News @ Nature

Friday the 26th of August 2016

Floods, fires, Zika and a hidden portrait - 12:11

South African academics warn of universities on the brink - 11:11

Majority of mathematicians hail from just 24 scientific ‘families’ - 11:11

Wednesday the 24th of August 2016

Beyond Terminator: squishy 'octobot' heralds new era of soft robotics - 13:11

Earth-sized planet around nearby star is astronomy dream come true - 13:11

Zika blood risk, yellow fever and a giant aircraft - 10:51

Deadly Italian quake strikes 40 kilometres from L’Aquila - 08:51

Busting the billion-dollar myth: how to slash the cost of drug development - 06:01

China's soil plan needs strong support - 00:31

Tuesday the 23rd of August 2016

Giant, deadly ice slide baffles researchers - 07:31

Obama’s science legacy: climate (policy) hots up - 05:31

Obama’s science legacy: uneven progress on scientific integrity - 05:31

Monday the 22nd of August 2016

Putin appoints church historian as science minister - 12:31

Europe leads growing market in offshore wind power - 11:01

Obama’s science legacy: a space race stalls - 10:01

Obama’s science legacy: betting big on biomedical science - 10:01

Brain's chemical signals seen in real time - 04:31

Friday the 19th of August 2016

China, Japan, CERN: Who will host the next LHC? - 11:01

Thursday the 18th of August 2016

‘Radically rewritten’ bacterial genome unveiled - 13:51

Wednesday the 17th of August 2016

US personalized-medicine industry hit hard by Supreme Court - 14:21

CRISPR's hopeful monsters: gene-editing storms evo-devo labs - 12:51

The week in science: 12–18 August 2016 - 10:31

US endangered-species recovery surges to record high - 09:01

The plastics revolution: how chemists are pushing polymers to new limits - 06:31

Bottles, bags, ropes and toothbrushes: the struggle to track ocean plastics - 06:31

Mosquito guns and heavy fines: how Cuba kept Zika at bay for so long - 06:31

Define the Anthropocene in terms of the whole Earth - 03:31

Tuesday the 16th of August 2016

Controversial insecticides linked to wild bee declines - 14:01

Trump’s border-wall pledge threatens delicate desert ecosystems - 09:32

A tale of two governments: the politician behind Argentina's science growth - 05:01

Monday the 15th of August 2016

Scientists probe lightning hotspot to predict future strikes - 14:41

Spiking genomic databases with misinformation could protect patient privacy - 12:21

One-man band: the solo physicist who models black holes in sound - 11:51

Artificial black hole creates its own version of Hawking radiation - 10:51

UK government gives Brexit science funding guarantee - 10:21

Friday the 12th of August 2016

Why the US decision to expand marijuana supply for research matters - 16:51

Polio eradication faces setback as Nigeria records first cases in two years - 11:31

Morphing neutrinos provide clue to antimatter mystery - 11:31

Thursday the 11th of August 2016

Chemists to get their own preprint server - 14:21

Near-blind shark is world’s longest-lived vertebrate - 13:21

Nobel laureate’s death highlights struggles at Egyptian science hub - 12:51

Wednesday the 10th of August 2016

Plant and animal DNA suggests first Americans took the coastal route - 12:21

The week in science: 5–11 August 2016 - 10:51

The bandwidth bottleneck that is throttling the Internet - 06:51

Tuesday the 9th of August 2016

Glider aims to break world record — and boost climate science - 11:21

US grants for zebrafish studies on the rise - 09:51

Steer driverless cars towards full automation - 09:21

Monday the 8th of August 2016

Icy telescope throws cold water on sterile neutrino theory - 13:31

Beyond CRISPR: A guide to the many other ways to edit a genome - 12:41

Replications, ridicule and a recluse: the controversy over NgAgo gene-editing intensifies - 12:41