Science Daily

Monday th 25th of May 2009

Siblings Of Children With Cancer Feel Left Out - 10:36

Multiferroics: Making A Switch The Electric Way - 10:36

Study Calls For 'As Soon As Possible' Treatment Standard For Heart Attack Patients - 10:35

Mockingbirds In Fickle Climates Sing Fancier Tunes - 10:35

Function Of Key Protein In Cancer Spread Described - 10:35

Fire And Water Reveal New Archaeological Dating Method - 10:35

Sunday th 24th of May 2009

Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Retinopathy Linked In Diabetes - 21:28

Strong Immune Response To New SiRNA Drugs In Development May Cause Toxic Side Effects - 21:28

Buckyball Computer Simulations Help Team Find Molecular Key To Combating HIV - 21:28

Hydrogen Powered Municipal Vehicle Being Tested In Everyday Use - 21:28

Abusive Relationships Increase Women’s Risk Of HIV Infection - 21:28

Ultraviolet LEDs Create Darker, Redder Lettuce Richer In Antioxidants - 21:28

Novel Mechanism Of Action Of Corticosteroids In Allergic Diseases - 21:28

New Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Seal Could Help Bring Efficient Energy Technology To Market - 21:28

Diabetics' Heart Attack Risk Can Be Reduced, Research Finds - 21:28

'Happy Hour' Gene Discovery Suggests Cancer Drugs Might Treat Alcoholism - 21:28

Virus Tamed To Destroy Cancer Cells But Leave Healthy Cells Unharmed - 21:28

'Eating For Two' Has Consequences For Mom And Baby - 20:21

A Person's High Or Low Response To Alcohol Says Much About Their Risk For Alcoholism - 20:21

Knowledge Of Epigenetics Helps Scientists Develop Tool To Study Deadly Parasite’s Histone Code - 20:21

'Extreme' College Drinking And A Sensation-seeking Disposition Lead To Injury - 20:21

New 3-D Structural Model Of Critical H1N1 Protein Developed - 20:21

Novel Herbal Therapy For Men At High Risk Of Prostate Cancer Well-Tolerated In Phase I Trial - 20:21

Breast MRI Detects Additional 'Unsuspected' Cancers Not Seen On Mammography Or Ultrasound - 20:21

Compound In Turmeric Spice May Stall Spread Of Fat Tissue - 20:21

Immunomagnetic Beads Can Attract Plague Bacteria - 20:21

Ocean Life Of Ages Past Boggle Modern Imagination With Incredible Sizes, Abundance And Distribution - 18:28

Fruit Fly Gene Clone 'Library': P[acman] As New Research Tool - 17:21

Yeast Missing Sex Genes Undergo Unexpected Sexual Reproduction - 17:21

Precise Measurement: Laser Ranging System Pinpoints Multiple Objects With Nanometer Precision 100 Km Away - 17:21

How Superbugs Control Their Lethal Weapons - 17:21

People By Nature Are Universally Optimistic, Study Shows - 12:28

Saturday th 23rd of May 2009

Psychological Impact Of Child Abuse - 22:35

Research Shows Efficiency Of Huelva-grown Shrub In Recovery Of Polluted Soil - 22:35

3-D Kidney Atlas Created For Researchers And Physicians - 22:35

Finishing Touches: New Alloys Offer Alternative To Chrome - 22:35

Prevalence Of Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Agent In Britain Remains Uncertain - 22:35

Thieving Whale Caught On Video Gives Rare Clues About Hunting Strategy, Sound Production - 22:35

Lower Legal Drinking Age Increases Unplanned Pregnancies And Pre-term Births Among Young People - 22:35

Optimal Trip And Load Planning - 22:35

Molecular Pathway Behind Invasive Prostate Cancers - 22:35

How Solid Is Concrete's Carbon Footprint? - 22:35

Gene Signature Helps Predict Breast Cancer Prognosis - 22:35

Giant Galaxy Messier 87 Finally Sized Up - 22:35

'Intoxication' May Not Always Be Visible - 22:35

Seeing Beyond The Invisible: Uncovering Our Planet’s Past To Help Predict Its Future - 22:35

TB Vaccine Gets Its Groove Back - 22:35

Synthetic Catalyst Mimics Nature's 'Hydrogen Economy' - 22:35

Mutant Genes In High-risk Childhood Leukemias Identified - 22:35

Primate Eye Evolution: Small Evolutionary Shifts Make Big Impacts -- Like Developing Night Vision - 22:35