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Public 'back' taxes to tackle single-use plastic waste

Ministers say they are looking at measures after thousands support action to reduce single-use items.

Famous birthdays for Aug. 18: Andy Samberg, Madeleine Stowe

3 days ago from UPI

Actor Andy Samberg turns 40 and actor Madeleine Stowe turns 60, among the famous birthdays for Aug. 18.

Ohio State investigation of Urban Meyer, football program to end Sunday

3 days ago from UPI

Ohio State officials announced on Friday that its investigation involving the Buckeyes' football program and head coach Urban Meyer will be completed on Sunday.

Climate Has a Role in Wildfires? No. Wait, Yes.

3 days ago from NY Times Science

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke laid the bulk of the blame for California’s blazes on “environmental terrorist groups.”

Seattle Seahawks cut DE Marcus Smith, sign LB Erik Walden

3 days ago from UPI

The Seattle Seahawks terminated the contract of defensive end Marcus Smith and announced the signing of linebacker Erik Walden on Friday.

Hurricane Lane expected to pass south of Hawaii

3 days ago from UPI

The National Hurricane Center on Friday predicted Hurricane Lane could pass just south of the Hawaiian islands next week.

Rising ocean water temperatures increase risk of Pacific hurricanes

3 days ago from CBSNews - Science

Last week, two hurricanes barreled through the Pacific, and there are new concerns that rising seawater temperatures could bring them closer to California

H-1B use skyrocketed among Bay Area tech giants

3 days ago from Physorg

Even as the White House began cracking down on U.S. work visas, major Silicon Valley technology firms last year dramatically ramped up hiring of workers under the controversial H-1B visa...

Green Bay Packers RB Jamaal Williams suffers minor ankle sprain

3 days ago from UPI

Green Bay Packers running back Jamaal Williams had to leave Thursday's preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers with an ankle injury.

CSB releases update of deadly drilling rig fire investigation

3 days ago from C&EN

Five workers were killed when natural gas was released from Pryor Trust well in Oklahoma

NASA's GPM analyzes Atlantic Tropical Storm Ernesto's rainfall

3 days ago from Physorg

NASA found light to moderate rainfall occurring in Tropical Storm Ernesto as it continued on an eastern trek toward Ireland and the United Kingdom. Ireland has already issued a warning...

Arkema indicted for fires, chemical releases after Tropical Storm Harvey

3 days ago from C&EN

Organic peroxides decomposed and ignited after plant lost power and refrigeration

Watch: Truck spills bottles of brandy onto Philippines road

3 days ago from UPI

A truck that overturned while taking a sharp corner in the Philippines spilled hundreds of bottles of brandy, many of which were taken by locals.

NASA finds Tropical Storm Bebinca moving over Laos, Thailand

3 days ago from Physorg

NASA's Aqua satellite found strong storms circling the center of Tropical Storm Bebinca as it moved over northern Laos and into Thailand on Aug. 17.

Scientists deploy damage assessment tool in Laos relief efforts

3 days ago from Physorg

The July 23 failure of the Xepian-Xe Nam Noy hydropower dam unleashed more than 130 billion gallons of water on rural villages in southern Laos, in Southeast Asia, devastating thousands...

Acid coastal seas off US putting common fish species at risk

3 days ago from Physorg

Scientists have shown that coastal waters and river estuaries can exhibit unique vulnerabilities to acidification than offshore waters. This acidification, detected in waters off the United States West Coast and...

How Amazon could change your evening at the movies

3 days ago from Physorg

Going to the movies now consists of buying a ticket and sitting through some trailers. What if the entire evening was brought to you by Amazon?

HBO orders 'Watchmen' series to air in 2019

3 days ago from UPI

HBO announced it has ordered a series based on the "Watchmen" comic books and 2009 film they inspired.

Harnessing energy from algae: Enzyme could help accelerate biofuel production

3 days ago from Science Daily

Researchers have homed in on an enzyme belonging to the glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase (GPAT) family as a promising target for increasing biofuel production from the red alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae.

Watch: Jimmy Graham pulls in first touchdown from Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

3 days ago from UPI

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers thew a touchdown to tight end Jimmy Graham in a 51-34 preseason victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

World Wildlife Fund raises alarm about harmful 'grey water' in Canada's Arctic

The WWF says new regulations are needed to make sure water used on Arctic ships is properly treated. A spokesperson says grey water can be even 'more harmful than sewage.'

Particulate pollution's impact varies greatly depending on where it originated

3 days ago from Science Daily

Aerosols are tiny particles that are spewed into the atmosphere by human activities, including burning coal and wood. They have negative effects on air quality -- damaging human health and...

Watch: First look trailer for Disney's 'Star Wars: Resistance'

3 days ago from UPI

Disney released a first look trailer and announced a premiere date for "Star Wars: Resistance," the latest animated series in the sci-fi franchise.

Amazon's Fire TV Edition is a cord-cutter's dream—when it works

3 days ago from Physorg

Amazon's Fire TV Edition, a $299 smart TV made by Toshiba, sounds like a cord-cutter's dream. Which it is. If you have an antenna. Cable and satellite subscribers will have...

Italy orders construction firm to pay for collapsed bridge that killed 39

3 days ago from UPI

The Italian government demanded Autostrade per l'Italia, the company that operates the Morandi Bridge, to pay for rebuilding the bridge.

Particulate pollution's origins affect its impact on climate and human health

3 days ago from UPI

The effects of particulate matter on climate and human health is dependent on the pollution's origin, new research showed.

Look: Whale flips boat off New Jersey coast

3 days ago from UPI

Police in New Jersey said two people were thrown into the water when a whale surfaced beneath their boat and capsized the vessel.

Cubs look to extend Pirates' losing streak

3 days ago from UPI

The Chicago Cubs have a chance to move further into uncharted territory this season and push the Pittsburgh Pirates further from the possibility for a playoff berth Friday as the...