CBSNews - Science

Thursday the 27th of April 2017

Why humans and elephants take same time to poop - 14:32

Amazon's Echo Look debuts, igniting privacy concerns - 13:02

MIT built a robot that can 3D print a building - 13:02

Ancient sea monster had 50 legs and giant claws - 11:41

Cassini spacecraft phones home after daring Saturn encounter - 05:01

Wednesday the 26th of April 2017

Artificial wombs could increase premature babies' chances of survival - 21:01

Why billionaire Chris Sacca is "retiring" at age 42 - 16:31

Uber wants to "fast forward" to flying cars - 16:01

Humans in California 130,000 years ago? Study sees clues - 15:01

This state leads the nation in UFO sightings - 12:32

Can you find the snake hiding in these dried leaves? - 10:02

Artificial womb for baby lamb raises hope for preemies - 09:02

World’s last male white rhino joins Tinder - 08:32

NASA’s Cassini Saturn probe goes where no spacecraft ever has - 06:01

Tuesday the 25th of April 2017

Parents turn to technology to keep teen drivers out of harm's way - 18:31

Controversy sheds light on how companies use your emails - 18:01

Antarctica's penguins in trouble, new report shows - 14:31

Ride along with the International Ice Patrol tracking Canada's icebergs - 13:32

Russia-linked hackers targeting French election, security firm says - 10:03

Angela Ahrendts talks Apple store makeover, why Tim Cook hired her - 06:21

Monday the 24th of April 2017

Email add-on sees backlash after selling user data - 20:01

Aurora watchers spot something new in the night sky - 17:12

Culinary world gets creative to cut food waste - 16:41

Creative efforts keep leftover food out of landfills - 15:41

We may be underestimating whale-boat collisions - 15:41

Post-march, science advocates prep for marathon - 15:11

Mysteries of crown-like structures on Saturn's surface revealed - 13:41

Growing crack in Antarctic ice shelf - 13:12

Strange feature helps sea urchins scare predators - 12:41

Check out Antarctica's growing ice shelf crack from space - 12:11

Trump calls space station as astronaut sets record - 11:41

"Climate of Hope": More jobs in clean energy, not coal - 09:52

The four words Apple exec wants Gen Z to say - 09:21

Marching for science against Trump, GOP policies - 08:21

March for Science rally spans the globe, takes aim at Trump - 08:21

Saturday the 22nd of April 2017

Man's daily observations become vital info for climate change researchers - 18:41

Protesters in hundreds of cities march for Earth Day - 18:11

Cargo ship named for John Glenn docks at space station - 09:31

Friday the 21st of April 2017

Thousands of scientists plan March for Science on Earth Day - 18:31

Thousands of scientists expected at nationwide Earth Day marches - 18:01

New Einstein series shows his "bad boy" side - 17:32

Online service aims to keep your digital "ghost" alive - 16:31

Water streaming across Antarctica surprises scientists - 15:01

Insane snake attacks [WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES] - 14:31

Mars rover embarks on new mission - 13:01

Water pollutants lurking in your medicine cabinet - 13:01

Climate diarist "wasn’t out to prove anything" - 11:41

Death by asteroid: Most likely ways for a space rock to kill you - 11:11

The myth of the college dropout - 09:41

Most Americans pessimistic about environment’s future - 06:21