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Hawaii mulls banning some sunscreens to protect coral reefs

22 hours ago from CBSNews - Science

Big Island's pristine coastline is home to one of the state's largest coral reefs, but scientists say it's dying at an alarming rate

Image: Europe's largest vacuum chamber, the Large Space Simulator

1 day ago from Physorg

An external view of Europe's largest vacuum chamber, the Large Space Simulator, which subjects entire satellites to space-like conditions ahead of launch. This 15 m-high and 10 m-diameter chamber is...

Radioactive 'pooh sticks' trace carbon's ocean journey

Scientists trace nuclear waste from Sellafield over 15,000km to Bermuda to see how the ocean transports carbon.

Turning pollen into a low-cost fertilizer

1 day ago from Science Daily

As the world population continues to balloon, agricultural experts puzzle over how farms will produce enough food to keep up with demand. One tactic involves boosting crop yields. Toward that...

Soil microbiome unaffected by National Mall turf restoration

1 day ago from UPI

New research suggests the soil microbiome on the National Mall was mostly unaltered by the multiyear turf restoration project.

SLU, Ameren Missouri to Provide Research Data for NASA from Solar Eclipse Monday, Aug. 21

1 day ago from Newswise - Scinews

Ameren Missouri and Saint Louis University are partners on an innovative weather forecasting system called Quantum Weather that provides detailed severe weather information to improve energy restoration for customers during...

Mosses used to evaluate atmospheric conditions in urban areas

1 day ago from Science Daily

Researchers have developed a method to evaluate atmospheric conditions using mosses (bryophytes) in urban areas, a development that could facilitate broader evaluations of atmospheric environments.

A decade of monitoring shows the dynamics of a conserved Atlantic tropical forest

1 day ago from Science Daily

Characterized with high levels of biodiversity and endemism, the Atlantic Tropical Forest has been facing serious anthropogenic threats over the last several decades. Having put important ecosystem services at risk,...

Voter behavior influenced by hot weather

1 day ago from Science Daily

Hot weather can affect human behavior and has been linked to political rebellions and riots. A new study, the first to examine the influence of changes in temperature on peaceful...

Kid Rock may need to use real name in run for Senate

1 day ago from UPI

Kid Rock might be required to use his real name, Robert Ritchie, if he continues to move forward on his promise to run for Senate in Michigan in 2018.

Boston Red Sox back Rick Porcello, crush St. Louis Cardinals with eight-run fifth

1 day ago from UPI

Rick Porcello rode the loudest offensive support in the major leagues to a 22-4 record and a Cy Young Award last season.

SAIC to support Marine Combat Operations Center in $39M task order

1 day ago from UPI

Science Applications International Corporation will provide engineering services to support the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Operations Center.

California’s scientists push to create massive climate-research programme

1 day ago from News @ Nature

Effort backed by the state’s flagship universities comes as US President Donald Trump shrugs off global warming.Nature 548 267 doi: 10.1038/548267a

Most countries lose out with forest-to-farm conversions

1 day ago from SciDev

Converting forests into farms is not economically viable except in a few regions, says a global study.

Army Black Hawk chopper carrying 5 missing off Hawaii coast

1 day ago from UPI

The U.S. Army and Coast Guard are investigating a downed military Black Hawk helicopter off the Hawaii coast, authorities said Wednesday.

Late runs lift Cincinnati Reds past Chicago Cubs

1 day ago from UPI

Billy Hamilton stepped to the plate in the ninth inning on Tuesday night having struck out in two of his three at-bats.

China overtakes Japan as largest U.S. creditor with $1.1T owed

1 day ago from UPI

China has once again become the United States' largest creditor, Treasury Department figures released Wednesday indicate.

How an open approach to patents could help build a sustainable future

1 day ago from Physorg

To sustain a population of 9.7 billion people by 2050 the world is going to need innovations that make careful use of the available resources, human and environmental. Key industry...

Kuwait continues oil spill examinations

1 day ago from UPI

Kuwait's government said Iran has verified there were no reports of oil spilled from its tanker or pipelines following reports of Persian Gulf sheen.

For a true war on waste, the fashion industry must spend more on research

2 days ago from Physorg

The rise of fast fashion in Australia means 6000 kg of clothing is dumped in landfill every 10 minutes. The ABC's War On Waste visualised this statistic by piling...

Russian scientist says leave coal in the ground

2 days ago from UPI

Nearly all of the world's coal reserves and 30 percent of its oil should be left alone in order to keep climate change at bay, a Russian scientist said.

Recycled office chairs transformed into hard-shell backpacks and bicycle panniers

2 days ago from Physorg

Old office chairs are being transformed into hard-shell backpacks and bicycle panniers as part of an innovative new project.

Moller-Maersk: cyberattack cost up to $300 million

2 days ago from Physorg

The world's biggest container shipping line A.P. Moller-Maersk says the June cyberattack that paralyzed its core shipping business is estimated to have cost the company between $200 million and $300...

UPI Almanac for Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017

2 days ago from UPI

On Aug. 16 1977, Elvis Presley, the king of rock 'n' roll, died of heart failure at his home in Memphis at age 42.

Scientists potentially narrow MH370 search area to three spots

2 days ago from Physorg

Scientists have potentially narrowed the search area for the missing Malaysian airliner to three specific locations in the southern Indian Ocean, through new satellite and drift analysis of the 2014...

Japan launches study into suspected Chinese coral poaching

2 days ago from Physorg

Japan on Wednesday launched a study into whether precious coral was being illegally poached by Chinese fishermen off its shores to be sold for use in jewellery.

From Isaac Asimov to Aimee Mann, 'robophobia' plagues humans

2 days ago from Physorg

Robots are secretly plotting to kill us. Or enslave us. Or, at best, they will take our jobs, one by one.

Jay Cutler expected to make Miami Dolphins debut on Thursday vs. Baltimore Ravens

2 days ago from UPI

Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase inched closer to declaring that quarterback Jay Cutler will make his debut in the team's upcoming preseason game.