CBSNews - Science

Wednesday the 8th of March 2017

Rock art discovered in "Dark Ages" tomb in Israel - 15:01

DNA reveals Neanderthals' "wild" and "woolly" diet - 15:01

The battle for online privacy: What you need to know - 13:31

Old stardust in young galaxy sheds light on the first stars - 12:01

After controversy, Uber CEO following through on pledge - 07:31

Tuesday the 7th of March 2017

Syrian refugee loses case against Facebook to stop fake news - 21:31

Woman says fake news site hijacked her identity - 20:01

WikiLeaks dump: CIA targeted everyday gadgets were used to snoop - 20:01

Scientists develop sponge to clean up oil spills - 18:01

Volkswagen debuts "Sedric," self-driving electric car - 17:01

Michigan man gets size-28 shoes thanks to 3-D printer - 16:01

WikiLeaks claims Samsung TVs enable surveillance - 15:31

Amazon agrees to share Echo data in murder case - 15:01

Heads-up for lightning? This satellite's working on it - 14:31

Ancient Mars might have had more water than thought - 12:32

Sinking of Calif.'s San Joaquin Valley seen from space - 12:32

Violence on Facebook Live presents censorship dilemma - 12:01

Space competition heats up between Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk - 07:31

Monday the 6th of March 2017

Climate Diaries: Saving whales in Antarctica - 20:31

These minerals exist solely due to humans, study finds - 17:51

Pope Francis: Drop the cellphone, pick up the Bible - 13:01

Volcanoes could make some planets warm enough for life - 13:01

Holy firepower, Batman: The Batmobile gets upgraded - 11:31

Megatelescope will probe newfound worlds' atmospheres - 11:31

Sunday the 5th of March 2017

Number of Marines investigated for sharing nude photos of service members - 19:01

Michigan asks for public's help in battle against invasive Asian carp - 14:31

Will Trump try to undo Obama's national monument designations? - 10:31

Almanac: The forerunner of hypnotism - 10:01

Saturday the 4th of March 2017

Covert Uber feature deceives officials in cities where it's banned - 11:31

Uber reportedly deceived authorities in banned markets - 09:01

Startup Everytable serves affordable, healthful meals - 09:01

Friday the 3rd of March 2017

Court ruling lifts protections for Gray wolves in Wyoming - 17:11

Feds take action to prevent repeat of mass bird deaths in Montana - 15:51

BlackBerry CEO on mission to reinvent brand - 14:21

NASA spacecraft dodges collision with Martian moon - 12:51

Moon's shadow on Earth from "ring of fire" eclipse seen from space - 12:22

Blackberry CEO on security, future of the company - 09:31

New TSA screening technology provides faster, better view - 08:32

Can TSA spot the knife hidden in this bag? CT technology does - 08:02

Thursday the 2nd of March 2017

Rare genetic disorder may hold the key for treating obesity - 19:51

FCC halts regulations to protect data security - 18:21

Adorable clouded leopard cub makes history - 18:21

Morbid find reveals Renaissance couple's final gesture - 17:51

Better robots needed for Fukushima cleanup - 16:21

Black hole "winds" heat up to millions of degrees - 14:52

Organic material helping extend life of fresh produce - 14:01

How much urine is in a swimming pool? - 13:31

Record high temperatures documented in Antarctica - 13:01

Snap IPO shares soar 40% in first day's trading - 11:31

FCC halts regulations to protect online privacy, data security - 09:01