CBSNews - Science

Thursday th 8th of June 2017

Chimps are not people, judge rules (again) - 18:02

Polar bears face new challenge from sea ice - 17:32

Fitbit users find creative hacks to cheat system - 16:02

Enigma: Why the fight to break Nazi encryption still matters - 16:02

Twitter latches on to James Comey's "lordy" quote - 12:12

How exercise cheaters hack their Fitbits - 11:21

How secure are your "smart home" speakers? - 10:12

Killer whales chase down blue whale in rare footage - 10:12

Could NASA and SpaceX cooperation turn into competition? - 06:51

Wednesday th 7th of June 2017

Calif. governor travels to China to spur more investment in renewable energy - 18:32

VP Mike Pence welcomes new NASA astronauts - 18:11

Oldest fossils push back origin of modern humans - 15:12

Meet NASA's 12 new astronauts - 13:42

A peek inside high-tech hurricane hunter planes - 13:42

Tuesday th 6th of June 2017

Speakers of the House: Tech titans want to hear your voice - 16:22

Color-changing tattoos aim to monitor health stats - 14:52

Uber fires more than 20 amid sexual harassment probe - 14:52

NSA's alleged leaker tripped up by secret printer feature - 14:52

Bridges could be too low for climate change - 13:21

The hottest alien planet ever discovered - 13:21

Marijuana for menstrual cramps? One state considers it - 11:22

Watch: SpaceX Dragon docks with space station - 09:22

Apple unveils Siri-controlled speaker at annual conference - 07:02

Monday th 5th of June 2017

Tech giants join effort to honor Paris climate deal - 17:12

UN chief: Oceans are "under threat as never before" - 15:42

Everything iOS 11 is going to bring to your iPhone - 15:12

SpaceX cargo ship reaches space station - 14:42

Defying science, Trump says U.S. is "cleanest" country on Earth - 13:43

Are tech companies providing "material support" to terrorists? - 11:51

New Siri speaker eyed as Apple takes on Amazon's Echo - 07:11

Saturday th 3rd of June 2017

Was a Virgina teen lured to her death through a smartphone app? - 22:32

SpaceX launches station supply ship after two-day delay - 22:02

Friday th 2nd of June 2017

Could this be the end of the line for the old-fashioned telephone call? - 18:21

Tunnel diggers stumble upon surprise: ancient giant sloth - 14:31

Antarctic ice crack could create massive iceberg - 11:31

Android founder reveals Essential Phone - 08:02

Two space station fliers wrapping up 196-day flight - 07:01

Thursday th 1st of June 2017

Companies want robocalls to go straight to your voicemail - 18:41

FCC ruling could allow ringless robocalls to clog your voicemail - 18:41

How to file comments to FCC on ringless voicemail robocalls - 17:41

On climate change, "the science is clear" - 17:12

UN climate negotiator: Trump has "no idea" how Paris accord works - 16:42

Apple CEO urges White House not to back out of climate agreement - 15:12

Watch: Silicon Valley's personal flying vehicles - 15:12

Gravity waves from black hole collision detected - 11:22

Like it or not, airlines are testing facial recognition - 11:22

SpaceX launching "used" cargo ship to space station - 09:52

Wednesday th 31st of May 2017

NASA announces first mission to enter sun's atmosphere - 23:31

NASA plans mission to the sun - 16:11

"Faceless" fish discovered during deep sea expedition - 16:11