CBSNews - Science

Thursday th 14th of February 2019

Amazon pulls out of plan for New York headquarters - 19:20

Dating app announces data breach on Valentine's Day - 18:50

El Niño has arrived. What does it mean for the weather? - 17:30

Dating apps expose lovebirds to scams and hackers - 11:50

Solar jobs are on the decline -- the industry blames Trump - 10:30

Mars rover Opportunity helped usher in new generation of explorers - 09:30

California governor: Consumers should get paid a "digital dividend" - 09:30

Hackers are stealing sensitive medical records and selling them on dark web - 08:10

Hackers are stealing medical records – and selling them on the dark web - 08:10

Atmospheric River, record snow: Extreme weather slams West Coast - 01:30

Wednesday th 13th of February 2019

NASA bids farewell to the Opportunity Mars rover - 19:30

Rover bites the dust on Mars, ending 15-year mission - 16:10

Apple lawyer who oversaw insider trading policy charged with insider trading - 16:10

Behind the increase in dating app scams - 15:40

African black leopard captured in rare photos - 15:40

T-Mobile, Sprint CEOs insist merger would benefit consumers - 15:10

Driver says Tesla car gets "confused," crashes on highway - 11:40

T-Mobile, Sprint execs defend $26.5 billion deal to lawmakers - 09:54

Tuesday th 12th of February 2019

Tesla self-driving car gets confused and crashes on highway - 19:30

Wreckage of WWII aircraft carrier discovered - 19:30

Senator calls for Google, Apple to drop Saudi app that monitors women - 16:22

Monday th 11th of February 2019

Russian region declares emergency over polar bear "invasion" - 10:40

Crew hunts for fabled U.S. carrier in a graveyard for WWII ships - 10:10

Sunday th 10th of February 2019

Hurricanes are intensifying more rapidly and it may be our fault - 18:50

Same-sex penguins raise a baby chick - 17:30

Friday th 8th of February 2019

Wells Fargo will reverse fees after banking outage - 10:10

Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer publisher of blackmail - 03:30

Thursday th 7th of February 2019

Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer publisher of extortion - 19:20

Global lawmakers try again to get Zuckerberg to testify - 14:20

Developing app hopes to detect contaminated food and drinks - 08:40

Wednesday th 6th of February 2019

NASA and SpaceX reset Crew Dragon test flight for March 2 - 20:30

Earth could be headed for its warmest period on record - 14:30

Tuesday th 5th of February 2019

Snap reports record revenues, but struggles to add users - 18:00

Dinosaur that used spiny back to defend itself found in Patagonia - 15:40

Facebook messenger rolls out unsend feature - 13:50

I asked Alexa and Google Assistant how to find my data. Here's what they said - 10:30

Monday th 4th of February 2019

Crypto company out $137M after passwords die with owner - 23:00

Early Facebook investor says platform preys on "weakest elements of our psychology" - 18:00

Tech investor says Facebook is "terrible for America" - 11:40

Sunday th 3rd of February 2019

Where modern technology meets ancient art - 10:20

Friday th 1st of February 2019

Meteorite appears to hit Cuba - 21:30

"Lies spread faster than truth" on social media, journalist says - 20:30

Possum was living in unused, $1 million, taxpayer-funded bus - 18:00

Steaming lakes and thundersnow: Weird winter weather explained - 12:10

The next industrial revolution is happening in your home - 09:40

Net neutrality court battle pits tech firms, states against feds - 09:20

Thursday th 31st of January 2019

How the Internet of Things is changing homes and global industries - 21:30

What are "frost quakes"? The polar vortex could be causing them - 17:40

Climate change skeptics live where it hurts economy most: study - 15:20

These states could move to 100% renewable power - 14:20