Friday th 10th of April 2009

Study finds multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria high in long-term care - 11:14

Researchers discover novel mechanisms that might causally link type-2 diabetes to Alzheimer's disease - 11:14

CSI: Pisco, Peru -- Study uncovers tectonic events behind earthquake - 11:14

A healthy color: Testing for gum disease - 11:14

New method could lead to narrower chip patterns - 10:49

'Chair disease' -- give it a rest - 07:22

Report: Ethanol raises cost of nutrition programs - 07:22

Researchers reveal how immune cells can be harnessed to target melanoma - 07:21

Baby at the buzzer: Older couples race against their biological clocks to start families - 06:35

Research shows sharp rise in hospital admissions for children's dental care - 05:49

Test quickly assesses whether Alzheimer's drugs are hitting their target - 05:49

Novel method predicts impact of a covert anthrax release - 05:49

Ancestors of African Pygmies and neighboring farmers separated around 60,000 years ago - 05:49

Chicago Installs Solar Powered Charging Station for Electric Vehicles - 05:49

Cyber spying a threat, and everyone is in on it - 05:28

US wages war on bugs afflicting troops abroad - 05:28

Water monitor eyes farm runoff in Gulf of Mexico - 05:28

Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons dies at 61 - 05:28

Selective sex abortion causes 32 million excess males in China - 05:28

Motorola calls former CFO "treacherous officer" - 05:07

Thursday th 9th of April 2009

Space: The final frontier for cell phones? - 17:28

Scorpion biodiversity - 17:07

Longfin smelt not endangered in California, regulators say - 17:07

Ivory tower needs to adapt to online media landscape, scholar says - 17:07

Physicists discover important step for making light crystals (w/Videos) - 16:42

Scientists start to unlock secrets of bird flight - 16:42

Report: Source of Okla. E. coli outbreak a mystery - 16:42

Huge computer worm Conficker stirring to life - 16:42

YouTube, Universal Music Group announce 'Vevo' - 16:42

Yelp to let businesses comment publicly on reviews - 16:42

FDA switch OKs hospice painkiller - 16:42

Gene fusion discovery may lead to improved prostate cancer test - 16:21

Join STEREO and Explore Gravitational 'Parking Lots' That May Hold Secret of Moon's Origin - 16:21

Autonomous Antarctic Observatories Gather Space Weather Data - 15:56

Get Your Vitamin D From Food or Supplements -- Not Tanning Beds - 15:56

Research could lead to new non-antibiotic drugs to counter hospital infections - 15:56

Study assesses new surgical procedure for regenerating cartilage in damaged knee joints - 15:35

Red-hot research could lead to new materials - 15:35

2009 Hurricane Season Should Contain No Surprises, Researchers Say - 15:35

New Laser Technique Advances Nanofabrication Process - 15:14

Researchers explain process by which cells 'hide' potentially dangerous DNA segments - 15:14

Study shows that HIV antiretroviral treatment should start earlier - 14:28

Beyond Apollo: Moon Tech Takes a Giant Leap - 14:28

Study: Public trust doctrine could aid management of US oceans - 14:07

Deadly parasite's rare sexual dalliances may help scientists neutralize it - 13:42

Scientists identify chemical compound that may stop deadly brain tumors - 13:42

Study shows how algae may cope with environmental change - 13:42

Biologists discover how 'silent' mutations influence protein production - 13:42

Solomon Islands earthquake sheds light on enhanced tsunami risk - 13:42

Research sheds new light on inflammatory disease - 13:42