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New measurement into biological polymer networks

7 years ago from Science Daily

The development of a new measurement technology is probing the structure of composite and biological materials. In their quest to understand more about bio-polymers, they developed the rheometer and confocal...

New method could improve economics of sweetening natural gas

7 years ago from Science Daily

Battelle's Antisolvent Swing Regeneration system could make tapping extremely sour gas reserves more economically friendly by drastically reducing the amount of heat needed to remove rotten-egg smelling hydrogen sulfide from...

Japan quake causes day to get a wee bit shorter

7 years ago from AP Science

WASHINGTON (AP) -- You won't notice it, but the day just got a tiny bit shorter because of Friday's giant earthquake off the coast of Japan....

The rich chemistry around an evolved star

7 years ago from Physorg

( -- Over 170 molecules have been detected in space, from simple diatomic molecules like CO to complex organic molecules with over 70 atoms, like fullerene.

Syracuse University research team shapes cell behaviour research

7 years ago from

A team led by James Henderson, assistant professor of biomedical and chemical engineering in Syracuse University's L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science (LCS) and researcher in the Syracuse...

New technology would dramatically extend battery life for mobile devices

7 years ago from

Technophiles who have been dreaming of mobile devices that run longer on lighter, slimmer batteries may soon find their wish has been granted...

Drawing batteries

7 years ago from Chemistry World

An electrode drawn onto a battery’s surface with a pencil could improve lithium-air battery performance

Atomic Emission Spectrometry Shrinks Down For The Field

7 years ago from C&EN

Chemical Analysis: A lightweight and inexpensive instrument uses wire from a light bulb and power from a car battery.


7 years ago from The Guardian - Science

One of the shyer elements, boron does its job quietly and without fanfareThis week's element is boron (pictured at the right, courtesy of Xvazquez and Wikipedia). This rare element is a metalloid; which...

Researchers say cell manipulation could lead to better drug delivery

7 years ago from Physorg

( -- UT Arlington researchers are using focused laser beams to manipulate cells that lead drug-carrying nanoparticles that deliver medicine to cancer cells that need it.

Trendsetters revel in technology in Texas

7 years ago from Physorg

Innovators and trendsetters are heading to Texas for a technology festival renowned as a springboard for Web sensations such as Twitter and Foursquare.

Harvard's graphene DNA sequencing licensed

7 years ago from Physorg

Oxford Nanopore Technologies today announced an exclusive agreement with Harvard University's Office of Technology Development for the development of graphene for DNA sequencing. Graphene is a robust, single atom...

Study: More beanballs in hotter weather

7 years ago from UPI

DURHAM, N.C., March 10 (UPI) -- Soaring summer temperatures make it more likely baseball pitchers will retaliate with a beanball when a teammate is hit by a pitch, U.S....

Coming Soon: Disposable Endoscopes Featuring the World's Tiniest Cameras

7 years ago from PopSci

Tiny Endoscope Fraunhofer Labs A new type of endoscope with a super-small camera on its end could yield cheap, disposable scopes for peering inside your body. The camera is about the size...

Insights from oil spill air pollution study have applications beyond Gulf

7 years ago from Science Daily

During a special airborne mission to study the air-quality impacts of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill last June, researchers discovered an important new mechanism by which air pollution particles...

Pitchers bean more batters in the heat of the summer

7 years ago from Science Blog

During spring training, you will find Major League pitchers practicing their pitches, perfecting their technique and strengthening their muscles to endure the grueling 162 game season. A new study...

Tony Lane obituary

7 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Outstanding and inventive theoretical nuclear physicistTony Lane, who has died aged 82, was one of the leading theoretical nuclear physicists of his generation. He excelled in the theories of nuclear reactions and the interpretation of nuclear...

Egypt drops plans for separate science ministry

7 years ago from SciDev

Egypt has reversed its recent decision to create a separate science ministry to the dismay of some scientists.

Green: Off the Grid in a Glowing Texas Desert

7 years ago from NY Times Science

John Wells's focus is on taming a rough environment to his own frugal needs, and delighting in the mental and physical puzzles it presents.

National Hockey League Ignores Physics But Loves Ancient Roman Arenas

7 years ago from

Due to better conditioning and to the influence of European players, the average game speed of an NHL(National Hockey League) skater has increased in the past decade. Since kinetic energy...

Gadget Makers Face Shortage of Essential Elements

7 years ago from Live Science

Electronics and clean technology rely upon a wide range of materials vulnerable to supply chain disruption.

Green: Ethanol Plant Is Switching to Butanol

7 years ago from NY Times Science

When butanol goes into rubber and plastics, it not only replaces oil but also becomes a place where carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, can be stored after it is pulled...

Ultra high speed film

7 years ago from Science Daily

How fast an intense laser pulse can change the electrical properties of solids is revealed by new research. Scientists are following the course of electronic switching processes which occur within...

Nanotech-enabled consumer products continue to rise

7 years ago from Science Blog

WASHINGTON -- Nanotech consumer products continue to grow at a consistent pace. According to the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN) over 1,300 manufacturer-identified,...

Dot Earth: Pedal to the Metal

7 years ago from NY Times Science

You've awoken at the wheel of an accelerating car and haven't taken driver's ed. Welcome to the human predicament of the 21st century.

NEC demonstrates Terahertz camera for effective fire scene imaging

7 years ago from Physorg

NEC Corporation, in cooperation with The University of Tokyo and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, announced today the successful demonstration of terahertz wave image measurement technologies that...

Fujitsu achieves 40-Gbps optical-fiber transmission using directly-modulated laser

7 years ago from Physorg

Fujitsu today announced the achievement of a 40 gigabits per second (40-Gbps) optical-fiber transmission employing an uncooled directly-modulated laser. This was realized through the combination of a structure specifically adapted...

Exxon Mobil at odds with BP over spill

7 years ago from UPI

HOUSTON, March 10 (UPI) -- BP has done a disservice to the oil industry by leveling blame for the Deepwater Horizon accident in April on the entire energy sector,...