Science Daily

Monday th 27th of April 2009

Prostate Cancer Therapy Increases Risk Of Fractures And Cardiovascular-related Death - 01:28

Two Causes For Bowel Disease In Infants Suggested By New Research - 01:28

Meditation Provides Hope For People With Depression - 00:16

Polymer Solar Cell Plant Hooked Up To Grid In Denmark - 00:16

Outcomes Of Gastric Bypass Surgery In Morbidly Obese And Superobese Patients - 00:16

Lithium And The Brain: New Light On Bipolar Treatment Drugs - 00:16

Now Where Did I Leave My Car? How The Brain Translates Memory Into Action - 00:16

Good Relationship With Parents May Prevent Teen Drinking Problems - 00:15

At The Limits Of The Photoelectric Effect - 00:15

Factors Associated With Early Detection Of Melanoma In Older Men Identified - 00:15

Climate Change Means Shortfalls In Colorado River Water Deliveries - 00:15

Huntington's Disease: Gene Therapy Offers New Hope For Treatment Of Neurodegenerative Disorder - 00:15

Solar Wind Tans Young Asteroids - 00:15

Autopilot Guides Proteins In Brain - 00:15

Chromosome Breakpoints Contribute To Genetic Variation - 00:15

New Highly Sensitive Method May Offer Early Detection Of Dengue Virus - 00:15

Increased Mortality Associated With Frequent Night-time Urination -- Nocturia - 00:15

Climate Change Increases Cholera Cases In Africa, Study Suggests - 00:15

Neuronal Growth Factor Receptor -- Long Implicated In Alzheimer's Disease -- May Actually Protect The Neuron - 00:15

New Wireless Sensor First For Instant Monitoring Of Brain Oxygen - 00:15

Type Of Vitamin B1 Could Treat Common Cause Of Blindness - 00:15

Scientists Give A Hand(edness) To The Search For Alien Life - 00:15

Evolution Of Human Sex Roles More Complex Than Described By Universal Theory - 00:14

Quantum Computers: Powerful Method Of Suppressing Errors Developed - 00:14

Lice Can Be Nice To Us: Louse Infestation Calibrates Immune System Regulation - 00:14

Computational Biology Illuminates How Cells Change Gears - 00:14

Kidney Removed Through The Belly Button - 00:14

Biological Basis For The Eight-hour Workday? - 00:14

Sunday th 26th of April 2009

Brain Works Best When Cells Keep Right Rhythms, New Studies Suggest - 18:35

Stem Cells For The Damaged Heart: Key Factors In Heart Cell Creation Identified - 18:35

Catching The Lightwave: Nano-mechanical Sensors 'Wired' By Photonics - 18:35

Details Of Bacterial 'Injection' System Revealed - 18:35

Lasers Used To Induce Gamma Brain Waves In Mice - 18:35

The Season Of Ticks: Could Climate Change Worsen Lyme Disease? - 18:35

Scientists Discover How To Improve Immune Response To Cancer - 17:28

New Topical Spray May Treat Premature Ejaculation - 15:57

Autologous Muscle-derived Cells May Treat Stress Urinary Incontinence - 15:57

Generics Less Effective/safe Than Branded Medications In Treating LUTS - 15:57

Drinking Diet Soda May Reduce Risk Of Forming Kidney Stones - 15:57

Tadalafil May Effectively Treat Symptoms Of BPH-LUTS In Addition To Erectile Dysfunction - 15:57

Statins May Exert Influence On Prostate Cancer Growth By Reducing Inflammation - 15:57

Major Statin Study Reveals Several Important Findings For Reducing Prostate Cancer And Disease - 15:57

Improved Detection Of Bladder Tumors Reduces Cancer Recurrence - 15:57

Robotic Approach To Urothelial Cancer Of The Kidney Proves To Be Beneficial For Patients - 15:57

Robotic Assisted Kidney Cancer Surgery Proves To Be Beneficial To Patients - 15:57

Notch1 Contributes To Scar Tissue In The Lungs - 15:57

Suppressor Of Cytokine Signaling (SOCS)-1 Inhibits Prostate Cancer Growth - 15:57

TIP30 Inhibits Lung Cancer Metastasis, Study Suggests - 15:57

SPARC (Secreted Protein Acidic And Rich In Cysteine) In Kidney Disease - 15:57

Gangliosides May Protect Against Parkinson's Disease - 15:57