CBSNews - Science

Friday th 1st of March 2019

Expert on new YouTube video policy and "Momo challenge" fears - 13:30

Translation site gives anti-Semitic, racist explanations of words - 13:30

Lyft files for $100 million IPO - 12:30

Weezer Black Album promoted on Fortnite island - 12:30

New York officials to Amazon: Please don't go - 09:41

SpaceX set to launch a critical test flight for NASA - 08:20

Thursday th 28th of February 2019

How tech companies are changing our cities - 19:00

What a 5G world could look like: 3D holograms and more - 18:00 took kid's info without parent's OK - 17:30

Amazon offers tool to help brands fight against fake goods - 09:20

Week of remarkable weather extremes: Is this the new normal? - 00:20

Wednesday th 27th of February 2019

Katharine Hayhoe on why we need to talk about climate change to fight it - 22:00

Etsy to offset carbon emissions from shipping its products - 18:30

To fight climate change, "talk about it," climate scientist says - 14:10

IBM asked job seekers if they're "yellow" or "mulatto" - 12:00

Scourge of fake reviews on Amazon, - 09:30

Tuesday th 26th of February 2019

Police issue warning after "Momo Challenge" resurfaces - 20:50

Judges OK $81 billion AT&T, Time Warner merger - 11:50

Monday th 25th of February 2019

Facebook vows improvements after moderators claim PTSD - 17:40

Lime warns that its electric scooters can brake without warning - 15:00

Scientists discover the origin of Stonehenge rocks - 02:00

Sunday th 24th of February 2019

"Mobituaries": Neanderthals, our surprising ancestors - 10:40

Saturday th 23rd of February 2019

Horrified mom discovers suicide instructions on YouTube Kids - 15:00

Microsoft workers protest use of HoloLens headsets for war - 08:20

I opened an email from a "friend." It turned out to be a trick -- and dangerous - 07:20

Friday th 22nd of February 2019

NASA, SpaceX set for critical test flight - 21:50

Facebook reportedly received users' sensitive health data from apps: "It’s incredibly dishonest" - 18:10

American, Singapore Airlines have cameras in seat backs - 18:10

Virgin Galactic reaches edge of space again in push to launch paying passengers - 16:30

Virgin Galactic reaches edge of space again in push to launch paying passengers - 14:10

Japanese space probe lands on far-off asteroid to get samples - 04:30

Thursday th 21st of February 2019

Huawei founder: "5G is not an atomic bomb" - 20:20

Advocates say Facebook tricked kids into in-game purchases - 16:20

5G explained: How it works and when we’ll have it - 14:30

YouTube axes 400+ channels over child exploitation controversy - 14:30

Giant bee, once thought extinct, is found alive - 13:30

SpaceX to launch rocket carrying privately funded Israeli moon lander - 13:30

Climate change officially drives first mammal species to extinction - 12:30

Samsung's new foldable phone costs $1,980 - 10:32

Google's Nest alarm has a microphone, unknown to consumers - 09:12

Wednesday th 20th of February 2019

Nestle pulls ads from YouTube over videos of minors - 20:40

Advertisers reportedly flee YouTube over videos of minors - 20:10

Huawei CEO denies being part of effort to spy on U.S. - 19:40

Samsung's new foldable phone costs $1,980 - 17:20

What parents should know before sharing about kids online - 14:20

What to know about China's Huawei – and its battle with the U.S - 13:30

What parents should know before sharing about your kids online - 09:30

Battle royale in online games: "Apex Legends" smashes "Fortnite" - 09:30

It's Samsung's turn to reveal its newest smartphone lineup - 09:30

Huawei founder says he would defy Chinese law on intel gathering - 09:00