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Mariah Carey to serve as an adviser on 'The Voice'

53 min ago from UPI

Mariah Carey will be joining NBC's "The Voice" as a key adviser, the singer announced Tuesday on "Today."

Noble metal-free catalyst system as active as platinum

1 hour ago from Science Daily

The industry has been traditionally deploying platinum alloys as catalysts for oxygen reduction, which is for example essential in fuel cells or metal-air batteries. Expensive and rare, that metal imposes...

Where deep learning meets metamaterials

1 hour ago from Physorg

Breakthroughs in the field of nanophotonics—how light behaves on the nanometer scale—have paved the way for the invention of "metamaterials," man-made materials that have enormous applications, from remote nanoscale sensing...

Honey, I shrunk the cell culture

1 hour ago from Physorg

From "Fantastic Voyage" to "Despicable Me," shrink rays have been a science-fiction staple on screen. Now chemists at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a real shrink ray...

Canadiens look to bounce back against Flames

1 hour ago from UPI

The Montreal Canadiens are off to an unexpectedly good start this season with a 4-1-2 record but are facing their first bit of adversity as they prepare to host the...

Nerve-on-a-chip platform makes neuroprosthetics more effective

1 hour ago from Science Daily

Scientists have developed a miniaturized electronic platform for the stimulation and recording of peripheral nerve fibers on a chip. By modulating and rapidly recording nerve activity with a high signal-to-noise...

Nerve on a chip may improve prosthetic design

1 hour ago from UPI

A so-called nerve on a chip could improve designs of prosthetic devices that utilize electrodes, according to researchers who have developed the platform.

This cloud-zapping laser could help scientists create a quantum internet

2 hours ago from

A powerful fast-pulsing laser can bust through clouds to make quantum communication via satellite easier.

Memory-steel -- A new material for the strengthening of buildings

2 hours ago from Science Daily

A new building material is about to be launched on the market: 'memory-steel' can not only be used to reinforce new, but also existing concrete structures. When the material is...

How to mass produce cell-sized robots

3 hours ago from MIT Research

Tiny robots no bigger than a cell could be mass-produced using a new method developed by researchers at MIT. The microscopic devices, which the team calls “syncells” (short for synthetic cells), might eventually...

How can we reduce the environmental cost of cement?

3 hours ago from Physorg

Look around you and you will likely see cement in use. That is, unless you are reading this on a mobile device out in an entirely natural landscape – in...

Smartphone app brings atoms and molecules to life like never before

4 hours ago from Physorg

A new smartphone app that enables people to see how atoms and molecules move in the world around them in unprecedented detail has been developed by scientists at the University...

Electric cars are a hazard for blind people

4 hours ago from Physorg

Electric cars are good for the environment – but not for people who cannot see. They have problems detecting the silent vehicles. However, Norwegian research scientists are working on a...

Inexpensive chip-based device may transform spectrometry

4 hours ago from MIT Research

Spectrometers — devices that distinguish different wavelengths of light and are used to determine the chemical composition of everything from laboratory materials to distant stars — are large devices with six-figure price tags,...

New technology encodes and processes video orders of magnitude faster than current methods

4 hours ago from Science Daily

Computer scientists have developed a new technology that can encode, transform and edit video faster -- several orders of magnitude faster -- than the current state of the art.

Inexpensive chip-based device may transform spectrometry

4 hours ago from Science Daily

An advance could make it possible to produce tiny spectrometers that are just as accurate and powerful as their benchtop counterparts but could be mass produced using standard chip-making processes.

Ferroelectricity: An 80-year-old mystery solved

4 hours ago from Science Daily

Only now in 2018 have researchers successfully demonstrated that hypothetical 'particles' that were proposed by Franz Preisach in 1935 actually exist. Scientists now show why ferroelectric materials act as they...

Explosive device found in George Soros' mailbox

5 hours ago from UPI

A device similar to a pipe bomb was discovered in the New York state mailbox of billionaire philanthropist George Soros, authorities said.

Uber plans pollution levy on London fares

5 hours ago from Physorg

Uber will levy a "clean air fee" on London journeys from early 2019 to help tackle pollution and part-fund electric cars for its drivers, the pioneer ride-sharing app said Tuesday.

Record-setting transfer of 1 petabyte of data

5 hours ago from Physorg

Using a 5,000-mile network loop operated by ESnet, researchers at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) and Zettar Inc. recently transferred 1 petabyte in 29 hours,...

Tuneable emissive organic platform

5 hours ago from Physorg

NUS chemists have developed design guidelines for a type of material platform which can activate and adjust the light emission ability of organic molecules for lighting and display applications.

Gas-detecting laser device gets an upgrade

5 hours ago from Physorg

University of Michigan researchers have refined a gas-sniffing device so that it can detect poisonous gases and explosives in less than half a second.

A step toward metal organic framework synthesis

5 hours ago from Physorg

Dr. Inhar Imaz and ICREA Prof. Daniel Maspoch are the brains behind a new method for metal organic framework synthesis. Their spray drying technique is expected to significantly advance the...

Self-assembling silicone-based polymers

6 hours ago from Physorg

Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology, RIKEN and Tohoku University have developed a silicone polymer chain that can self-assemble into a 3-D periodic structure. They achieved this by using their...

BMW recalls over 1 mn cars over exhaust system fire risk

6 hours ago from Physorg

German high-end carmaker BMW said Tuesday it would recall more than one million additional diesel cars, citing a problem with the exhaust system that "in extreme cases can cause a...

Elon Musk offers free rides through L.A. transit tunnel

6 hours ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Elon Musk says he's planning to offer the public free rides through a tunnel he bored under a Los Angeles suburb to test a new type of transportation system.

Researchers observe organic chemical reaction with electron microscope

6 hours ago from Physorg

Scientists from Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow imaged an organic chemical reaction with an electron microscope and recorded the transformation in real time....

Researchers validate 80-year-old ferroelectric theory

6 hours ago from Physorg

Researchers have successfully demonstrated that hypothetical particles that were proposed by Franz Preisach in 1935 actually exist. In an article published in Nature Communications, scientists from the universities in Linköping...