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Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh have weekend boat trip in Miami

14 min ago from UPI

Alex ButlerFeb. 22 (UPI) -- It's no banana boat, but former teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh looked like they had a great time this weekend in Biscayne Bay.

Bear Trap awaits strong field in Honda Classic

1 hour ago from UPI

By Steve Habel, The Sports Xchange The PGA Tour moves across the country this week from Southern California to southeast Florida and The Honda Classic.

Scientists warn of threats to oceans' "super-zoos"

3 hours ago from CBSNews - Science

A new study says hot spots of biodiversity in the oceans are overfished and warming fast

It can’t happen here, probably

3 hours ago from Harvard Science

Fascism is not taking root in the United States as it did in Europe’s fertile ground in the 1930s, but the ascendance of President Donald Trump and the early actions of his...

Mickey Mantle jersey [est. $700,000+], other legendary items up for auction

4 hours ago from UPI

Alex ButlerFeb. 22 (UPI) -- One collector will leave Heritage Auction's Platinum Night as the envy of them all after winning an autographed Mickey Mantle jersey.

NMSU Partners on Regional Transportation Research Center

4 hours ago from Newswise - Scinews

New Mexico State University is a member of a consortium of universities that have received a nearly $2.5 million U.S. Department of Transportation grant to establish a regional transportation research...

Trump meets with budget advisers at White House: 'No more wasted money'

5 hours ago from UPI

Doug G. WareFeb. 22 (UPI) -- President Trump promised Wednesday to clean up wasteful government spending with smarter fiscal and economic policies in his first budget, expected next month..

Study: The forest is getting farther away, especially in rural America

5 hours ago from UPI

Brooks HaysFeb. 22 (UPI) -- According to new research, the average distance between any point the United States and the nearest forest grew by a third of a mile between...

Israel orders demolition of Palestinian village in West Bank

6 hours ago from UPI

Doug G. WareFeb. 22 (UPI) -- Israel this week issued demolition warrants for a Palestinian encampment near Jerusalem, giving residents there days to evacuate the area.

Masdar Institute Files Patent for Innovative Cloud Seeding Material that Could Trigger More Rainfall from Clouds

6 hours ago from Newswise - Scinews

First Time Nanotechnology Leveraged to Increase Rainfall, Would Support Greater Water Security in the UAE.

Watch: Kentucky's John Calipari rejects SEC reporter's question

7 hours ago from UPI

Alex ButlerFeb. 22 (UPI) -- Mizzou Arena echoed with chants of 'Cal you suck' at halftime of Kentucky's 72-62 win Tuesday at Missouri.

How cathedral termites got to Australia to build their 'sky-scrapers'

7 hours ago from Science Daily

They build among the tallest non-human structures (proportionately speaking) in the world and now a pioneering study has found the termites that live in Australia's remote Top End originated from...

Unlocking the heart-protective benefits of soy

7 hours ago from Science Daily

A product of digesting a micronutrient found in soy may hold the key to why some people seem to derive a heart-protective benefit from eating soy foods, while others do...

Stolen gate returned to Nazi concentration camp in Dachau

7 hours ago from UPI

Allen ConeFeb. 22 (UPI) -- A wrought iron gate that was stolen in 2014 from Germany's Nazi Dachau concentration camp was returned Wednesday.

11 From Yale Elected to Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering

7 hours ago from Newswise - Scinews

The Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering has elected 24 of the state's leading experts in science, engineering, and technology to membership in the academy, including 11 new members from...

How Do Polar Bears Respond to Climate Change, Subsistence Hunting?

7 hours ago from Newswise - Scinews

A new, two-part project led by the UW's Kristin Laidre aims to explore the interacting effects of climate change and subsistence hunting on polar bears, while also illuminating the cultural...

Simple rule predicts when an ice age ends

7 hours ago from Science Daily

A simple rule can accurately predict when Earth's climate warms out of an ice age, according to new research.

Chicago Bears go to school, hire UT's Zach Azzanni as WR coach

8 hours ago from UPI

The Sports Xchange The Chicago Bears dipped into the college ranks to hire Zach Azzanni as their wide receivers coach after he spent the last four seasons at the University...

Wild boars roam Czech forests - and some of them are radioactive

8 hours ago from Reuters:Science

PRAGUE (Reuters) - The Czech Republic has an unusual problem this winter with its wild boar meat, a local delicacy. The boars are radioactive.

Middle Eastern seed bank re-deposits backups into Svalbard's doomsday vault

10 hours ago from PopSci

Environment Just two years after tumultuous withdrawal Today, 49,000 varieties of crops including cabbages, wheat, lentils, sweet peas, and many other important agricultural crops...

Study to Focus on Pollution Potential of Oil and Gas Wastewater Spread on Roadways

10 hours ago from Newswise - Scinews

Understanding the environmental impact of using oil and gas wastewater as a road treatment may lead to safer water resources and stricter government regulations, according to Penn State researchers.

Oceanographer and explorer Sylvia Earle will receive the 2017 Lewis Thomas Prize

10 hours ago from The Rockefeller University

Oceanographer and explorer Sylvia Earle has been named the recipient of Rockefeller’s prestigious science writing prize. The award recognizes Earle’s body of work, which includes memoirs, atlases, and children’s books,...

Australia may not take refugees in Costa Rica in U.S. deal

10 hours ago from UPI

Andrew V. PestanoFeb. 22 (UPI) -- An Australian official said the United States must to accept refugees from Manus Island and Nauru or else Australia will not accept refugees held...

Dylann Roof visited second black church after Charleston shooting

11 hours ago from UPI

Ed AdamczykFeb. 22 (UPI) -- Convicted killer Dylann Roof visited a second black church on the night in 2015 he killed nine people in a Charleston, S.C., church, according to...

How 'Guerilla Archivists' Have Rescued Data Throughout History

11 hours ago from Live Science

Activists today are racing to save climate records from the Trump administration. Secret archives were a powerful way to fight hostile political climates throughout history – from the Nazis to...

Daring deep-sea explorers, armyworm offensive and GM-rice theft

11 hours ago from News @ Nature

The week in science: 17–23 February 2017.Nature 542 396 doi: 10.1038/542396a

Tiny, Wind-Powered Pumps Could Help Replenish Arctic Ice

11 hours ago from Live Science

Tens of thousands of wind-powered pumps could freeze more sea ice during the Arctic winter, thereby preserving more summer sea ice, researchers propose.

Slow-release nitrogen fertilizer could increase crop yields

13 hours ago from C&EN

A new nanoparticle-based fertilizer delivers plant nutrients efficiently and reduces the harm of agricultural runoff