Science Daily

Tuesday th 7th of July 2009

Device Makes Objects Invisible In Certain Light Conditions - 10:28

Different Clues To The Health Of Women And Men - 10:28

Hearing Manipulated By Electronics - 10:28

Male Seahorses Like Big Mates - 09:21

New Portrait Of Omega Nebula's Glistening Watercolors - 09:21

Monday th 6th of July 2009

Cancer Researchers Link DICER1 Gene Mutation To Rare Childhood Cancer - 22:28

Athletes, Spectators Faced Unprecedented Air Pollution At 2008 Olympic Games - 22:28

Muscle Damage May Be Present In Some Patients Taking Statins - 22:28

Ferns Took To The Trees And Thrived During Cretaceous Period - 22:28

Multiple Means Of Identifying Species Better Than DNA Barcoding Alone - 22:28

'Nature' And 'Nurture' Variables Early Predictors Of Age-related Macular Degeneration - 22:28

Understanding The Anticancer Effects Of Vitamin D3 - 22:28

New Evidence That Vinegar May Be Natural Fat-fighter - 22:28

How Can The World's Fisheries Be Sustainable? - 22:28

Enzyme That Makes Survival Molecule For Key Vision Cells Identified - 22:28

Why Some Tumors Don't Respond To Radiation And Chemotherapy - 22:28

Team Sports Participation Reduces Likelihood Of Youths Becoming Established Smokers; Smoking In Movies Increases Risk - 22:28

Bioengineers Develop Microfabricated Device To Measure Cellular Forces During Tissue Development - 22:28

Inhaled Growth Hormone Safe For Children Deficient In This Key Protein, Study Suggests - 22:28

Health Food Supplement May Curb Compulsive Hair Pulling - 22:28

Social Security Numbers Can Be Predicted With Public Information - 22:28

Trio Of Signals Converge To Induce Liver And Pancreas Cell Development In The Embryo - 22:28

Close Relationship Between Past Warming And Sea-level Rise - 22:28

Alzheimer's Research Pinpoints Antibodies That May Prevent Disease - 22:28

Physical Reality Of String Theory Shown In Quantum-critical State Of Electrons - 22:28

New Mass Spectrometric Method Allows Fast And Comprehensive Analyses Of Metabolites - 21:21

Songbirds Reveal How Practice Improves Performance - 21:21

Magnetic Brain Stimulation Improves Skill Learning - 19:28

Carbohydrate Acts As Tumor Suppressor - 18:21

Nitrogen Research Shows How Some Plants Invade, Take Over Others - 17:14

Ancient Fossils Shed Light On Anatomical Changes Accompanying Evolution Of First Land Vertebrates - 17:14

Parasites May Have Had Role In Evolution Of Sex - 17:14

First Direct Evidence Of Substantial Fish Consumption By Early Modern Humans In China - 17:14

Students With Depression Twice As Likely To Drop Out Of College - 16:07

Prostate Cancer 'Homing Device' Created For Drug Delivery - 16:07

Brain's Immune System May Cause Chronic Seizures - 16:07

Delirium Presentation Predicts Mortality - 16:07

Scientists Are Learning More About Big Birds From Feathers - 15:21

Chemical In Common Consumer Products (Phthalates) May Play A Role In Pre-term Births - 15:21

Robot Soccer: Cooperative Soccer Playing Robots Compete - 14:35

Coral Reefs Exposed To Imminent Destruction From Climate Change - 14:35

Elevated Mercury Levels In Prairie Lakes Examined - 14:35

Mice With Skin Condition Help Scientists Understand Tumor Growth - 13:28

Atrial Fibrillation Linked To Increased Hospitalization In Heart Failure Patients - 13:28

Elderly Breast Cancer Patients Receive Chemotherapy If Treated In Private Practices - 13:28

Dogs, Humans, Put Heads Together To Find Cure For Brain Cancer - 13:28

Physics Research With Atomic Force Microscope Could Lead To Better Health Care - 13:28

Quadriplegics Can Operate Powered Wheelchair With Tongue Drive System - 12:21

Dozens Of Pulsars Probed - 11:35

Difference In The Way Children With Autism Learn New Behaviors Described - 11:35