Tuesday th 7th of April 2009

How space eruptions happen - 15:28

NASA Selects Material for Orion Spacecraft Heat Shield - 15:07

New neurons update remote memories - 14:42

ACS announces winners of 'What is Nano?' video contest - 14:42

Researchers shine light on compact fluorescent bulb problems - 14:42

Digital album puts focus on kids' health - 14:42

Harmful 'red tide' hits Dubai beaches - 13:56

Sony PS3 tops Nintendo Wii in Japan in March: survey - 13:56

Empire State Building going green - 13:56

High tech needs patent reform - 13:56

Go from hobby to money-maker: For freelancers, Web makes fun pursuits pay - 13:56

Catheter helps get oxygen to blood when lungs aren't working - 13:56

Applying Newton's Laws of Motion to Baseball Pitching - 13:56

Can PUMA Really Transform Urban Transportation? - 13:35

Scientists to chase tornadoes to learn secrets - 13:35

Pentagon spends $100 million to fix cyber attacks - 13:35

Nanofarming technology harvest biofuel oils without harming algae - 13:35

Gene therapy appears safe to regenerate gum tissue - 13:35

Brit officials wrestle with cost of cancer drugs - 13:35

Is love at first sight real? Geneticists offer tantalizing clues - 13:14

Biologists use DNA to study migration of threatened whale sharks - 13:14

Weight discrimination could contribute to the glass ceiling effect for women, study finds (w/Video) - 13:14

Major breakthrough in transplantation immunity - 12:49

Study first ever to show US AIDS Relief program saved a million lives - 12:49

Acupuncture 'probably ineffective' in treatment of hot flushes - 12:49

New security and medical sensor devices made possible by metallic nanostructures - 12:49

New drug shows promising results for psoriatic arthritis - 12:28

Cheap, efficient white light LEDs new design - 12:28

High-fat diets plus extra protein make for bad mix - 12:28

Not just a long-distance relationship: Immune cells in skin fight off infection better than the rest - 12:28

Earthshine reflects Earth's oceans and continents from the dark side of the moon - 12:28

I'm forever imploding bubbles - 12:28

Dramatically backlit dust in giant galaxy - 12:28

New, simple method identifies preterm infants at risk of eye disease - 12:28

Patient preferences play role in racial disparities in rheumatoid arthritis treatment - 12:28

Fat-derived inflammatory factor may explain diseases that come with obesity - 12:07

Intervention reduces children's viewing of violent TV - 12:07

Genetic risk factors play role in autoantibody-negative rheumatoid arthritis - 12:07

Oral contraceptives associated with increased risk of lupus - 12:07

Changes take effect in Apple's iTunes prices - 12:07

Study pinpoints role of insulin on glucagon levels - 12:07

Carbon Nanotubes Toughen a Common Plastic - 11:42

Has HIV become more virulent? - 10:29

Altered gene can increase risk of schizophrenia - 10:29

New project aims to boost performance on every chip - 10:29

Tiny super-plant can clean up animal waste, be used for ethanol production - 10:29

Texas School Standards: Age of the Universe Erased - 10:07

DSi adds cameras, downloads to Nintendo's portable - 10:07

MetroPCS mimics landline with family 'groupline' - 10:07

The pig of the future might be free of diseases that can infect people - 07:49