Sunday th 4th of May 2008

Cell phones top SKorean kids' gift list - 14:35

Google wins from end of Microsoft-Yahoo affair: analysts - 14:35

Is this the rice super-gene? - 14:35

Neanderthals were separate species, says new human family tree - 14:35

Turning fungus into fuel - 14:14

Melting defects could lead to smaller, more powerful microchips - 14:14

HTC Peaks-Leaks Intro of New Innovations - 14:14

Controlling embryonic fate by association - 14:14

Commonly used medications associated with impaired physical function in older adults - 14:14

Mothers less likely to pursue HPV vaccination for youngest daughters - 13:49

Children more vulnerable to harmful effects of lead - 13:49

Nixing immaturity in red blood cells - 13:49

Gene sequence that can make half of us fatter is discovered - 13:49

Getting wise to the influenza virus' tricks - 13:49

Exercise plus psychological counseling may benefit depressed heart failure patients - 02:35

Nearly one-third of US parents don't know what to expect of infants - 02:14

IT gurus launch software cleanup of Estonia - 01:49

Yahoo dismisses Microsoft's aborted bid as a 'distraction' - 01:49

Microsoft abandons Yahoo bid, rebuffing higher sale price - 01:49

Glowing sugars light up zebrafish - 01:49

Saturday th 3rd of May 2008

Rumbling volcano forces evacuation of southern Chilean town - 16:07

Baltic sea ice cover hits an all-time low: meteorologists - 16:07

1 in 10 children using cough, cold medications - 15:42

Treatment advances for fibroids, menopause - 15:42

China orders heightened efforts to stop deadly virus - 15:42

Part I: Hunting for a miracle, grasping at a chance - 15:42

Apples, apple juice shown to prevent early atherosclerosis - 01:28

Uninsured kids in middle class have same unmet needs as poor - 01:28

Amazon sues NY over Internet sales tax collection - 01:07

Friday th 2nd of May 2008

Doctors to reassess antibiotics for 'chronic Lyme' disease - 17:14

Tesla rolls out its long-awaited electric sports car - 16:07

Report: Microsoft raises offer for Yahoo - 15:42

US govt to tighten lead emissions standards - 15:42

Creating Highly Sought Magnetic Nanoparticles in One Step - 15:21

A new idea for how anti-aging products delay ripening of fruit and wilting of flowers - 14:56

New software allows ISPs and P2P users to get along without getting too cozy - 14:56

Medical marijuana user who was denied liver transplant dies - 14:56

Ore. court rejects medical costs claim on tobacco industry - 14:56

Scientists share $500,000 prize for biomedical research - 14:56

Mechanical squirrels, robot lizards jump into research - 14:56

Major Arctic sea ice melt is expected this summer - 14:56

Study shows how 'horse tranquiliser' stops depression - 14:56

Evidence that stun guns may stimulate the heart - 14:35

Diatoms discovered to remove phosphorus from oceans - 14:35

Nano-designed transistors with disordered materials, but high performance - 11:14

Study shows gene variations may predict risk of breast cancer in women - 11:14

Cholera study provides exciting new way of looking at infectious disease - 10:49

Heart failure patients may suffer similarly to advanced cancer patients - 10:49

Updated version of GAIM model goes operational - 10:49

Researchers report the cloning of a key group of human genes, the protein kinases - 10:49