AP Science

Friday the 3rd of July 2015

Washington woman who died of measles had been vaccinated - 14:00

Thursday the 2nd of July 2015

Yellowstone loses radio frequencies used to track wildlife - 17:30

Heaven scent: Finding may help restore fragrance to roses - 13:30

Study: Polar bears could feel global warming's sting by 2025 - 00:00

Wednesday the 1st of July 2015

2 red panda cubs born at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo - 18:00

Thousands gather in Portland as Oregon eases into legal weed - 15:30

Ex-Iowa State scientist gets prison for faking AIDS research - 14:30

It's the pits: Comet appears to have sinkholes, study says - 12:30

Too hot: Temperatures messing with sex of Australian lizards - 12:30

Dolphin leaps onto boat, injuring California woman - 12:00

Tuesday the 30th of June 2015

Endangered Mexican gray wolves born at suburban Chicago zoo - 18:00

China announces climate target for Paris deal - 10:01

Sunday the 28th of June 2015

High schoolers' experiment lost again on launch failure - 17:00

Pope applauds ecology advocates in Rome from many religions - 08:30

Conservationists to move 7 lions from South Africa to Rwanda - 04:00

Friday the 26th of June 2015

Smithsonian to improve ethics policies on research funding - 14:30

Thursday the 25th of June 2015

Chicago's Shedd Aquarium announces newly hatched penguin - 18:00

Whirlpool forms near spillway on Texas-Oklahoma border - 18:00

Protesters block construction of giant Hawaii telescope - 05:00

Wednesday the 24th of June 2015

House GOP targets Obama climate plan for US power plants - 14:30

New Mexico coal plant owners settle Clean Air Act violations - 13:00

Wacky fossil worm reveals secret: Which end is which? - 12:30

Study: Weather patterns that bring heatwaves happening more - 12:30

News guide: What's at stake in battle over Hawaii telescope - 12:00

Searchers comb Alaska glacier for GIs killed in 1950s crash - 10:30

ADB: Climate change makes poor poorer in Asia-Pacific - 04:00

House approves bill to overhaul chemical regulation - 00:00

Tuesday the 23rd of June 2015

Dangerous jellyfish, including man-of-war, off New Jersey - 16:10

Monday the 22nd of June 2015

Feds paying for sewer analysis of pot usage in Washington - 21:00

Huge undertaking, dredging of Hudson for PCBs, nears its end - 01:30

Lasers, magnetism allow glimpses of the human brain at work - 00:30

Sunday the 21st of June 2015

Lasers, magnetism allow glimpses of the human brain at work - 11:00

Saturday the 20th of June 2015

Destructive southern pine beetle appears in Northeast states - 09:00

Friday the 19th of June 2015

Pope Francis' climate message yields little GOP response - 03:00

Thursday the 18th of June 2015

DNA from ancient skeleton shows ties to Native Americans - 12:30

Pope urges revolution to save Earth, fix 'perverse' economy - 12:00

Grocers: Vermont GMO law could lead to fines of $10M a day - 09:00

APNewsBreak: US to pay millions for Agent Orange claims - 08:30

Solar plane, ready to go, waiting out weather front in Japan - 02:30

Wednesday the 17th of June 2015

NASA: International satellite studying oceans stops working - 18:00

Record year for renewable power; heat, transport stay fossil - 17:30

Russian science foundation fined in foreign agent dispute - 04:10

A factor in shark attack increase: more people in water - 00:50

Tuesday the 16th of June 2015

Study: A third of global groundwater basins are overstressed - 18:00

Monday the 15th of June 2015

Pope's stance leaks; calls for urgent action on environment - 16:30

Study: The greener a state's legislator, the cleaner the air - 15:30

Study: Nazi propaganda left life-long mark on German kids - 15:00

Study: Green space around schools may boost mental abilities - 14:30

Is the US starting to turn the corner on urban sprawl? - 14:30

SpaceX announces design competition for Hyperloop - 11:30