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Infinite-dimensional symmetry opens up possibility of a new physics—and new particles

13 hours ago from Physorg

The symmetries that govern the world of elementary particles at the most elementary level could be radically different from what has so far been thought. This surprising conclusion emerges from...

Toward urban air mobility: Air taxis with side-by-side rotors

13 hours ago from Physorg

In this high-resolution visualization of NASA's side-by-side, intermeshing rotor air taxi concept, researchers are working to understand complex rotor air flow interactions, simulated using high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics methods. The...

Method converts petroleum to hydrogen and produces little CO2

14 hours ago from C&EN

Advance relies on using microwaves to directly heat iron catalyst

Phenyl addition made a poison useful for a chemical reaction in catalysis

14 hours ago from Physorg

Scientists from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Japan, have discovered that a catalyst poison, which deactivates homogeneous catalysts, can be "reborn" as an efficient ligand by introduction of...

Scientists discover new way to prevent spacecraft errors

14 hours ago from Physorg

Scientists from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Russia) and the Scientific Research Institute of System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences have recently developed components for designing fault-tolerant...

Transition metal complexes: Mixed works better

14 hours ago from Physorg

A team at BESSY II has investigated how various iron-complex compounds process energy from incident light. They were able to show why certain compounds have the potential to convert light...

Edited plant-based toxin possesses anti-tumor characteristics

14 hours ago from Physorg

Researchers at Shinshu University in Japan have discovered that editing the chemical properties of fusicoccins, a kind of toxic organic compound produced by fungus to blight plants, can transform them...

A way to make batteries almost any shape desired

14 hours ago from Physorg

A team of researchers from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Harvard University and Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology has developed a way to make batteries in almost...

Harnessing body heat to power electronic devices

14 hours ago from Physorg

If thermoelectric materials can convert low-grade heat into electricity, we may never need to charge wearable technology at home again.

FBI 3D-prints replicas of decoy heads used in 1962 Alcatraz escape

14 hours ago from UPI

In the probe of one of the most fabled prison escapes of all time -- the 1962 break from Alcatraz -- new technology is helping to preserve part of the...

Honeycomb-like frameworks with unusual rippled shapes can produce buckle-resistant architectures

14 hours ago from Physorg

Composite panels that sandwich a porous inner core between two solid outer sheets are increasingly being used in aircraft to reduce weight while maintaining structural rigidity. A study led by...

Stabilizing silver films for high-efficiency fuel cells

14 hours ago from Physorg

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) offer a stable and efficient way to generate clean electrochemical power, but are impractical for use in portable devices because of their high operating temperatures....

Hybrid nanoantenna designed to manipulate visible light

14 hours ago from Physorg

A nanoscale optical antenna developed by researchers at A*STAR allows the manipulation of visible light waves on the scale of microchips. Such nanoantennae may enable the development of high-resolution imaging...

Which physical mechanism is responsible for magnetic properties of cuprates upon doping?

14 hours ago from Physorg

An international team of researchers has identified and proved that adding impurities with a lower concentration of electrons stabilizes the antiferromagnetic state of cuprates, high-temperature superconducting compounds based on copper....

Building a wind farm now cheaper than running a coal plant

14 hours ago from CBSNews - Science

Competition is pushing the cost of solar and wind energy to record lows, according to Lazard

Quantum artificial life created on the cloud

15 hours ago from Physorg

A project by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country has for the first time implemented a model of quantum artificial life on a quantum computer.

A tougher conductive ceramic at lower cost

15 hours ago from Physorg

By systematically refining standard processing techniques, A*STAR researchers have developed a low-cost method for manufacturing an electrically conductive aluminum oxide ceramic composite—a hard-wearing material used in many industrial applications.

It’s official: We’re redefining the kilogram

16 hours ago from

In May 2019, the system of measurement will be upgraded to rely on fundamental constants.

Neutron pinhole magnifies discoveries at ORNL

18 hours ago from Physorg

Advanced materials are vital ingredients in products that we rely on like batteries, jet engine blades, 3-D-printed components in cars. Scientists and engineers use information about the structure and...

Reaction couples aromatic molecules with phosphorus rather than metal

1 day ago from C&EN

Strategy assembles complex, druglike molecules quickly

Scientists engineer a functional optical lens out of 2D materials

1 day ago from Science Daily

Scientists have constructed functional metalenses that are one-tenth to one-half the thickness of the wavelengths of light that they focus. Their metalenses, which were constructed out of layered 2D materials,...

When electric fields make spins swirl

1 day ago from Science Daily

Scientists have reported the discovery of small and ferroelectrically tunable skyrmions. Published in Nature Materials, this work introduces new compelling advantages that bring skyrmion research a step closer to application.

Yeast gets a solar-powered boost

1 day ago from C&EN

Engineered microbes harness light-activated nanoparticles to fuel chemical synthesis

Nanofiber carpet could lead to new sticky or insulating surfaces

1 day ago from Science Daily

Inspired by the extraordinary characteristics of polar bear fur, lotus leaves and gecko feet, engineering researchers have developed a new way to make arrays of nanofibers that could bring us...

Solar panels for yeast cell biofactories

1 day ago from Science Daily

Scientists presents a highly adaptable solution to creating yeast biohybrids with enhanced metabolism driven by light energy.

Cincinnati Bengals RB Joe Mixon mysteriously surfaces on injury report

1 day ago from UPI

Already expected to be without their top wide receiver, the Cincinnati Bengals also are dealing with an injury to running back Joe Mixon.

'Smart skin' simplifies spotting strain in structures

1 day ago from Physorg

Thanks to one peculiar characteristic of carbon nanotubes, engineers will soon be able to measure the accumulated strain in an airplane, a bridge or a pipeline – or just about...

Cotton-based hybrid biofuel cell could power implantable medical devices

1 day ago from Physorg

A glucose-powered biofuel cell that uses electrodes made from cotton fiber could someday help power implantable medical devices such as pacemakers and sensors. The new fuel cell, which provides twice...