Wednesday th 28th of January 2009

Taking the Stress Out of Magnetic Field Detection - 16:07

Viscosity-Enhancing Nanomaterials May Double Service Life of Concrete - 16:07

Did I see what I think I saw? - 15:42

Report shows motor control exercises reduce persistent low-back pain - 15:42

Plums Poised to Give Blueberries Run for the Money - 15:42

Tech advancements improving accuracy in predicting weather - 15:42

Testbeds to breed next-generation systems - 15:42

Physicists discover surprising variation in superconductors - 15:42

Adolescents with unpopular names more prone to committing crime - 15:21

Newborn brain cells 'time-stamp' memories - 15:21

New computational technique allows comparison of whole genomes as easily as whole books - 15:21

You can't always get what you want: Young infants understand goals, even if unsuccessful - 15:21

World's first mandatory national nanotech rule pending - 15:21

First gene discovered for most common form of epilepsy - 15:21

Blast overpressure is generated from the firing of weapons and may cause brain injury - 15:21

Structure of enzyme against chemical warfare agents determined - 14:56

Early warning systems underestimate magnitude of large earthquakes - 14:56

Breast cancer drug shows promise for treating, preventing progestin-dependent tumors - 14:56

Charcoal evidence tracks climate changes in Younger Dryas - 14:56

Tracking poultry litter phosphorus: Threat of accumulation? - 14:35

Mountain caribou's ancient ancestry revealed - 14:35

Researchers identify new function of protein in cellular respiration - 14:35

American seniors living longer on less, study - 14:35

New Data Suggests We Don`t Live in a Void, and Supports Dark Energy - 14:35

Support cells, not neurons, lull the brain to sleep - 14:35

'Fossil earthquakes' abundant - 14:35

Seafood safety: scientists replicate deadly toxin - 14:08

Climate change: Scientists doubt claims over sea 'fertilisation' - 14:08

Citing threats, TechCrunch founder taking a break - 14:08

Data Privacy Day spotlights online dangers and defenses - 14:08

Vesuvius volcano still 'very dangerous' - 14:08

Scientists clarify editing error underlying genetic neurodegenerative disease - 14:08

Proton pump inhibitors increase risk of heart attacks for patients on common cardiac drug - 14:08

It's the network: Researchers examine behavior influenced by network structure - 14:08

Astronomers get a sizzling weather report from a distant planet - 13:42

New laser for neurosurgery allows greater precision and efficiency for removal of complex tumors - 13:42

New study highlights the distress of medical staff - 13:42

Oetzi's last days: Glacier man may have been attacked twice - 13:42

Physically fit kids do better in school - 13:42

House defeats bill to delay digital TV transition - 13:42

GOP fails to limit children's health program - 13:42

AT&T 4Q profit falls 24 percent but iPhones soar - 13:42

Snowy owls swoop southward, delighting birders - 13:42

Lawmaker calls for criminal probe in peanut recall - 13:42

Physicists working up from atoms to Schrodinger's cat - 13:21

Study shows younger women with endometrial cancer can safely keep ovaries, avoid early menopause - 13:21

Omega-3s ease depressive symptoms related to menopause - 13:21

Ancient wounds reveal Triceratops battles - 13:21

Spinal fluid proteins signal Lou Gehrig's disease - 13:21

Scientists publish complete genetic blueprint of key biofuels crop - 13:21