Friday th 3rd of April 2009

Does the stress of being a parent lead to decay in children's teeth? - 12:14

Computer based model helps radiologists diagnose breast cancer - 12:14

'Fuzzy logic' reveals cells' inner workings - 12:14

Researcher Develops Process for Making 'Unbreakable' Glass - 11:49

Betting on hope: Mother of an autistic college professor reaches out to other parents - 11:28

How You Feel the World Impacts How You See It - 11:28

Getting the word out when the need for speed is critical to public health - 11:07

Pain-free method of monitoring drug levels in transplant patients - 11:07

AT&T-union negotiations expected down to the wire - 11:07

Sweden: Internet use down after file-sharing law - 11:07

NJ doctor in hepatitis B case fights for license - 11:07

Court spares small Dutch cafe over smoking ban - 11:07

'Dolphin pads' help prevent bedsores - 11:07

Fluorescent cancer cells to guide brain surgeons - 10:42

Dissecting a stellar explosion - 10:42

Collapse of the ice bridge supporting Wilkins Ice Shelf appears imminent - 10:42

A miR boost enables acute leukemia cells to mature - 10:21

Researchers identify personality traits - 10:21

Beating the back-up blues - 10:21

US space tourist's return put off by a day - 09:56

Study: False killer whales declining off Hawaii - 09:56

Long-acting insulin analogues in type 2 diabetes: advantage over human insulin not proven - 09:56

Can periodontal disease act as a risk factor for HIV-1? - 09:56

Big men more susceptible to atrial fibrillation - 09:56

Pregnancy and tobacco a 'smoking gun' for baby: Study - 09:56

Vaccine trial flags challenge to celiac disease - 09:56

Bent tectonics: How Hawaii was bumped off - 09:56

Nimbus and cloud computing meet STAR production demands - 09:56

Maternal personality affects child's eating habits - 09:35

Malfunction of the respiratory epithelium is a cause of allergy? - 09:35

Mass Extinctions, Ancient Viruses May Hold Clues to Life`s Origins - 09:35

Judge sides with environmentalists in wolf case - 09:35

World-first high blood pressure treatment trialled in Melbourne - 09:14

Angry British villagers stop Google maps car: report - 08:49

Study reveals worrying survival gap between rich and poor after heart surgery - 07:21

Using nicotine replacement therapy could help some smokers quit gradually - 07:21

Research moves a step closer to possibility of brain scan-assisted diagnosis for PTSD - 07:21

Engineers use composite materials to extend life of existing bridges - 07:21

Researcher takes aim at deadly brain tumors - 07:21

Is Your Cognitive And Physical Functioning Ok? A New Instrument To Check It - 07:21

Parents' sexuality influences adoption choices - 07:21

Researchers enhance spam call filtering - 07:21

CDC: Rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula - 06:56

Google in talks to take over Twitter: report - 06:56

Atlantic dynamo turned up the heat over Medieval Europe - 06:56

Young women warned of lung cancer risks - 04:21

Research in Motion posts higher 4Q profit, sales - 03:56

NASA's beleaguered watchdog steps aside - 03:56

US senators seek to squash spam - 03:56

Thursday th 2nd of April 2009

Lead in the blood increases women's mortality - 18:35