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LHC closes in on massive particle

Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have seen several candidates for the heaviest elementary particle known to science.

New quantum state of matter discovered in Heusler compounds: Applications in spintronics, quantum computing and new physical effects

8 years ago from Science Daily

Scientists have been researching Heusler compounds, which are an important material class for the use in spintronic applications. Over the past few years, new application areas have emerged in the...

CT, MRI rates vary widely, report shows

8 years ago from CBC: Health

CT and MRI exams are done half as often in Canada as in the U.S., according to a new report, but it's not clear what the better approach is.

By “putting a ring on it," microparticles can be captured

8 years ago from Harvard Science

To trap and hold tiny microparticles, research engineers at Harvard have “put a ring on it,” using a silicon-based circular resonator to confine particles stably for up to several minutes.The...

U.S., Russia move on clean energy

8 years ago from UPI

WASHINGTON, July 22 (UPI) -- The U.S. and Russian governments announced plans during a bilateral energy summit in Washington to team up to develop clean-energy technology. ...

Solar-powered process could decrease carbon dioxide to pre-industrial levels in 10 years

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- By using the sun's visible light and heat to power an electrolysis cell that captures and converts carbon dioxide from the air, a new technique could impressively clean...

Students design early labor detector aimed to prevent premature births

8 years ago from Science Daily

A team of graduate students and their faculty adviser have invented a system to pick up very early signs that a woman is going into labor too soon.

Engineering researchers simplify process to make world's tiniest wires

8 years ago from Science Daily

Surface tension isn't a very powerful force, but it matters for small things -- water bugs, paint, and, it turns out, nanowires.

Gulf oil dispersants unlikely to be endocrine disruptors and have relatively low cell toxicity, tests find

8 years ago from Science Daily

Government scientists are reporting that eight of the most commonly used oil dispersants used to fight oil spills, such as the massive episode in the Gulf of Mexico, appear unlikely...

Fashion Feedback at the Click of a Mouse

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

New Website Enables You to Post a Picture of Your Outfit and Get Instant, Unbiased Reaction to It from Strangers

Scientists send power through steel plate

8 years ago from UPI

LONDON, July 21 (UPI) -- Scientists in Britain have demonstrated a device that can send power wirelessly through inches of steel or armor, authorities say. ...

Time travel theory avoids grandfather paradox

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- The possibility of going back in time only to kill your ancestors and prevent your own birth has posed a serious problem for potential time travelers, not even...

Protein from poplar trees can be used to greatly increase computer capacity

8 years ago from Physorg

Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have succeeded in showing how it is possible to greatly expand the memory capacity of future computers through the use of memory units...

Sugar Derivative Solidifies Oil

8 years ago from C&EN

Materials Chemistry: Gelation process could turn spilled oil into skimmable fat for easy cleanup.

Quick jolt of energy could improve energy harvesting by a factor of 40

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- Harvesting mechanical energy from the environment and converting it into electrical energy has recently become a viable method for powering low-energy electronics, such as sensors and actuators. But...

Laser shoots down drones at sea (w/ Video)

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- An infrared laser developed by Arizona company Raytheon Missile Systems has been demonstrated shooting down incoming drones over the ocean off the coast of California.

ATLAS Reach For The Higgs Boson

8 years ago from

The Atlas collaboration made public, just in time for the 2010 ICHEP conference in Paris, the projected reach of their searches for standard model Higgs bosons. This is a whole...

Highlight: Probing a complex oxide interface directly

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- A novel way to directly detect the electronic properties at a complex oxide interface has been demonstrated by users from Argonne's Advanced Photon Source working collaboratively with researchers...

Replacing hydrogen in fluorescent dyes improves detection ability, stability and shelf life

8 years ago from

By swapping out one specific hydrogen atom for an isotope twice as heavy, researchers have increased the shelf life and detection ability of fluorescent probes that are essential to studying...

Researchers seeking the fourth property of electrons

8 years ago from

Electrons are negatively charged elementary particles. They form the shells around atoms and ions. This or something similar is what you will find in text books. Soon, however, this information...

Data presentation and consumer confidence

8 years ago from Science Daily

Is it better to present data in percentages (80% of 70) or as a frequency (56 out of 70 times)? According to a new study, data presented in the frequency...

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society Commences Roadmapping Process on Stationary Electrical Energy Storage

8 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Overcoming obstacles to deploying stationary electrical energy storage (EES) is the focus of a new project undertaken by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), in support of the U.S....

Radio Waves: Alternative Power Source

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- Researchers at Duke University are harvesting ambient radio waves to power small microprocessor devices that consume very little energy. Devices such as sensors that monitor critical environmental changes...

The 'Super Skimmer' That Wasn't

8 years ago from NY Times Science

The recent setbacks of a "super skimmer" tanker in the gulf suggests that, no matter how good intentions are, there is no substitute for good engineering based on good information.

SlipChip performs PCR

8 years ago from Chemistry World

Scientists in the US are using a simple microfluidic device to perform the polymerase chain reaction

Rowan University Tackles Challenges of Reducing Carbon Footprint of Drug Manufacturing

8 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Rowan University faculty and students have teamed with Pfizer Global Engineering and Manufacturing personnel to investigate green approaches to drug manufacture. This is the second time Rowan has partnered...

The World's Smallest Cup of Water: Team Shows Location of Water Relative to Prototypical Protein

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- By combining theoretical and experimental expertise in the United States, Japan, and France, a team of scientists determined that a water molecule (guest) is cradled inside a functional...

Shaken and Stirred: MicroGen and Cornell Agree to Create 'Self-Charging' Batteries from Ambient Vibration

8 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

To serve a world bent on gaining autonomous power for wireless sensors, MicroGen Systems LLC, of Ithaca and Cornell University's Energy Materials Center (emc2) have signed a memorandum of understanding...