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Oil Spill May Spur Action on Energy, Probably Not on Climate

8 years ago from NY Times Science

Despite anger in Washington over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, energy and climate change legislation appears to be a long way from approval.

BP unswayed in gulf amid stock pressure

8 years ago from UPI

NEW ORLEANS, June 10 (UPI) -- British petroleum giant BP said it collected nearly 8,000 barrels of oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill as financial pressure on the...

Cousteau's Calypso to Sail Again?

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

Centennial Of Birth Of Jacques Cousteau, Pioneer Marine Explorer, Marked By Ship Restoration

Huge Oil Plumes Confirmed, But Effects Remain Unknown

8 years ago from Science NOW

Researchers have confirmed that two large plumes in the Gulf of Mexico consist, as...

Depressing: Oil Spilled To Date Could Power 38,000 Cars For a Year

8 years ago from PopSci

As of today, Wednesday, June 9, the oil spewing from the Deepwater Horizon well could have powered 38,000 cars, 3,400 trucks and 1,800 ships for a full year, according to...

Large majority of Americans still believe in global warming, Stanford poll finds

8 years ago from Science Daily

Three out of four Americans believe that the Earth has been gradually warming as the result of human activity and want the government to institute regulations to stop it, according...

A Long Journey to Vietnam

8 years ago from NY Times Science

After traveling for 45 hours to Hue, Vietnam, from New York, Dr. Sterling prepares a presentation on primates.

Coast Guard Toughens Oversight of BP’s Response Effort

8 years ago from NY Times Science

The Coast Guard wants to monitor compensation claim payments and ordered a better plan for recovering oil.

Texas regulators probe pipeline explosion

8 years ago from UPI

HOUSTON, June 9 (UPI) -- U.S. authorities said they were investigating whether a Texas energy company properly marked a gas pipeline before a deadly blast this week.

NASA Icebreaker Voyage To Probe Climate Change Impact On Arctic

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- NASA's first dedicated oceanographic field campaign goes to sea June 15 to take an up-close look at how changing conditions in the Arctic are affecting the ocean's chemistry...

Sunlight shines on clean energy future: Simple inorganic semiconductor - silver orthophosphate - used to oxidize water

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- The production of clean energy and the treatment of waste water are set to become easier thanks to Australian National University researchers.

What caused the Leamington tornado? UWO professor has a theory

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- Weather experiments conducted by a University of Western Ontario professor and his research team may hold clues to what caused the violent winds that hit Leamington, Ontario earlier...

Remember the Copenhagen Accord?

8 years ago from NY Times Science

So far, 133 nations have decided to "associate" with the Copenhagen accord, which sets some rather ill-defined goals for reducing greenhouse emissions and helping poorer nations adapt to anticipated changes...

White House Threatens to Veto Move to Thwart E.P.A.

8 years ago from NY Times Science

The White House has threatened to veto a congressional move to block the E.P.A. from regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Would I Sign Up for a 'Bronze' Plan?

8 years ago from NY Times Health

Subsidies will vary not just by household income, but also by plan offerings in a given geographical area.

Invasive tallowtree spreading rapidly across Gulf coast

8 years ago from Physorg

A study by a USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station scientist shows the numbers of nonnative Chinese tallowtree in Louisiana, Mississippi and east Texas grew by about 370 percent over...

Monckton's climate denial is a gift

8 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Monckton repeatedly exposes the shallow fallacy of climate denial, dragging down those stupid enough to believe him• Monckton takes scientist to brink of madness• Viscount Monckton, another fallen idol of climate denial The...

Fire may be key to reviving dogwood trees in Eastern forests

8 years ago from Science Blog

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Proper and timely burning of some Eastern U.S. forests could help revitalize flowering dogwood trees, which benefits a wide range of species, a Purdue University report...

Raising Remnants of Oil Rig Is Still on the Agenda

8 years ago from NY Times Science

Experts say that some of the Deepwater Horizon rig will eventually be recovered from the ocean floor, possibly providing clues about what went wrong.

Federal judge blocks Alaska wolf-kill plan

8 years ago from LA Times - Science

State officials sought permission for an aerial hunt on Unimak Island in the Aleutians to save a caribou herd. ...

Some Like It Hot: Human Evolution Environment was Scorching

8 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

If you think summer in your hometown is hot, consider the Turkana Basin of Kenya, where the average daily temperature has reached the mid-90s or higher, year-round, for the past...

Earthquake swarms continue in Southern California

8 years ago from LA Times - Science

A swarm of small earthquakes continued to occur overnight in the Big Bear Lake area.

Inmarsat grabs engineering prize

The UK's top engineering prize - the MacRobert award - is awarded to Inmarsat for its global broadband satellite network.

Pennsylvania gas production halted

8 years ago from UPI

HARRISBURG, Pa., June 8 (UPI) -- Regulators in Pennsylvania suspended natural gas work in the state while authorities investigate a massive spill of drilling wastewater, officials said.

Malaysia celebrates World Oceans Day with sustainable seafood guide

8 years ago from

WWF-Malaysia and the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) launched the Save Our Seafood (S.O.S.) Campaign today in conjunction with World Oceans Day...

High time for the high seas - up protection now urges WWF

8 years ago from

Around the world, governments are failing to prevent overfishing on the high seas. On World Ocean Day (June 8), WWF warns the plundering of the planet's last great ecological frontier...

London reviews North Sea oil safety

8 years ago from UPI

LONDON, June 8 (UPI) -- The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is transforming the regulatory environment in the waters of the North Sea, energy officials in London...

Sail around Americas gauges ocean health

8 years ago from MSNBC: Science

A Rockefeller, a Cousteau and a ship's captain nearly finished with a 25,000 mile voyage around the Americas mark World Oceans Day with reflections on the BP spill and other...