Science Daily

Thursday th 10th of September 2009

Experts Urge Year-round Research On Arctic And Global Warming - 22:21

Replication At DNA Damage Sites Highlights Fanconi Anemia And Breast Cancer Proteins - 22:21

Evolutionary Fate Of 'Useless' Traits: Why Some Traits Break Down Quickly While Others Persist Over Time - 22:21

Pandemic Flu Can Infect Cells Deep In The Lungs - 22:21

Surprise In Earth's Upper Atmosphere: Mode Of Energy Transfer From The Solar Wind - 22:21

Noisy Roads Increase Risk Of High Blood Pressure - 22:21

Researchers Seek Safer Cystic Fibrosis Test - 22:21

Environmental Scientists Estimate That China Could Meet Its Entire Future Energy Needs By Wind Alone - 22:21

Vaccination Of 70 Percent Of US Population Could Control Swine Flu Pandemic - 22:21

Dividing Cells 'Feel' Their Way Out Of Warp - 22:21

Common Mental Disorders May Be More Common Than We Think - 22:21

US Navy Ship Sunk In World War II Battle Found - 22:21

Major Clinical Study Rejects Cancer Safety Fears Of Most Common Heartburn Treatment - 22:21

Dandelion Rubber? Researchers Make Russian Dandelion Suitable For Large-scale Rubber Production - 22:21

Size Of Fat Cells And Waist Size Predict Type 2 Diabetes In Women - 22:21

Dramatic Biological Responses To Global Warming In The Arctic - 22:21

Worker Bees In 'Reproductive Class War' With Queen, New Research Discovers - 22:21

New Antibiotic Shows Promise In Fighting Malaria - 22:21

Engineers Develop Safer, Blast-resistant Glass - 22:21

Sleep Helps Reduce Errors In Memory, Research Suggests - 22:21

Archaeologists Discover Oldest-known Fiber Materials Used By Early Humans - 22:21

'Dung Of The Devil' Plant Roots Point To New Swine Flu Drugs - 09:29

Drug Detection: Space-age Technology And Crime Research Combine For New Development - 09:28

Researchers Restore Missing Protein In Rare Genetic Brain Disorder - 09:28

Lung Cancer Oncogene Holds Key To Turning Off Cancer Stem Cells - 09:28

Changing The Course Of Nature: Are Fisheries Directing The Evolution Of Fish Populations? - 09:28

Getting Better Visualization Of Joint Cartilage Through Cationic CT Contrast Agents - 09:28

Chimps Trained To Enable Keepers To Take DNA Samples With Cheek Swabs - 09:28

Seizure Drug Enhances Sleep For Women With Hot Flashes - 09:28

You Can Believe Your Eyes: New Insights Into Memory Without Conscious Awareness - 09:28

How Accurate Are Hospital Report Cards? - 09:28

Cape Tulips: Pretty But Pests In Pastures - 09:28

Infertility And The Battle Of The Sexes: Evolutionary Explanation For Today's Fertility Problems? - 09:28

Molecular Mechanism Underlying Form Of Diabetes Revealed - 09:28

Imitate To Communicate: Even Singers In The Bird World Have To Deal With Cover Artists - 09:28

Troublesome Green Algae Harnessed To Make Paper-Based Batteries - 08:42

Children Can Learn A Second Language In Preschool, Study Finds - 08:42

Researchers Design Rooms With Sensors That Help Dependent People - 08:42

Graffiti-free Historic Buildings: Breathable Coating Provides Protection - 08:42

Anti-smoking Law Helps Waiters To Quit Smoking In Spain - 08:42

Wednesday th 9th of September 2009

War, Genocide 'Difficult Knowledge' To Teach Younger Students - 20:21

To Contract Or Not To Contract: Decision Controlled By 2 MicroRNAs - 20:21

Britain’s First Dual Fuel Bus Will Cut Emissions By Half - 20:21

Necessary Process In Forming Long-term Memory Identified - 20:21

K-12 Education Should Include Engineering, Experts Say - 20:21

How Manuka Honey Helps Fight Infection - 20:21

Pioneering Research Forms Basis For First-Ever Pediatric Hypertension Guidelines - 20:21

Environmentally 'Green' Beer: Munich Brewing Engineers Research Energy Savings - 20:21

Piece From Childhood Virus May Save Soldiers' Lives - 20:21

Nicotine Creates Stronger Memories, Cues To Drug Use - 20:21