Science Daily

Monday th 4th of May 2009

Nanoparticle Delivery System Developed To Induce Immunity To Certain STDs - 12:21

Extra Payments To Medicare Advantage Plans To Total $11.4 Billion In 2009 - 11:35

Psyched Out By Stereotypes: Research Suggests Thinking About The Positive - 11:35

True Grit: How Sea Urchins Carve Hiding Holes in Limestone - 11:35

First Fully Automated Pipeline For Multiprotein Complex Production - 11:35

Crop Models Help Increase Yield Per Unit Of Water Used - 11:35

New Insight Into Alzheimer's Disease Pathology - 10:44

Childproofing: Furniture Tip-over Injuries Rising - 10:44

Hospital Volume Inconsistent Predictor Of Quality Care - 10:44

Children Who View Adult-targeted TV May Become Sexually Active Earlier In Life - 10:44

Memory Grows Less Efficient Very Early In Alzheimer's Disease - 09:35

Injectable Testosterone May Provide Effective Male Contraception - 09:35

Stopgap DNA Repair Needs A Second Step - 09:35

New Light Shed On Enigma Of Salt Intake And Hypertension - 09:35

White Blood Cells Can Sprout 'Legs' And Move Like Millipedes - 09:35

Sunday th 3rd of May 2009

Pacifiers No Barrier To Breastfeeding Success - 20:28

Parkinson's: Neurons Destroyed By Three Simultaneous Strikes - 20:28

Poor Sleep Quality Leads To Poorer Prognosis After Stroke - 20:28

Key Function In Protein, Cell Transcription Identified - 20:28

Potential Preventative Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes - 20:28

High School Teachers Influence Student Views Of Evolution & Creationism - 20:28

New Technique For Modifying Plant Genes Developed - 20:28

Simple Blood Test Proves Powerful Ally In The Fight Against Malaria - 20:28

Caffeine Withdrawal Headache Explained: Your Brain On -- And Off -- Caffeine - 20:28

Students Make Atari Games Look Like Atari Again - 20:28

DNA Barcoding Of Mosquito Species Deployed In Bid To End Elephantiasis - 20:28

Urine Screening Test May One Day Predict Coronary Artery Disease - 20:28

Climate Change Threatens Unique Ecosystems of World's Largest Lake, Lake Baikal - 20:28

Atomic Physics Study Sets New Limits On Hypothetical New Particles - 19:21

Food Science Students Invent Easy-To-Use Meat Seasoning - 19:21

New Diagnostic Advance Seen For Head, Throat Cancer - 19:21

Human Brain Can Recognize Objects Much Faster Than Some Have Thought - 19:21

Matrix Protein Key To Fighting Viruses - 19:21

Earth Still Recovering From A Glacial Hangover - 19:21

Swine Flu Update: At Least 18 Counties Affected; Human-to-Pig Infection Reported In Canada - 18:35

Process Controlling T Cell Growth And Production Identified - 14:28

Narcolepsy Is An Autoimmune Disorder - 14:28

Moving Gene Therapy Forward With Mobile DNA - 14:28

Birds Raised In Complete Isolation Evolve 'Normal' Species Song Over Generations - 14:28

Small Molecules Might Block Mutant Protein Production In Huntington's Disease - 14:28

Nanotechnology Holds Promise For STD Drug Delivery - 14:28

Memory For Different Smells: Synaptic Memory Found In Olfactory Bulb - 14:28

Shift In Computer Simulation Superiority - 11:28

What Regulates MicroRNAs? When Cells Reach Out And Touch - 11:28

Dolphins Maintain Round-the-clock Visual Vigilance - 11:28

Women More Vulnerable To Tobacco Carcinogens, New Results Show - 08:22

Personalized Treatment For Early Lung Cancer - 08:21

Saturday th 2nd of May 2009

If Started Early, HIV Treatment Reduces Death Rates Toward Background Levels In African Countries - 21:28

SUMO Protein Guides Chromatin Remodeler To Suppress Genes - 21:28

New Mediator Of Smoking Recruits - 21:28