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Spain sends help to battle Portugal's wildfires

3 days ago from Physorg

Spanish firefighters and water-dumping aircraft have bolstered Portuguese efforts to gain control of forest fires raging in the centre of the country, the European Commission said Monday.

Crank the AC, cut in-car pollution

6 days ago from Science Blog

For many, the commute to and from work is a lengthy, stressful process. According to the U.S.  Census Bureau, it takes the average American about 26½ minutes to get to...

Mexican energy sector escapes Franklin more or less unscathed

6 days ago from UPI

Mexican refiners along the country's western coast were relatively spared as the remnants of Tropical Storm Franklin move out to sea, an industry report found.

San Salvador pupfish acquired genetic variation from island fish to eat new foods

6 days ago from Science Daily

Pupfish living in salty lakes on San Salvador Island were able to diversify into multiple species with different eating habits, in part, by interbreeding with pupfish from other islands in...

US report confirms 2016 as warmest year on record

Long-term global warming and a strong El Niño effect combined to set a new record, it says.

Planet marks new highs for heat, pollutants, sea level in 2016: report

1 week ago from Physorg

The Earth set a series of dire records in 2016, including hottest year in modern times, highest sea level and most heat-trapping gases ever emitted, a global climate report said...

A unified continental thickness from seismology and diamonds suggests a melt-defined plate

1 week ago from Science NOW

Thick, rigid continents move over the weaker underlying mantle, although geophysical and geochemical constraints on the exact thickness and defining mechanism of the continental plates are widely discrepant. Xenoliths suggest...

Ecosystem Greenhouse Gases Under Rising Temperatures to Be Studied by WVU Researcher

1 week ago from Newswise - Scinews

A WVU professor will study worldwide data to identify ecological similarities and emergent scaling laws of carbon, water and energy exchanges between the land and atmosphere.

Zendaya says 'K.C. Undercover' will likely end with Season 3

1 week ago from UPI

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" star Zendaya explained both she and her "K.C. Undercover" character are growing up.

Marine noise pollution stresses fish out

1 week ago from UPI

New research suggests fish are becoming stressed and confused as a result of growing underwater noise pollution.

Experts: Venezuelan sanction strategy must foster diplomacy

1 week ago from UPI

Foreign policy experts discussed U.S. strategy for further sanctions against Venezuela in an Atlantic Council conference call.

Preserving the stress of volcanic uprise on Mars

1 week ago from Physorg

An ancient mountain range on Mars preserves a complex volcanic and tectonic past imprinted with signs of water and ice interactions.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Peta Murgatroyd honeymoon in Italy

1 week ago from UPI

"Dancing with the Stars" pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd shared photos from Lake Como following their wedding.

How California's climate policies created an economic boon

1 week ago from Physorg

According to the first comprehensive study of the economic effects of climate programs in California's Inland Empire, Riverside and San Bernardino counties experienced a net benefit of $9.1 billion in direct economic...

What changes minds about climate change?

1 week ago from Physorg

Seventy percent of Americans now believe global warming is occurring, and more than half understand that it is mainly caused by human activity, a new report reveals. This is an...

Sea level is a surprisingly variable parameter

1 week ago from Physorg

Every measurement starts at zero. This simple fact is anything but trivial when it comes to measuring geographic elevations, as opinions have long differed about how mean sea level should...

Rig movements increase offshore Norway

1 week ago from UPI

A $68 million agreement puts a deep water rig on patrol offshore Norway for the nine months starting in February, the companies involved said Thursday.

Sea urchins—from pest to plate

1 week ago from Physorg

It is one of the most valued seafood products and destroys kelp forests worth millions of NOK. Can sea urchin harvest be profitable? This is the subject of a project...

Image: Solar evaporation ponds near Moab, Utah

1 week ago from Physorg

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station took this photograph of solar evaporation ponds outside the city of Moab, Utah. There are 23 colorful ponds spread across 400 acres. They...

Global research collaboration seeks water shortage solutions

1 week ago from Physorg

Taiwan has faced water shortages for decades – and the Chicago area may face them within the next 20 years as aquifer levels for well water drop while Great Lakes...

'We need that tool in our toolkit': Chef Michael Smith voices support for GMO foods

1 week ago from CBC: Health

Celebrity chef Michael Smith came out in support of genetically-modified food at a consultation about Canada's Food Policy.

Artificial coastal defences could be used to enhance marine biodiversity, study shows

1 week ago from Physorg

Future coastal defences, harbours and ports could enhance biodiversity within the marine environment through the use of cement substitutes. But the materials used need to be selected carefully in order...

Seals given iron oxide orange 'makeover' in Essex coastal mud

The animals were filmed by the Essex Wildlife Trust which says the rust is harmless to them.

Mega-Tsunami Could Be Triggered by an Alaska Quake

1 week ago from Scientific American

Researchers have found tectonic features on the ocean floor off the Alaska coast similar to those that drove the 2011 earthquake in Japan -- Read more on

Hundreds flee as fire rages in southern France

1 week ago from Physorg

A forest fire raged in parched southern France on Thursday, forcing 400 campers and residents to flee, firefighters said.

'Bruce Springsteen on Broadway' to begin performances Oct. 3

1 week ago from UPI

Rock 'n' roll icon Bruce Springsteen says he will make his Broadway debut this fall with the solo show, "Springsteen on Broadway."

Coen brothers working on western anthology series for Netflix

1 week ago from UPI

Fraternal filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen are writing and will direct "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs," a western anthology series for Netflix.

Exposure to oil sends birds off course

Even light exposure to oil from disasters like the Deep Water Horizon oil spill makes flying more difficult for birds.