean Of Molecules: Computer Program Points The Way To New Disease Treatments - 02:14

Triple Asteroid System Triples Observers' Interest - 02:14

Found: A Gene That May Play A Role In Type 1 Diabetes - 02:14

Hundreds Of New Species Discovered In Eastern Himalayas - 02:14

Northern Ireland: One In Ten 16 Year Olds Have Self-harmed In Past Year - 01:28

Woodlands Suffer Large-scale Biodiversity Loss - 01:28

Humans 'Damaging The Oceans' In Profound Ways - 01:28

Prehypertension, Obesity And Kidney Disease Risks - 01:28

Ocean Health Plays Vital Role In Coral Reef Recovery - 01:28

Resistance To Antibiotics: When 1+1 Is Not 2- Genetic Interactions Underlie Multi-resistant Bacteria - 01:28