CBSNews - Science

Friday th 17th of August 2018

Rising ocean water temperatures increase risk of Pacific hurricanes - 18:10

Feds say Facebook allowed housing discrimination - 17:10

Google employees revolt against China project - 12:30

Aretha Franklin's legacy will live on with namesake asteroid, NASA says - 12:30

Google workers protest censored China search - 07:30

Musk's Boring Company proposes L.A. tunnel to Dodger Stadium - 03:23

Thursday th 16th of August 2018

Google clarifies its location-tracking policy - 16:10

How the Obama campaign defended itself against hackers - 14:20

After denying link, interior secretary says climate change impacts wildfires - 13:00

Researchers may be on brink of solving deadly red tides - 11:30

Live stream: FCC Chair Ajit Pai testifies at Senate hearing - 09:13

Wednesday th 15th of August 2018

Los Angeles set to deploy tech to scan subway passengers - 16:30

Sea critters imperiled by major increase in "marine heat waves" - 13:00

Tuesday th 14th of August 2018

Newspaper clipping from 1912 mentions link between burning coal and a warmer planet - 16:30

Employee privacy at stake as surveillance technology evolves - 05:58

Monday th 13th of August 2018

Google may be tracking your location - 20:30

How to find and delete where Google knows you’ve been - 19:30

Google tracks your movements -- like it or not - 07:10

Sunday th 12th of August 2018

Step by step: Helping paraplegics walk - 09:30

Robotic exoskeletons: Helping paraplegics walk again - 08:30

Solar probe launched on historic sun-study mission - 06:10

Saturday th 11th of August 2018

How to watch the 2018 Perseid meteor shower - 20:40

Electronic driver-assist systems may not work, insurance group warns - 18:50

Solar probe launch delayed due to a technical glitch - 06:40

Friday th 10th of August 2018

Twitter suspends accounts ahead of Unite the Right rally - 20:50

Airbnb, Lyft, Uber allowing service to be denied to white nationalist rally-goers - 15:50

Thursday th 9th of August 2018

Pence lays out plans for Trump's "Space Force" to be installed by 2020 - 19:20

Space Force is in the market for a logo and President Trump is letting Americans vote - 19:20

Trump administration rolls out plans for "Space Force" - 18:00

NASA's solar probe cleared for launch on mission to "touch the sun" - 14:30

Hackers reportedly target PGA's servers, demand Bitcoin ransom - 13:00

Grieving orca still carrying her dead calf more than two weeks later - 09:00

Wednesday th 8th of August 2018

EPA official pushes back on criticism of asbestos proposal - 18:40

Facebook reportedly seeking users' bank info - 16:50

After Elon Musk's privatization tweets, Tesla faces uncertainty - 16:20

How to watch the 2018 Perseid meter shower - 15:50

Firefighters capture video of a "firenado" - 13:50

Expedition hopes to solve mysteries about great white sharks - 13:21

Elon Musk startles Wall Street with tweet on possibly taking Tesla private - 07:00

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explains why Alex Jones is not banned - 03:01

Tuesday th 7th of August 2018

Hackers could use facial recognition AI to sway political campaigns - 22:00

Test-driving Tesla's Autopilot: Does it actually make driving safer? - 20:30

Car assistance systems only increase safety if drivers pay attention, tests find - 18:50

Are devastating wildfires a new normal? "It’s actually worse than that," climate scientist says - 18:20

Snapchat stock pops despite drop in users - 16:30

Alex Jones and Infowars test limits of free speech online - 16:30

Biologists alarmed by decline of male green sea turtles - 14:30

"Resilience may not be enough": Why a rare sea turtle is losing its males - 08:00

Inside Ford's plan to use exoskeleton vests to prevent injuries - 07:35

Driver-assist systems may not work, insurance group warns - 07:35