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From The Egg, Baby Crocodiles Call To Each Other And To Mom

11 years ago from Science Daily

The pre-hatching calls of baby Nile crocodiles actually mean something to their siblings and to their mothers. The calls -- which are perfectly audible to humans and sound like "umph!...

Scientifically Valid Prevention Programs Cut Rates Of Juvenile Delinquency

11 years ago from Science Daily

Seventh-grade students in US communities that have set up scientifically validated programs to reduce juvenile delinquency have a significantly smaller chance of engaging such behavior than do children in towns...

Binge Drinking Due To 'Copying' Behavior

11 years ago from Science Daily

The rise in binge drinking in the young is a "fashion phenomenon" where drinkers are copying their associates' behavior, new research carried out in the UK has shown. Researchers say...

Men Share Their Creative Work Online More Than Women

11 years ago from Science Daily

Men are significantly more likely to share their creative work online than women though both engage in creative activity about equally. With the Internet a major form of participating in...

Cellular annoyance

11 years ago from Physorg

Annoying mobile communications abroad The results of a multi-national survey to be published in the International Journal of Mobile Communications reveals some surprises about cell phone use that have...

Assessing domestic violence in custody disputes critical to assure safety in parenting plans

11 years ago from Physorg

Custody disputes among separated spouses can become especially difficult when there are allegations of domestic violence. When abuse appears to be jointly afflicted, less serious in nature, or a relatively...

Mothers’ influence is decisive in tots’ first year

11 years ago from Science Blog

The way mothers interact with their babies in the first year of life is strongly related to how children behave later on. read more

Books: Achieving Wellness, Whatever That Is

11 years ago from NY Times Science

Two books muster science, statistics and a judicious smattering of personal experience to present opposite advice.

Scientist at Work | John Kao: Where the Whole Agenda Is Innovation

11 years ago from NY Times Science

John Kao is seeking links between science and policy, talent and capital.

Second Opinion: From a Prominent Death, Some Painful Truths

11 years ago from NY Times Science

Tim Russert’s fate underlines some painful truths, most notably that cardiology is not the exact science that many people wish it to be.

Neurological Assessment Of Older Adults: A Crystal Ball To The Future

11 years ago from Science Daily

Standard neurological exams of older adults are good predictors of future brain health and quality of life and should be part of physician's routine examination of older adults.

VIDEO: Inca Greet Solstice With Rite

11 years ago from National Geographic

In vibrant headdresses and robes, Inca descendants marked the Andean new year 5516 with prayers to Father Sun.

It's a Dog's (Genetic) Life

11 years ago from Science NOW

Pointing, herding, and life span of dogs linked to specific stretches of DNA

"No Simple Answer" to Role of Science in U.S.-Middle East Relations, Expert Says

11 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

According to Thomas Lippman, adjunct scholar with the Middle East Institute, there are both advantages and accompanying concerns regarding scientific collaboration in the Middle East. Lippman's remarks appear in the...

Machinima's Movie Moguls

11 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Forget cameras, actors, and elaborate sets: a new generation of filmmakers relies only on a video game, a computer, and a little imagination.

Scientists Date Events In "The Odyssey"

11 years ago from CBSNews - Science

Using clues from star and sun positions mentioned by the Greek poet Homer, scholars think they have determined when King Odysseus returned from the Trojan War and slaughtered a group...

Community-directed healthcare 'effective', finds study

11 years ago from SciDev

A study of three African countries has found that community-administered healthcare is an effective strategy to combat many illnesses.

Spike in School’s Pregnancies Leads to Report That Some Resulted From Girls’ Pact

11 years ago from NY Times Health

At least 17 girls at the public high school in Gloucester, Mass., are expecting babies, and a report says nearly half became pregnant after making a pact to do so...

Michael Shernoff, 57, Gay-Health Therapist, Is Dead

11 years ago from NY Times Health

Mr. Shernoff was a psychotherapist who beginning in the early years of the AIDS epidemic wrote widely on its emotional toll on gay men.

China Presses Injured Athletes in Quest for Gold

11 years ago from NY Times Health

Pressured by the nation’s athletic system, China’s Olympic aspirants are pushing themselves to their limits.

Engaging teachers means engaged students

11 years ago from Physorg

To encourage and help teachers become more involved and enthusiastic about "inclusive teaching", the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) recently funded an action research based project. Action research...

Election Forecasters Preparing For Historic Election

11 years ago from Science Daily

Anticipating what is likely to be one of the most interesting elections in modern history, Researchers have assembled the insights of prominent election forecasters in a special issue of the...

Puberty timing linked to mum's diet

11 years ago from Science Alert

Mothers that eat a high fat diet during pregnancy could cause their child to go through puberty early and have a higher risk of obesity as an adult, a study...

Console makers embrace indie game developers

11 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- In the second grade, James Silva didn't just play "Mario" and "Zelda" on his Nintendo but drew pictures of new levels and cooked up ideas for future...

Hierarchies may limit female leadership

11 years ago from Science Alert

The gap between males and females in high level leadership positions may be linked to organisational hierarchies, according to a study.

24 percent of Swedish dogs overweight

11 years ago from UPI

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 21 (UPI) -- Experts say that many Swedes love their dogs all too well, with one-fourth of the pets in the country suffering from obesity.

Chimp’s Sex Calls May Reflect Calculation

11 years ago from NY Times Science

Scientists believe the distinctive calls made by female chimpanzees during sex take social factors into account.

Zoos ask, what to do with an aged lemur?

11 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Even as a youngster, Rollie looked older and wiser than his years. His white mustache sprouted longer by the month, until it flamed from his cheeks like a...